Cream powder Max Factor - Reviews, shades, price

  • Mar 09, 2018
Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 12) Max Factor

is the most popular brand cosmetics. Max Factor has been familiar to foreign and domestic customers for many years. One of the most popular cosmetics is the Max Factor powder cream.

Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 3) The company uses only the best quality raw materials in the manufacture of its products, therefore all colors are natural


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  • 3 How to chooseColor palette
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  • 5 Cream powder Max Factor: reviews

Features of powder and are usefulcomposition

company in the manufacture of its products uses only raw materials of the highest quality, so all the colors are natural. Buying powder, it is important to choose the right tone. If the makeup is much lighter or darker than the natural shade of the skin, it will greatly spoil the appearance. But a beautiful face has a rejuvenating effect.
Let's take a look at how to properly use the cream powder, and what characteristics this Max Factor cosmetics has.

Powder is presented in various textures. Cream-powder Max Factor allows you to use just two funds instead of one. It moisturizes, mats the skin, and also helps to mask various skin defects.

And do you know that the Max Factor brand was founded by an American of Russian origin? His name was Maximilian Factorovich, and he opened his first cosmetics store in Ryazan, and after that he continued his business in America.

Powder of this company can be in three variations:

  • dense:
  • crumbly;The
  • is compact.
Cream powder-max-factor-feedback_( 1) Cream powder Max Factor allows you to use just two tools instead of one. It moisturizes, mats the skin, and also helps to mask various skin defects

All types of cream powder of this brand have such components:

  • Talc is a mineral used as a filler. Helps to soften the skin.
  • Titanium dioxide protects against the harmful effects of sunlight.
  • Zinc stearate is characterized by anti-aging effects.
  • Calcium carbonate has a matting effect, and also removes excess fat and smooths the tone of the skin.
  • Methylparaben enhances the shelf life of cosmetics.
  • Paraffin forms on the skin a protective film that retains moisture.
  • Benzyl alcohol refers to preservatives.
  • Sorbitan sequioleate is an emulsifier that is created from sorbitol and oleic acid.
  • Eugenol is characterized by anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Lanolin protects the skin from negative external influences.
  • Coumarin creates a pleasant herbal odor.

All ingredients allow the skin to shine, smooth and dull.

Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 4) All ingredients included in the product, allow the skin to shine, smooth and dull

Advice! When using powder, you can not buy a foundation lotion. Since such cosmetics are often used as a basis.

Varieties of the tool

Max Factor represents a huge variety of cosmetic products. The powder is also presented in different versions. To date, the compact cream powder max factor consists of three varieties.

All the options are resistant, they lie flat, and also give the skin a freshness and opacity. A large range of shades will allow each woman to find a suitable option for her skin.

Max Factor Crème Puff

This powder was created as a universal and single-phase. It can be applied without an additional base. Compact size allows you to have powder always with you. It fits easily in any handbag.

Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 5) This powder was created as a universal and single-phase. It can be applied without additional base

The texture of the powder is dense, but it lies down in a thin layer and is absolutely not noticeable on the face. Great for dry and normal skin, and also moisturizes the face. Do not use it too often. Because of the dense composition on the face can appear acne.

A feature of this tool is the light-reflecting particles in the composition. They give the skin a pleasant and soft glow, but do not change the natural shade of the skin. This produces a soft make-up, and the skin becomes smooth and without a sharp shine. In addition, this formulation has excellent resistance. He can stay for a long time.

Among the advantages is:

  • Uniform distribution. It does not fall into lumps and does not pour.
  • Gives the skin a natural look and a smooth tone.
  • Does not clog pores, and with moderate application, the skin will breathe.
  • This cream powder Max Factor has different shades. A total of 7. The brightest is No. 85.It is a gentle light beige tone. And the darkest tone is No. 5.

Among the minuses is a sharp smell, which can be felt even after application.

Price: from 360 rubles.

Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 8) Feature of this tool are the light-reflecting particles in the composition. They give the skin a pleasant and soft glow, but do not change the natural shade of the skin

Advice! Apply cream powder over a light moisturizer. It will cause a narrowing of the pores. And thus powder remains on a surface, and will not be hammered inside. As a result, a matting effect will be provided.

Max Factor Facefinity

This version of powder has a less dense texture than the previous one. Max Factor Facefinity is more gentle, light, and its layer is not so thick. Suitable for daily use. Virtually does not penetrate into the pores, so it is suitable for women who have skin problems. For example, acne or traces of acne.

The color palette is also diverse - in the line of 6 shades: from light No. 1 to dark No. 6.This powder is more suitable for light-skinned girls, with a skin tone from light pink to light beige.

The product worth noting such advantages:

  • Remarkably eliminates excess gloss and mats the skin.
  • There are no aromatic fragrances that cause allergic reactions.
  • There is SPF 15, an ultraviolet filter that protects the skin from sunlight.
  • Moisturizing components protect against the feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin.
  • Suitable for long-term use.
  • Differs resistance to external influences and does not require correction.

Price: 760 rubles.

Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 7) Moisturizing components protect against the feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin

Advice! For fading skin with wrinkles suitable powder of a greasy consistency, which will retain moisture and visually smooth out the age changes.

Max Factor Loose Powder

Powder Loose Powder does not have a palette. It adapts to the natural skin tone according to the chameleon principle. This option is suitable for girls with both light and dark skin. The set comes with a special mesh dispenser.

Price: 560 rubles. It is often cheaper than more compact options.

Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 11) Powder Loose Powder does not have a palette. It adapts to the natural skin tone according to the chameleon principle

. In addition, the product should be distinguished with such a virtue as skilful masking of dilated pores, consequences from acne and acne.

Tip! Apply this powder to a better brush, as with its help, the composition can be evenly distributed over the face.

How to choose the color palette

Cream-powder Max Factor has an extensive color palette. Let's find out how to choose shades, and what are presented in this line.

Complete with powder is a sponge on two sides. At the same time, one edge is used for dry application, and the other for wet. You can buy this cosmetic from 350 rubles.

The palette contains 13 shades, from which you can choose the appropriate option for any color-type skin. But it also needs to be determined.

Let's walk through the list of tones:

  1. 85 Light Gay or Light raid.
  2. 82 Twilight Blush or shining light.
  3. 81 Truly Fair, which translates as natural light.
  4. 75 Golden, which in translation means golden.
  5. 59 Gay Whisper stands for a careless whisper.
  6. 55 Candle Glow or a highlight of a candle.
  7. 53 Tempting Touch translates as tempting touches.
  8. 50 Natural or simply natural.
  9. 42 Deep Beige is interpreted as dark beige.
  10. 41 Medium Beige translates as the average tone of the beige.
  11. 34 Sun Frolic denotes a sunny prank.
  12. 13 Nouveau Beige or in translation the updated beige.
  13. 5 Translucent translates as translucent.
Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 2) Cream powder Max Factor has an extensive color palette

It's a big mistake to assume that you can apply a shade to your hand when buying. The skin on the arm may be lighter or darker than the shade on the face. Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse the face and try the product immediately on it. Such an approach will make sure on the spot in the desired result.

Tip! A variety of shades allows you to apply powder not only as tonalnik, but also as a blush. In this light tone can be used as a base, and with the help of a darker one - to give the cheekbones a natural blush.

Advantages and disadvantages

So let's look at the pros in order of quality cream-powder:

  • used as a basis and moisturizes the skin.
  • The production process uses Permawear technology, which provides an excellent coating for the skin for the whole day.
  • There are practically no perfumes and no synthetic oils at all.
  • The texture of cosmetics is represented by fine grinding.
  • Under the influence of artificial light, there are reflections of microparticles, which in the daytime help to protect from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Remarkably matiruyut the skin, as well as remove from the surface of a greasy shine.
  • The product can be used at any time of the year.
Cream powder-max-factor-feedback_( i) By manufacture Permawear technology that allows for superior coverage to the skin all day

also stands out and cons:

  • Due to the dense texture formed mask effect.
  • Some packages do not have a mirror.

Tip! For dry skin will suit a rich cream powder, which will help to hold the face correction and help retain moisture. In the preparations for oily skin, silicone should be present, differing in matting characteristics.

Cream Powder Max Factor: reviews

Cream Powder Max Factor has many reviews, that you should know before purchasing a product.

Anastasia, 48 years old: I have dry skin, so I am afraid to apply powder and tonal resources, as they are known for their properties dries. But recently my friend gave me Crème Puff powder from Max Factor and I was pleasantly surprised by its effect on my skin. The product is remarkably distributed on the skin, and the pouf has two sides for dry and wet application. Especially it should be noted that the composition is remarkably held on the surface of the skin throughout the day and does not change its hue. I can say that I liked the powder.

Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 10) Many users say among the virtues means that it does not clog pores of

Marina, 25 years old: I use Loose Powder powder. I have already bought it for the third time. I love. Perfectly matiruet skin and acne is not visible. Friable consistency does not clog the pores and excellent matiruet. Great for my oily skin.

Helena, 35 years old: Acquired Max Factor Facefinity on sale. It turned out to be a very high-quality tool. Its light texture is almost not felt on the face. Helps to hide small defects after acne. Particularly impressive is that the powder can be used without a tonal basis. Sponzhikom I do not use. I prefer the usual brush for blush. I'm satisfied with the effect. The complexion only pleases.

Catherine, 31: I'm a big fan of Max Factor. Among the powders I chose the Loose Powder option. She's great with the color of my face. At the same time it removes greasy shine and does not clog pores. The only bad thing is that the complete set does not have a mirror.

Alina, 37 years old: I really like Crème Puff from Max Factor. From the variety of the palette quickly found the most suitable shade for me. Usually I use in the mornings, I put or render on a humidifying or wetting cream. I stopped using the toiler. Dense powder composition perfectly masks all minor defects on the skin. My skin is dry, but the powder has not caused any harm to it yet. The product perfectly matters the skin.

Natalia, 39 years old: I have long used Facefinity powder. She especially likes her excellent stamina. But I'm using a tonal tool, since it's not possible to hide the visible shortcomings in a different way. The product is excellent matiruet and does not create a mask on the face. The skin breathes well and looks very fresh.

Cream powder-max-factor-reviews_( 6) Choosing your own version of the powder from Max Factor, you will get a natural and beautiful shade of skin, and also provide her with gentle care

By choosing your own version of the powder from Max Factor, you will get a natural and beautiful shade of the skin, and also provide her with gentle care, Which will only benefit.

All kinds of powders allow you to create an excellent make-up and do not clog pores. In this case, the face looks well-groomed and young.

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