Home exercises for slimming belly and sides - Where will we do the waist?

  • Mar 09, 2018
Home-exercise-for-slimming-belly-and-sides_09 In this article we will consider what are the home exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides

Many women dream of getting rid of excess pounds on the sides and abdomen. This annoying flaw does not allow wearing tight clothes: no outfit will not look spectacular if underneath visible ugly folds. What are the home exercises for slimming belly and sides?

Home-exercise-for-slimming-abdomen-and-sides_11 Start small: do not try to get rid of the abdomen and sides in one day, you are unlikely to succeed, but you can easily damage the muscles


  • 1 General recommendations
  • 2 Measuressecurity
  • 3 rises body
  • 4 leg raises
  • 5 combination lifts the legs and lifts the body
  • 6 Exercises to train the oblique muscles
  • 7 variation onema housing for the oblique muscles of the abdomen
  • 8 retraction Belly
  • 9 Hula Hoop
  • 10 Callanetics for the press
  • 11 Planck
  • 12 Rope

General recommendations

In order for exercises to be effective, it is necessary to prepare for their implementation in the most careful way. Get clothes for training:

  • Clothing should be spacious: it should not impede your movements or pinch your body. Clothing for sports should be sewn from natural fabrics. If you choose a synthetic sports suit, the body will not "breathe" and you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Exercises are done in a ventilated room: open the window or turn on the air conditioner.
  • Start small: Do not try to get rid of belly and sides in a single day, you are unlikely to succeed, but the damage to the muscles you may well. First, do the exercise as many times as you can. When the body adapts to the load, increase the number of approaches.

Advice! It is recommended that women who wear large breasts purchase a special sports bra.

Home-exercise-for-slimming-belly-and-sides_03 To begin with, do the exercise as many times as you can. When the body adapts to the stress, increase the number of approaches


If you start to feel bad, for example, you feel dizzy, or you will experience tinnitus, immediately stop the exercise. Such symptoms can be caused by the fact that due to physical exertion you have raised blood pressure: continue training in this case is dangerous. Lie down, drink some water and relax.

In order to achieve the desired effect, you need to deal with it systematically: if you do the exercises through time, you will not notice any result. It is advisable to engage in a minimum of three times a week, if not lazy, you will soon notice that the extra weight disappear, and the waist becomes thinner and thinner.

Tip! Do not be afraid to drink water during training. True, you should not get involved: if you feel thirsty, drink a couple of sips and continue to do the exercises.

Rises body

most effective way to get rid of the stomach is regular exercise for the press.

Home-exercise-for-slimming-belly-and-bokov_12 If you rarely devote time to training for the first time or come from rock press, do as many sets as you can

At home, the easiest way to download the press as follows:

  • Lock the foot by sliding them under a chair or sofa;
  • Put your hands behind your head, slightly bend your knees;
  • Begin lifting the case, straining the muscles of the press.

If you rarely devote time to training for the first time or come from rock press, do as many sets as you can. To start better with a small, gradually increasing the number of ascents.

Tip! Do not drag your head to your knees: you will overstress your neck. Do not "throw" your hands, keep them strictly behind your head. Of course, if you stretch your hands forward, the exercise will make it easier, but in this case the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle will work, and not the press.

Leg Rises

This exercise is similar to the previous one. Only in it it is required to lift not the body, but straight legs.

Lie down on the floor, fix the case, grasping the bottom edge of an armchair, sofa or other furniture. Begin to lift straight legs: between the hips and the body should be a right angle. You do not need to lower your legs: a distance of 3-5 centimeters should remain between the heels and the floor.

Home-exercise-for-slimming-belly-and-sideways_04 Lower the legs do not need: between the heels and the floor should be a distance of 3-5 centimeters

do this exercise must be dynamic enough.

Tip! Do not forget to breathe properly: you need to raise your legs on exhalation, and lower them - on inhalation. This will allow you to less tired and not have shortness of breath. Breathe through the nose, and exhale through the mouth.

combination lifts the legs and lifts the body

When you perform the previous two exercises confident enough start to perform their combination: it will effectively work out the muscles of the lower and upper press. To perform a combined exercise, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Make the hull lift 30 times;
  • Without rest, do 20 leg lifts.

This is one approach. In total it is necessary to make four approaches. To take a breath, rest between sets for one to two minutes.

Tip! This exercise will bring an even more noticeable effect in the event that you use weighting agents for the feet and arms. You can buy such weighting in any sports shop or even in a supermarket.

Home-exercise-for-slimming-belly-and-sides_05 effective exercise - the simultaneous lifting of the body and legs, fixing in this position

Exercises to train the oblique muscles

This exercise helps to work the obliques and get rid of the sides. Lie on your side, lower leg bend at the knee. Hand, which will be on top, put under your head. Turn your face forward and start bending your torso.
This exercise should be done 20-30 times, lying first on the right, and then on the left side.

Advice! In order to less get tired during training and enjoy them, do exercises for your favorite dynamic music. This will help to tune in the right way.

Variation lifting body for belly

oblique muscles This exercise has an effect similar to the previous one. Perform it as follows:

  • Lie down in the same original position that you occupied for lifting the hull;
  • Move your knees a distance of 15-20 centimeters;
  • Put your hands behind your head and start to raise the body, while turning so that during each lift your right elbow stretched to the right knee and vice versa: the left hand - to the right knee.
Home-exercise-for-slimming-abdomen-and-sides_07 It is the oblique abdominal muscles responsible for the formation of a beautiful relief
  • You need to slightly twist during each rise of the trunk to make the oblique and intercostal muscles work.

Advice! Try during this exercise to carefully monitor the fact that the oblique abdominal muscles work: many use the muscles of the press and twist at the last moment.

retraction Belly

Sergey Mihaylovich Bubnovsky, created a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles, among which there are exercises for the abdomen.

Lie on the floor, bending your knees. Place the palm of one hand on the stomach. Press your back and soles against the floor. Breathe air with a press so that the palm rises with your belly. Hold your breath for a while. Slowly release the air, trying to draw in the belly as deeply as possible, as if driving out all the air to the drop. This exercise is repeated 20-25 times.

Advice! Some women note that when Bubnovsky's exercise is performed, lung cramps in the calves are felt. This is quite normal phenomenon: you have to stretch your legs and go back to doing the exercise.


If you intend to get rid of your stomach and sides, remember your childhood! The hoop helps to make the waist thin, and the stomach is flat and elastic. You can twist the usual hoop or choose a special hula-hoop, weighted with sand.

Home-exercise-for-slimming-abdomen-and-sides_10 Do not perform exercises with a heavy hoop if you suffer from any gynecological diseases

If you twist the hoop for 15 minutes a day first into one and then to the other side, the effect you will notice in just a couple of weeks. However, this inexpensive home simulator has one significant drawback. At first, very noticeable bruises will remain on your skin, which will also be quite painful. This is especially true for women, whose vessels are located close to the skin. However, soon the body adapts to the load and the bruises disappear, so do not stop.

If you want to catch two birds with one stone, before wrapping the hoop, apply a special pull-up cream or regular baby oil to the waist area. Due to this you will get a pleasant massage effect and pull up the skin.

Do not perform exercises with a heavy hoop if you suffer from any gynecological diseases!

Tip! The hoop serves as an excellent way to warm up before performing other exercises for the press. Start your training with the rotation of hula-hoop!

Callanetics for the press

Callanetics is a rather unusual kind of gymnastics. It includes only smooth, calm movements: no jerks and no dynamics. Nevertheless, by regularly performing these simple actions, you can clean the stomach and sides.

Exercises are performed statically: you need to take a certain position and stay in it for a few seconds.

Callanetics offers the following exercises for the press:

  • Twisting. Lie down on the floor, lift your legs up and bend your knees. Put your hands behind your head. Raise your head and shoulders, trying to pull yourself as close as possible to your knees. In this position, stop for 60 seconds;
  • Lie on your back, lift up straight legs. Embrace your hips with your hands, lift your shoulders and head, trying to reach your knees. Release the hips, raise your hands up and lock for 60 seconds;
Home-exercise-for-slimming-abdomen-and-sides_06 Exercises are performed statically: you need to take a certain posture and stay in it for a few seconds.
  • Sit on the floor, spread your legs apart as wide as possible. One leg bend, the other bend as low as possible. Quit for 60 seconds.

Tip! Exercises from callanetics only seem simple: the muscles begin to burn literally in the first seconds. In order not to injure yourself, carefully razmomnite before performing exercises.

Perform only those techniques that do not bring you discomfort: according to the philosophy of the creators of the calanetics, the training will be effective only if it brings you joy.


A pretty effective exercise for losing weight at home is considered a bar. Doing it is quite simple:

  • Lie on your stomach;
  • Lift on your hands, placing your elbows under your shoulders;
  • Lock in this position.

You need to hold on for at least one minute. You can start from 30-45 seconds. It is enough to do three approaches daily.

Home-exercise-for-slimming-abdomen-and-sides_02 The correctly made rod involves simultaneous abdominal, back, arm and leg muscles.

. During the exercise, the muscles begin to burn and tremble: do not be afraid, this is normal.

When you get well accustomed to the bar and you just keep in this position, start straightening your hands: the palms should be placed under your shoulders. To complicate the exercise, lift the arms and legs alternately upwards, trying to fix in this position for as long as possible.

Plank is heavily loaded with the spine, so this exercise should be abandoned to people who suffer from back pain.

Tip! During the strips focus on their inner feelings: Feel the muscles in your press work, try not to bend your back. If the bar is given to you too hard, first do not lift your knees off the floor.


may seem that the rope can not affect the availability of the sides and belly. However, it is not. The jumper is one of the most effective home cardiovascular equipment. Jumps will quickly make your breathing more frequent, more oxygen will enter the tissue, which will burn excess fat. Remember: without cardio training for the press will not bring any visible effect: your thin waist will be "disguised" fatty layer.

Home-exercise-for-slimming-abdomen-and-flanks_01 Jumping quickly make your breathing become more frequent in the tissue will also receive a larger amount of oxygen, due to what will burn excess fat

Rope quickly trains the respiratory system. Start with fifty jumps a day, gradually increasing their number. After a couple of months, you can jump without stopping for ten to fifteen minutes. With cardio training it is worth starting your home training, they also need to finish it. In addition, jumping will allow you to form beautiful calf muscles and tighten the buttocks.

However, there is rope contraindications:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Be careful during exercise with skipping rope spine is subjected to severe stress enough, so if you feel the pain, the rope - not for you! Before jumping, do a few sit-ups to stretch your knees.

Tip! You need to jump only in shoes, preferably it's sports sneakers. Otherwise, you can not only damage your feet, but also inflict yourself a painful blow.

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