Irrigator of the oral cavity - Which is better to choose? Reviews, tips

  • Apr 05, 2018
Irrigator-cavity-mouth The main function of the irrigator is the removal of tartar and food residues in the oral cavity.

The main function of the irrigator is the removal of tartar and food residues in the oral cavity. The result is achieved by directing a liquid jet to the surface of the teeth and gums, under the action of which the oral cavity is cleaned. Let's try to find out what the irrigator of the mouth is and what it is better to choose.

Irrigator-cavity-mouth-some-better-choose-reviews-tips_( 1) With this simple device you can prevent a huge number of oral diseases


  • 1 What is it and "with what it is eaten"?
  • 2 A wide choice for every taste
  • 3 How to choose the right irrigator?
  • 4 Choosing the best model
  • 5 Irrigator of the oral cavity: reviews

What is it and "with what it is eaten"?

In developed European countries this device is available in almost every home. Russians, unfortunately, have learned about this device quite recently. Those few who have already learned about the miraculous abilities of this device, rushed to buy this newfangled tool for cleaning the mouth.

The principle of the irrigator is simple and straightforward. Pour in the tank the necessary amount of water and medical-prophylactic liquid and bring the tip of the device to the teeth. Within a few seconds pressure builds up in the container, and a jet of liquid rinses the surface of the teeth, gums and mouth cavity with a powerful stream, removing the food remnants and the stone particles formed on the tooth enamel. The optimum pressure level is created by means of a miniature pump. In order for the device to function, simply connect it to any power source.

With this simple device you can prevent a huge number of diseases of the oral cavity. People suffering from gum bleeding and gingivitis simply need to purchase this apparatus.

Few of our compatriots can boast of being aware of the existence of such a device as an irrigator. And, by the way, the first clinical trials of this device began in the sixties of the last century. The patent for it belongs to a scientist from the United States. Since then, the irrigator has enjoyed immense popularity not only in North America, but throughout Europe.

Irrigator-cavity-mouth-what-can-pick up Irrigator gently acts on the surface of the mouth, without irritating them and without causing injury.

This machine is an excellent alternative to dental floss. When using a dental thread, many people experience discomfort, complain of bleeding gums and the appearance of periodontitis. Irrigator also gently affects the surface of the mouth, without irritating them and not causing injury. It can be used even while wearing implants and other orthodontic appliances.

Wide choice for every taste

Irrigators according to the nature of the operation are divided into the following groups:

  • Portable devices .They work both on batteries and on the battery. Such irrigators have a low weight, and they are inexpensive. In general, the ideal solution for those who often travel. The only drawback of the device is the fact that you can only use them while in a certain position of the body, otherwise the device will refuse to supply water.
  • Stationary. Such devices can often be seen in the bathrooms of American and Western European families. Usually the device has a few baits, which are more than enough for all household members. In irrigators of stationary type, the water in the reservoir is sent under pressure into a special hose, and then into the nozzle, from which, in fact, it strikes with a hard stream in hard-to-reach places for cleaning.
  • Devices connected to the water supply. Before considering the choice of which is better to choose the irrigator for the oral cavity - portable or stationary, you should pay attention to the models that are connected to the water supply system. As in the previous case, the whole family can use it. Thanks to the connection to the water pipe, the jet can be fed continuously. With such an instrument, you do not need to worry about the water running out of the tank.
Irrigator-cavity-mouth-some-better-choose-reviews-tips_( i) There are handheld and stationary devices

Important! Specialists do not recommend connecting the irrigator directly to the water supply. In many cities, running water is simply not suitable for mouth rinsing. For example, practically throughout the whole of Western Siberia and the Far East, a large amount of fluoride is present in the water, which can cause fluorosis and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Cleaning devices can be divided into groups not only based on the ability to use the device at home or outside of it. An important criterion when choosing an irrigator is the feature of feeding a water jet.

  • Continuous jet .In this case, it is a continuous, stable supply of water from the reservoir.
  • Pulsating flow .This method of fluid delivery is most effective when it comes to removing tartar.
  • Water jet with air bubbles. Irrigator equipped with this function can serve not only for cleaning the oral cavity, but also for the prevention of diseases due to the ability to enrich the oxygen with teeth and gums during the hygienic procedure.
Irrigator-cavity-mouth-which-better-choose-reviews-tips_( 6) An important criterion in choosing an irrigator is the feature of supplying a water jet

. How to choose the right irrigator?

If you still decide to purchase this device, you should observe the following when buying:

  • Age category of users;
  • Number of people who will use the device;
  • Diseases of the oral cavity;
  • Features of a lifestyle.

Let's take a closer look at each case in more detail.

Irrigation-cavity-mouth-some-better-choose-reviews-tips_( 7) High-pressure water rinses the mouth

. Nozzles. To be or not to be?

  • If you are planning to buy only for yourself, you need to pay attention to instruments with one or two nozzles.
  • If the irrigator is used by all family members, it is better to buy a device with a large number of baits, so that they are enough for each user. Choose models with multi-colored tips, then each member of the family will only use his attachment.
  • If the irrigator is used by children, buy a device with nozzles to wash the nasopharynx. Such procedures at an early age reduce the risk of contracting influenza and ARVI in a season of frequent morbidity.

Irrigators & Children

This device can become a wand-zashchalochkoy for parents whose children do not really like to clean teeth. Using the appliance - the process interesting and fun, children are sure to be interested in a jet of water gushing out of the machine, and will expose their mouths for hygienic processing. In the period when the teeth change, the irrigator is especially needed. In the gums after the loss of the tooth, the remains of food begin to accumulate, which leads to the multiplication of bacteria and the occurrence of diseases. Often it is very difficult to get to such places with a usual brush, and the irrigator with such a task will cope without difficulty.

Irrigator-cavity-mouth-some-better-choose-reviews-tips_( 4) This device can be a wand-rod for parents whose children do not like to clean teeth

Important! If your baby is growing up, be sure to teach him to use the irrigator. The baby should have its own nozzle. It is strictly forbidden to use the nozzle of one of the adult members of the family, otherwise the child may become infected from the parents with diseases of the oral cavity.

If you have braces

To clean the oral cavity, people with braces need to get a device with a special nozzle. Only with the help of such a tip will there be a qualitative cleaning of the points of contact between the tooth surface and the orthodontic construction.

Conventional nozzles can not provide proper oral care when you wear braces. In places where there are so-called locks, even a jet with a strong water head is not able to produce proper hygienic treatment.

Important! Many dentists just recommend people who have installed braces to use an irrigator instead of a toothbrush. Even dental floss can not cope with cleansing the oral cavity, when the braces are on the teeth.

Irrigator-cavity-mouth-which-better-choose-reviews-tips_( 8) For those who often travel, it is worth choosing a portable model

Choosing the best model

In order that you do not puzzle over what kind of irrigator of the oral cavity choose so that both the price was acceptable and the quality was at the highest level, we collected the bestModel and staged an improvised "casting" for the title "Best Irrigator 2017".For the contest, different devices were assembled, differing from each other by the number of nozzles, the price, the type of jet, the availability of additional functions and the power level.

Name Price in $ Number of nozzles Type of jet Water supply power level Features Disadvantages
Waterpik WP 100 ultra 90 7 Pulsating 10 The set includes universal nozzles, a nozzle for braces, nasopharynx and tongue. The pressure of the jet is adjustable.
Aquajetlda 7 50 2 Pulsating 2 Can be used outside the house, very powerful jet.
Bewellwi 911 40 2 Pulsating 1 Portable. Can work without recharging up to 70 minutes. Low power, water is supplied under low pressure.
Ves vip 003 50 9 With microbubbles 10 Powered by mains, there is a large number of attachments for all occasions.
Panasonic EW DJ 10 40 1 Panasonic EW DJ 10 40 1 Panasonic EW DJ 10 40 1 Panasonic EW DJ 10 40 1 2 Portable Complete with only one attachment
ORAL B Prof Care MD20 90 4 Mono, turbo 5 Practically noiseless, easy to use Low power, low flow pressure
Donfeel OR 820M 40 4 With micro bubbles 4 Can be used forRinsing of the nasopharynx Few power levels of the

After reading the table, you will not have to ask which irrigator is best for individual or family use. If you have children, try to choose models with a lot of baits, including tips for irrigation of the nasopharynx. Such hygienic treatment will help babies become less susceptible to such diseases as influenza, ARVI, ARI, pneumonia, bronchitis and tonsillitis.

Irrigator of the oral cavity: feedback from

It would seem that the varieties of irrigators have already said everything. But before you start to search for the model you need, familiarize yourself with the opinion of those who have already purchased the device and try it at home. What kind of irrigator is better to choose? Comments of women:

Irina, 32 years old : I've been using Donfeel OR 820M for four years already. Power, of course, is weak, but the device works without failures. For all this time I have never broken. I have a child, and a special nozzle for rinsing the nasopharynx helps us to withstand colds during the period of the special activity of viruses and bacteria.

Irrigator-cavity-mouth-some-better-choose-reviews-tips_( 3) This device is especially necessary for those who wear braces

Tatiana, 18 years old: I have braces for a year now. Initially, I was tortured and complexed, because the remains of food were accumulating under the locks. The result was a stale breath and insecurity. WaterpikWP 100 ultra solved my problem. A special nozzle allows gentle and gentle hygienic treatment of the mouth.

Hope, 59 years old: I have false teeth. Very often the food accumulates under the prosthesis. During the working day began to notice that colleagues are reluctant to talk to me. I had to buy a portable irrigator Panasonic EWDJ Since that time, I have never noticed an unpleasant odor from my mouth.

Irrigator-cavity-mouth-some-better-choose-reviews-tips_( 5) After regular use, an unpleasant odor from the mouth of

Ekaterina, 19 years: I have been using ORAL B Professional Care / MD20 for several years now, I can not get enough of it. Previously, I could not find a toothbrush myself. I have such sensitive gums that even the softest bristles hurt me. My mother watched for a long time as I was suffering, and then, on the advice of my friend, I bought an irrigator. A great thing. I recommend to all.

Olga, 41 year: For one of the holidays friends gave Vesvip He stood in the closet for a long time, I still did not understand why to use it, if there are toothbrushes. A few months later I read about irrigators on the Internet and got my device out of the closet. Now I'm not happy! Excellent solution for hygienic treatment of the mouth. The habitual toothbrushes and threads can not always reach hard-to-reach places, and the irrigator is what the doctor prescribed. Simple, convenient, reliable.

Irrigator-cavity-mouth-some-better-choose-reviews-tips_( 2) In addition to the main function, some models are able to carry out a nasopharyngeal wash

The mouth cavity irrigation is an apparatus that allows the oral cavity to be gently and gently cleaned. If you plan to use it at home, pay attention to stationary models with a lot of baits. Then each member of the family can use this miracle device.

Do you often travel? Do not worry, get a portable irrigator, which is easy to take with you on a business trip or on vacation.

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