Design of men's hairstyles with bangs

  • Mar 09, 2018

Men's hairstyles with bangs look very fashionable and stylish.

This version of the design of a head of hair with a short or long bangs is preferred by confident young people who are ready for any experiments with their appearance.


  • Features of hairstyles with bangs
  • Which way to bangs?
  • The most fashionable classic variants of
  • Hairstyles for creative men
    • Retro hairstyles
    • Asymmetry
    • Extended options
    • Curly hair of the head

Features of hairstyles with bangs

A hairstyle with a beautiful developing bang will make the young man vivid and unique, such styling for men has recently been found so often thatThey can already be considered a full-fledged fashion trend.

The bangs will look good on both short and long hair. With her help, you can change any haircut, giving it a twist, making it light, romantic and unusual.


Short head of hair

Most men prefer to wear short stitches( box, halfbox), because they are easiest to take care of, they do not need to be laid out in a special way, and naughty or curly locks in short formations keep their shape long.

To make a short haircut for men, for example, half-box, original and stylish, it is enough to add it with a bang, which is sent straight, on the side or up.

Possible design options will help diversify the daily male image and create a wide range of hairstyles.

You can put a bang on your side or in the other direction with an iron, as well as cosmetics for strong fixing.


Medium to medium length shaving

If you have medium long hair, you can change your hair every day - there would be a desire and a suitable mood.

For medium-length hair, a cascading haircut with a bob or straight bangs is perfect.

Long hair of

Long hair is rare in men, as this kind of hair requires a lot of time to care.

Long hair will make any man noticeable, and a bang will give such a head of effulgence and originality.


Extended man

Especially convenient in the care of a graduated haircut. Due to its structure, this hair style looks very stylish.

Graduation will make certain accents and help create an effect that is often only possible for hairdressers.

A bang in such a hair can be straight or laid on its side. It can be leveled or left wavy, creating an effect of negligence.

Which way to bang?

A bang on the side is a classic option that is always relevant, regardless of fashion. The bangs are laid on their side and fixed with a stowing agent.

For business guys, the option of a strict form is suitable, and to create a youthful bold look, a bang can be supplemented with elongated strings that will make the hairstyle light and careless.


If a male representative combs his bangs up, he introduces into his image a touch of sexuality and attractive brutality.

This option is best combined with short strands, for example, with a half-box haircut.

Styling of short hair Elvis - below the hair is shortened, and the upper region of the hair is left long. The orderly strands are raised upwards and fixed. Hairs from the temples are combed back.

If you have hard hair, then you can come up with a laying "playground".

The lower part of the hair is cut very short, and the patch is made longer by a couple of centimeters and also laid upwards.

If you want a more interesting version, you can choose "Britannica" with a side parting.

As in the semi-box hairstyle, in the UK, the back and side sections are shortened, and the bangs remain long. The strands on the temples are fixed back, and the upper part from the parting is raised.


The most fashionable classic variants of

Men's pajamas are as changeable as women's. In 2015-2016, actual, mainly, short variations that are so popular with the strong sex.

The main conditions for choosing hairstyles for men on short strands are simple shapes, ease of care, ease of styling.

With regard to medium-length braces, a strong floor usually refers to such elegant options with caution, as not always the texture of the hair allows you to achieve the desired shape.

In addition, to lay this kind of hairstyle is quite difficult, so many men refuse such kinds.

However, the choice of fashionable designs for medium hair is quite wide today: supporters of Romanticism, retro style, classics and eccentrics will be able to find the right variant for themselves.


Classic for a successful man

This is a half box with a short chelochkoy, which is formed on its side. The laying takes literally a few minutes a day, which is very important for business men.

This version of the appearance of the head of hear will be liked by reserved and accurate persons with a manly appearance.

For the creative person

Creative bright personalities communicate in different circles, for which they often have to change the image. But, despite this diversity, the design of the head of hear must be sufficiently restrained.

For this, the hair behind and on the sides are shortened, as in the half-timber cutting, and the bangs are left elongated.

It can be issued on the occasion - slightly disheveled for every day, or licked back or on the side for events.


This version of the design of the head of hair is suitable for very brave, glamorous and charming men. Bob at the level of the ears or a little lower will go thin guys with a thick and dense head of hair.


Straight fringe

The basis of the hairstyle is bob. A heavy bang that hangs over your eyes is now at the height of popularity, although it is not particularly comfortable in sock.

For a more acceptable option, you can decorate the bangs to the eyes or even to the middle of the forehead.

Hairstyles for creative men

Men's retro hairstyles are always in fashion and always enjoy the interest of fashion-conscious men. After all, everything new is a well-forgotten old.

Retro Hairstyles

The last time in fashion styling in the Hollywood style of the 50's. One option is a half box with a long bang combed back.

In addition, it can also be a hairstyle with lush curls, decorated in a cook, as preferred to wear Elvis Presley.

There are a lot of variations on the topic of coca - a large volume of strands can be made back or left hanging over the forehead.

Coke can also be made from chaotic laces or clear and wide curls.

Men's hairstyles with a bang up - also an option for retro styling( see photo).The bangs are formed from strands that are lifted upward with the aid of a laying agent.

Elvis Presley


With this design, the head of a man hangs on his face from one side, as in the photo below. Now in fashion, straight bangs that cover one eye.

In the clearance process, select the length of the bang together with the master so that it emphasizes your face type and does not interfere with you in the sock.

If you have a narrow oval face, then you can use a shortened head design with oblique bangs and clear outlines.

Asymmetry with bangs

Elongated versions of

Elongated hair slightly below the chin level will stretch the wide face and make it visually slimmer, and the traits are smaller and more accurate.

Beautifully such hairstyles only on a thick or curly hair on men.

Depending on how the bangs will be laid, such hairdoing options will be appropriate both in business and in an informal setting.

For active creative personalities the masters also offer elongated hairstyles with a long bangs( see photo).Such options will be appropriate in an informal setting.

To lay a hairdress it is necessary carefully - to stretch out hair, trying thus to use less means for fixing.

Удлиненная челка в стиле "гранж"

Curly hair of the head

If you own a voluminous curly hair, you will also have a beautiful and stylish haircut with a bang on your head.

It is best in this case to cut hair shortly, for example, half-box, while leaving an elongated chelochku. Styling this hairstyle every day is not necessary.


After reading this article, you learned about the men's hairstyles with bangs and now you can easily find the most suitable option for yourself.