How to choose a combo for figure correction?- Real feedback

  • Mar 09, 2018
Combination-for-correction-figures-responses_( 7) If you notice that your favorite dress has become too tight for you, you can not hide the enlarged belly, hips and buttocks, and there is no time to lose weight anymore, the real rescue is the combination for the

figure correction. When you buy a combo for figure correction, Role in choosing clothes. But on the Internet you can face paid opinions. False can be both positive and negative statements. Marketing wars between companies are frequent. But how to choose the right information in a huge stream of information? We will help to study the issue in detail.

Combination-for-correction-figures-reviews_( 4) The combidress is similar to an indoor swimsuit. It is distinguished by the quality, density and elasticity of the fabric. Designed to replace the underwear


  • 1 Why do you need a combo corrective figure?
  • 2 Choosing the right model
  • 3 Pros and cons of corrective underwear
  • 4 Slim Shapewear: the trend in 2017
  • 5 slimming kombidress Shaping: reviews

Why do you need a combo corrective figure?

As a result of hormonal disorders, after pregnancy and childbirth, in the winter, girls are prone to gaining excess weight. A few extra pounds can spoil the mood. Especially if you have to attend an important event. If you notice that your favorite dress has become too tight for you, the enlarged abdomen, thighs and buttocks can not be hidden, and there is no time for losing weight anymore, the real relief is a combination for correcting the figure.

So, what is a combination? This is a kind of lingerie, consisting of a bra connected together and panties( or pantaloons).Combidress is like an indoor swimsuit. It is distinguished by the quality, density and elasticity of the fabric. Designed to replace the underwear.

How does the combination differ from body and other underwear? It is made of thin fabrics using seamless technology. Since for sewing a large number of patterns are used, clothing fits snugly against the body, merging with the body. This gives the figure a smooth outline. Wearing a combination for any clothes, you will become a star, and no one will notice the linen. Is not every girl dreaming about the ideal figure?

Combination-for-correction-figures-responses_( 3) Wearing a combination for any clothes, you will become a star, and no one will notice the linen

Advice! The prices for the combined rides range from 1300 to 4 thousand rubles, depending on the material quality, efficiency and popularity of the model. Designers do not recommend saving on corrective underwear, since a product of poor quality will cease to perform its functions after several washings.

Choosing the right model

The combedresses managed to win their popularity among the girls. Therefore, designers have developed several types of underwear of different styles. Let's choose the right one:

  • Sports Combi is great for sports. To make the training as comfortable as possible, the underwear is made of cotton jersey. Thin straps do not shackle the movements and do not rub the skin during active exercises. A variety of combedress is worn under tights, leggings, shorts.
  • Erotic or romantic combination is for intimate meetings. It differs from other models by the presence of seductive lace inserts, mesh and other elements. Usually the product is made of fine translucent fabric. Embroidered cups complement the tight fit. To enhance sexual desire models are sewn with an open back, chest, belly.
  • The brassiere model is suitable for everyday wear. Usually sewed from satin fabrics and knitwear. Embroidery and lace are used as decorations.

In addition to the above models, it is important to note the experiments of designers over the panties of combedress. Shorts, thongs, standard versions - all designed for different purposes. For example, shorts pull the extra centimeters on the hips and buttocks. Thongs cause a man's desire, increasing the sexuality of the possessor.

Combination-for-correction-figures-feedback_( 8) Combidresses pull the figure, adjusting the side folds, hiding the waist, abdomen, hips and buttocks

Also, combo adjustments for figure correction can perform the function of thermal underwear, which is very convenient in the cold season.

Separately it is necessary to allocate medical kombedressy. They pull the figure, adjusting the side folds, hiding the waist, abdomen, hips and buttocks. In addition, the chest rises and looks more seductive than before.

Of all the models of combination, the most popular products are correcting the figure. Lush girls and women are tired of fighting overweight and dreaming about Hollywood appearance. Now they skillfully emphasize the dignity of completeness and with the help of linen successfully hide the shortcomings.

In addition, manufacturers take care of women and stitched into the products of special cosmetics for weight loss. So the combination for correction of figure Slim Shapewear has won popularity. We'll talk about it a little later.

Combination-for-correction-figures-responses_( 2) Lush girls and women are tired of fighting overweight and dreaming about Hollywood appearance. Now they skillfully emphasize the advantages of completeness and with the help of laundry successfully hide the shortcomings

Advice! If you have an apple shape type, consider the waist size when choosing a combination. It is necessary to avoid simultaneous tension of the tissue at the level of the back and abdomen, otherwise the laundry will bring discomfort.

Pros and cons of corrective linen

If the corrective underwear so well conceals the shortcomings of the figure, then why does not it have every girl yet? It is important to take into account the fact that there are as many opponents of laundry as the fans. Hence, negative reviews appear. Let's look at the real pluses and minuses of the corrective compound.


  • is convenient to hide under clothing;
  • is comfortable to wear due to soft fabrics that fit the body;
  • can be worn as a vest tightly fastened under shorts or a skirt;
  • is easily washed and does not crinkle;
  • is easy to clean;
  • thanks to the fasteners in the groin area just to go to the toilet;
  • bra lifts the chest;
  • hides the flaws of the figure and corrects problem areas.
Combination-for-correction-figures-feedback_( 11) Such corrective underwear is very convenient to hide under the clothes


  • with a large excess of weight, the fabric squeezes the skin;
  • too large women are inconvenienced by a cutout in the hip area, rubbing the groin;
  • product with long shorts can not be worn for any clothing;

Summing up what has been said, it can be noted that the right combination of size is not inconvenient and has a lot of advantages.

Tip! kombidress If you buy in the online store, where there is no possibility of fitting, measure the hips at the most exposed points. So you will choose the right size.

Combination-for-correction-figures-responses_( 1) Comfortable combination in the sock with soft fabrics that fit the body

Slim Shapewear: the trend of 2017

The combines with Slim Shapewear takes the leading position in the market of pulling linen. What is the demand for the model?

Slim Shapewear, unlike the usual combo, not only adjusts the figure, masking fat folds and pulling up the chest. He has unique abilities to stimulate the female body to lose weight.

How did the manufacturer achieve this? The product is made of natural material, which is impregnated with special fat-burning substances. During contact with the body of the microcapsules with active additives saturate the skin components favorably influencing the appearance of the skin. Users note that after frequent wear of clothes, the amount of cellulite decreases, the dermis is tightened.

Combination-for-correction-figures-feedback_( i) Slim Shapewear not only corrects the shape, it has the unique ability of the female body to stimulate weight loss

Slim Shapewear also formed of highly durable material which does not deteriorate during the wash is not stretched after regular wear and can adjust the shape 1-3Size.

Previously, we indicated the average price for a combined press( 1300-4 thousand rubles), compare it with the cost of Slim Shapewear. In Russian online stores, the price for one set varies between 1,250 and 1,500 rubles. As you can see, this is a very advantageous offer for people who passively struggle with excess weight.

Advantages of Slim Shapewear:

  • fabric lets air through and allows the skin to breathe;
  • no greenhouse effect;
  • material is hypoallergenic, does not lead to skin irritation;
  • perfectly fits to the body, hiding its shortcomings;
  • without seams;
  • kit can be worn under any clothing.

Note also unique design Slim Shapewear:

  1. particular cut bodice improves and increases the bust breast line 1-2 in size.
  2. A dense triangular insert on the waist perfectly retracts the abdomen, emphasizing the waist.
  3. The insert on the back masks the fat deposits and supports the dorsal muscles;
  4. Elastic fabric on the buttocks forms the perfect seductive contours of the buttocks and thighs.
  5. You can practice in underwear, as the fabric does not rub or irritate the skin.
Combination-for-correction-figures-feedback_( 5) Lingerie can be trained, as the fabric does not rub or irritate the skin

Tip! The daily sock of the Combi Slim Shapewear leads to the improvement of forms, getting rid of cellulite, improving the skin condition.

kombidress Waist Shaping: reviews

The network can be found quite contradictory reviews about kombidressah. But what do users write about the trend of 2017 Slim Shapewear?

Veronica, 25 years old: After giving birth for more than a year, I can not get in shape. Considering that she nursed the baby for a long time, she could not sit on diets and actively engage in sports. But recently my husband and I were invited to a wedding. And then I realized the whole deplorable situation. I'm wider than all my outfits. Then I decided to use a combination. During the fitting, many models were pressured and uncomfortable. But when I found Slim Shapewear, I could not pass by. The wedding was a great success. Now I at every convenient case wear a combination. I like that he slashes me. And, by the way, noticed that after a socks the stomach still some time remains the tightened condition.

Tatiana, 48 years: Suddenly, for me, a year ago I was faced with menopause and its consequences. Nerves led me to the fact that I began to eat a lot and, of course, only for a couple of months I gained an extra 10 kilograms. Then she gathered, decided to pull herself together. I started with diets, but I quickly broke off from them. Physical exercises are contraindicated for me because of my health. The daughter advised the combination Slim Shapewear. At first I even laughed at her until she gave it to me herself. Of course, I put it on. And from that moment I wear it almost every day. Now I look at myself with different eyes. I like a slim figure, tightened sides. And I feel how the skin improves. In general, I want to buy another kit, so you can change them during washing.

Combination-for-correction-figures-feedback_( 10) special cut bodice enhances the bust line and increases breast size by 1-2

Lydia, 34 years old: Kombidress Slim Shapewear husband gave me. I understand that not without a hint. I do not know who helped him choose( he said he had read the reviews), but this is the first successful gift for 10 years of living together. I began to feel more attractive, which made our intimate life much better.

Margarita, 17 years old: I have always been plump girl. In the classroom even joked about it. But on the day of graduation I could not be recognized. Under the chic dress was Slim Shapewear, which reduced my volumes by as much as three sizes. I'm not ashamed to look at graduation photos, and now I'm striving to achieve this result in a natural way. By the way, I go to training in this combination, it speeds up the metabolic processes and is very convenient.

Irina, 33 years old: Earlier I already had a combined. But after 3-4 washings, he spoiled. Decided that this is a waste of money. But on the birthday of my girlfriend presented a product Slim Shapewear. I still do not understand why I have not heard of him before. I really like how he pulls up my stomach and lifts my chest. I recommend to everyone.

Oksana, 28 years old: I lead a sedentary lifestyle, so my food is not set up. After the New Year holidays, I recovered to two sizes. The feeling of discomfort did not leave me, as it became harder to put on my favorite jeans. It's good that my colleague advised Slim Shapewear. His price of 1,300 rubles I was pleasantly surprised, and I decided to try, though I did not believe in miracle clothes. I used to wear a combo every day for a month. Two sizes have sunk into oblivion. And my stomach was even tighter than before. Advertising in this case did not lie.

Combination-for-correction-figures-responses_( 6) Lingerie is perfectly fitting to the body, hiding its shortcomings

Ludmila, 42 years old: I have been wearing combedresses for a long time, because it's hard for me to lose weight. A woman, even full, but smart looks chic and well-groomed. The downside of my previous experiments is that some models quickly deteriorated after washing. One set very rubbed me in the inguinal zone and I stopped wearing it myself. But at last I chose Slim Shapewear. Now I will not trade it for anything. It is comfortable, soft, pleasant to the body and completely fulfills the functions of corrective linen.

If you do not have time to go to the gym, and dieting leads to nervous exhaustion, do not worry in vain. Combination for correcting the figure helps to hide the flaws of the body.