How to choose a good depilation cream for a bikini area?

How to choose a good depilation cream for a bikini area?

  • Mar 27, 2018

The safest method of removing excess vegetation on the body is depilatory cream. Its main advantages are ease of use, quick effect, gentle skin care and low price. Today, the market is simply overcrowded with the products presented, and many women can not decide on the final choice.


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Good depilation cream for bikini zone

All used for depilation cream undergoes classification:

  1. Long-term use.As a rule, it is necessary to maintain such a cream on the body for 10-15 minutes. After that, it is removed. If you rely on people's feedback, they are not the most positive. The reason is that a lot of time is spent on this manipulation. But for those who do not continue all the time, can safely use such cream. They perfectly cope with their task.
  2. A tool for depilating a bikini fast action
    .The required effect occurs 3-5 minutes after application of the cream to the treated area. You can wait more time, but do not. There have been cases when women have side effects in the form of allergies, erythema and burning. Despite this, the composition is in great demand among girls. The main criteria for such popularity are speed, availability and security.
  3. Cream with moisturizing and usual effect .The second option is best suited for processing delicate areas of the body and tender skin. After application, the skin becomes soft, moisturized and tender.

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Sometimes it is very difficult to determine the suitable products. After all, no one gives a guarantee that buying an expensive cream to provide gentle skin care and will give an excellent result. And therefore choose the best or the best, it is everyone's prerogative.

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Cream Veet

The presented products are very popular. The reason for this success is that it is applied in a thin layer, and the time of its action is very fast. Use Veet cream for a delicate skin, as it does not cause irritation. The kit assumes the following components:

  • depilatory cream;
  • special spatula for applying the composition. Cream for depilation zone bikini отзывы

It costs such a tool 350 rubles. Another option - cream spray for depilation veet. Here you can find the instruction.

«Sally Hansen»

The presented products are perfectly suitable for hair removal in the bikini area. Despite its high price of 540 rubles, the popularity of the product did not fall from this. The cream does not cause irritation to the skin. Its composition is rich in moisturizing ingredients. In addition to the cream, the complex includes a special brush applicator. Depilation cream Sally Hansen


Velvet depilation cream for intimate areas is considered a budget option. You can make depilation in a delicate area with this cream for 60 rubles. Despite its cheapness, Velvet cream is considered very effective. Has a thick consistency and pleasant aroma. Does not cause allergy or irritation. In the kit there is a special spatula. Velvet Depilation Cream

Eveline 9 in 1

Eveline 9 in 1 depilation cream has 9 signs of effective removal of unwanted vegetation. They include:

  • performance;
  • security;
  • slow hair growth;
  • moisturizing skin;
  • no irritation;
  • smoothness of the skin.
  • costs such a product 95 rubles. Depilatory cream Eveline 9 in 1


The presented products can be used both for depilation of a delicate area, and for the whole body. Cream Tanita is an innovative product that surpasses in its influence many other compositions.

Each girl can buy products long acting, very fast, to remove hair on sensitive skin, with the scent of citrus. Thanks to this wide assortment, each lady will be able to choose the best option for her skin.

If your choice fell on a long-acting cream, then it can be kept on the skin several times less than other similar products from other manufacturers. For example, if the time is 15 minutes, wash the compound after 10 minutes and the effect will be stunning. Depilation cream Tanita

Use Tanita cream to eliminate unwanted vegetation in the deep bikini area. The action of the composition is very gentle, does not leave irritation after application.

If it says about the fragrance, then this cream is very pleasant. For a certain type of product, it can be different. You can choose a cream with the smell of lemon, chamomile and mint. Given the desired effect, you can choose your suitable option. The cream of Tanita costs 100-120 rubles. This price is not high, because after this makeup, you do not need to use any additional cosmetic products.

Choosing a depilatory cream for the treatment of the bikini area is necessary very responsibly and carefully. Nobody can guarantee that an expensive cream will give a 100% result and protect from irritation.

Instead of depilation, you can do epilation with a depilator in the bikini zone. Here is how to do it. By reference you can find recommendations for choosing the best epilator for the bikini zone. If you use wax strips, then here you can read which stripes are best to choose for the bikini zone.


  • Elvira, 24 years old: "Before, I used an ordinary razor for removing hair in a delicate area. But the constant cuts and irritations made this procedure very painful. I decided to pay attention to the depilation cream Veet. I liked his quick effect and pleasant price. After carrying out the manipulation, the skin becomes smooth and silky. There are no signs of irritation. "
  • Taisiya, 37 years old : "The bikini area is very gentle. It is difficult to choose an effective depilatory. One is expensive, others irritate the skin. The only solution for me was the use of Velvet depilation cream. The procedure is absolutely painless, the skin is not irritated or allergic, and the result I was happy with a week. "
  • Maria, 29 years old : "We decided to go with my husband to rest. Long thought that there to take for depilation. A conventional machine is not an option, as there will be constant skin irritations. The friend rescued and advised Eveline cream. The received effect pleasantly pleased me. I spent 10 minutes on the whole procedure, but then my skin was tender and silky. "

Depilation of the bikini area is a very important product, because here the skin is very tender and sensitive. Sometimes it is difficult to find an effective and at the same time a safe means. But your problems will quickly collapse if you pay attention to depilatory creams. They perfectly cope with the task in hand and provide gentle skin care.