What are pantyhose tights?- Women's salvation( types, photos)

  • Mar 09, 2018
Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 8) Products made from reinforced yarns are really distinguished for their high strength, therefore they are called tear-resistant tights

Articles made from reinforced yarns are really distinguished for their high strength. Of course, the fabric is fabric, and if, for example, it clings to metal wire, then, of course, it will break. But with the accurate wearing of products made of such a material can serve infinitely long. In detail, we describe the tensing pantyhose, and their main types( photo).

So, let's go.

Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 6) By conventional nylon steelmakers to add elastometer - polymer having a high viscosity and elasticity


  • 1 production Secrets
  • 2 Pluses models
  • 3 Types tights
  • 4 Composition of modern high-strength pantyhose
  • 5 How to choose high-quality tear pantyhose?

Secrets of production

Female legs in kapron look very attractive. But this material has a significant drawback. Suffice the slightest tightening - and they can be sent to the trash. As a result, for a season, it is sometimes sent from a dozen of fairly expensive products.

Manufacturers finally managed to solve this problem. To the usual nylon, they began to add an elastomer - a polymer with increased viscosity and elasticity. Such types of filaments are called reinforced, that is, consisting of two types of fibers: frame high-strength and conventional nylon.

Most firms rarely use the term "nerve-wracking" in their advertisements, but call them "high-strength products".After all, this material is really very elastic, so to make it break, you need to make a lot of effort. It is very difficult to do this even with a strong stretching. Even claws of domestic animals do not leave visible traces on the surface of such a tissue. Increases the strength of products and special weaving.

Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( i) Most companies rarely use the term "nerve-wracking" in their advertisements, but call them "products of increased strength"

Advice! Externally pantyhose of increased strength is absolutely no different from the usual. Determine their quality can only be with a strong stretching or exposure to sharp objects.

Advantages of the

In addition to its high strength, these types of laundry also have other positive advantages:

  • high elasticity allows using products such as corrective underwear;They firmly compress female legs, pulling the calf muscles;
  • , such defects as cellulite or age-old flabby skin become less noticeable in tight pantyhose;
  • quality products are able to withstand up to 1 thousand washings, while not losing elasticity and not shedding;Some manufacturers claim that they easily tolerate even machine washing;
  • products of famous brands have anti-allergic and anti-static effects.
Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 5) Quality products are able to withstand up to 1 thousand washes, without losing the elasticity and not shedding

Advice! Feet "from the ears" - the dream of any modern woman. If you want to visually increase their length, select pantyhose in the color of shoes. Strengthen this effect can be and with the help of the color of clothing. To do this, it is necessary that the color of the pantyhose is repeated at the bottom of the dress or skirt.

Types of tights

These products differ mainly in composition, thickness, colors and types of weaving. Their main parameter is the density, measured in denier. Their maximum density is 200 den, the minimum is 5:

  • everyday: subdivided into super thin( up to 9 den), thin( up to 15 den), medium( up to 40 den), tight( up to 70 den) and super-dense( up to 200 den);
  • supports with a sealed upper part, labeling the designation Up with a density of 40 den;
  • modeling( Body-shaping, some manufacturers introduce a different marking and denote them as Fiore and Total Slim);Pull not only the stomach, but the waist, hips and buttocks;Their density depending on the species up to 180 den;
  • massage( Support) with a special knot weave 40-80 den;On the package depicts a drawing showing the redistribution of pressure on individual parts of the legs;
Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 2) These products differ mainly in composition, thickness, colors and types of weaving
  • compression( anti-varicose) with the cross-marking;The compression pressure gradually decreases from the ankle to the thigh;Depending on the density are divided into 3 classes, the last of them the most dense;
  • sports( Sport): high-density and elastic wide color gamut.

Unlike conventional kapron tights, depending on the composition, high-strength products have the following designations:

  • with the introduction of polyamide thread( Tactel);
  • with contents in the double Lycra( Doppio coperto);
  • more durable and elastic with three strands of Lycra 3D.

Tip! If the skin is too prone to irritation, you can choose tights with a special oil impregnation. It not only protects the skin, but also makes the products stronger and softer.

Composition of modern high-strength tights

Such products can be manufactured with the addition of a variety of strong and elastic synthetic fibers, mainly elaston. Its varieties include:

  • spandex( pigmented polyurethane), a material with both stiffness and flexibility;Its content can be 5-25%, and in the treatment up to 30%;Able to change the length of 7 times the original;The most popular kind of Lycra brand DuPont;
Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 2) Such products can be manufactured with the addition of a variety of strong and elastic synthetic fibers, mainly elaston
  • spandex called Nylon 66, Microflora, patented by DuPont;Except elasticity, such pantyhose have increased silkiness and softness, a similar effect was achieved due to the large number of ultrathin threads weaved by special technology;
  • Lycra 3D: another unique brainchild from DuPont, elaston in it is surrounded by an ordinary thread twice in both directions;The products are close to the body so tightly that they are called "second skin".

Tip! It turns out that the tights of Lycra and Caprone can even be boiled. Although, of course, imagine a situation in which you need to do it with tights, it's still complicated.

How to choose quality tugging tights?

For this type of product to be worn for much longer, the following details should be considered when selecting:

  • in quality pantyhose all seams should be comfortable, not too conspicuous and perfectly even, and they must remain so even after stretching;
  • everyone knows that the heel and toe are torn in the first place;However, to strengthen the tissue in certain places requires special equipment that not all manufacturers can afford;The distinctive feature of products with a hardened bottom is the absence of a seam on the toe, if it is, only on the wrong side;
  • if you do not want tights to slide down constantly, choose products with a wide belt;
  • gusset crotch is another sign of quality stuff;In such products the most intimate your part will be less sweat;
  • material: ideal tights will be pantyhose with microfiber( microfibre), spandex and lycra, characterized by increased strength.
Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 1) In quality pantyhose all seams should be comfortable, not too conspicuous and perfectly even, and they should remain so even after stretching
The five best

tights type that includes such well known brands as Omsa , Calzedonia , SiSi , Minimi and Marks &Spencer .We describe their products in more detail.

Tip! To prevent synthetic polymers from "brewing" in hot water and losing their properties, the tights should be washed at a temperature of up to 40 ° C.


Releases tights of the brand, including the particularly strong and quite affordable, well-known company in Italy under the name of Golden Lady.

They are made of polyamide with the addition of high-quality elaston, which allows pantyhose to keep a good shape. In warmed species, cotton or wool fibers can be introduced.

Assortment of pantyhose Osma is wide enough. The firm offers seamless, summer, daily, opaque and supportive options. There is a separate series for young women of fashion.

Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 4) Assortment of pantyhose Osma is wide enough. The company offers a seamless, summer, daily, non-transparent and supporting options

nice advantage is the introduction of fragrances - tights when removing from the packaging, you will feel a pleasant smell. Unfortunately, there is not a reinforced sock in them, unfortunately. Another drawback is the appearance on pantyhose in the process of long socks of small spools.

Tip! If the color of pantyhose is absolutely not combined with the skin, the legs will look thinner or, conversely, thicker than actually, and the figure will look disproportionate.


According to consumers, the products of this Italian company are among the best. Careful quality control in their production and modern technology can achieve just perfect results. Pantyhose is really very durable and does not roll at all. The feet and caviar are separated, all the sows are even. Another advantage is the reinforced toe. They even feel very pleasant to the touch and have a smooth, homogeneous structure. Well, from the product range, just eyes run.

Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 10) products of this Italian company is one of the best

Besides high stockings and lingerie modeling, there is a separate series for children and pregnant women. Designer types are represented by products in peas, stripes, mesh, various kinds of prints and even fashionable tears.


products of this brand are not only most famous examples of the finest elegant but robust models for everyday use and for slimming corrective options. The large assortment, high extensibility and resistance to the hooks of SiSi female lingerie have earned well-deserved fame among the female half of humanity.

We list the main lines of tights from this manufacturer:

  • Tuttonudo with improved silhouette;
  • Ricamato: patterned products;
  • Vitabassa with low belt;
  • Caldo Inverno: insulated.
Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 3) products of this brand are not only most famous finest elegant patterns, but also durable models for everyday use and for slimming corrective options

These tights are very comfortable and perfectly convey the anatomical shape of a woman sitting with legs just perfect and totally twisted. Hygienic cotton gusset has increased air permeability.

Perhaps the only thing I would like to advise the manufacturer is to change the seams to flatter ones.

Tip! Strong tights should have a density of at least 40 den. The remaining models, even with the addition of elastic components should be worn carefully.


This popular brand, owned by Lianda Gold, a company from Italy, also enjoys well-deserved success. She produces pantyhose of all kinds of models and sizes in 17 color shades, including for full 6 sizes. The model lines are five:

  • Every Day: classic;
  • Elegante: with a lace insert-panties;
  • Inverno: high-strength, tight pantyhose for a warm season with the addition of cashmere, cotton, wool and angora;
  • Body Form: for figure correction;
  • Charm: design models.
Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 11) Popular Italian manufacturer of tights

Marks &Spencer

The tights of the company, included in the list of the largest clothing manufacturers in Europe, are considered very high quality. Collection from Marks &Spencer is represented by high-strength products of different thicknesses and colors. In production, special technologies are used: Body Sensor and Magicwear. This applies a special patented form of weaving, consisting of a huge number of microfilaments. Therefore, even in case of damage to the material on pantyhose, there will be only a small hole that will not diverge.

The products with reinforced toe include polyamide and elaston. The presence of a crotch( insert between stockings) significantly reduces the load on the seams and prevents them from diverge. It is made of pure cotton. A wide belt allows pantyhose to fit snugly at the waist and not fall off when driving.
Marks &Spencer are provided with smooth and matte black products, flesh-colored tights and tint shade:

  • 10 den;
  • products of medium thickness for everyday wear;
  • tights designed for wearing in the cold season with a density of up to 100 den.
Tear-pantyhose-types-photo_( 1) Collection Marks &Spencer is represented by high-strength products of different thicknesses and colors

The body in such underwear does not sweat at all. Specialists of Marks &Spencer explains this by the presence of special air layers - "bubbles".

You can erase such products both manually and on a typewriter. Products of a small thickness of 10-20 den should be washed only on the hands.

Tip! Make accent on the female legs with black pantyhose. They wear them only with black shoes. If this color is not suitable for the selected image, you can stop at a less sharp dark gray.