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  • Mar 09, 2018
Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 16) Many girls sometimes require weight-loss days for weight loss

Many girls sometimes require weight-loss days for weight loss, the options of which are abundantly on the Internet. But as we know, on the same Internet you can find a lot of information that is very harmful to health. Today, we will try to clarify for you specifically what the proper and thoughtful unloading days should be, and also we will collect all the best and effective options and give useful advice. Let's start.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 5) If you try to call a fast-food day in one word, then the word "mono-diet"

is good. Contents

  • 1 What are fasting days?
  • 2 unload the body: apples
  • 3 Kefir diet
  • 4 Day with yogurt
  • 5 unload the body: cheese
  • 6 Buckwheat or rice, ma'am!
  • 7 Unloading days for losing weight: reviews

What are fasting days like?

Many people mistakenly believe that at the unloading day one should either not eat at all, or there is everything, but in very small portions. However, similar days for unloading should be built like real diets, just very small. If you try to call a fast-food day in one word, then the word "mono-diet" is good. Already from the name it follows that you will have to eat all day with just one product or several, but one group. And you will not have to eat more than five times a day.

Such a day will be a great help for your digestive system, which has been active for a very long time. That's why all mono-diets include exceptionally light and useful products( although you might like to eat one shawarma all day).Unloading the body helps him run important biochemical processes that cleanse the body. That is why it is so important after a hard day for the digestive system to spend unloading days, not even for weight loss, but for purification. Well, the options that you can carry out at home, we will now give you.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 10) Unloading the body helps it run important biochemical processes that cleanse the body itself

Advice! In addition to any of the following methods, it is always necessary to give the body sufficient liquid. To do this, it will be enough to drink plus or minus two liters of drinking or mineral water. The amount depends on the mass of your body( the more mass, the more water).

We unload the body: apples

Let's start, perhaps, with a very sweet and juicy fruit - an apple. Apples are fondly loved in our country, they are grown in a very large quantity, so it is very easy to find them, and it is possible to buy them home. Some apples grow even in suburban areas. Let's see how good such an apple mini-diet is.

Advantages of

Firstly, we can not fail to note the excellent taste of the fruit. Eating it all day, you will not have much trouble, as dishes from apples are quite diverse: in addition to the freshest fruit, you can drink its juice both with the pulp, and without, you can eat mashed potatoes, jam, and bake apples in the stove. In addition to taste, the apple boasts a large number of useful vitamins, iron, fiber, carotene and other substances, not only cleansing the body, but also strengthening health.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 13) In addition to taste, the apple can boast a lot of useful vitamins, iron, fiber, carotene

. Cons

Unfortunately, if you have a real gastrointestinal disease, then apples will only cause an exacerbation. In particular, this will be manifested in diseases associated with high acidity of the stomach.


Take a kilogram of fresh apples. A third of the fruits will be best baked, since baked apples have more pectin - that is, an adsorbent. With the rest you can make any dishes. Also it is worth to drink about five glasses of apple juice or compote without sugar.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 14) It is baked apples that contain more pectin - that is, the adsorbent

Advice! In no case do not take for this diet sour varieties of apples. In such quantity they will become only a stimulus of your stomach.

Kefir diet

When girls talk about fasting days for weight loss, they, listing multiple options, always stop on yogurt. This, perhaps, is really the most popular way that every third fair sex knows. Kefir is very tasty, and it can be purchased in many places in your city( and if the village, it is still easier).Let's analyze it in more detail.


Kefir diet is generally easier and most pleasantly tolerated by the body. It will be easy for you to keep a day on kefir, as it very well nourishes the body, without making you feel hungry. Of the beneficial properties of yogurt, it should be noted that it helps to stop the decay processes that can occur in the intestines, and also helps in getting rid of the final metabolic products, that is, it helps the body get rid of all the stored food that has decomposed in your intestines. Kefir helps to activate digestion, which means that you will not feel heaviness in the stomach, and all processes associated with the endocrine system will improve their work. You will have a complexion, face, acne, and even allergy symptoms will begin to leave your face.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 3) Kefir helps to activate digestion, which means that you will not feel heaviness in the abdomen, and all processes related to the endocrine system will improve your work


Owners of this disease know themselves, but we can not help butSay that all dairy products are banned for use by people with lactose intolerance. Kefir falls into this category, therefore, if you have this intolerance and you do not want to get a big burden in the stomach and strong flatulence, do not spend this mini-diet.


For a good unloading kefir day you should stock up one and a half liters of fat-free yogurt( or curdled milk).Divide these liters into five portions and calmly consume throughout the day.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 15) For a good unloading kefir day you should stock up one and half liters of fat-free kefir

Advice! It is important that you choose kefir, the date of manufacture of which exceeds one day, since such a fresh kefir will become a good basis for diarrhea. Problems will be if you buy an expired drink or keep yogurt for more than three days in the refrigerator. In this case, even constipation is possible.

Day with yoghurt

Another sour milk product that is worthy of your attention. Some, speaking about fasting days for weight loss, offer options on the water, as if without any food you will get even more effective result. However, this is an extremely dangerous recommendation. In addition, instead of such mockery of your body, you can spend a very delicious day of yogurt. Try it, you will like it.


Remember everything that was described above about yogurt? We get the same thing, only under the aegis of a very pleasant and sweet taste. That is why yoghurt days are so loved by girls around the world. Yoghurts perfectly match with various fruits and berries, and it can also play into your hands.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 12) Yogurts perfectly match with various fruits and berries, and it can also play into your hands


Disadvantages of this mini-diet are the same as in the previous version. However, in this case, some problems can be eliminated by simply buying a product without various additives and flavor enhancers.


For a great day of unloading your stomach, you will have only three glasses of yoghurt and two fruit fruits, best of all, if this fruit is a green sweet and juicy apple. Yoghurts in this case are used for basic meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, between them you can use an apple.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 6) For a great day of unloading your stomach, you only have three glasses of yoghurt

Tip! We recommend you buy sour-milk products, at least for different diets, exclusively in farm stores. In the markets there is a risk to buy a product with a lot of fat or too fresh, and in supermarkets you probably will stumble upon yogurts with additives. In the same farm stores all storage conditions and product properties are prescribed.

unload the body: cheese

Can we bypass the party and this milk product is also widely popular when it comes to weight loss methods. Cottage cheese is a rather specific product both in taste and in its properties, so it is worth considering a similar cottage cheese diet a little more.


Curd has what all the previous variants do not have - a lot of protein. This guarantees you not only a lack of hunger, but also fat burning, while muscle, on the contrary, comes back to normal. However, we must not forget that completely fat-free cottage cheese during fasting days becomes a violator of metabolism, which we can not afford.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 1) Quark has the than do not have any previous versions - lots of protein


you can already guess what the flaw exists in the curd of mono. Especially it concerns women who are already over thirty-five years old. True, and for them there is a way: it is enough to buy exactly the grain cottage cheese, supplemented with fruits, and preferably dried fruits.


For an unloading day on curd you will need four hundred grams of cottage cheese with a fat content of not less than one and a half and not more than 1.8 percent and a fresh green sweet apple. Each meal eat your portion of cottage cheese with an apple slice.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 4) For the handling of the day on the curd, you will need four grams of cottage cheese with a fat content of not less than half and not more than 1.8 percent

Tip! To cleanse the body as intensively as possible, always drink at least two liters of drinking water before each meal.

Buckwheat or rice, ma'am!

Another popular way in weight-loss days for weight loss are the various options on buckwheat or rice. Here you already have to prepare and cook, and also take other products. Both options are often written in one paragraph, since they have approximately the same properties, advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at these mini-diets.


Both cereals help in providing the body with all the necessary microelements and nutrients for full nutrition. Buckwheat porridge has a slight advantage, as its combination with yogurt unusually well cleans the entire gastrointestinal tract from stagnant decay products and removes any heaviness in the stomach. But rice is better than buckwheat removes water from the body and completely eliminates harmful toxins.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 1) Combining the buckwheat with yogurt unusually well cleans the entire gastrointestinal tract from the stagnant debris and remove any heaviness in the stomach


Except perhaps an allergy to any of the products, which occurs in isolated cases around the world, specific deficienciesThese diets were not found. The only option in which you do not need to spend such unloading days are problems with constipation, however, in this case you can not only spend rice days, you can eat buckwheat.


for buckwheat days you need a glass of buckwheat, pre-filled overnight with two cups of boiling water and left closed until the morning, and one percent of one liter of yogurt, if you do it can be used. In this diet, you eat only three times a day, drinking buckwheat kefir.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( 2) Fig better buckwheat removes from the body water, and completely eliminates the harmful toxins

Rice days also require cup of rice, but poured a glass of boiling water, cooked for one minute, strained and boiled again, but in two cups of water and cooked. You should also eat it for three meals.

Tip! Do not spend these diets so often, because they are still quite hard to tolerate the body.

Unloading days for losing weight: reviews

You probably want to know how effective are the unloading days presented in our article for weight loss. And although the options for the perception of the body diets are purely individual, the reviews are always positive.

Anna: Unloading days I do three or four times a month, I try without interruption. So I'm good at keeping my weight on one figure. Of course, kilograms can not not come back from time to time, but I roughly clean one kilo. I'm sitting on buckwheat with cucumbers, and, you know, you do not feel hunger at all, except the first couple of times. But the ease is incomparable.

Alevtina: I do not know the diet is easier than kefir-apple day. It is very easy and even tasty. And really, first you lose not more than 400 grams, but then it goes much faster, and for a month and a half, a decent minus four kilos. It turns out not at all exhausting, but very nice, even to some extent dependent on such days you get, because then you feel great.

Unloading-days-for-slimming-options_( i) Unloading days will give a breather to your body

Natalia: It's great to sit on a diet with yogurt and bananas. How to eat a day for four pieces and I'll stash in the evening with one glass, and it becomes easier immediately. I do not feel hungry myself, but it goes almost to a kilogram. I tried, of course, quite kefir days, but then I want to eat more.

Olga: I sit alternately, then on apple, then on kefir unloadings. It helps to clean the sink like a plunger! In order to help with diets I take a laxative Lavakol to cleanse the intestines. At first, I did not do this, and it was a bit heavier, so I advise. It is much better and more pleasant than using an enema.

Lisa: My favorite is rice diet. And I like to mix rice with vegetables. To rice just enough to add about 150 grams of some vegetables, you can even salad. But as a dinner you should drink kefir, and then you will be completely happy. Personally, I lose up to two pounds on such a diet, if I do it once a week. By the way, I figure it's worth taking brown, from him more benefit.

Anastasia: And I'm sitting on a rather atypical unloading. I have a juicer at home, so every Sunday I spend a day of unloading juice. I take out fruits, vegetables and berries that I find, and squeeze. Do best with apples, oranges and carrots, a kilo goes steadily. In addition to delicious drinks, I get a light body and a bunch of vitamins for the next week. I am happy as an elephant.

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