Original gold manicure( 50 pics) - Best ideas for nail design

  • Mar 09, 2018
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 43) Golden manicure choose bold girls who love to be the center of attention

Every woman would like myself to make gold manicure, which is full of photos on the pages of beauty salons. Bright design of nails leads to increased attention from men, colleagues, passers-by. Gold plating of the nail plate is chosen by bold girls who like to be in the spotlight. Do not forget about the design with the use of golden elements in the ornament of manicure - this is an excellent way for modest people.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 49) Bright design nails leads to increased attention on the part of men, work colleagues, passers
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_-47 Do not forget about the design with gold elements in the ornament manicure
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 41) gloss gold metal on nails looks very stylish


  • 1 How to combine black with gold inmanicure
  • 2 Red with gold: manicure confident girls
  • 3 Original ideas of nails design
  • 4 Classic in gold sounds in a new way
  • 5 Features application of gel varnish
  • 6 How to choose a golden ns varnish
  • 7 Step by Step Self-gold manicure

How to combine black with gold in

manicure at the peak of popularity in 2017 in black and gold nail polish. The combination of such flowers has long been indicative of the wealth, luxury and wealth of the owner. Today, only a brave and passionate woman will risk wearing dark clothes in combination with gold jewelry. The choice of nail polish is also her:

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 38) Lunar black and golden French manicure
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 45) with an oblique line
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 48) smile Gold mesh black cover
  • impressive and complete look manicure, in which all the nails painted black and gold top decorated using different techniques. For example, the nail on the index finger is laid out along the contour with golden rhinestones. On the nameless - completely covered with sparkles. There remains a black outline. On the middle finger, you can make a monogram picture with a transparent varnish and also dot it with golden glitter.
  • A simple, but festive manicure involves staining several nails with black lacquer, and the rest with gold. On top of gold, you can draw any geometric ornament with black, precise, but arbitrary lines. The advantage of this color is in simultaneous restraint and elegance.
  • Decorate black manicure on short nails can be using embossed foil. It is applied to one of the nails, for example, anonymous, leaving the remaining marigolds in black elegant gloss.
  • Original design of nails - graphic manicure with elements of gold. The simplest version of independent execution is a chess board. Black combined with gold looks exquisite and tasteful.
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 40) French using gold foil richly decorated nails
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 10)
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 11) few nails in black, some - in gold

This design can be created at home:

  • cover all nails with black lacquer and pozhdat to dry completely.
  • Tap the nail with the scotch so that a quarter of the nail remains free.
  • Cover the loose part with a gold lacquer and wait until it dries.
  • Repeat procedure on all nails. Cover the tape
  • nail plate so that diagonally from the golden rectangle formed of the same size( obtained chessboard).
  • Color a free rectangle in gold.
  • Repeat the procedure on the remaining nails and wait for the varnish to dry.
  • Remove all adhesive tape.
  • To fix the result and smooth the surface, cover the nails with a colorless varnish.
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 9) This manicure will be a perfect addition to the evening alongside
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 8) Gold is well depicted against a black background
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 36) Stylish geometric patterns

Tip! You can use scotch in different ways. If you glue it diagonally, you will get diamonds. From thin adhesive strips, you can make any geometric pattern, even with small details. If you spend more time, the adhesive tape is used as a stencil for any pattern.

Red with gold: manicure of confident girls

In 2017 it is recommended to choose a red-gold manicure so that the Rooster patronizes in all matters and contributes to their successful completion.

The bright red color of the varnish fits young girls. Bordovy looks also rich and bright, but more suitable for experienced women. In combination with gold, both shades look luxurious.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 7) Bright red nail polish shade is suitable for young girls
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 12) Gold
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 15) scale placer gold on a pink background

Classic manicure option - a red jacket with gold tips. It can be performed at home. If you need an original nail design, pay attention to the design with gold craters on the red nail plate. The role of craters play golden sequins or rhinestones, evenly parallel to each other along the entire length of the nail. The shape of the plate is best done square.

On the claret nails look beautiful gold lace ornaments. Thin wavy lines give the hands beauty and tenderness.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 35) lunula painted in gold, base - pink
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 25) Golden french manicure with red tips
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 16) combination of glitter nail polish and gold rhinestones

minimalist art lovers like burgundy matte manicure, decorated with the contour of the nail with golden stones. Enough strips at the base.

Tip! Before applying the gold coating, the nails should be carefully polished, otherwise all defects and irregularities of the plate will be seen.

Original ideas for nail design

To make the golden manicure not boring, you can experiment with patterns, methods of application and shades of varnish. Each color, decorated with gold, looks expensive and chic. So do not be afraid to experiment.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 46) to gold manicure not tired, you can experiment with designs, application methods and tones
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 44) varnishes Each color, and decked with gold, looks expensive and elegant
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 42) Do not be afraid

experiments In 2017 masters offer several original ideas decoration nail plate:

  • Blue-gold gammaHarmoniously combined with denim fabrics. Manicure in such shades is great for everyday life. It looks good with shoes on heels and ordinary ballet.
  • Gold scales on a turquoise background - a marine theme that looks calm and not too flashy. To create the scales use the finest brush.
  • Conservative office style can be diversified with a gold jacket or moon manicure. Color does not irritate and embellish everyday life.
  • Sexy style of clothing underlined peaked marigolds decorated with gold glitter or exquisite ornament along the entire length of the plate.
  • Asymmetric nail design emphasizes the individuality of the owner. Therefore, the different design of each nail plate does not lose its relevance for several seasons.
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 39) shape nails for use gold lacquer does not matter
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 37) Soft square gives the most space for imagination and harmoniously looks in the photo
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 34) To add luster to any image without the use of a gold lacquer masters recommend to use rhinestones

nail form for use gold lacquer does not matter. A soft square gives the most space for imagination and looks harmoniously in the photo.
To add shine to any image without the use of gold lacquer, masters recommend using rhinestones. Of these, you can make any pattern, especially since the size of the stones is selected independently. To cover with transparent lacquer the rhinestones are not necessary, otherwise they will lose their luster.

Simplify the execution of manicure at home stencils. They are sold in profile stores. Creative individuals make their own on sticky tape.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 33) Starry Sky
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 31) simplifies manicure at home stencils
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 30) unusual combination of different tones of gold

Tip! Gold elements can be emphasized any manicure to save it from the effect of everyday life and give a solemnity.

Classics in gold sounds in a new way

Always relevant French manicure plays with new colors when it is performed in a different color. If the white is replaced with gold, the manicure is suitable not only for decorating everyday life, but also for visiting a cool party.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_-32 Timeless French manicure playing with new colors, when it is performed in a different color
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 27) If white is replaced by gold, manicures suitable not only for decorating everyday life, but also to visit the coolest parties
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 5) This manicure will approach and as a wedding
  • The most common way to create a jacket- use of foil.
    Need to treat the nails with special glue for foil in the places of smiles of the future jacket and wait three minutes.
  • Pre-cut from the foil of a smile for a jacket to paste on the nail, using a cotton swab.
  • Golden foil evenly spread on the nail in the place of a smile, tightly fastened with a wooden stick.
  • With a sharp jerk, tear off the foil so that the gold remains on the nails.
    Cover with top for durability of manicure.

It is important to use a special foil for manicure, otherwise all attempts of a gold jacket will be unsuccessful.

Tip! Experiment with the design so that the classic jacket does not bother. Gold nails are combined with original ornaments, fashionable moons and smiles of different sizes. Features

applying gel nail

Modern girls are choosing gel lacquer, as it rests on the nail longer than usual. Ideally golden hue is difficult to find, and uniform application will take a long time. Therefore, professional masters use the method of rubbing. For its execution, you need small golden sequins, a base coat, a pusher, a top, orange sticks, a cuticle remover, a primer, any colored gel varnish and an ultraviolet lamp. The process consists of incremental implementation:

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 1) Modern girls are choosing gel lacquer, as it rests on the nail longer than normal
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 1) perfect golden shade is hard to find, and even application takes a long time. Therefore, professional masters enjoyed by vtirki
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 2) Golden Sands, you can create different designs, if you study the application of technology
  • Prepare the nail plate to manicure( cuticle removal, polishing the surface, the formation of the desired shape, getting rid of faults and other defects).
  • Degreasing of nails, primer application.
  • Basecoat application and two-minute drying under the lamp.
  • Two-layer application of colored gel-varnish( each layer is dried under a lamp) and sealing of the ends.
  • A gliter is poured onto the adhesive layer so that the whole nail is covered.
  • Evenly rubbing the sequins with finger pads.
  • Cleaning the remnants of sequins with an orange stick from under the side roller.
    Topcoat application for fixing the result, subsequent drying.
  • Removing the adhesive layer.
  • Cuticle treatment with special oil.

The result is a uniform golden manicure. The number of sequins the master chooses independently. In order not to lose small grains, it is recommended to perform the procedure on a sheet of paper, from which the remnants of glitter are easily collected.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 3) gold leaf as a pattern
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 4) blue and gold moon manicure
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 6) black lace on a gold background

Golden Sands, you can create different designs, if you study the application of technology. Harmoniously, the French manicure with a gradient effect looks, where the gradual decrease in the number of sequins acts as a transition.

Tip! An alternative method of applying glitter is mixing gel-varnish with sequins and then applying a coating to the nail.

How to choose a gold gel-varnish

Manufacturers of gel-varnishes offer a variety of choice of metal coating. The density of the gold lacquer depends on the number of sparkles in the base. A fine shimmer promotes uniform coverage. Interesting look mixed textures: on a uniform background flare large particles, adding shine and originality of manicure.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 13) Manufacturers gel coatings offer a variety of choices metal coating
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 14) density golden varnish depends on the quantity of sparkles in the database
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 17) Small Shimmer promotes uniform coating

Optionally, you can choose matte or glossy golden texture.

Professional lines for nail care are offered gel-varnishes with the effect of silk, foil, sand. Hard coatings in the form of labels are common for home use.

When choosing a gel-varnish, pay attention to its durability. Quality material keeps on the nails in its original form for more than 10 days.

The golden color scheme is also diverse and depends on the master's preferences. On sale are varnishes with flickering particles, white and gold gold, duochromes, iridescent versions of blue, greenish and lilac shades. In separate bottles you can find gold varnishes that change the shade for different kinds of lighting.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 18) Optionally, you can choose matte or glossy golden texture
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 19) The professional line of nail care offered gel varnish with the effect of silk, foil, sand
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 20) gold color scheme also varied and depends on the preferences of the master

advantage of metal coatings in a harmonious overflow. The design of nails with the use of sequins looks festive and uncommon. The only disadvantage of the coating is the complexity of the application. For the even distribution of color, the mindfulness and concentration of the master is important. Lack of experience with the coating leads to lumens and unnecessary bands. Gel-varnish needs to be applied in several layers, which takes a longer time than with conventional varnish.

Tip! Select the color of gold in the tone of the hands. Owners of the reddish podton recommended cold shades. In combination with a tan, the beige or yellow base looks good.

Step by Step Self-gold manicure

yourself at home just to make gold manicure. To do this, you need a special foil, a transparent or basic colored lacquer and a top coat.

Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 21) When choosing a gel-varnish, pay attention to its durability. Quality material keeps on nails intact for more than 10 days
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 22) On sale varnishes with shimmering particles, white and red gold, duohromy, iridescent options blue, green and purple shades
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 23) can find golden varnish that change hue with different forms of lighting
  • nakrasiliNails with black lacquer, leaving two or one on hand untouched.
  • Color nail polish nails on the middle and ring fingers.
  • Before drying the colored or clear varnish, the foil is very tightly attached to the nail on top.
  • Use a brush or a wooden stick to remove excess foil and gently treat the edges of the nails.
  • Cover all nails with topcoat or clear varnish.
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 24) advantage of metal coatings in a harmonious overflow
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 26) Nail design with the use of glitter looks festive and extraordinary
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 28) only negative coverage - the complexity of the application. For uniform distribution of color is important attentiveness and concentration master
Zolotoj-manikyur-foto_( 29) Golden manicure always looks bright and festive

If you do not have much time and perseverance, true salvation - black manicure with pieces of foil. The essence is to cut the foil into chaotic small pieces and glue them on top of the black background in random order.

Tip! When applying foil to the nail, make sure that it fits snugly on all sides. Otherwise, uneven edges will remain, and the manicure will look messy.

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