The best swimming goggles in the pool - How to choose the right one?

  • Mar 09, 2018
Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_14 The most important accessory are swimming goggles. How to choose which models are on the market and how to use them correctly - consider

article. Any beginner swimmer or person who decided to take up this sport must acquire the necessary tools that will make the learning process simple and will allow you to get pleasure from it, andThe most important accessory are glasses for swimming, how to choose which models are on the market, and how to use them correctly - we'll look at the article.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_12 The lack of protection in the eyes can adversely affect their health, given that there are a lot of chlorine and other substances in the pool


  • 1 Swimming glasses: choose the right
  • 2 ViewsGlasses and their features
  • 3 Training glasses:
  • features
  • 4 Starting glasses and their advantages
  • 5 Dioptric glasses
  • 6 Swimming glasses for the child
  • 7 Fitting: you need to know
  • 8 Subtleties matching shade lenses
  • 9 models best points for diving
  • 10 Ranking of the best manufacturers
  • 11 Summing up: a few general tips

Goggles for swimming: choose the right

Even if you have excellent eyesight, you need to use special swimming goggles. After all, if you want to open your eyes while under water, so as you can better feel it, you will not see anything, the picture will appear in a muddy state. In addition, the lack of protection in the eyes may adversely affect their health, given that there are a lot of chlorine and other substances in the basin.

To safely swim and at the same time to protect your health, you need to create conditions to form a layer of air, and only well-chosen glasses can do this.

Tip! If you are a beginner in this business, the glasses will be an indisputable help when you first immerse yourself in water, because you can easily see and learn the orientation in space in an unusual environment for yourself.

The cornea of ​​the eye is the organ that contains the largest number of pain receptors, so many people have problems during the dive - the eye can become inflamed, blush or hurt, or simply experience unpleasant sensations. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the purchase of glasses.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_09 The modern market of accessories and equipment offers a great variety of points for swimming in the pool and other water bodies.

In case of initially poor vision, a person undertakes to choose the appropriate glasses for swimming. After all, if the lens is lost in opaque water, you can hardly find it. In addition, the eye can get an infection that does not have a very good effect on your health and on your personal success as a swimmer.

In any case, even if you are swimming in a perfectly clean pool, you will have to choose glasses and buy not the first product, but carefully study the offered assortment, then make a competent choice.

Types of glasses and their features

The modern market of accessories and equipment offers a wide variety of points for swimming in the pool and other water bodies. Products traditionally differ in the features of their shapes, designs, color of lenses and design. The price range of models can range from a few hundred to several thousand Russian rubles. Traditionally, there are only two basic types of points - starting and training models.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_ Products traditionally differ in the features of their shapes, designs, color of lenses and design

Training glasses:


These are required for training. The average user they are called to provide comfort during any occupation. Currently, most of the models related to this category are made of silicone, at least this material is used to carry the strap and frame. Often, the model is treated with special coatings that prevent fogging. Lenses products are made of high-quality plastic, due to which they conveniently "sit down", do not exert pressure on the eyes.

Often there are swimming goggles related to this type, but made of neoprene. They are characterized by softness and the ability to deliver maximum comfort to the user. In addition, they do not pass water, and before the traditional silicone products have the advantage that after their application, there are no characteristic circles left before their eyes. However, there are drawbacks in this model: neoprene glasses are short-lived, and their cost is higher.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_11 Often, models are treated with special coatings that prevent fogging

Advice! In the process of selecting glasses, you need to pay attention to how their nose is made, which can be replaceable, adjustable or unregulated. The advantage of the adjustable product is the ability to adjust specifically to your face shape.

All the glasses are made for three categories of the population - for children, adolescents and adults. Training glasses have straps that can be adjusted along the length. Also on offer is a mask that has an enlarged area and is adjacent to the face. They allow you to make a greater view underwater and avoid the appearance of circles in the eye area after swimming.

Starting points and their dignity

These products are called differently Swede, glass, used in order that the user can take part in competitions. The glasses have a hard landing, which makes them quite comfortable to use, they guarantee the swimmer the possibility of high speed development, since they are equipped with excellent hydrodynamics. There is no gasket, sometimes it can be such that it is extremely thin. The glasses fit perfectly to the face, do not allow water to pass, and do not allow displacement to the side.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_10 Starting Points swimmer guarantee the possibility of developing a high speed, as equipped with a great hydrodynamics

vision glasses

As a rule, many companies is the brand for the production of glasses produce a model for people with problematic eyesight. This is necessary to provide more comfort under water.

Products with diopters and with the possibility of interchangeable lenses are produced, individual variants can be chosen for each eye. Thanks to the use of such items, you can easily compensate for the shortcomings in your vision.

Currently, optical glasses are made with different glasses, they have different thicknesses. The choice of such glasses is influenced by what lenses or glasses you usually use. Depending on the availability of additional options and brand-manufacturer - you can choose points in the amount of 850-2000 rubles.

Selection of swimming goggles for a child

It is worth giving preference to products for beginners. It is important that they are equipped with anti-fog coating. It is not necessary to buy expensive glasses, because it's not a secret for anyone that children's glasses and other accessories are lost often: the lower the price, the less the feelings of the parents. But cheap Chinese goods are not recommended to buy, because the materials from which they are made can be poisonous and cause an allergic reaction to the face.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_07 quality glasses chosen for the child, contribute to ensuring excellent visibility and preservation of health

If a child is engaged in synchronized swimming, it is better to give preference to glass, which do not sweat, the presence of transparent sidewalls. When choosing glasses for young children, the moment that is a particular choice - the quality of rubber. The fact is that cheap Chinese rubber can lead to painful sensations and even contain toxic components in the composition.

The quality glasses chosen for the child contribute to providing excellent visibility and maintaining remarkable health.

Fitting: what you need to know

If you want to ensure a good fitting, which will allow you to choose the correct glasses, in accordance with all your preferences, then you need to contact a specialized sports store. Here, no buyer can easily find the glasses that will match the individual parameters of the person. And if you lean your lenses against your eyes, you can choose the right products. It will be ideal if they stick to your skin and will not come loose when you lower your hands. This will make sure that the glasses will not pass water during the swimming.

The models with the option of adjusting certain options are often offered on sale. Thanks to this approach, you can easily provide an easy landing and an ideal adjustment of the strap under the head circumference. The sensations that arise during this fitting should be natural and not cause any discomfort. It is inadmissible to stop the choice of the product, which literally cuts into the area of ​​your nose. The purchase of a substandard accessory is accompanied by the occurrence of unnecessary interference.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_15 It is not permissible to stop the selection of a product that literally cuts into the region of your nose. The purchase of a substandard accessory is accompanied by the occurrence of unnecessary interference

The fineness of the shade selection

The color of the lenses in swimming glasses has a direct effect on the amount of light that comes to them. If you plan to swim in open water bodies or in pools with good lighting, you need to purchase dark mirror lenses, because by this approach the other glare is relatively dim.

If you choose a lens with a smoky top, they will contribute to the clarity of the image, but at the same time its brightness will be somewhat reduced. On sale also there are lenses with a covering of orange, yellow color, they raise contrast and improve outlines. If you are swimming in open areas, the glasses you choose should have a special UV protection.

Models of the best swimming goggles

The modern market of swimming accessories offers a large number of models - for women, men and children. The differences between them are in several features.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_16 The color of lenses in swimming goggles has a direct effect on the amount of light that enters them
  • Quality of the material of manufacture;
  • Lens shape and features;
  • Color solution for lenses;
  • Purpose of glasses;
  • Specific manufacturer.

Also the price depends on what the glasses are designed for - to start swimming or to conduct serious training with competitions. In addition, an important role in the selection of points should be given to the room in which you will float, or a pond.

Rating of the best manufacturers

In order to consider the best options, you can take advantage of the ready rating of products for swimming, which includes the most popular models with a wide price range.

Speedo Speedsocket Mirror. The cost of this product is about 2 800 rubles, are related to the category of the best professional glasses. Among the features and basic options can be identified a wide view, improved fastening and a high index of hydrodynamics, which guarantees high speeds of navigation.

Sunglasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_13 Speedo Speedsocket Mirror are related to the category of the best professional glasses

Arena Cobra Mirror .The cost of the model ranges from 2 100 rubles, the points are related, like the previous ones, to the category of the best starting. Tightly fitting to the ocular area and the bridge of the nose, they have a high-quality fastening.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_02 Arena Cobra Mirror - one of the best starting models

Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady .If you are considering more budget options, then this model is what you need. These are women's glasses, which have an attractive design, the details of which fully take into account the anatomy of the woman's face. The glasses are equipped with high quality fasteners.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_01 Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady - the best option for women

Arena Freestyle Junior .This model of children's glasses is the best solution for parents who value reliability and comfort. The cost of the model is 700 rubles.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_03 Arena Freestyle Junior - good children's glasses

Arena X-Vision Mirror .These mirror glasses worth 1200 rubles have a wonderful and memorable design and excellent protection against external influences.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_04 Arena X-Vision Mirror is well protected against external factors

Arena Zoom Neoprene .The model is made of neoprene, around the eyes after use of traces practically does not remain. The cost is only 600 rubles, for it you can count on a high-quality product.

Glasses-for-swimming-in-the-pool-how-choose_05 Arena Zoom Neoprene - cheap, but quality product

Summing up: a few general tips

So, if you decide to purchase a high-quality sunglasses and meet at the same time in the desired amount of the budget, it is necessary to comply with general guidelines and tips for choosing.

  • Points are male, female, child and adolescent, it is important to choose them according to the age of the user and his gender.
  • If you can not boast of good eyesight, buying glasses with dioptries is your responsibility.
  • You can not buy glasses at random, it is better to contact a specialized store with competent consultants and sample.
  • Choosing glasses for young swimmers, you should not overpay for the brand, but to buy Chinese goods is not the best solution.

Compliance with these rules will allow you to choose points that are suitable for quality and fit at a price.

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