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  • Mar 09, 2018
How-to-determine-what-size-breast-y-girls_08 About 70% of women do not know their own size parameters bust, so it is important to know how to determine which breast size you wear

Statistics show that about 70% of women do not know their own size parameters bust, so it is important to know how to identify, What breast size do you wear. Orienting when choosing only on the results of fitting clothes, you can buy not only underwear, as a result, be disappointed. The fact is that in the retail network marketing specialists often put mirrors at a convenient angle, but when you come home, you can notice that the bought bra on you "sits" is not so attractive. Do not rely on the help of specialists and focus on the results of fitting, you can completely solve the problem without the help of unauthorized persons.

How-to-determine-what-size-breast-y-girl_02 incorrectly selected lingerie not only spoil the mood, but also distorts curly features


  • 1 Definition bust size: why is it necessary?
  • 2 Removal yardsticks
  • 3 Determination bust size
  • 4 Using spreadsheet data
  • 5 Sizing by European standards
  • 6 summarize said
  • 7 Interchangeabilitysizes
  • 8 few tips on choosing clothes

Definition bust size: why is it necessary?

There are several basic reasons for the need for self-determination of dimensional indicators.

  1. In modern stores we offer linen in a wide range, there is a large selection of domestic and foreign manufacturers that use an extensive measurement system.
  2. Incorrectly selected underwear does not just spoil the mood, but also distorts the figurative features, the posture with the health of the fairer sex becomes prone to harm.

In fact, find out what the size of the bust, the girl will not be difficult, for this will take a small amount of time and a meter tape.

How-to-determine-what-size-breast-y-girl_09 Learn what bust size, the girl will not be difficult, it will require a small amount of time and meter tape

Removing the yardsticks

For the full determination of the amount necessary to remove the two key indicators - the girth immediately the chest and under the breast.

Tip! To make it convenient to carry out measurements, it is necessary to stay in a comfortable, non-stitching laundry, in which you always feel most comfortable, but you should not have foam cups.

This factor primarily refers to the owners of lush breasts, because, otherwise, you can not achieve the result you expect.

Measurement of the girth under the chest

Use a centimeter to encircle the cell under the mammary gland area. The tape should pass through all areas of the skin in a horizontal direction. If the tape cuts into the skin, it indicates erroneous actions on your part. During removal of the measurement, it is necessary to make the back straight and avoid deep excessive breathing.

How-to-determine-what-size-breast-y-girl_05 During removal of measurements necessary to make your back straight and avoid excessive deep breathing

measurement of chest circumference

Merck have to be removed on the chest points that act, namely - on nipples. At the same time, the breast should not be tied up, and hands should not be lifted either.

Tip! Pass centimeter tape should be done in such a way that it is located parallel to the floor.

How-to-determine-what-size-breast-y-girl_10 Merck have to be removed on the chest points that act - namely, nipples

Definition bust size

After calculating the two girths, it is necessary to proceed to determine the dimensions of this indicator. To do this, calculate the difference, and the resulting value will describe the dimensional parameters of the laundry, this value you have to navigate. After determining this parameter, using a special table, you can easily determine the size of the breast. Only the number that was received as a result of the calculations will have to be rounded to 0 or to 5.

Example! Assuming a 73 cm circumference, rounding should be up to 75, and if 72, then up to 70.

In order to act correctly, it is necessary to assign a number to the digit symbolizing the girth under the breast area, by this value the cup size is determined. In combination, these figures will be the size of your bra. Remember also the fact that, based on the measurements of different countries, these figures may vary, and if you buy lingerie made in England, you will need to resort to a special table.

How-to-determine-what-size-breast-y-girl_01 In different countries, the dimension name may vary

Usage of tabular data

Shops specializing in the sale of underwear, offer girls to use a special calculator designed to determine the size based on several parameters. But to purchase the complete set of clothes that you need, it is important to understand the features of measuring the size. On how accurately you conducted the work, the correctness of the result as a whole will depend. There are several options for ongoing work: some dimensions are to be measured by numbers, and some are taken into account by letters.

Table opredennyh for breast size

index difference between the values, see expression Letter size
10-12 Zero size( AA)
13 Origin( A)
14-15 second( B)
16-17 third( C)
18-20 fourth( D)
21-22 Fifth(DD)
23-25 ​​ Sixth( E)
26-28 Six plus( F)

Different combinations( within the scope of the products you purchase) can be marked. In particular, the volume indicator under the breast can be indicated, the size, completeness of the cup, which is shown in the second column, can be noted.

Determination of size according to European standards

In case of purchase of European-made products, it is necessary to take into account that the method of determining the size factors will be slightly different. For example, Italian and French manufacturers use similar methods, as we considered in the last paragraph, but there is no averaging of the volume under the breast. After calculating the two indicators, you need to search for the difference, which is divided by 6, as a result, the figure that you received will determine the size of your breast. In addition, tables are considered useful, allowing competent and qualitative measurements to be carried out.

How-to-determine-what-size-breast-y-girls_04 Be careful when choosing foreign brand underwear. Their dimensions may differ from those of the domestic

. Summarize the said

Many men, trying to buy linens for a girl without the presence of her girlfriend, are comically trying to explain to the seller what bust their second half has. And despite the presence of humor in this phenomenon, this situation is common. Yes, and the girls themselves often can not determine the size indicators.

In order not to be disappointed afterwards in the seller's competence and not count on "maybe", it is necessary to determine the breast size yourself. This can be done by measuring or determining the size indicated on the bra worn by a lady. Due to available data, the seller will be able to navigate and choose the right version of the laundry. So, there are many options to measure the dimensions of dimensions, so do not rely at random when there is an opportunity to act reasonably.

How-to-determine-what-size-breast-y-girls_06 Going for a new set of clothes, you should probably know your size


size during acquisition of the bra, she should understand the fact that all sizes are averaged, nevertheless, in the figure of every girl has their own characteristics, soIt is often possible to encounter discrepancies. In this situation, the most important will be the use of interchangeable parameters - parallel.

For example, you find that the size of your bra - 80C, however, selected in this parameter model is causing problems, you have the right to stop the election on identical model features, for example, indicating the numbers 85B or 75D.A similar principle can be chosen underwear for any occasion.

How to determine-what-size-breast-y-girl_07 If your selected model fits you is not the way you want, ask for examples of similar, but interchangeable size

few tips on choosing clothes

  • main parameter which is decisive when choosing a bra - is its convenience. Breasts should not fall out in the cup or worse - hang out in it.
  • A good bra should be completely comfortable and not cause any uncomfortable sensations.
  • Sometimes girls need to visually increase or decrease the size of their breasts. For this it is recommended to choose models of push-up, minimizer.
  • If you do not want to significantly spoil the contours of your own figure, you need to take care that the linen is chosen strictly in size.
  • An important role is played not only by purchasing the right size, but also by regulating the purchased model. The nipple should be located in the middle part, in the area located in the middle between the elbow and the shoulder. Only with this approach, the selected underwear can properly support your breasts.
  • If from the strapless skin strongly rubs, gets under the influence of red stripes, the bra should be adjusted. In addition, it is worth considering the need to purchase a different model.
  • The modern women's wardrobe should contain at least three models of brassiere used for all occasions. It is worth not forgetting about the ability of the female breast to vary in size, and both in smaller and larger. Do not skimp on health, give preference to buying new lingerie.
  • During the wearing of the baby, the size of the breast can change several times, so for this period, as well as for the time after delivery, you need to take care of your underwear.
How to determine which breast size modern woman's wardrobe should contain at least three models bra used on all occasions

Sock properly selected bra ensures confidence that your breasts will not sag. By following the basic guidelines for the selection, you can purchase a quality bra that not only emphasize the beauty of your breasts and refinement of the figures, but also make strong health, preserve the shape of the bust and give convenience with comfort.

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