Famous Korean cosmetics - Reviews of cosmetologists, review of brands

  • Mar 09, 2018
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 2) Korean cosmetics is renowned for its nano-technology skin care

If you think that the bright packaging - it's the difference between Korean cosmetics, cosmetologists reviews will convince you otherwise. Behind the screaming appearance of jars and tubes with unusual names and pictures, a truly worthy skin care product can hide. Moreover, Koreans are using their new technologies to work on problem areas in a way that the European community is not used to doing. In general, if you have never encountered Korean cosmetics before, now we will consider popular products, which, according to cosmetologists, require 100% of your attention.

So, let's get started.

Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 15) Koreans use their new technologies to work on problem areas in a way different from the way the European community does


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keep a youthful face

first impression about the man folded on his appearance. A face is always a visiting card, so it is important to take care of it in time, so that there is no acne, wrinkles or black dots. Together to study the proposal of Korean cosmetologists:

  • Mizon original skin energy hyaluronic acid 100 - serum with hyaluronic acid nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Cosmetologists recommend using the product in the hot season. In winter, deep layers of the skin can crystallize, which causes harm. The advantage of the drug is not only in efficiency, but also in economy. The funds last for 4 months, taking into account the fact that there is only 30 ml in the bottle.
    Price: 500 rubles.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 12) Cosmetologists recommend the use of a hot period of the year
  • Mizon Apple Juicy Peeling Gel perfect for all skin types. Apple peeling-roll is designed to remove dead skin cells. The means that we used to use, the so-called scrubs, are exfoliated thanks to special particles like apricot stones or coffee ground grains. Misone affects the problem areas carefully with the help of special acids, conducting a deep and thorough peeling. Also, the agent regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, which leads to an acceleration of the renewal of the dermis.

Cosmetologists note that fruit and glycolic acid, part of the apple peel, carefully affects even the sensitive skin, so you can completely abandon the usual scrubs.

Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 11) Apple peeling roll from overcoat is designed to remove dead skin cells

Use Mizon Apple Juicy Peeling Gel is necessary once a week, putting on clean face. The result does not take long to wait. The effect is visible after the first application. The skin becomes cleaner and softer.

Price: 950 rubles.

  • Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule - a serum for the face. It differs from other drugs in that it perfectly heals and moisturizes the skin, cleanses the pores and eliminates rashes. In the composition there are no dyes, parabens and other harmful components, and the street share is 64% of the funds. The obvious result appears after two weeks of regular use.
    Price: 1 030 rubles.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 14) Excellent heals and moisturizes the skin, cleans the pores and eliminates rashes
  • Complex skin treatment cosmeticians advise to spend at home with the help of Mizon Returning Starfish Cream .The cream helps to reduce wrinkles, moisturize, whiten and increase the elasticity of the skin. The starfish extract has a beneficial effect and makes the remedy really effective.
    Price: 1 300 rubles.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 13) Starfish extract favorably affects the skin and makes the remedy really effective

Advice! Begin to care for the skin from an early age. After 25, use masks and creams designed specifically for your type of dermis.

Korean cosmetics for problem skin

for problem skin needs special care as incorrectly matched components may aggravate the situation. Here are popular tools for this type of derma:

  • If you have sensitive, prone to inflammation, facial skin, beauticians recommend you use the point means to reduce inflammation - Mizon Acence blemish out pink spot .The drug is better to apply at night, because it looks unattractive. But after its impact on the dermis, healing is accelerated, development of inflammatory processes is prevented, redness is eliminated.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 10) After exposure of the drug to the dermis accelerates the healing, preventing the development of inflammation, redness eliminated

As part of the preparation glycolic and salicylic acid, are carefully peel off the dead cells, eliminate the excess fat, clearing clogged pores. The pink layer includes an ingredient of mineral origin, a powder of calamine, a mixture of zinc oxide and iron oxide. These components have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Redness and itching are removed.

Price: 1 150 rubles.

Separately I want to mention a cosmetic series for the care of different types of skin. Missha Color Clay Mask is a mask for the brightness and radiance of the skin. Presented in four versions, so you can choose a specific product for your kind of dermis or use zonal according to obvious problems. Consider the effectiveness of each medium:

  • Yellow Clay Brightening - mask, based on the yellow clay. Thanks to the lemon extract it cleanses the pores and brightens the skin. As a result, the face becomes whitened, healthy and radiant.
  • Pink Clay Moisturizing is a pink clay mask that perfectly moisturizes the skin. The content of peach extract leads to moisture, softening and soothing of dehydrated or dry skin.
    Green Clay Pore Care reduces pores due to the content of green clay and eucalyptus extract. The composition also includes lavender, which helps to tone, clean and matt the skin.
  • Purple Clay Firming is a mask based on purple clay. In combination with lavender extract, mature skin is easily toned and blood circulation improves. Due to this, the process of cell regeneration is accelerated.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 7) Beauticians recommend using all four drugs in combination

Beauticians recommend using all four drugs in combination. A pleasant smell, and easy application attracts no less than the effectiveness of masks. The result is noticeable after first use.

Price: 805 rubles for each tube.

Tip! Be sure to buy funds for your skin type. If it is dry, you need to moisturize it and vice versa. Only then you will get a visible result and not exacerbate the situation.

Skin Care Products

We all know that the skin around the eyes is very tender, so it is more prone to aging processes. Korean cosmetics manufacturers are worried about female beauty, so they offer such effective drugs:

  • It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Eye Cream strengthens the skin around the eyes thanks to the content of vitamin C, green tea polyphenols, iris extract, camellia and lychee. The purpose of the application is deep hydration and fight against dark circles. Cosmetologists recommend the cream as an effective tool in the fight against old age.
    Price: 1 095 rubles.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 5) Intended use - deep moisturizing and anti-dark circles
  • It's Skin Power 10 Formula GF Eye Cream is designed to moisturize the skin of the eyelids. The composition of the drug includes hyaluronic acid, natural sunflower oil, Tremella fungus extract, evening primrose and ginkgo biloba. Domestic cosmetologists present the cream as a remedy for premature wrinkles, and also effective to increase the elasticity of the skin.
    Price: 1 095 rubles.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 4) Domestic cosmetologists present the cream as a remedy against premature wrinkles, and also effective for increasing skin elasticity

Advice! It is necessary to moisturize the skin under the eyes from a young age, because it is always mobile in the daytime, so it stretches. Because of this, premature wrinkles often appear.

Cosmetics for hair

In the care of appearance it is important to pay attention to the hair. Only a beautiful and healthy head of hair attracts the ecstatic views of others. Let's look at the popular series of hair care products made in Korea.

  • Daeng Gi Meo Ri is a popular brand whose products are made from natural extracts and plant extracts. The content of artificial components is minimized, and water is only used several times before being purified. Therefore, the drugs stimulate hair growth, protect against loss and adverse effects of the environment. The series includes essences, shampoos, balms, masks, oils, serums.
    Price: from 700 to 2 000 rubles.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 3) Drugs stimulate hair growth, protect against loss and adverse environmental effects
  • LG is a series of inexpensive but effective means for caring for your hair. The line mainly includes shampoos for different types of hair. Experts note the possibility of emergency resuscitation of damaged strands.
    Price: 300-400 rubles.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 6) Specialists note the possibility of emergency resuscitation of damaged strands with these shampoos

Advice! The action of Korean hair remedies is aimed primarily at their recovery and recovery. The natural ingredients that make up the ingredients contribute to an early result. Choosing these drugs, you just do not hurt the hair.

Lips also need a comprehensive care

To look great, take care of only the skin of the face. Korean manufacturers offer us a wide range of products for the lips. For women, their health is extremely important, since the sensuality of nature is transmitted with their help.

  • Missha M Wrinkle Free Smoothing Lipstick Primer - lip primer. Often it is considered an extra part of the cosmetic bag, but in fact, if you pick the right product, it will smooth the irregularities and give a shade of haze. This is useful for the subsequent application of lipstick. Cosmetologists recommend using a primer for uniform application of a favorite color.
    Price: 1 000 rubles.
Korean-cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( i) Cosmetologists recommend using a primer to evenly apply your favorite lipstick
  • Missa Glam Art Rouge PK01 is a moisturizing lipstick that, in addition to its beautiful color, gives the skin warmth, seductiveness and brilliance. Fine peeling is not emphasized, and a wet finish ideally adjusts the shape.
    Price: 1 490 rubles.
Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 8) Missa Glam Art Rouge PK01 - moisturizing lipstick, which, in addition to the beautiful color, gives the skin warmth, seductiveness and brilliance

Advice! Be sure to apply moisturizing lipstick before going out. Under the influence of frost and sunlight, the skin of the lips bursts and looks unattractive.

User reviews

Cosmetologists know firsthand about the effectiveness of Korean cosmetics. But they recommend using it in a complex and regularly. As drugs behave during home self-use, real users know who share with us priceless experience.

Irina Vitalevna, 47 years: I'm using Mizon Returting Starfish Cream. The cream conquered me from the first minute of the acquisition. Original design and rarely found in Russia, the extract of the sea star captivates the quality of cosmetics. It perfectly nourishes my skin and helps to restore it. I see that after applying the drug, I get fewer wrinkles, skin firmness improves, and I'm happy with the whitening effect. Due to age, it is important for me to monitor the health of a person in order to slow the aging process. With this tool, my goal is easily accomplished.

Valentina, 32 years old: For the skin around the eyes I use It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Eye Cream. I noticed that after several uses the zone became elastic. There was a healthy color and radiance. I forgot about the dark circles. Even after a short sleep, the eyes seem rested.

Maria, 25 years old: Recently bought a lipstick Missha Glam Art Rouge PK01.It is not very resistant, as it lasts only 2-3 hours. But the feeling of moisturized lips remains for the whole day. Also, cosmetics do not flow out of the contours and come off evenly. The main thing is not to overdo it, because lipstick due to the creamy texture melts like milk chocolate.

Korean cosmetics-reviews-cosmetologists_( 1) When ordering Korean cosmetics in an online store, be sure to ask the seller about the quality certificates

Lily, 28 years old: I like Daeng Gi Meo Ri shampoo. After it, the hair is soft and falls out less. The color after staining lasts for a long time, practically does not wash out, and the shine remains. I am delighted. True, the price is too high, but it's worth it.

Inna, 34 years old: I was attracted to Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule by the fact that the composition includes a snail extract. As this cosmetics I am sure, since I was advised by professional cosmetologists. After the purchase, not a drop was disappointed. I see that the skin looks younger and healthier now.

Tatiana, 23 years old: I use the mask Missha Color Clay Mask Pink Clay Moisturizing. Earlier the skin was shelled, especially when the cold came. But the pink clay, which is part of the drug, is good for me. Skin is always moisturized and healthy.

In conclusion, to all of this, we can conclude that Korean cosmetics is really worthy of our attention. To improve the skin of the face and hair, you should try different preparations with natural extracts.

When ordering Korean cosmetics in an online store, be sure to ask the seller about the quality certificates. Specify the expiration date of cosmetics.