How to make a simple, fast and beautiful hairstyle for a girl?

  • Mar 09, 2018

Beautiful hairstyles for girls can be quite simple in execution.

Of course, only mum can comb the babies, but girls of school age should make hairdresses themselves. There are a lot of them, which you will be able to see by looking at photos and videos in the article.


  • How to clean hair for little girls?
  • How to create hairstyles for 10-year-old girls?
  • How to clean hair 11-year-old girl?
  • Teenager's original hairstyles

How to clean hair for little girls?

Strings of small girls should be cleaned in a hairdress, guided by some rules. Still, children's hair has a special structure.

Fluffy children's hairs, which will protrude from tight braids, it is more correct to braid in French thin braids.

Even the locks of the temples and forehead should be involved in the weaving. Curly locks are better to collect in one or more tails.


If the baby's hair gets to the shoulder blades, they can not be removed. But a daughter with long locks should make original headbands on her head, fixing them with hairpins.

When the girl's curls vortex, it is unlikely to create an ordinary hairstyle. The best option is to make Greek hairstyles or short hair.

A girl whose hair is still sparse and very thin, lush curls will fit, braids will appear tiny.

After the mother has determined the structure of her daughter's hair, she can start creating a hairstyle.

For small girls with long curls, the braid "Dragonkeeper" is suitable. Her weave in stages, resulting in a real masterpiece.


First the mother needs to remove all the hair of her daughter back, and then grab the strand from above the head. The taken strand is divided into three identical parts and begins to weave a braid.

If necessary, it will be necessary to add free strands of the same thickness along the side of the plait.

As soon as the braids are woven into all the strands, they start to make a standard braid.

Also to the crumb still visiting the garden, you can make a haircut "Hearts".To do this, children's hair is divided into two equal strands, which are removed into the lateral tails.

On the head near the base of each tail, you need to make a hole in the strands and put the tail hair through it.

Then from the strands of the tail create "hearts".Baby hair is divided into two parts and joined together, giving a heart shape. Hairstyle corrected and fixed with stilettos and invisible.

Small girls from two to seven years old, having medium hair, can be combed a little differently. A great option is the hairdo "Elfika".

To do this, we must begin weaving "spikelets" from the temples, and then connect it with other hair from behind. Some of the curls are left loose.


The average hair of a girl of 3-7 years can not be specially removed with elastic bands and hairpins, it is enough to hook the temporal strands with "crabs".

If small girls have short hair, which usually happens when they are 2-3 years old, then fluffy hairs are simply decorated with colored elastic bands and shiny "crabs".

Nothing hinders to make some funny tails or put on a tiny head rim, dotted with flowers.

How to create hairstyles for 10-year-old girls?

Girls aged 6 to 10 years will face the most simple hairstyles based on flagella. One of these hairstyles is called the "Twisted tail".It takes no more than five minutes to complete it.

The first thing to do is to lightly moisten your hair using a spray gun. In a wet state, it will be much easier to work with them.

Twisted braid

Baby hair should be combed and put into the tail, tightened with an elastic band. Then the child's hair needs to be divided into three strands of the same thickness.

One received strand must be divided into two. From them it is necessary to make flagella, twisting hair from left to right. The same actions must be done with other strands( see the photo above).

Prepared flagella must be collected together with the help of elastic bands, pre-twisting them with each other. This hairstyle of a 10-year-old girl can be decorated with a large bow.

For girls under 10 years old to be able to brush their hair on their own, Mom needs to cook something for them.

They should have a good massage comb, suitable for school uniforms of elastic bands, and also different in size and size hairpins.


If the child's hair is thick and long, the items listed must be larger and stronger. But this does not mean that strands need to be tightened tightly. And braids, and nodules, we must weave in moderation tight.

If the girl needs to do her hair quickly, then she should stop on such an option as "Malvinka".

From the temporal strands, it is necessary to twist the flagella and hook them together in the nape of the neck, taking an elastic band or an invisible one.

10-year-old schoolgirls can learn how to weave a zigzag braid. To do this, during the braiding of the ordinary pigtail, you need to grab a lock on the left, and pull the remaining two so that a zigzag turns out( see photo).

This spit can be braided in the direction from the left temple to the right, and also put on the head in the form of a rim.

When a girl has fairly thick, long or medium curls, she can safely make a bundle of braid. The strands are divided into two parts, two braids are braided from them, which are twisted into a bundle.

Braid zigzag

Variation of beams set. It can be created from flagella and loose hair, to make it strict and romantic.

It will be easiest for a girl of 10 years to make a bun with the use of a chignon. You need to create it step by step. The first thing to do is to collect the hair in the tail, fix it with an elastic band.

Then, on top of the rubber band, put on the chignon, in which all the strands are passed. From the strands protruding from under the chignon it is better to braid the braids and wrap them around the bundle.


How to clean hair 11-year-old girl?

The girl of 11 years no longer looks at the children's hairstyles, she is interested in more complex and beautiful options. She can experiment with the creation of a tail, that is, make an elastic band of her own hair.

The tail wrapped in its own lock can be placed in the center of the head or on the side. As a rubber band, you can use a flagellum folded from a small string( see photo).Under his tail, they are engaged in invisibility.

Girls over the age of 11 very much like the hairstyle, when "tail lanterns" are created on the basis of the tail.


Tail with flashlights

The entire length of the tail is gummed at regular intervals, after which the hair in these areas is stretched slightly, creating "flashlights".

As for braids, the 11-year-old girl wants to braid out of her hair something more interesting than a tight, simple braid. Therefore, she can be advised to weave a braid, wrapped around the head, or a scythe.

The peculiarity of the last braid is that its weaving starts from the center and continues in a circle.

Many schoolchildren aged 11 to 14 years want to be attractive to boys-classmates. Therefore, they prefer to create African or French plaits.

Very successful option for 11-year-old girls is hairstyles with harnesses. They are very convenient, since the hair from them does not fall out at all.


Sometimes it's enough to twist a small bundle of bangs into a small flag that the hairdo looked different.

If a girl over 11 years old is going to a holiday, then she can make a chic bundle. All the strands, except the side, are gathered in the tail.

Weakly curled ringlets, it is necessary to wrap in a coil from left to right and fix it with invisible ones.

From the side strands you have to twist the flagella, and then elegantly lay them in the center of the hairdo. Instead of harnesses 11-year-old schoolgirl can do thin braids.


When a girl between the ages of 11 and 14 likes curls that are loose, she can use one rim or a bright bandage.

In this case, the front strands of hair will not fall on the eyes, and the hair will be much more interesting.

Adolescent Original Hairstyles

Girls of age 14-16 yeard to look more mature, so they prefer to make very beautiful hairstyles for teenagers, emphasizing their individuality.

Many girls like hairstyles based on French weaving. Watch a video on the plaiting of the French braid.


Many teenage girls braid the braid as follows. The curls must be moistened with water from the spray gun, and then divided into two parts.

From the left temporal zone you need to take one prick and braid out of it a non-standard spikelet. During the weaving will need to take only the lower strands( see photo).

Then the braid is added and fastened with an elastic band. Around the head of teenage girls, you can tie a ribbon.



French braiding for braids of adolescents may be somewhat different. It is necessary to take hair at the forehead and make one weave of three braces.

Then, with your right hand, you need to separate the small free string on the right.

This strand is attached to the right strand braids and continues the weaving, later doing the same with the left braid strand.

Such a scythe for teenage girls needs to weave according to the scheme written above, until the very end.

The tips are fixed with an elastic band.


Hairstyles with pigtails

For the creative teenagers a hairdress "Bant of hair" was created. It is performed step by step, and almost does not require special zeal from teenage girls.

The first thing you need to do is comb your hair and collect it in a high tail. Then the tail hair is stretched through the elastic, forming a loop. This loop is divided into two parts, creating a "heart".

One strand of hair must be removed to wrap the base of the bow.

The second thing you need to do is throw the strand through the center of the "heart" and hook it with a hair clip.

Two "tapes" of the received bow should be fingered, giving them a volume. This hairstyle for teenagers is suitable for school lessons, and for special occasions