How to pump the ass at home?- Fast and beautiful

  • Mar 09, 2018
How to pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_22 How to pump a priest at home to a girl is a topical issue, as everyone dreams of the ideal forms of

The question of how to pump the ass at home and who has useful advice on this process is a big concern for women. Attractive, elastic buttocks - this is the dream of every modern girl. But often representatives of the beautiful half of humanity face problems with maintaining the muscles of the buttocks in a tone - because of a sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced nutrition, disturbed metabolism and other features of the functioning of the body. Therefore, the talk about methods and methods of giving elasticity to the buttocks will be very relevant.

How-pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_04 attractive, firm buttocks - is the dream of every modern girl


  • 1 balanced diet
  • 2 Home workout
  • 3 complex of exercises for small and medium buttocks muscles
  • 4 How to pump up and tighten the gluteus major muscles?
  • 5 exercises for all groups of the gluteal muscles

balanced diet

To pump up the ass, buttocks and found resilience at home to start working girl in this direction should be a qualitative change in their own daily diet. If the food is not balanced, the results of even the most intense workouts will be reduced to zero.

The main tasks that must perform proper nutrition in this process are:

  • reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat;
  • providing the growth of muscle mass.

If the girl was determined to pump up the buttocks, first of all she should increase the intake of protein with food, moderate the intake of carbohydrates into the body and minimize the intake of fat.

Concerning carbohydrates, it is important to remember: eliminating or over-limiting them to the body can be quite harmful, since these are sources of our energy. But that they went to the body for good, but not to harm, it is necessary to try to eat foods that contain them in large quantities, sutra, and after completing physical exercises for priests. This will ensure their rapid cleavage.

How-pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_05 If the food is not balanced, the results of even the most strenuous workouts will be reduced to zero

In order to maintain the buttocks in proper physical form, you should stop eating fatty foods, sweets, flour products. Instead, preference should be given to meat( not fried!), Cottage cheese, cereals, fruit and vegetables.

Tip! It is especially necessary to monitor the balance in the diet for the first time after the start of sports activities for inflating the buttocks at home. It is in the initial period of the state of the muscles is still quite shaky. And the slightest disruptions in the food can lead to a return to the starting position.

Home Workouts

To have beautiful, elastic buttocks, you do not have to go to expensive fitness clubs. Having a strong desire, patience, assertiveness, and creative thinking are the main factors by which you can arrange a gym at home. You do not even have to buy special simulators for this. You can use easily accessible household items as sports equipment.

So, as the first moment that ensures the success of training for inflating priests, we have defined a balanced diet. To it it is necessary to add the second: accurate performance of the general rules of physical exercises. These are the following key principles-rules:

  • regularity of physical activities;
  • training clearly at the same time of day;
  • periodic increase in the load on the muscles as they become accustomed;
  • a clear compliance with the respiratory regime during training.
How-pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_03 If there is no possibility to study every day, the frequency of classes will be optimal from five to three times a week

So, the ideal option in the process of inflating the elastic priests will be regular daily workouts. In the absence of the opportunity to study every day, the frequency of classes will be optimal from five to three times a week. But not less. This is an extreme framework in which you can still achieve at least the minimum effectiveness of training.

Begin training with the maximum allowed for the body norms. But as soon as you get used to constant physical exercises, the load should be periodically increased so that they do not lose their effectiveness.

Tip! Instructors and trainers recommend an average of one exercise in at least three approaches. In each approach, you should first perform the exercise about 20 times. Then increase the load depending on the exposure.

Regarding breathing, it is important to maintain its smooth and calm rhythm. It is strictly forbidden to hold your breath during training.

Tip! The respiratory process and physical activity should be combined into a complex as follows: inspiration - muscle relaxation - exhalation - muscle tension.

Complex of exercises for small and medium muscles of the buttocks

It is important for a girl who wants to pump the ass at home, to know that the buttocks consist of three groups of paired muscles - small, medium and large. To give elasticity to each of these groups at home, a specific set of exercises is used.

How-pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_02 To succeed, you need to follow the recommendations of

as clearly as possible. First, we'll look at the groups of small and medium gluteus muscles and the physical loads for them. We propose to consider them together, since they perform a common function - they are responsible for the formation of a line of female thighs. In addition, they are united by a location - left and right on the sides of the pelvis. Therefore, physical exercises for small and medium muscles will have a common direction.

Training aimed at inflating these muscles, must necessarily provide for the implementation of such exercises:

  • swings in the sides;
  • "air" kicks;
  • sideways in the standing position;
  • knee bending with the removal of legs to the sides;
  • sidetracking in the prone position, etc.

Among the most basic and simple exercises - swinging legs in the sides. For example, you can kneel, resting your palms on the floor. Being in this position, each leg should be lifted one by one and set aside. After removing it, it is necessary to hold it for a few seconds, and then - to return to its original position.

The second variant of the execution of the flies by the feet is to lie on one side, resting on the elbow, straightening the legs. The leg that is on top should be raised and lowered. Recover after several repetitions on the other side and do the other leg with the same exercise. Legs when lifting should not bend at the knees.

The next exercise is the removal of the legs from the prone position. To do this, lie on your back. Hands should be placed along the body, legs - together. Without bending at the knees, the legs should be raised and spread on the sides. Further knees need to be bent, and the feet - to connect. In this position, it is necessary to linger, and then to return to the starting position.

How to pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_13 Let you be stimulated by your future elastic buttocks

To perform "air" kicks in the sides, you need to get on your knees, hands to rest on the floor. The back needs to be straightened. From this position, the right leg is set aside. A blow is punched to the side, after which the knee should be bent to its original position.

Tip! In all these exercises, it is important to ensure that the muscles of the buttocks tense as hard as possible, and the maximum amplitude is the movement. This will lead them into tonus and make them supple.

How to pump up and tighten the gluteus maximus muscles?

For a girl to pump the ass, to give her an attractive shape, elasticity and tightness, at home, you should practice training with loads on the gluteus maximus muscles. It is this muscle group that is responsible for these parameters.

The complex of exercises for the large gluteal muscles should include:

  • squats;
  • flopped his legs back;
  • attacks;
  • bridge;
  • plie, etc.

To perform the squats, you should put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Squat should be slow, while trying to take the maximum back pelvis, as when sitting on a chair. Then it is necessary to return to the original position.

You can use the room chair to perform the swings with your feet. Hands need to lean on his back. Alternately, each leg from this position is produced by the mahi back.

How to pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_18 You have to crouch down slowly, at the same time try to take the pelvis back as much as when you sit down on a chair

You can also perform mahi by kneeling. To do this, you should rest on the floor with your hands. Alternately, the legs must be unbent, lifted up and returned to their original position. Buttocks should be strained as much as possible.

Lungs can be performed with or without dumbbells. The technique of their implementation provides for the need to put the feet to the width of the shoulders. One foot is a step forward. Then squatting is performed until the moment when the thigh receives a location parallel to the floor. Then return to the starting position and repeat this exercise with the second leg.

The bridge for practicing the priests is done this way. It is necessary to lie down on the floor, bend and spread one's legs apart to the width of the shoulders. From this initial position, it is necessary to perform a "springy" raising and lowering of the pelvis. To increase the load, it is recommended, for example, to put a heavy object on the hips.

Plie is one of the varieties of squats. To do this, you should take the position of the leg on the width of the shoulders, while unfolding the socks at 45 degrees. Squatting is slow. Then return to the starting position.

Tip! Care must be taken to ensure that when performing all these exercises, the back remains as flat as possible. Also, in order to pump the ass, not legs, the strain should be transferred to the muscles of the buttocks, and the elements of each exercise should be performed deep enough, not superficially.

How-pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_01 Lunges can be performed either with weights or without them

exercises for all groups of the gluteal muscles

During training, allowing the girl to pump up the ass at home, also have a place complex exercise, under which a good workoutReceive all three groups of gluteal muscles. Among them it should be noted:

  • jumps on the pope;
  • "penguin";
  • "ladder";
  • "flexible tree";
  • «squats into the abyss", etc.

Jumping on the pope -. It is one of the most basic exercises in this category. To do this, you must sit on the floor. You should stretch your legs straight. It is necessary to make movement on the buttocks back and forth with the power of their abilities.

How-pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_11 Jumping on the pope - is one of the most basic exercises

«Penguin" - this exercise, for which you will need the ball. To do this, you must sit on a chair. The big ball should be squeezed between the legs. In this position the ball you need to compress the legs about half a minute, while straining muscles as much as possible. Instructors caution that the first training should not compress the ball very much. The force of compression should increase already in subsequent sessions.

To perform "ladder" should stand in front of the chair in the position at shoulder width. Hands should be at the waist. Then the left leg you need to put on the seat, and the right - to raise and bend, creating the appearance of a step on the chair seat. Hold in this position you need a few minutes, and then return to the original. Do the exercise for the second leg in the same way.

The flexible tree exercise is done this way. It is necessary to stand on the socks behind a room chair. Legs should be as tight as possible, hands should be placed on the back of the chair. Next it is necessary to bend one leg in the knee and take it to the side 90 degrees. After repeating the exercise with the second leg.

To sit "in the abyss", you must take a rack at the width of the shoulders in front of the chair. Place your hands on your belt. It is necessary to take the right leg back, and put the upper part of the foot on the chair seat. From this position it is necessary to do squats. At the same time, the left leg should be bent at the knee until the right knee approaches the floor. After you return to the original position. Then the exercise is performed for the second leg.

How-pump-pop-in-home-conditions-girl_14 Plank will also help to strengthen the gluteal muscles

Advice! Exercises designed to train all groups of gluteus muscles at the same time, should be present in each set of physical exertion for priests. They should be equal in number and exercises of the previous classes, alternating with them.

Thus, the question of how to pump the ass a modern girl, it is easy to solve at home. To do this, you must at least have the desire, persistence and determination to engage in physical activity regularly, without pauses and breaks. In addition, there is a set of basic training rules that must be implemented so that the exercises have the desired effect. The result of exercise is necessarily balanced and proper nutrition.

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