Strengthening the nails with acrylic powder for gel lacquer - Fineness procedure

  • Mar 09, 2018
Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lac_( 11) Strengthening nail acrylic powder for gel polish is suitable for women with weak nail plate

Some women nail plate is too soft and very exfoliate. Strengthening the nails with acrylic powder for gel lacquer can be in this case the best way out.

Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lac_( 2) on the nail plate thinning decorative paints hold bad, so many have resorted to strengthen


  • 1 What is acrylic powder?
  • 2 Why is it necessary to strengthen the nails?
  • 3 Preparation of polish to the procedure
  • 4 required tools and materials
  • 5 nail Strengthening acrylics under gel varnish stages
  • 6 correction nail shape or capacity
  • 7 Mixing acrylic with gel-varnish
  • 8 Acrylic removal
  • 9 Cost of acrylic strengthening in salons
  • 10 Advantages and disadvantages of
  • 11 Figures with acrylic powder on top of gel-varnish

What is acrylic powder?

Acrylic has moved to the beauty salons from the dentist's offices. As it turned out, this plastic, durable and lightweight material, used for creating medical fillings and dentures, and it is possible to use a nail-arte for:

  • recovery nail plates with the appearance of microcracks;
  • strengthening the nails and giving them strength;
  • modeling and correction of the shape of nail plates;
  • create three-dimensional drawings( stucco moldings).

For lasting acrylic coating using a special powder that forms a porous, that is breathable and sufficiently strong material when combined with a hardening liquid( adhesive or monomer).Unlike biogel, there is no need for a UV lamp to use it - acrylic is able to cure in air.

Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lac_( 8) For durable acrylic coating using a special powder, which when connected to a hardening liquid forms a porous, that is breathable, and durable enough material

Tip! To keep the gel-lacquer stronger, do not forget to apply the base lacquer after acrylic. The colored composition of the nails is covered only after it has completely dried.

Why is it necessary to strengthen the nails?

On thinning nail plates, decorative varnishes are kept poorly. Using a mixture of acrylic powder and glue:

  • creates an intermediate bonding layer between the nail plate and the decorative coating( as it can be used not only gel, but also conventional varnishes);
  • nails become more sturdy, do not break and do not fade;
  • their surface is leveled.

The mixing of acrylic powder with substances called monomers is used for nail extensions. For repairing the same nails, their alignment and strengthening it is enough to buy a special glue and mix it with acrylic powder. It has a more gentle effect, and its smell is less corrosive. However, it is already impossible to simulate nails with such a mixture and extend them. To do this, use not monomers but glues.

Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lacquer-3 For the repair of nails, their alignment and strengthening it is enough to purchase a special glue and mix it with acrylic powder

Advice! To ensure that the overall layer on the nail is not too thick, when covering with acrylic powder, the base lacquer layer should be made smaller.

Preparation nail to

procedure is also as before conventional nail polish, nail polish acrylic before consolidation should prestage:

  • clear them from the old varnish;
  • trim and fillet tips;
  • gently remove the cuticle;
  • to protect the nail plates and skin from infection, treat them with any disinfectant.

A safer variant of cuticle removal is a French( unedged) manicure, in which it is not cut, but processed by a special composition. After the application of the agent, it is kept on the skin for a specified time. The softened cuticle is easily removed with an ordinary orange stick. Before the procedure, the skin can be pre-steamed in hot water - a steamed cuticle will quickly absorb the composition.

Cuticle removal products are available in the form of gels, creams, oils or pencils. All of them contain disinfectants and contribute to the rapid restoration of the skin.

Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lacquer( i) As before the usual manicure, the nails before strengthening the nails with acrylic should be pre-prepared

Advice! You can strengthen the nail plates and prevent their delamination by regular care of them with the help of vitaminized cosmetic compositions. You can use and folk remedies - for example, lemon juice or iodine.

Required tools and materials

To strengthen the nails, we will need not only the acrylic powder itself and the adhesive for its dilution, but also the following tools and materials:

  • degreaser: usually use a nail polish remover;
  • binder( base varnish): a preparation with binding components, with which artificial materials adhere( glued) to the nail plate;
  • small brush No. 6-8 for applying glue;
  • fan brush for removal of excess powder;
  • nail file with a large abrasive for smoothing the length of the nails;
  • rectangular bar-file( buff) for polishing them.

Tip! Replace the bonder primer primer, which only protects the marigold from the harmful effects of other compounds, is not worth it, since the clutch will turn out to be less durable.

Strengthening nails with acrylic gel-lacquer in stages

Before applying to acrylic nails on the nails, they must be pre-treated - gently saw and polished to remove the top shining layer, which will impede adhesion. Then the following actions are carried out:

  • nail plates are trimmed according to the growth of nails with a saw blade, and then buffed;
  • after polishing the nails are degreased and dried;
  • they are double coated with a coat of bonders( base varnish);
  • then the adhesive composition is spread on the nails with a neatly fine brush;
  • so that the coating does not look too cumbersome, the layer should not be too thick;
Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lac_( 7) After drying the composition at normal air( this is enough for 3-5 minutes) superimposed first base, and then the decorative gel varnish
  • without waiting for its drying, the nails are lowered into jar acrylic powder;
  • , its excess is shaken off with a clean fan brush;
  • after drying the composition at normal air( this is enough for 3-5 minutes) superimposed first base, and then the decorative gel varnish;
  • when applying a conventional varnish, the use of a small layer of gel as a base is mandatory.

Tip! After covering with acrylic powder, it may be necessary to align the nail plate. You can do this with a normal nail file.

Correction of nail extensions or

If you are not satisfied with the shape of the nail, or you have decided to extend their home, acrylic powder mixed with glue is not, as with the monomer. Such a coating is even stronger than the gel:

  • monomer is mixed with powder directly to the brush is formed from a mixture of a small ball, and it neatly laid on the nail plate;
  • the adjustment layer is neatly leveled;
  • as acrylic very quickly freezes, it is necessary to work very quickly;
  • after drying the nails they can be covered with a base, and then with any decorative varnish.

Thin nail plates can be strengthened and gel. Before applying the nails are covered by a layer of rubber or regular basis, then processed and re-buff the base lacquer. Nails in this case thicken, and the gel-lacquer lies perfectly.

Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lac_( 1) If you are not satisfied with the shape of the nail, or you have decided to extend their home, acrylic powder mixed with glue is not, as with the monomer

Tip! The monomer mixed with acrylic powder has a very sharp chemical smell, so it is better to work in a room equipped with a hood, and even better on the balcony. On the face it is desirable to wear a gauze bandage.

Mixing gel with acrylic lacquer

Make gel coating more durable and can be via premixing it with the acrylic powder. Just like in the above described method, the nails are first filed, ground and degreased.

Next, drop a drop of shellac into a small lid, add powder to it, mix the solution with a separate brush and apply it to the nails, using as a normal gel-lacquer. Such a coating is dried under the rays of an ultraviolet lamp, and then fixed with a finishing varnish.

Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel varnish_( 5) Make gel coating more durable as possible and using the premixing it with the acrylic powder

Removal acrylic

If biogel polish only necessary to file down, the acrylic removed with a special fluid( remuvera) into which is immersed marigold approximatelyFor 15 minutes. With a thick layer, maceration of acrylic can last a little longer. After completely softening it, carefully remove it with an orange stick.
It is allowed to cut acrylic with a saw with a large abrasive. However, to act in this case must be extremely accurate, otherwise the native nail plate can be damaged.

Strengthening nails acrylic powder for gel varnish Nail with powder and without

Advice! Some people may have an allergy to acrylic, so be sure to check its effect on a small area of ​​the nail.

Cost strengthening acrylic salons

similar procedure in the beauty salon will cost not so cheap - you will be charged from 1 thousand to 1,400 p..Let's try to calculate how much more profitable to do it at home:

  • despite the fact that 1 can of powder costs 400-450 rubles, you can use it repeatedly;
  • price of the monometer is slightly higher - from 900 rubles;
  • plus you will need a basic covering( bonder) of 250-300 rubles;
  • we will not include the cost of the nail file, bass and brushes in the set - for a woman who respects herself, all these tools should always be available;
  • in spite of the fact that in total you spend the same 1400-1500 rubles, this set will suffice you not only to strengthen the nails( and multiple), but also to create three-dimensional drawings;If you get a monomer and ultraviolet or LED-lamp, you can also increase nails at home.
Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lac_( 4) If you learn how to do the procedure at home, will be able to save on trips to the salon

Tip! For obtaining a durable coating that can last for a long time on the nails, use formulations from well-known manufacturers.

Pros and cons of the method

have acrylic powder coating have a lot of advantages:

  • it is quite porous, therefore the nails under it will continue to breathe;
  • to work with it is much easier than with the gel composition;
  • it does not require drying under a UV lamp;
  • after the procedure, the nails become more sturdy and cease to separate, as the acrylic coating protects against the appearance of new cracks;
  • it can handle nails of any length;
  • because the acrylic powder looks like a normal clear varnish, the nails look as natural as possible;On sale there is also a white or colored powder, but it is used only to create decorative coatings;
  • you can adjust small areas without affecting the main part of the nail plate;
  • acrylic will help protect them from the effects of aggressive household compounds: washing powders, gels, etc.;
  • this coating will be kept on the nails for at least 4 weeks;
  • it is very ductile, does not soften even with prolonged stay in water, easily withstands high temperature and mechanical loads;
  • if gel coatings can not be adjusted, nails covered with acrylic are allowed to be leveled, filed, that is, to make a regular manicure;
  • unlike gel formulations, acrylic powder is a more gentle remedy.
Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lac_( 1) Acrylic powder can be colored, then it is used to create drawings

We now list the shortcomings of this coating:

  • acrylic will need to be periodically adjusted - depending on the growth rate of nails 1 time in 2-3 weeks a new portion of acrylic powderWill have to be added to the area of ​​their foundation;
  • as it does not have any curative effect, it only strengthens the marigolds, after it is removed they will start to break again;
  • remove acrylic is not so simple, it will require a special composition - a remover;If you do not have enough patience to soak this hard enough coating, and you try to cut it, you can further damage the nail plate.

Tip! As the greenhouse effect occurs under the acrylic layer, it is strictly forbidden to apply powder to any fungal diseases. After all, this procedure can aggravate their course. It is undesirable to do it also with diabetes mellitus or hormonal disorders.

Figures with acrylic powder on top of gel-varnish

So even a small can of 21 grams of powder is enough for a long time, you can use it to create the most unusual 3D drawings:

  • after drying shellac in UV lamp with a thin brushOn the nails are drawn any patterns;
  • for drawing drawings, you can also use ready-made templates that are sold in any store that sells products for nail art;
  • without waiting for the drying of the gel, the finger gently dipped in a jar of powder;
  • its excess is removed with a clean brush;
  • nails are dried in a UV lamp;
  • you can decorate with all the nail plates, so decorate them with only a few marigolds.
Strengthening-nails-acrylic-powder-under-gel-lacquer( 10) You can also use ready-made templates to get drawings, which are sold in any store that sells products for nail art

Advice! So that expensive powder does not wake up on the table, place a sheet of paper under the jar or put it on a small saucer.

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