How to choose a latex corset for weight loss?- Reviews

  • Mar 09, 2018
Latex corset-reviews_03 Latex corset will help in a short time to get a very sexy silhouette and a thin waist

Latex corset will help in a short time to get a very sexy silhouette and a thin waist. In any case, not only the producers, but also many Western stars claim this. You can also use this corset to quickly tighten the abdomen after childbirth and support weak back muscles.

Latex corset-reviews_04 Thanks to the "sauna effect" created by the product, not only excessive moisture but also toxins from the body leave

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  • 1 What is a latex corset?
  • 2 Kinds of products
  • 3 Advantages of the "muscle trainer"
  • 4 Health benefits
  • 5 Can I wear a miracle corset under ordinary clothes?
  • 6 How to choose the size?
  • 7 Use during training
  • 8 Wearing a corset after delivery
  • 9 Care for a corset
  • 10 System Waist Trainer
  • 11 Celebrities using a miracle corset
  • 12 How to distinguish a fake?
  • 13 Testimonials experienced by

What is a latex corset?

The corset for waist and abdomen pulling began to be used many centuries ago. However, wearing them once was one torture - this product too squeezed internal organs and mercilessly rubbed the skin. Manufacturers took this fact into account and created a product made of latex( a material created on the basis of the viscous juice of Brazilian hevea).The inner part of the corset( lining) is made of 100% natural cotton.

Latex corset does not compress the skin at all, but its effect is amazing. Thanks to the "sauna effect" created by the product, not only excessive moisture but also toxins leave the body. When the corset is worn for a long time, provided with sufficiently rigid ribs, the muscles and back "get used" to be in a certain position, and the figure completely changes.

Tip! Since training latex corsets are very popular, on sale often they can be found their fakes. Therefore, to purchase products better on official websites of manufacturers.

Latex-corset-отзывы_11 The corset with a tighter fit to the body better adjusts the posture, does not move when moving.

Kinds of products

Depending on the shape of the product and its purpose, all corsets can be divided into the following groups:

  • female, belly and waist;
  • male: made in dark colors, taking into account the growth and size of men;
  • sports: in order for the product not to restrict the movements, it is made a little softer than usual;
  • a corset: thanks to a more tight fit to the body, it better adjusts the posture;At movement it is not displaced.

Tip! Even special medical bandages are worn only for a limited time, so do not use a latex corset more than the recommended 5-6 hours a day.

Advantages of the "muscle trainer"

American and European fitness trainers have noticed that even with the periodic wearing of such a corset:

  • due to an easy thermal effect in the problem area, blood circulation improves, and in time the waist volume really decreases and excess weight goes away;
  • use of the corset during training significantly reduces the risk of injury to the back;
  • moreover, over time, in the process of prolonged wearing, a woman's posture changes;
  • the result comes quickly enough;
  • gradually decreases the amount of food consumed due to a small squeezing of the stomach.

Tip! According to manufacturers, the daily wearing of such a product will allow in one month to reduce the waist size by 3-4 cm.

Latex corset-reviews_01 Due to the light thermal effect in the problem area, blood circulation improves, and in the course of time the waist volume actually decreases and the excess weight goes off.

Health Benefits of

Due to the sedentary lifestyle of people with correct posture and well developed muscles, But because with excessive accumulation of fat on the abdomen and weak muscles of the back, the posture is disrupted. All this leads to the displacement of internal organs and, as a consequence, the occurrence of various diseases.

Especially important is the ideal posture for women - after all, the displacement of the wrong position of the uterus in the future can significantly complicate the bearing of the child.

Of course, straighten the back in a short time is unrealistic. This can be done only with prolonged wearing of the corset in combination with physical exercises. However, believe me, the result is worth it. The reward will be not only a correct posture, but also an ideal state of health. You can also use the product for the prevention of spine diseases: thanks to the three-row fastener system and nine stiffeners, the corset rigidly fixes the back.

Tip! In order not to injure internal organs, it is necessary to select the product strictly in size. For further correction when losing weight, you can buy a latex corset of a smaller size.

Is it possible to wear a miracle corset under ordinary clothes?

Elastic latex perfectly fits the figure and absolutely does not constrain movement, so it can be worn for any casual or festive clothing. Exceptions are only transparent blouses or tight clothes from silk, satin or lycra, from under which the "waist coach" will still be visible. But with a T-shirt, an open top and short shorts, an externally attractive and bright product will look very original.

Latex corset-reviews_05 The elastic latex perfectly fits the figure and absolutely does not constrain the movement, so it can be worn for any casual or festive clothes. As this product is corrective, it significantly changes the shape, tightens the stomach, removes the hanging sides and pulls the waist. In it you will look 100%.

It is also ideal for people engaged in sedentary work. Forming a truly "royal" posture, it significantly relieves the muscles and relieves of back pain.

Tip! Wearing a latex corset to reduce the waist is better to begin with 2-3 hours with a gradual transition to 5-6 hours of use. The skin needs to rest, so applying it more than the specified time is not recommended.

How to choose the size?

Before acquiring a "muscle trainer", you should measure the waist in the thinnest part of it. The manufacturer offers 10 sizes from XS( 61 cm) to 6XL( 106 cm), from which you can choose the most suitable. Since the corset has several rows of hooks, in the process of losing weight the size can be adjusted.
If you have any problems when choosing the right product, you can contact the manager of the official website for help.

Important! To avoid compression of the internal organs, it is not allowed to pull the waist more than 15 centimeters.

Use during training

For maximum effect, wearing the product is better combined with training. According to reviews, latex corset helps to increase the effectiveness of sports by 20-30%.Since the product is specially designed so as not to restrict movement, it can run, crouch, press a press or press.

Latex corset-reviews_10 For the maximum effect, wearing the product is better combined with training

. For sports, you need to purchase a special corset, which is slightly softer than a classic product. It is much easier to move, bend over and do any, even complex exercises. Naturally, it is necessary to choose a product strictly in size.

Tip! It is undesirable to work in a new, newly purchased product. Before training, it is better to lightly distribute it so that it perfectly lends the figure.

Wearing a corset after delivery

Unfortunately, the long-awaited birth of a child is accompanied by not too pleasant moments. Within 9 months the body tries to gain as much fat as possible. Muscles on the abdomen after pregnancy stretch, and the skin hangs with ugly folds. If you start the process of recovery on its own, with a perfect figure you can simply say goodbye.

Specialists advise to use after delivery a special pull band. However, its wearing is not always comfortable - often the seams rub the skin even in high-quality products. Bandages of this type are absolutely not designed for waist tie. In addition, since they do not have rigid ribs, if the tension is too great, the bandage fabric begins to twist.

Elastic latex completely eliminates the woman from similar problems. The presence of special fixing ribs along the entire length allows the product to be perfectly fixed on the body.

Tip! To fight cellulite, before using the corset, it is necessary to lubricate the skin with a special cream.

Latex corset-reviews_06 The presence of special fixing ribs along the entire length allows the product to be perfectly fixed on the body

Care for the corset

Since the product will accumulate sweat, the manufacturer recommends, after each use, to wash the corset. Do this only manually in cool water. When using hot water, natural latex can change its structure and become hard.

You can wash the corset with any detergent. After washing, the product is laid out to dry on a flat surface.

Warning! Machine washing and bleaching to prevent damage to latex is strictly prohibited.

Waist Trainer

The latex corsets are manufactured by many well-known manufacturers: for example, Ann Сhery and Ann Michel .However, the most qualitative products are Waist Trainer .After all, the manufacturer did not in vain call his product "trainer of muscles" - this is how the phrase "waist trainer" is translated.

Latex-corset-reviews_02 Latex corsets are produced by many well-known manufacturers: for example, Ann Chery and Ann Michel. However, the best quality products are Waist Trainer

Once upon a time this product was patented in Colombia. Today the production of the miracle corset has been moved to the USA.Because of the specifics of the material, these products are only sewn by hand. The manufacturer offers latex corsets Waist Trainer as black or flesh colors, and bright pink, blue, violet shades and even leopard colors.

Celebrities using the miracle corset

The Waist Training system in the west is simply super popular - many photos in all glossy magazines confirm this. Products are widely advertised by such well-known magazines as Tatler, Women's Health, etc. The most famous models in them are sleeping, doing sports and, of course, making selfies.

Extravagant Kim Kardashian prefers models of leopard colors. I like flaunting in the corset and Gwyneth Paltrow, Blac Chyna. Jessica Alba admitted that she used it to correct the figure after pregnancy. Loves to show off in a new fashionable chip - a pink corset over a shirt - and our Anna Sedokova.

Tip! In pregnancy, including at the initial terms, the presence of abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, the wearing of the compressive corset is prohibited. With any trauma to the spine, no matter how tempting the Waist Training corset looks, we strongly recommend using the doctor's recommendation and choosing a product specially designed for such purposes.

Latex-corset-reviews_07 The Waist Training system in the west is simply over-popular. Kim Kardashian does not hide that she owes her waistline to such a corset

. How to distinguish a fake?

Those who pretended to be cheap, we hasten to disappoint. This product can not cost less than the manufacturer, and this is about 2000-2100 rubles.

Even if you decide to buy a latex corset to reduce the waist of the distributors, be sure to inspect it. The original product is made only from natural latex and cotton. It should be symmetrical, pleasant to the touch, not rude and do not emit any unpleasant odors. The thickness of the latex should be the same over the entire surface.

A good product should not have any irregularities or other defects. The bones and hooks are symmetrical and have an ideal attachment. Edges and seams - carefully processed, without protruding threads.

Testimonials experienced by

Marina, 24: Personally, I am interested in the latex corset for weight loss. I think this product is ideal for such lazy people as I am. I really want to have a straight back, and I would not hurt to remove my tummy. And then just an ideal option - you go in the corset, and the muscles themselves are tightened. Two thousand rubles I can afford.

Natalia, 34 years old: I think all this is nonsense. It's really just a new fashion piece. Decrease in waist after sweating? You will drink a couple of glasses of water - and all your pounds will return. To strengthen the muscles of the back often visit the gym hall.

Angelina, 17 years old: Heard of advertising and bought a corset at the nearest sports store. Naturally, I got a fake. Instead of three rows of hooks, there are two, the smell is terrible, the threads stick out. I tried to wear it - it rubs my sides and presses horribly. Yes, and under his clothes you can see. But since I have set myself such a goal, I will buy a real corset. But already on the official website.

Svetlana, 33 years old: My husband gave me the corset( I wrote it on the site).Honestly, at first I was offended and threw it away for a month. But once I decided to use it. God would be with him, with losing weight and dreams of a husband. But this "muscle trainer" perfectly holds the backrest and, in principle, it can be worn under clothes. The only pity is that when you sweat there is not a very pleasant feeling. The skin still does not breathe.

Latex corset-reviews_08 The original product is made only from natural latex and cotton. It should be symmetrical, pleasant to the touch, not rude and not to emit any unpleasant odors.

Maria, 29 years old: The belly stretches perfectly. But, really, the skin in it does not breathe absolutely. Although beauty requires, of course, victims. I will wear at least 2-3 hours a day.

Lianna, 19: Girlfriends assure me that after wearing the corset, my gait even changed. I have been stooping since childhood and, of course, I understand that scoliosis for 3 months can not be removed. But the effect is definitely there( I wear a corset for 3-4 hours a day).The first time was unusual. But you can move freely in it, without effort.

Diana, 21: Having decided to purchase the Waist Trainer system, read through a bunch of information on this topic. Honestly speaking, opinions about it are the most controversial. Yes, it is advertised by stars, doctors discuss, it is often argued on forums. But still I'm afraid - is it possible to wear a corset so long without harm to the internal organs.

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