Master class: Bouquet of socks for men with their own hands - How to surprise your beloved?( 50 pics)

  • Mar 09, 2018
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 48) A bouquet of socks combines an unordinary approach, colorful design, practicality and comic moment

Socks are the most trivial gift for a man. But even it can be turned into an original present, if you approach the matter with humor. A bouquet of socks combines an unordinary approach, colorful design, practicality and comic moment.

Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 3) No matter how much we joke about the fact that men receive only panties and socks as gifts, but these things are never superfluous in everyday life.
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 41) You can approach the gift with humor and imagination by building a composition from underwear
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 36) So you surprise yourmen and to ensure its adequate supply for a long time


  • 1 to give unfading rose
  • 2 process of reincarnation socks
  • 3 Delicate flowers buds of underwear
  • 4 flower combination of shorts and socks
  • 5 decoration partbouquet
  • 6 inedible, but romantic "dessert»
  • 7 Military equipment in the toe performed
  • 8 space theme of socks

To give unfading

rose so happens that undergarments are made to give only the closest men: husband, son, father or brother. However, this rule can be extended to the nearest colleague, to the classmate, and just to a good friend, if they do not have a sense of humor.

Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 47) It so happened that the objects of underwear are usually given only to the closest men: the spouse, the son, the father or the brother
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 40). However, this rule can be extended to the next colleague, to the classmate, and just to a good friend, if they do not hold the feelingHumor
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 42) An extravagant, but at the same time, a bizarre bouquet of different combinations of colors for socks and panties for a man can become a kind of addition to the main gift

An extravagant, but at the same time, bizarre bouquet of different combinations of socksAnd panties for a man can become a kind of addition to the main gift as on February 23, and the birthday of the gifted. Decoration of a bouquet with beads, ribbons, artificial leaves and a floral net will "pull the brain" of the recipient before he guesses out what the composition is made of.

Tip! A bouquet of socks can be presented to a female person: here and the color palette is richer, and no reason to donate.

Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 44) annual supply of socks, in an original way of presenting
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 43) Winter version nosochnogo bouquet
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 39) socks, pants and ties - set true gentleman

process of reincarnation socks

colors for this simple work necessary tools and materials:

  • socks - multiple colored pairs;
  • thin rubber bands;
  • wooden skewers or cocktail tubes;
  • ribbon for floristry;
  • wrapping paper;
  • scissors;
  • stationery stapler with staples.
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 30) Like twist of flowers socks - incrementally
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 1) Stuffed hand, this process you will take just a couple of
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo-37 minutes to rosette of the sock is not broke, it is possible to fasten a rubber band or pin
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 27) Put the buds on the prepared sticks
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 33) composition ready

Creating a flower arrangement of socksFascinating, simple, low-cost and short-term. Armed with scissors, first cut off labels from socks. Then turn each sock into a tube, turning the edges outward. Form a bud of roses. Gum firmly fix it. Then we insert the skewer into the product. In a similar way we do with all socks.

Now proceed to decorating the bouquet. To begin with, we fix all the flowers in a single composition with an elastic band. Then we wrap the bouquet with floral paper: to make the volume wrapped with a stapler we pick it up, tie it with a ribbon. All, an unforgettable bouquet of socks, designed for men, and, most importantly, done by themselves, ready to become a gift.

Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 38) You prefer minimalism - this mini-bouquet looks very stylish
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 35) Sweet-toothed girl will be pleased with the presence of sweets in the bouquet
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 34) You can make a bouquet in the
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 32) vase. For lovers to work on the decor, variants with floristic paper
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 31) will be interesting. You can complement the bouquet with any decorative elements.
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 29) Choose a decor depending on the subjectHoliday
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 23) Bright composition for extraordinary men
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 22) A whole socks basket
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 21) Such a gift carries warmth and care

Advice! You can supplement the colorfulness of the bouquet by placing in it artificial leaves, dried flowers, studs with beads.

Delicate buds from underwear

For this simple bouquet it is required a little: actually the detail of underwear( quantity - at will and opportunities), shish kebabs, wire or scotch tape, ribbon and green corrugated paper for decoration.

Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 13) Not socks are one. Panties - also a necessary thing in the wardrobe. They also perfectly curl in the bouquet
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 2) Well, this composition will not leave indifferent any man
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 16) For lovers of retro style
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 19) Unconventional composition with the addition of live greens

Making roses from panties does not differ significantly from how one can make an unusual bouquet of colorful socks inGift design for men. It is enough to follow the instructions and recommendations:

  • We cut strips of corrugated paper about 1.5-2 cm wide.
  • We twist them with a spiral around the barbecue sticks.
  • Panties fold four times and tighten the roller around the skewer, forming a rose.
  • The bottom part of the flower is fixed on a stick with the help of wire or tape.
  • Around each of the buds we form paper bags, attaching them with adhesive tape to the skewer.
  • The resulting bouquet is wrapped in paper and decorated with ribbon.
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 14) Improvised hand-to-hand truffle bouquets look great in baskets, flowerpots, boxes, various vases, which will not take a long time to prepare and
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 10) funds will sometimes be wrapped with colored wrapping paper, fastened with a stapler or adhesive tape, as the product will play with new colors
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 5) Bouquet of various socks or panties for a man, presented in a similar performance, will not leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 4) The composition can always add the main gift

Improvised flower-poured bouquets look great in baskets, pots, boxes, various pots, the decoration of which does not take much time and money. It is enough, sometimes, to wrap them with colored wrapping paper, fixing it with a stapler or tape, as the product will play with new colors. A bouquet of all kinds of socks or panties for a man( photo), presented in such a performance, will not leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex.

Tip! If you add inclusions from a tie and socks to the composition, then the bouquet will be a gentleman's set.

Flower combination of panties and socks

Another version of the extraordinary design of a banal gift, which requires one unit of flower:

  • socks - 1 pair;
  • briefs - 1 piece;
  • Eraser for money - 1 pc.
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 6) A bouquet for lovers of sweet
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( i) Such a composition is not a shame to give to a colleague with a sense of humor.
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 11) A rose can be wrung from a T-shirt or T-shirt
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 12) Decorative elements will revive the composition of

In this craft, it is desirable to contrast the color scheme. For example, if the socks are dark, then it is desirable to choose the subject of underwear softer. For this composition, family panties or wrestling suit perfectly.

  • First we twist the elastic band around the panties. Then we raise the "trousers" and wrap the edges around the rubber bands, forming a rose.
  • Socks are released from the package, unfold and fold their bottom half in an oblique manner so that the heel and toe are directed in one direction: they will serve as the lower tier of petals of the bud.
  • Then wrap the socks around the formed flower from the panties so that the heels and socks of the products are pointed upwards. We grab a rubber band under the bud so that the flower does not fall apart, and straighten the petals. By
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 17) socks and underwear can add
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 18) shirt Tie - an accent piece
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 20) composition design features such flowers are limited only by your imagination
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 24) more interesting to look the composition of multicolored elements
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 26) Artificial leaves give a set view of the bouquet

Tip! One flower is charming, but if there are several of them, and wrapped in wrapping paper, such a bouquet will be appreciated by its owner.

Decorative part of the bouquet

You can decorate the bouquet in a variety of ways:

  • In the middle of each twisted roller of the sock can be put on a round candy wrapped in foil.
  • If the composition of the socks is depressingly black, then you should wrap each of the flowers with bright paper: then the bouquet will look elegant even in black.
  • If, when forming a rose from a sock, wrap it with a contrasting ribbon, and then twist it into a cylinder, then the flower will play with colors.
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 46) Bouquet supplemented chocolate heart wrapped in
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 28) foil bouquet can be a gift for the New Year, Valentine's Day, February 23, May 9: you just used in the composition symbols of a holiday

bouquet can be a gift for the New Year, Valentine's Day, February 23, May 9: it is enough only to use the symbolism of this or that holiday in the composition. A heart, snowflakes or a star - any design detail in a bouquet will be significant.

Tip! If the bouquet is for a child, then it can be supplemented with a toy.

Inedible, but romantic "dessert"

Floristics is an entertaining, but no less fascinating occupation - cooking. And let the confectionery product is indigestible, but the hand-crafted article made from socks does not cease to be called a cake.

To create a culinary masterpiece, you will need a large number of pairs of socks, narrow scotch tape, decoration tape and deodorant( you can use shaving foam, shower gel or a bottle of alcohol).The most expensive gift, but the time to produce it is insignificant. The cake will be bunk.

Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 25) Three-level cake from socks
  • We prepare the bottom "cake".To do this, put the deodorant in the middle of the table, around which we lay out twisted pair of rollers and jointed socks. We wrap the bottom layer with tape so that it does not fall apart.
  • The second tier is made smaller diameter. Socks are twisted by rollers not in pairs, but individually. The upper "cake" is also wrapped with scotch tape.
    Cut out the cardboard base under the cake and lay it under it.
    to tie ribbons and the product packed in transparent cellophane packaging.

Tip! Original and expressive will look at the cake ribbons of different widths and colors.

Combat equipment in a toddle performance

How to make a bouquet of colorful socks and panties for your man, we took a step-by-step look. But in addition to floral themes, adding creativity and humor as a gift from trite socks will help the craft in the form of a tank. To create a unit of military equipment, not only socks will come in handy: panties can also be put to work.

This fascinating lesson will take very little time and money. You can add the child to this creativity: it will serve as an infusion of a new creative idea in the creation or design of a gift.

Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 49) addition to floral themes, add creativity and humor as a gift from the banal socks help hack as
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 45) tank on an exciting experience will take very little time and financial costs to manufacture

tracked vehicle required:

  • pants - 4 pcs.;
  • socks - 2 pairs;
  • piece of cardboard;
  • ribbon for floristry;
  • narrow scotch tape;
  • ballpoint pen( in the tone of the product);
  • scissors.

We start with the fact that the panties vertically fold four times and tightly roll the roller. So that he does not turn around, at both ends wrap it with tape or silicone rubber bands. These manipulations are done on the three remaining underwear products.

Then, with the help of scissors, cut off such a piece of cardboard so that its width is( or was slightly less) the length of the rollers. The length of a strip of cardboard in the combined kind should correspond to a section of four platens folded in a row. On the prepared cardboard we put on both sides on the toe, which should completely cover the cardboard.

Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 8) You can attach the child to this creativity: it will serve as an infusion of new creative ideas in the creation or design
Bouquet-of-socks-for-men-with-hands-photo_( 7) Gift This gift will fit soldier

Then wrap cardboard, wrapped in a pair of socks, 4 cylinder products cowards and to fix the strapping floral tape. Caterpillar tractors are ready.

The tower of military equipment is made from a second pair of socks, tightly twisted by a roller. We fix the cylindrical shape of the tower with tape or elastic bands. We put the ballpoint pen into the center of the roller, forming the muzzle of the tank, and we put it on the structure of the pants. Tape these two components of the craft.

Tip! turret instead of socks, and the weapon barrel, a handle, can serve as male perfume neck wrap is sufficiently thick paper, forming a barrel of the weapon.

Space theme from socks

Socks can not be much. Therefore, using them as a presentation will never be superfluous. And it does not matter in what capacity they are presented: a creative bouquet or a fighting machine made of socks will be a welcome gift for a man if they are made with care;And a master class on the manufacture of a rocket from socks will help solve the old problem of decorating gifts in a new way.

To make a rocket, you will need:

  • socks - 4 pairs;
  • sushi stick or cocktail stick;
  • cardboard cloth;
  • paper towels;
  • several banking elastics;
  • adhesive tape;
  • markers;
  • scissors.

socks rocket The needlework procedure takes a short time. A little bit of desire, a fraction of perseverance, a minimum of imagination and voila - the rocket is ready for launch:

  • We spread four sock, folded in half, in a straight overlap with a shift of 3-3.5 cm.
  • Turn and tightly twist into the roller, which is tied with an elastic band for banknotes.
  • In the center you should put on a cocktail tube or a wooden skewer.
  • The heel part of the socks is an improvised tail empennage of a rocket.
    We unfold the three sock with the heel part upwards.
  • Fold them one on the other and wrap around the skewers over the bottom, fastening with an elastic band. It turned out the central level of the future rocket.
  • From the cardboard we cut out the cone - the top part of the craft.
  • The workpiece should be in the form of a segment with a radius of 10-12 cm and an angle of 100 °.
  • Fold the figure with a cone and fix the edges with scotch tape.
  • Fill the cone with napkins and apply it to the construction of socks.
  • We put the last sock on the cone and stretch it on the structure to the tail of the future rocket.
  • Bend the bottom of the sock upwards.
  • Next, from the colored paper or cardboard we cut out a strip, the length of which would cover the structure in the volume, and the width would cover the connecting parts of the rocket. Approximate dimensions of the notch are 12x25 cm.
  • We fix the cardboard on the rocket with adhesive tape and wrap the edges of the last sock on the cardboard.
  • We decorate the spacecraft by drawing drawings and congratulatory inscriptions on the cardboard.

Tip! The rocket can be taller or have a larger diameter, but this will require more socks.

Even the most prosaic and ordinary gift can become extraordinary and deliver positive emotions if presented in an extraordinary form.

The flowers are to some extent even better than real ones: they are not whimsical, they do not wilt, they do not need watering or changing water under them. They perfectly perform decorative function: placed in a vase, they are easily confused with real colors. From the toes of roses, even panels and paintings are made. And men will appreciate needlework, especially since it was created by the hands of an expensive man.

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