Stylish jeans vest with own hands( 50 pics) - Patterns, master class

  • Apr 05, 2018
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 23) denim vest with his hands is done quickly, and the result is a stunning

denim vest with his hands, the patterns and the creation of the decor - it's not just a pastime, but also a stylish addition to a casual outfit. Such a thing, made with your own hands, can be worn at a party, a walk around the city or a movie theater. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of turning old, worn jeans into a fashionable wardrobe detail!

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 28) Such a thing, made his own, you can wear to a party, a walk around the city or to the cinema
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 26) Indulge in the pleasure to turn in old worn jeans a fashionable piece wardrobe!
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 16) Such a thing will certainly take place in your wardrobe


  • 1 little about tissue
  • 2 Important preparation
  • 3 Simple pattern denim
  • 4 sew vestOld jeans
  • 5 We cut an old denim shirt
  • 6 Dressing a new waistcoat
  • 7 Jeans waistcoat with our own hands: tips for a beginner seamstress
  • 8 Why wear a new waistcoat?

little about tissue

History of denim has its roots in the beginning of the last century. In the era of active industrial development, there was a sharp need for a strong fabric for workwear of workers. Jeans and became a material that was actively used for tailoring the factory form. Later, in the 60's, the denim drew the attention of designers, creating a universal pants. But the famous denim shorts and short skirts promoted to the masses the participants of the hippy movement. Representatives of this subculture did not want to part with the worn jeans and invented to cut off the pants. Stitched skirts in those years could be seen at any disco or beach party.

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 11) In an era of active development of the industry there was a sharp need for a durable fabric for clothing workers
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 17) jeans and a steel material, which is actively used for sewing factory form
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 15) Later, in the 60s, to denim noticed designers, creatingUniversal pants

Now things from denim are actively used when creating any fashionable image. Fashion on this fabric does not weaken for a minute. And if men are accustomed to wearing only denim pants and shirts, the women's wardrobe was breaking from all sorts of skirts, shorts, sundresses, overalls and vests of different cut and style. The last thing, by the way, is very popular, because a denim vest even the most dull and boring onion, consisting of black trousers and monochrome stamp may look bright and beautiful. Pleases and the fact that the pattern of vests from denim can be done with their own hands, it is enough just to get out of the closet a sewing kit and old jeans that have become obsolete.

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 1) Now things from denim are actively used to create any fashionable image
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 1) Fashion on this fabric does not weaken for a minute
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 2) Womens wardrobe breaks from all kinds of skirts, shorts, sarafans, overalls and jackets of different cut and style

Important preparations

First you need to prepare the "soil" for the upcoming creation of a masterpiece of street fashion. On the table in front of you should lie the following materials and items:

  • old jeans or a fabric bought in the store;
  • thread( it is desirable to choose a tone in the color of the material);
  • needles;
  • safety pins - 3-4 pieces;
  • scissors;
  • ruler and soft centimeter tape;
  • chalk or a piece of soap;
  • sheet of paper;
  • pencil.
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 47) denim vest with his hands can be cut on this pattern
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 39) Think fashion product and its cut, and based on your own preferences, vyplesnite idea on paper
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 25) premeditated, what would you like to wear the finished product

Everything ready? Then we pick up a simple pencil and begin the first stage of a fashionable operation - design development. Take the project seriously, because you will use this stock to create patterns. Think about the style of the product and its cut, and based on your own preferences, throw the idea on paper.

Simple pattern denim

to create a unique vest can buy cloth in the shop or get out of the closet the old stuff. Why is the thing unique? Clothes made with your own hands are always original and original, and you are guaranteed not to see the same vest on someone you know.

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 27) to create a unique vest can buy cloth in the shop or get out of the closet the old stuff
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 18) clothing made with his own hands - it is always the originality and uniqueness, and you are guaranteed to not see the same jacket on someone of the familiar
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 44) Before going after the material, we recommend you look around: if you do not have time to throw out old, worn trousers or a shirt - it's time to use them!

Buying denim in the store, the main thing is not to overdo it. With a standard width of 1.5 meters, you will have enough and a meter of jeans. But before going after the material, we recommend that you look around: if you do not have time to throw out old, worn trousers or a shirt - it's time to use them! Urgently get them out of the box with unnecessary things, and we will reveal the secrets of creating patterns for a jeans vest with your own hands. So, let's go!

To create an exclusive hand-made maid, you will need the following measurements:

  • the expected length of the product;
  • chest girth;
  • waist measurement;
  • shoulder length.

If you do not have the skills to take measurements, the favorite T-shirt can come to the rescue. Just attach it to the paper and outline the contours with the addition of a few centimeters on the sides. So the waistcoat will lie free and not create inconvenience when driving. If you want to make patterns for a jeans waistcoat for a girl with your own hands of a non-standard form, change the boundaries of the future project according to the complete agreement with your own imagination and teenager's preferences.

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 49) If you do not have the skills to take measurements, the favorite shirt can come to the rescue. Just attach it to the paper and draw the outlines with the addition of the sides of a few centimeters
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 45) You can start with the needle go through the trunk, and then fix the result sewing machine
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 46) Optionally, you can leave the edges without border - fringe is still in vogue

Create vest from purchased fabric

  1. From the 7th cervical vertebra, set the measured length down.
  2. Draw the neck, taking into account an indentation of 2 cm along the line of the shoulders.
  3. Make a 1.5 cm groove for the back and under armholes. For
  4. shoulder cut back away from the tip of the neck 7 cm.
  5. Draw a line rim edge( parallel to the center of the shelf at a distance of 2 cm.).
  6. From the top of the neck, lower 5 cm and draw a line of the cut.
  7. Make the bevel and the bottom line of the shelf. Pattern is ready.

Cut out the created design and transfer it to the fabric. Contour the edges with a piece of soap or white chalk. Combine all the patterns with the help of English pins. For a start, you can walk through the connecting lines with a needle and then fix the result with a sewing machine. If desired, you can leave the edges without edging - fringe is still in fashion.

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 10) This vest is suitable to any image

This style is perfect for creating an ensemble with a denim skirt, flared pants made of denim, bananas. You can also wear a vest with a T-shirt with interesting ornaments and short shorts.

sew vest of old jeans

If your intention is to throw it in the trash old trousers made of denim, which for several seasons are gathering dust on the top shelf and "mozolyat 'eyes, do not rush to implement hasty decisions. Take them out of the secluded corner, wash and dry. The blank is ready for the waistcoat!

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 1) Waistcoat in the style of a patchwork made from pieces of old jeans
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 43) If you are planning to throw old denim pants into the trash, which have already been dusting up on the upper shelf for a few seasons and "callose eyes", do not rush
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 41) Get them out of the nook, wash and dry. The blank is ready for the waistcoat!
  1. Pick up the ruler and begin to draw a pattern. For the basis, take the back of the trousers with pockets.
  2. On paper, draw a figure with seven corners, cut out. Transfer the workpiece to the denim fabric. Do not forget about the allowance of 1.5 cm, it is necessary for the joints.
  3. Thread the allowance by bending it inwards.
  4. Sew stitching by letting go around the edges of 5-7 mm.
  5. Make the second pattern in the same way. As a result, you should get two side blanks for a waistcoat with pockets.
  6. Start the processing of the pants. It is necessary to cut two harnesses for the waistcoat. First, measure the necessary distance from the point on your chest to your neck. Transfer the specified length to the jeans, adding a few centimeters for the seams. Make the patterns so that the width of the workpiece gradually decreases toward the neck.
  7. Then attach the wide edges of the material to the base of the waistcoat, pin them with pins or sewn with threads. Stitch the edges on the sewing machine.
  8. Take the product. If necessary, adjust the length of the neck.
  9. Now sew two cables together.
  10. Turn the edges, and retreat 5-7 mm and stitch the stitches.
  11. Make the backrest. It will be a narrow strip connecting the sides of the waistcoat. Measure the width of the back, and cut off the necessary part of the fabric, taking into account the additives on the seams. Be careful. The width of this part should coincide with the length of one of the sides of the heptagon, with which we made the basis of the product.
  12. We process the edges of the backrest. The vest is ready, it remains only to make the decor.
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 40) Vest pants make very simple
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 37) you will receive an exclusive product
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 34) guaranteed better to use wide jeans

Having done all the steps above, you are guaranteed to get an exclusive thing you can decorate on their own. On the ways of decorating clothes made with our own hands, we'll talk later, but for now, we'll go on to study step-by-step instructions on how to turn an old denim jacket into a new trendy waistcoat.

We cut an old shirt from a denim

If you have a long-worn jeans shirt in your closet, you can give her a second life, having made an effective vest. In most cases, you do not even need needles and threads. Just cut or open the sleeves - a new thing to your order. Here, you do not even need to process the edges, the fashion for fringe does not weaken ever.

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 3) If you have a closet lying around for a long time out of fashion shirt jeans, it is possible to give a second life, making a spectacular vest
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 38) simply cut or cutting sleeves - a new item to your order

If the length of the product does not suit you, It can be cut to the desired size. Put the workpiece on yourself and mark the required distance. Excess cut - the vest is ready.

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 30) Waistcoat can be made from jeans jacket
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 31) Preform can be aged, add abrasions
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 32) Cut the sleeves
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 33) The waistcoat is ready

Decorating the new waistcoat

If you have already used the above recommendations, Should lie the finished product of denim. To make it unique, you need to decorate the waistcoat in any way you like:

  • Stones and crystals .Such an ornament can be purchased at any store for needlework. Just make a pencil place for the decor, drip on the fabric for textile glue and put the stones. Slightly crush the decor with your fingers and leave the product in peace until the adhesive has completely dried.
  • Lace. Such a decor will always be in a trend, be sure. Lace can be sewn over jeans or make it a connecting fabric between the elements of clothing. Now in shops such wide choice of this flirtatious material is offered, that you can choose the necessary variant for any ensemble in which the waistcoat will be used.
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 42) The seamstresses now have a wide range of applications and patches that can be glued to the future
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 7) lace. It can be sewn over jeans or make it a connecting fabric between the garments
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 13) Now the stores offer such a wide choice of lace material thatYou can choose the right option for any ensemble that will use the vest
  • Bows and ribbons. Such a gentle decoration is used for sewing things for teenage girls. More "adult" option can be bows made from the same fabric as the waistcoat.
  • Wipes and holes. To create "design" holes, you can take the blade. Carefully spend it on the surface of the tissue, and gradually the threads will begin to tear and expose the weave.
  • Applications. Now available to seamstresses a wide range of applications and patches, which can be glued to a future waistcoat. Those who have the skills of embroidery, can independently make a flower or an interesting ornament with the help of a floss.
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 5) Fabric can be discolored, add spills
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( i) Decorate the product with zippers and rivets
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 8) Add decorative fabric
  • Rivets and spikes. These accessories will help create punk rock clothing. You can decorate any item of clothing from shoulder pads to the collar.
  • American flag. Fragment of such a fabric with stars and stripes sew to the back or one of the side parts - the effect will be stunning!

Jeans waistcoat with their own hands: tips for beginner seamstresses

Case, as you know, the wizard is afraid. And if this master has some secrets, the matter will be fulfilled more quickly, and the result will surpass all expectations. Want to know tips on sewing a vest of denim? Well, they persuaded, we tell:

  • The color palette of threads and material must match.
  • To not worry about "dismantling" old jeans trousers or shirts for hours, use a blade and a pair of nail scissors.
  • If you sew a rubber band to the inside of the backrest, the product will sit better on the figure.
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 4) The color palette of threads and the material must match
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 6) To not worry about "dismantling" old jeans trousers or shirts for hours, use the blade and nail scissors
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 12) If you sew an elastic to the inside of the back, the product will sit better in the figure
  • When jeans of a large size are used as a source material, you can simply cut all the seams for simplicity and convenience. A small model will have to be cut.
  • Before sewing all the parts, try the product in front of the mirror. Only after you make sure that the waistcoat has fallen as it should, connect all the details with strong seams using a sewing machine. What to wear a new waistcoat with?

Here, after a few hours of diligence and creativity, you see before you a new trendy waistcoat. Now it remains to be determined with what things can be combined with the product. At the conclusion of this article, you will learn what to wear, how to combine and how to complement the new image.

Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 14) The original solution is to decorate the waistcoat with the
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 20) Waistcoat, you can also add a dress-case
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 21) Waistcoat over a warm hoodie
  • A new waistcoat can decorate a bow with a monochrome top on straps, leggins and white sneakers. In this bow you can add a stylish baseball cap and bag over your shoulder or backpack.
  • Jeans skirt, loose T-shirt with bright ornaments and vest - the everyday city image is ready!
  • Strict black turtleneck and narrowed black trousers. Than not an option, eh?
  • Longsliv with a V-neck and jeans with a low waist are perfectly complemented by a stylish hand-made vest. As shoes can act and beautiful ballet flats, and moccasins, and even brutal half-boots without a heel in the cowboy style.
  • A gentle summer dress with a bright floral print, sandals and a vest of jeans - in such a dress it's not a shame to appear in a city park or cinema.
  • A large, shapeless dress can also be worn with a denim vest, but only if the upper thing does not create wrinkles on the bottom of the ensemble.
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 22) Image in the style of glam rock
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 24) An indispensable thing for everyday images
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 29) Blue fits perfectly with the white
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 35) The original addition to the summer overall
Jeans-vest-with-hands-patterns( 36) There are a lot of options for combining the vest of denim, so do not doubtthat your masterpiece you can not use for other purposes

options vest combination of denim a lot, so do not doubt that your masterpiece you can not Execuacce misused. Be creative, do not be afraid of bright and unusual ideas, try to get away from templates and standards - only creativity and the desire to be fashionable will help you create a really worthwhile thing!

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