All about biotatuazh brows at home

  • Mar 11, 2018

Biotatuage of eyebrows is a procedure for staining with henna, which does not apply a mechanical effect on the upper layer of the skin, which makes it safe. Almost every self-respecting beauty salon now offers this service. Is it so difficult to do biotatuazh independently, without resorting to the help of a specialist? Not really. It is worth mastering the main aspects, to study the nuances and listen to the advice of experienced masters. You will understand that this is not difficult.


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  • 3 Technology for biotagging henna at home
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  • 6 Unsuccessful biotatuage of eyebrows with henna: what to do?
  • 7 Biotage of eyebrows: reviews

Biotage: advantages over permanent tattooing

Henna is a dried leaf of a plant called lavsonia. It is a natural coloring pigment widely used throughout the world.

Flowers of lavson Very beautiful pink flowers of

Many prefer biotage of eyebrows with henna to similar procedures, since it has a lot of advantages. These include the following:

  1. The occurrence of an allergic reaction to henna is single. Experts say that in this case only individual intolerance can cause this phenomenon.
  2. No harm to the eyebrows. Henna, on the contrary, stimulates their growth, positively affecting the hair follicles.
  3. Despite the simplicity of the dye, with the help of auxiliary components it is easy to achieve different shades. Palette varies from deep black to brownish-red color, so everyone will find one that she likes, and to taste.
  4. Possibility of carrying out the procedure for pregnant and lactating mothers, due to the lack of harmful chemical constituents in henna.
  5. When staining, there are no unpleasant sensations, no pain and discomfort.
  6. The price of henna is low, which does not strike a strong blow to the family budget.
  7. The eyebrow line visually thickens, an illusion of volume is created.
  8. henna has no unpleasant odor.
Eyebrows after biotatuage Biotatuage of eyebrows with henna looks natural and natural

It can be concluded that henna will not only color the eyebrows qualitatively, but will also make their condition better. They will also look natural and natural, which is a very big advantage.

It should be noted that for carrying out other types of tattooing it is necessary to visit a specialist.

Important! Choose only a proven salon and a professional master, because the wrong tattoo is able to mutilate a person, highlight shortcomings and give you a generally untidy look. It is very difficult to withdraw, in some cases it is impossible.

Unsuccessful dyeing of eyebrows Here is the result of an unsuccessful tattoo: eyebrows look tasteless

If you have not previously done eyebrow coloring, then for the first time it's best to go to the salon. The master will choose the optimal shape for your facial features, as well as the color that suits you best. Further, relying on the work done by the specialist, as henna fading, you can paint your eyebrows yourself.

Also this procedure has undoubted advantages over permanent eyebrow tattooing. Its disadvantages are as follows:

  1. Chemical composition that can have a negative effect on the skin around the eyebrows, as well as hair follicles. Paint can cause hair loss, which in the long run can lead to their complete loss.
  2. The components of the product, which carries a permanent eyebrow tattoo, some may experience an allergy. It is worth noting that the salon is not always tested on the inside of the elbow for any negative reactions, so when carrying out this kind of tattooing, there is a risk of getting a rash.
  3. The coloring pigment is injected under the skin, therefore during the procedure there will be pain sensations. How strong, depends on the professionalism of the master.
  4. High price. The cost of high-quality permanent eyebrow tattoo in the average salon now varies from 6 thousand to 10 thousand rubles.

Biotatuage does not have such drawbacks, so most girls choose it.

Henna for biotatuazha

Selection of henna for biotatuazha - the moment responsible. After all, the result directly depends on the quality of the pigment. It is important to determine the firm, texture and color. You also always need to look at the expiration date: the remedy for which he has expired will not color your eyebrows properly.

Criteria for choosing henna for biotatuazh

So, what to look for when choosing henna for biotatuazha:

  1. Much depends on where the plant was grown. Masters are advised to purchase Iranian henna to achieve soft lines, and Indian - for sharpness of the contour. Countries such as Pakistan and Egypt also make mixtures, but their products are less popular.
  2. One of the most common mistakes is buying an ordinary henna for painting hair. The fact is that the mixture used on the face is made from the upper leaves of the Lavonia, since the paint from them is more saturated and resistant. Ordinary henna is made from the lower ones.
  3. Keep in mind that when you buy paint in powder, you have to dilute it yourself. This is not always easy, because you can mix up the proportions, do not sleep, or, conversely, pour powder or pour water. Therefore, experts recommend buying a product in tubes, which is already ready for use.

These simple tips help you choose the right henna.

Overview of henna for biotatuazha different manufacturers with reviews

The world market offers a wide variety of brands, the difference is in price, durability, quality. Below we will consider the most popular companies to date. This will help both beginners and experienced masters not to get confused when buying.

Henna Sexy Brow Henna

Henna Sexy Brow Henna is available in capsules, which is an innovation in the world market. This form ensures the preservation of the paint, since air or other bacteria do not get inside, and pigments do not escape. Producer assures that one jar will last for 30 times. The palette of shades is various. The price of this jar is about 650 rubles.

Henna for the eyebrows Sexy Brow Henna In each jar there are capsules of brown color

As all manufacturers are always happy to sell their means, using all methods of advertising and marketing for this, it is worth to refer to the reviews of real people.

I, probably, like many girls, are naturally non-ideal eyebrows. And I recently got an idea, but what if you find a henna for eyebrows and start with your own curved handles to paint your eyebrows at home? While I managed to buy only henna Sexy Brow Henna, which will be discussed in this review. Resistance to the skin was 8-10 days. On the hairs for almost 10 days, in the bar bar the result is slightly more than 14-16 days, but you need to learn, practice. In the relationship of perseverance, everything is individual, for someone it can hold and a month on hairs. The volume of eyebrows after staining increases, since the hairs thicken.


http: // nadoelo-pereplachivat-v-salone-za-okrashivanie-brovei-togda-poprobuite-khnu-sexy-brow-henna

Today's my review is dedicated to henna for eyebrows, which is in capsules. It should be noted that it was this fact that interested me very much. Agree, not every time you see henna is not in bags, but in capsules. And the producers did not lose. In fact, it is much more convenient to pour out a little henna from a compact capsule that keeps it safe. Now I do not see the point of visiting salons where the staining procedure equals the cost of the SEXY Brow Henna set at least 10 times. Besides, here you are your own masters, you control the shape of the desired eyebrows, the intensity of staining and so on. For me, this is a huge plus, since there was a sad experience. As for the duration of the effect, I still had not fully evaluated this criterion. Since the dyeing, a week has passed, and the shade of the eyebrows has not lost any of its color. I think the effect will be enough for a month.


http: // da-eta-khna-dast-foru-lyuboi-professionalnoi-kraske-foto-etapov-okrashivaniya-takzhe-do-i-po

The color was very natural and beautiful. Now you can not paint your eyebrows every day, just just lay your hairs. The paint is very convenient in preparation and application, it is easy to apply with a special stick, and after 30 minutes it is enough to remove the wadded cotton disk. She also did not make me burn. After washing, nothing was washed away


http: // khna-dlya-brovei-v-kapsulakh-effekt-tauazha-na-brovyakh-ya-v-vostorge-ot-domashnego-okrashiv

Henna SS Brow Lucas Cosmetics

ThisHenna has a caring effect. Staining on the skin, as the manufacturer says, lasts from 7 to 14 days, on the hairs themselves - up to 6 weeks. This paint is safe, because neither peroxide nor oxidizer, which are present in ordinary paints, are not used. The palette has 6 colors, but the colors can be mixed together. The cost of one jar is 600 rubles, a sachet-450 rubles.

Henna SS Brow The jars in which this henna is sold, very attractive design

This henna has a lot of positive feedback.

I already use this paint for a long time, and I like it very much, it lasts 3 months on my eyebrows, and I used to paints with pencil every day, and now I replace this pencil with this pencil!


http: // review_5100149.html

I love doing dyeing and adjusting eyebrows. Somehow on the Internet I came across the advertising of this henna and decided to order it. And did not disappear. Delivered within a week by Russian post. Henna very well stains eyebrows. On the skin lasts more than a week. And on the eyebrows for about three weeks. In general, an excellent result.


http: // review_4194944.html

Henna is very high quality, finely ground, the particles are almost invisible, it's like a light powdery powder. This texture makes the use very comfortable and simple. Aroma inherent in any henna( herbal, weak and natural).I chose Dark Brown( dark brown) and did not lose the shade, he just came up to me perfectly.


http: // biotatuazh-brovei-khnoi-v-domashnikh-usloviyakh-chto-mozhet-byt-proshche-idealnye-brovi-koto

Henna Nila

Is one of the best products on the world market. Produced in the form of a very fine powder. Judging by the reviews, it does not cause allergies and is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Leaves a beautiful saturated color, which will last from 4 to 6 weeks. The average price is 300 rubles. In the palette of only 2 colors - black and brown.

Henna Nila Henna Nila is produced in bright orange jars

So, let's review the reviews.

Several years ago I discovered the procedure for staining eyebrows with Estel's paint, but this paint baked the skin, lasted only 1 day, and after half a year of use it became unusable, because from brown it turned into a red. And then my familiar master - eyebrow advised to paint his eyebrows with henna: it lasts longer than the paint and does not bake, because the composition is completely natural. The result met my expectations and I will continue to use Nila's eyebrow. It looks natural and without reddish.


http: // kak-pokrasit-brovi-khnoi-doma-retseptfoto-protsessa-doposle

Not long ago I decided to go to courses on the eyebrows, to me there have told a lot of useful. .. In particular, recommend materials that can be easilyDecorate beautiful eyebrows. Henna Nila - very high quality material and easy to use. This henna has extraordinary firmness, which will please you from 1.5 to 3 months. In general, I recommend this henna for both home and salon use!

field. .. nail

http: // stoikaya-khna

Technology of biotatuazha henna in

home To coloring eyebrows gave positive results, you need to prepare for the application of henna eyebrows. You can do this with a scrub. So, you remove the horny parts of the skin and take away the fatty film, which prevents the pigment from penetrating into the skin and hairs. Then you need to choose the desired shape of the eyebrows and remove the tweezers or thread excess. The area where the staining will be done, it is necessary to degrease with a special agent, and around the eyebrows, apply a greasy cream so that the paint does not accidentally get to where it is not necessary. To achieve symmetry and accuracy of the form, you can first draw a contour with a white pencil and see if you need to fix something while there is an opportunity. Remember that after painting something is very difficult to change. To facilitate the work, you can use special stencils or eyebrow rulers.

Eyebrows after biotatuage of henna Eyebrows "Before" and "After" quality biotatuage henna

Important! In girls with oily skin, the result will be less.

So, for the procedure will be necessary: ​​

  • gloves;
  • paint;
  • hard brush;
  • cellophane strips;
  • cotton wool;
  • wipes.

Consider the process step by step:

  1. Paste from the paint should be well mixed. Please note that it should not have lumps. Make sure that the consistency is uniform.
  2. Dip the brush in the mixture. Do not take a lot of money at once, since you can not calculate and call for contours. If suddenly the paint gets on the skin, immediately remove it with a cotton pad moistened in water. First, paint parts of the eyebrows, located in the center, then - the edges. Special attention should be paid to the tails. So that they do not turn out to be curves, but be neat and symmetrical, act cautiously, take your time.
  3. After application, make sure that the layer of the mixture on one eyebrow is the same in thickness as on the other, because the intensity of the staining depends on this.
  4. In order for biotatuazh to last longer, it is better to cover the eyebrows with cellophane strips during staining, which can be cut from an ordinary package. In the heat, the paint works better and faster.
  5. After half an hour( in some cases this time can vary, it all depends on the paint manufacturer, so that accurate information is necessary to look on the packaging or in the manual) erase henna with a napkin or cotton discs, pre-soaked in water.
  6. After the procedure, you need to apply cosmetic oil on the eyebrow. This will protect you from dry skin.

Biotatuage of eyebrows henna at home does not take much time and is an excellent alternative to a hike in the salon.

Video: Master Class on biotatuazhu eyebrows henna

Care eyebrows after biotatuazha henna

If you want the result is preserved for a long time, you should observe a few simple rules:

  1. You can not wet your eyebrows during the day from the moment of their staining. Also, experts do not recommend applying to them various creams, masks, scrubs and other cosmetics. This can contribute to the washing out of the pigment.
  2. After biotatuazha often dry skin appears. It can be corrected with the help of various cosmetic oils: burdock, calendula or castor oil. They moisturize the skin and keep the dye.
  3. It is worth to abandon the sauna and bath, because high temperatures have a bad effect on henna. Sea water also has a negative impact.

Important! There is an opinion that with the help of castor oil you can remove biotatuazh. In fact, this is not so. Castor oil is actively used by cosmetologists to care for the eyebrows after the procedure.

Such simple manipulations can prolong the life of your eyebrows, and you do not have to, as before, paint them with a pencil every morning. Biotage of eyebrows with henna looks very impressive and natural, and it also saves time spent on makeup for a long period.

Unsuccessful biotatuage of eyebrows with henna: what to do?

Not at all everything is obtained from the first time, everyone learns by trial and error, so the unsuccessful biota of eyebrows with henna, unfortunately, is not uncommon.
So, if you were not satisfied with the result you got, there are two solutions to the problem:

  1. Lighten the eyebrows. This method is suitable for those who have not calculated the thickness of the layer and got too saturated color.
  2. Remove biotage. This option is extreme. They resort to it in the event that the discontent is critical. For example, the eyebrows turned out to be the wrong color, as the manufacturer stated on a pack of paint, this usually happens when buying cheap products. Or you did not guess with the form, or the line was smeared for some reason.

In any case, you can get rid of an unexpectedly bad result.

Eyebrow lightening

For clarifying eyebrows, hydrogen peroxide is a good choice. But it is worth considering that it is harmful to the structure of the hair, as well as for hair follicles. Therefore, think several times: is the color so bad, or can you wait until it, in time, becomes discolored.

To carry out clarification, we will need:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • gloves;
  • cotton wool.

Henna quickly loses its saturation in this way. Wadded disk should be well moistened in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and attach to the eyebrow for 5 minutes. Do not allow liquid to enter the eye. You can avoid this by tilting your head slightly. Periodically push back the disc and see how much the intensity has changed.

Hydrogen peroxide hydrogen peroxide - a universal tool that can be found in every drugstore

peroxide can not keep more than 5-7 minutes, because the hairs can become whitish.

Removing biotatuazha

Quickly remove biotatuazh eyebrows henna is possible by means of special funds, but they are aggressive enough in its effects, and are not intended for home use. Removers can not be used without a gauze bandage. You can apply to the salon to have the masters there conduct a high-quality professional removal. If, for some reason, the opportunity to visit a specialist, you can perform the procedure at home.

This requires the following tools:

  • 10% ammonia solution;
  • cotton wool;
  • gloves.

Thus, the natural color can be returned in 2-3 days. Wadded disk wet 10% solution of ammonia. The procedure should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, so that the fresh air intake is regular. Apply the cotton pad for 2 minutes, then wash with warm water to wash off the remaining liquid. To process eyebrows thus it is necessary 2 times a day.

Important! You can not try to remove the tattoo with the help of a solarium. To the result of the failed procedure faded, it is necessary to spend a lot of time in it, which will negatively affect the skin condition.

Biotage of eyebrows: feedback from

I'm very pleased with the result, it's been more than 3 weeks, and my eyebrows have not been washed to the end. That is, the result will stay at least week 3, which can not but rejoice.


http: // arkhitektura-brovei-v-salone-chto-eto-za-protsedura-khotite-idealnye-brovi-kotorye-podberut

I tried them grow a bit out, but the effect takes place and eyebrows returned to its original state. I stained my eyebrows with paint and was happy, but I was advised to try henna and I'm just delighted! I have long stained my eyebrows with henna. Usually I'm missing for about 2-3 weeks and for my skin, which is prone to fat, it's just gorgeous.

Anastasia Bird

http: // biotatuazh-brovei-khnoi-okrashivanie-brovei-khnoi-kak-na-2-3-nedeli-zabyt-pro-karandash-dlya

Having mastered the basic aspects that you can do at home biotatuazh easilyYourself. The main thing is to follow all the recommendations and advice. Then the result will pleasantly surprise you.

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