50 Ideas of original braiding of pigtails for girls - Photo by step

  • Mar 22, 2018
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 37) Braiding does not take much time, but the hair remains clean and cleaned for a long time

There are many different braided hairstyles. You can make spikelets, classic braids or styling from all sorts of weave patterns. As decoration, bows, elastic bands or beautiful hair clips are used. Quickly you can make a stylish and fashionable braiding braids for girls. Photos are step by step presented below. Even a schoolgirl can master an uncomplicated performance. Weaving braids does not take much time, but the hair remains clean and tidy for a long time.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 7) There are a lot of different braided hairstyles
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 14) It is possible to make spikes, classic braids or stitches from all kinds of weaving patterns
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( i) Bows, elastic bands or beautiful hairpins are used as an ornament


  • 1 Basic rulesPlaits for children's braids
  • 2 Spit and spike for school
  • 3 Ideas for small princesses
  • 4 Variants with tapes
  • 5 Simple braids on each day
  • 6 Hairstyles with braids short hair
  • 7 Weave for medium hair
  • 8 options on long hair

basic rules weaving children's braids

Baby hair, unlike adults, is considered more fragile and thin, their bulbs are not yet very strong. Therefore, when weaving it is important to take into account some features of children's piling. Children are very mobile and active, so the hairstyle must be stable, so that during the games the strands are not disconnected.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 45) Baby Hair unlike adults considered to be more fragile and thin, their bulbs are not yet very strong
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 42) When weaving is important to consider some of the features of children's pilings
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 41) Children are very mobile and active, so the hair should be sustainable, so that duringstrands games do not unravel
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 40) not worth venturing complex design of the hair in the morning, as this process can permanently ruin the mood of the child. It is better to choose a simple and easy to spit

beautiful braid braids need to consider some rules:

  • can not pinch braid hands. It is important to perform an alternate weakening and clamping of the strands.
  • Do not start complex designs of hair in the morning, as this process can permanently spoil the mood of the child. It is better to choose simple and light braids.
  • Ribbons, elastic bands or bows are used for decoration, but they can not be used in large quantities. It is better not to choose accessories from metal, but prefer plastic barrettes.
  • Weaving should be tight, but do not pull your head together.
  • In order to easily comb the curls, you can use a special spray.
  • It is important that the hairstyle is age appropriate. Adults are more difficult and complex. For a small head, simple weave are more suitable.
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 33) You can not pinch the braid. It is important to make alternate loosening and clamping strands
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 32) used to decorate the ribbons, elastic bands or ribbons, but they can not be used in large quantities. It is better not to choose accessories from metal, but to prefer plastic hairpins.
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 31) Weave should be tight, but not tighten the head.
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 30) It is important that the hairstyle corresponds to the age. Adults are more difficult and complex. For a small head, simple mesh weights are more suitable.

Advice! Easier to braid washed and slightly moistened strands. But do not use adult styling products.

braids and ears for the school

run different versions of braiding for girls at home. In the photo and video you can see what the process of weaving is composed step by step. There are many models of braids, from simple to unusual and intricate.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 17) Three braids pass into a high beam
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 10) Crossed scythes
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 49) Laconic French braid

A light braid method from three braids is performed taking into account certain features:

  • Strands should be equal in thickness so that the hairstyle is neat.
  • Before weaving, curls should be moistened with water and combed to make them more docile.
  • When creating a French braid, you need to grab a thin strand so that the braid is stronger.
  • The braid is tied with a regular rubber band, and then decorated with a ribbon or bow.
  • To add strength to your hair, you can fix the weaving with a varnish.

By simple hairstyle for every day refers traditional scythe, the French weaving, elven pigtail, plait and braid inside.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 46) idea crossed braids for long hair
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 47) idea crossed braids for long hair - steps

Tip! A large number of pins and studs can damage the structure of the hair and scalp. Therefore, it is better to use safe accessories.

Ideas for little princesses

If you learn how to braid a beautiful plaits, braids and asymmetrical hairstyles, you can create on the head of a little girl magnificent creation. In this case, different fashion accessories are used: ribbons, combs or rims.

Tip! To create a tight braid, it is recommended to moisturize your hair. There are special mousses for children.

Original tail with weaving

Will delight the child with a beautiful hairstyle in the style of fantasy. When this is the tail combined with lace oblique, which is created in several steps:

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 35) If you learn how to braid a beautiful plaits, braids and asymmetrical hairstyles, you can create on the head of a little girl magnificent creation
  • On top of going to a tight ponytail.
  • Then a few strands are separated from it, and they begin to spin.
  • This adds thin strands from the base of the tail.
  • The braids wrap around the tail.

unusual eight

original version - in the form of eight braid, which is performed as follows:

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 20) Kos in the form of eight
  • done parted in the middle.
  • Divided strands are assembled into tails and tied with elastic bands.
  • A spit is made from each tail.
  • Then one scythe goes to the other to make two loops.
  • Tails fastened with elastic bands at the base.

Convenient spikelet

Beautiful braiding of braids for girls is a spikelet around the head. In the photo you can see how it is performed in a step-by-step manner:

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 8) Spikelet changing into a fish-tail spike
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 48) Spit around the head
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_-15 This hairstyle looks great on small girls
  • On the top of the head is a large strand, The strand retracts into the tail.
  • On the sides are separated curls.
  • The spike is braided from the side of the temporal lobe. At the same time, several strands are pulled out of the head of the tail.
  • The end of the weaving is decorated with a beautiful hair clip.

Magic lantern

for festivities suit netting flashlights. It is executed as follows:

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 36) Spit braided from the base of the head, turning into a high beam
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 43) Spin back with a beam step by step
  • Strands are combed with a comb.
  • The tail is made from the upper strands.
  • A small strand is detached and wrapped around the rubber base, and the tip is pushed into the tail.
  • Locks from the top tail are thrown upward.
  • A small distance from the top tail is executed.
  • Both tails are connected with an elastic band and wrapped in a string, which needs to be tightened a little. The ends of the strands are thrust into the tail.
    Thus, you can make several flashlights.

Variants with tapes

In order to weave a braid with a tape, you need to choose the right material. It is better to use accessories made from natural raw materials. If ribbons of bright colors, then they need to stretch before use. This is done to prevent moulting.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 5) In order to weave a braid with a band, you need to choose the right material
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 11) It's better to use accessories made from natural raw materials
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 16) If the ribbons are bright colors, then they should be stretched before use. This is done to prevent molting

The width and width of the product also matters. The best option for weaving into the hair is 15 mm. The tape should be longer than the length of the hair.

Also, special mousses, a comb with soft bristles, thin with rare teeth, as well as rubber bands and special clips, may be needed to create a hairstyle.

First it is worth trying a simple version of braid with a ribbon:

  • Shevelura is divided into three strands.
  • A ribbon is tied around the middle lock.
  • The first strand is superimposed on the second. Then passes under the tape and overlap the third.
  • The tape stretches under the central lock and slips between the third and second strand.
  • All the hair is weaved and fixed with rubber bands.
  • To get a hairstyle turned openwork, the extreme strands need to be pulled out. After finishing the weaving, the result can be fixed with varnish.
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 29) also for creating hairstyles may need special mousses, comb with soft bristles, thin with a few teeth and gums and special clips
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 19) Children's hairstyle differs from an adult, it can be, do not hesitate to decorate various décor

Tip! The braid should look natural. Do not use a persistent product, because as a result, you can get a crust.

Simple plaits for every day

Weave braids for girls are popular. The photo shows the original options. Simple instructions will help you step-by-step to make options for each day.

Tip! To girl sustained long sitting in one place, you can show pictures of finished hairstyles or include cartoon.

Ordinary braid

To make a traditional braid, the hair needs to be divided into three parts. Then the left side is superimposed on the middle one and crosses it. The same actions are performed with the right-hand side. These manipulations must be performed until a small tail remains. The resulting braid should be fixed with a bow, hair clip or elastic band.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 25) Common scythe is the basis of many hairstyles

French braiding

The original is considered to weave French braids for girls. In the photo you can see the options for the hairstyle. By following the instructions, you can step through all the steps.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 13) French braid often braid around the head

Before you begin to weave, from the middle of the forehead to the crown and separated strand in the form of a triangle and a fixed band. On each side on each side small strands are separated and intertwined with the main part. Then again separated and intertwined. Having reached, thus, to the occipital part, the usual weaving of three strands is performed.

Elven hair

Such netting is made of thin ordinary or French braids, which are weaved on the sides and fastened at the nape. There can be several such braids. In the occipital part they are connected with the help of a hair clip or gather in the main braid.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 6) Gentle hair Forest nymph

Original harness

This hairstyle is considered a stylish replacement for the traditional braid. To make the tourniquet, you need to comb your hair and braid them into the tail. Then it is divided into parts. At the same time, the right-hand side is twisted three turns to the right, and the left-hand side also turns. Then the strands are intertwined, and a small tail is left. Hairstyle can be fixed with tape or elastic.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 50) harness considered stylish replacement for traditional braids
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 44) From braids-flagella can create different variations of hairstyles

Beautiful beams on the basis of the braid

for festivities, you can make a spectacular high bun, braided pigtail. To create it, you need to prepare two elastic bands, hairpins and a bagel. Braiding involves the following steps:

  • strands are collected in a high ponytail at the crown area and extend through the donut. Thus it is necessary to leave a lock on the side to create a pigtail.
  • The strands are distributed around the bagel.
  • Out of the remaining locks, a braid splashes. Then we pick the strings around the donut, and weave them in the manner of an inverted braid.
  • Strands need to be tightened freely. In this case, the pigtail should lie flatly around the base of the beam.
  • Finally, the pigtail completely wraps around the beam, and the tip is fixed with an elastic band. Hair can also be secured with studs.
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 38) beam was decorated with a scythe - incrementally
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 39) braids braided in the form of a butterfly's wings

of the usual braid can be woven fast beam in just 5 minutes. In this case, you need the invisibility, hairpins and thin bands. First, two tails meet at the back of the head. Then from them two braids, which are fastened by elastic bands, are woven. Then a bundle is made from a single braid, and then a second braid is wrapped around it and fixed by invisible ones.

Beams can be decorated with beautiful hairpins.

Tip! Even if the braid does not disintegrate during the day, it's still not worth leaving the woven hair for longer than eight hours. Hair should be given a rest.

Hairstyles with braids short hair

possible to braid pigtails and short hair. To keep them longer you need to braid them more tightly.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 28) You can braid braids and short hair. So they stayed longer need to braid them tightly
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 4) Two parallel spikelets are decorated with beautiful bow

With the usual oblique can do the following options:

  • Along the usual parting braided two braids and decorated with bows.
    Hair is divided into 4 or 6 parts and braids are braided from them. Then all the pigtails are collected in one tail.
  • The cutlass is divided into two tails, and then a spit forms from each tail. Each weave wraps around the gum. As a result, you get two beautiful bob shots.

Tip! To create an openwork braid, when weaving, the individual strands need to be slightly pulled out.

Weaving for medium hair

For medium length hair, there are a large number of variations of interesting weaving.

Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 26) Spit zigzag through the head and laid out in the form of a flower
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 23) Heart part
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 22) Spit-waterfall

It's worth trying the following simple hairstyles:

  • All the strands are assembled in the tail and divided into two parts. Each strand is twisted into a tourniquet and fixed with an elastic band. Then the two strands are intertwined and fastened with a beautiful rubber band.
  • The waterfall is different in simple execution. First, an oblique parting is done. From a small strand of braids spits, but in the occipital part is left hanging, then the remaining strands, also do not fully plait. All the lower strands hang, and the waterfall imitates.
  • Stylishly look crossed pigtails. The technique of execution is simple: the hair is divided into many tails and fixed with elastic bands. Each tail is braided in a braid and intertwined with others as a lacing. In this case, the tips of the hair can be twisted or left loose.
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 18) Fine braids
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 12) Beautiful and unusual hairstyle
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 3) Two fishtails

Tip! Beginners are advised to start the weaving from the spikelet. It is important to begin to braid the braid at the roots of the hair, which will provide a volume weaving and full grip.

Variants for long hair

A variety of braids are braided over long strands. In this case, only the elements of the weave can be used. Beautifully looks the bezel from the hair. It is performed as follows:

  • Strands are separated from the frontal part of the head.
  • The rest of the curls are gathered in the tail.
  • Hair begins to spin from the side and as if in a circle.
  • You can finish the braiding with an ordinary braid. The tip of the hair hides inside.
  • Other curls can be dissolved.
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 1) Scythe waterfall on long hair
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 2) Hairstyle in hippie style
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 24) Scythe form a bow of hair
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 27) Scythe from small bows
Plaiting-braids-for-girls-photo-step-by-step_( 34) Hairstyle for celebration

Tip! An interesting option is the fish tail. In this case, the smaller the strands are taken, the more beautiful the hairdo will be.

Using simple instructions and recommendations, moms can braid beautiful braids and other kinds of weave every day to small girls and grown-up schoolgirls.

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