Common types of male hairstyles

  • Mar 09, 2018

Individual men manifested in an acute mind, trained force, as well as fostered by the nobility, but plays an important role and appearance, therefore, is designed to have enough kinds of men's hairstyles.


  • choice of styles of men's hairstyles
  • Classic types
  • Sports haircut
  • Haircuts in "military" style "grunge»

choice of styles of men's hairstyles

As a rule, men's hairstyle should reflect the internal host world, his taste in clothes and help workWhich he is engaged in.

Perhaps, for self-assertion, perhaps to stand out from the crowd of men, they are sheared or very short.


The main thing is to wash your hair and comb it, so they choose not too complicated haircuts.

But the master chooses a male hairstyle, based on the features of the head oval, the individual appearance of the face, the type of hair and the structure.

Kinds of male hairstyles, as a rule, are as follows:

  • classic;
  • sports;
  • is romantic;
  • "Military";
  • Grunge and others.

Hairstyle is usually chosen in youth and it remains for life, with small variations: a little shorter, a little longer, depending on the fashion.

There are many kinds of male haircuts in all styles, but their names often do not make a memory for a man.

Classic types

Classic is always in fashion, it is verified over the years, she has seen the geometric perfection of lines, because the clip out strand by strand the same length, but if the client has thick hair, it is best to cut the machine.

One rule - before haircut, you need to wash your hair and cut it wet.

Classic haircuts for men - "Hedgehog," "Box" and "Poluboks."Athletes and the military prefer "Hedgehog", since such a hairdo is very advantageous, the length of the hair is about 5 cm, the back is even shorter.


Differences in haircuts

Young people prefer this kind of hairstyle. But this man's hairstyle is good for those who have hard and straight hair.

Along with "Hedgehog" is quite often they are cut by "Bobryk" but long strands wrapped inside and bangs are left round. The background of the haircut at the "Hedgehog" - round, and the "Bobrik" - square.

"Box" is popular with men, because this haircut goes to everyone. With a hair length of 3-4 cm, the structure of the head and facial features are beautifully selected, the fringes of all the hair are made over the most convex part of the head.

Often they agree to the decoration of the hairstyle with shaved patterns and the presence of individual cut strands on the crown of the head.


«poluboks" as opposed to "box" the men looks different because the hair at the top of the head leaving a length of 5-8 cm, and the rest of the - 3-4 cm At the customer's request

cut out a bang.(Short or long).Such a man's hair style is very convenient, because it can be laid differently.

Classic men's hairstyles "Britannica" and "Canada."This is a short cut, but when shear "Briton", then make a side parting and "Canadian" in an open area of ​​the forehead leaving long strands, and laying do recommend bouffant.

Short strands are cut from behind on the back of the head, on the crown and on the temples. With an extended face, long strands are not needed, but chubby will be fine.


Sporting haircuts

Sports look of men's hairstyles is preferred by military and sportsmen. A small volume of the hair cover is left around the head and only a little more at the top of the head.

Such a shortened army men's hairstyle is quite simple and looks great with military, sports clothes, and with a tuxedo. What is characteristic, it goes to the strong sex at any age.

The hairstyles also include haircuts "Tennis", "Double quads" and others.
Haircut "Tennis" has several subspecies: "Bobrik", "Hedgehog", "Youth tennis".

In the male laying of "Bobrik" hair is cut short, especially from behind, and the top looks like a level platform. In "Hedgehog" hair is longer and the head seems more oval, as in the photo.

Стрижка "ежик"

And in the "Youth tennis" haircut, the volume of hair in the upper part of the head depends on the desired length, and this depends on the placement of individual strands or with the effect of wet hair.

Under the army haircut now cut out the "platform" on the very top and shave the temples behind, but it does not go to all.


With a romantic style, the curls are cut more often than medium length, so a straight or angled long or medium bangs are used at an angle. Many men like to comb their hair smoothly.

In this case, the male "Strelets" hairstyle is cut with a high selection line and an elongated bang, and whiskey is made a corner.

When doing a hairstyle, "Voyage" make a volume in the upper part of the head and shorten the hair in the lower part. It looks like shear male "Double quads", but it fits with locks.


Both young and romantic in age, a man's haircut "Cap" will do.

The edging is made, then the parting is done and all the hair that is below the parting is cut at an angle of 45 degrees from the center of the nape in different directions, then the cap is cut.

The classic hairstyle "Kare" for a century has been done for men who care about their appearance, but this hairstyle needs to be laid and requires care.

She goes guys with both straight and wavy hair, having a classic bang or a bang with asymmetry.

"Kare" also happens with hard hair - graduated, and with a long bang can be made double and along the length it can be asymmetrical on one side.


Masculine asymmetric quads

Haircuts in the style of "militarians" and "grunge"

With the style of "militari" styling is done on medium and short lengths. The multi-stage view looks somewhat careless, but elegant.

Young guys and mature uncles look great with this male hairdo, she emphasizes their strong character traits.

In this style, now cut out the "Square" - shortened length in the lower part of the head and behind, and increased styling in the upper. From the forehead to the very top of the head is cut off the playground.

It is desirable that the hairline is rough for this male styling.

With mild and rather wavy hair, the man's "graduated square" looks good when their length reaches the chin.


Grunge Style

The "Grunge" style is somewhat disguised and the head of hair is disheveled, whiskey is shaved, bangs are beveled, there is some coloring, and styling is applied when stacking.

Strides on medium and often on long strands in the form of punk rock and classic rock. Haircuts "Rockabilly", "Elvis", assimetric "Bob" are also cut in the style of "Grunge".

Asymmetric stowage is performed with a razor to create a volume of hair in the parietal area, as if under strands of hair. Suits any hair structure, except thin.

Very fashionable men now have a haircut "Tom-Boy."It is short behind the back of the head, but with a long bang on any side, looks stylish and elegant.

When doing a hairstyle, a male image of a cheerful person and a slightly bully are created, as in the photo.


Male gender prefers haircuts with short hair, they are comfortable, but the most important condition is that the hairdo be liked, first of all, to yourself, and then to others.

Your mood depends on your hair.