Hardening procedures for the smallest

  • Mar 21, 2018

Hardening is an attempt to counteract the forces of the child's organism with uncomfortable natural temperatures and environmental phenomena. What is it for? To ensure that a normal draft or cold air on the street does not cause illnesses or colds. There are no specific contraindications to hardening, but if parents have doubts, it will be useful to consult their pediatrician. Many traditionally believe that tempering young children is a kind of one-off situation, when the procedure consists only in diving into an ice hole or walking on snow on a bare foot - and this is all a couple of times a year. Of course, this situation has nothing to do with hardening. Parents from the birth try to wrap the baby warmer, especially in winter or in cool weather. And also at home, many caring parents keep the baby at a temperature above 23 degrees, which pediatricians strongly do not recommend to babies for up to a year.

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How can I be trained?

Hardening is a long-term process, which is more similar to the way of life as a whole, rather than with some separate procedure. Few people know that the usual dressing up of a child in the ward of the hospital is already the initial stage of hardening. Specifically - this is one of the types of tempering of young children - air baths.

So, the tempering is divided into:

  • air;
  • water;
  • solar.

That is, hardening should last all year round, simply by combining these methods of hardening. In summer, the child should receive long walks, and in any weather, not only in the sunny and warm. But it is the early age that best predisposes the children's organism to such confrontation with external factors. So, tempering of young children begins with:

  • of good mood;
  • bathing with a water temperature of 38-28 degrees;
  • for children from 2 years - with the intake of the permissible norm of ice cream( the best way to harden throat tissues);
  • walking barefoot( walking barefoot on the cold floor can and is useful, but do not sit booty on such floor);
  • for children up to 6 months - stay without a diaper or clothes for 5-10 minutes( but, again, during a game with a good mood).

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What are the rules for tempering?

Among the basic rules of hardening pediatricians distinguish the following:

  • it is necessary to adhere to precise regulations and daily routine( sleep, meals, walks, swimming, games).All these routine processes should occur approximately at the same time during the day;
  • if parents want to carry out tempering of young children with water, then it is necessary to lower the temperature of water when dousing gradually, almost imperceptibly, but after a while you can notice a significant difference in water temperatures at the beginning of hardening and at the present stage;
  • walking in the sand, in the river / sea water barefoot( to check whether the legs are not overcooled, you need to rub a heel, if it is red after that, then everything is fine);
  • wiping after bathing with a terry glove before redness of the skin;
  • can not overfeed the child against his will.

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Hardening for toddlers is a good way to strengthen the immunity and protective abilities of the child's body. A good start in the development of the opposing forces of the organism to external factors of the environment and a correctly built up way of life since childhood is the guarantee of a person's good health for life. Of course, hardening of young children does not guarantee life without disease at all, however, their number, duration, and frequency during hardening are significantly reduced.