Laser hair removal - Contraindications and consequences, reviews

  • Apr 06, 2018
Laser-epilation-contraindications-and-consequences-responses_01 Laser Hair Removal - contraindications and effects are a sign of illiteracy, professional misconduct or irresponsibility client

Laser Hair Removal - contraindications and effects are a sign of illiteracy, professional misconduct or irresponsibility client. Types of laser hair removal will form a correct idea about this process. Reviews about hair removal will serve as good advice.

Laser-epilation-contraindications-and-consequences-responses_08 laser devices Specialists ensure a long, steady, and even the radical destruction of the hair follicles


  • 1 What deal?
  • 2 Varieties and characteristics of laser hair removal
  • 3 «Pitfalls» Laser removal of vegetation
  • 4 Pros and cons
  • procedures
  • 5 Laser counter hair growth: doctors say
  • 6 experiments with the laser beam from the comfort of home
  • 7 Reviews experienced the

what deal?

Getting rid of unwanted hair is an eternal problem for any woman. In war, as they say, all methods are justified. Therefore, the fairer sex resort to various tricks, eradicating the vegetation on the body and face. Do not remain unattended and laser hair removal.

«painless and comfortable procedure", "Getting rid of the hair laser once and for all," "lasting effect" - these ad calls are covered with many cosmetic web resources and stained glass beauty salons. But is it worth it to believe unconditionally that promo banners and PR managers promise us? It is often thought-out marketing based on making a profit, and a real help to the user and familiarize him with the emerging obstacles and consequences of salon services, at times, do not attach importance masters laser centers.

Laser-epilation-contraindications-and-consequences-responses_09 Disposal of unwanted hair - the eternal problem of any woman

Varieties and characteristics of laser hair removal

Mechanical( shaving, plucking), chemical( effect of depilatory creams), bioepilation( enzyme, waxing, shugaring) ways to eliminate unwanted hairCover today are replaced by the laser method of getting rid of the vegetation on the skin. This is natural, because proven algorithms give only a temporary result. And specialists of laser devices guarantee a continuous, steady, and even radical destruction of hair follicles.

in laser centers and beauty salons now use several types of systems:

  • Alexandrite;
  • diode;
  • ruby;
  • neodymium.

Their differences are in the process of receiving and beam length, pulse duration, cooling technology skin and transmitted radiation energy that passes by the hair shaft is converted into heat. Heating destroys the structure of the follicle without damaging the epidermis. The skin cools instantly.

The most powerful type of action is the neodymium system. Even the brightest hairs are subject to it. The impact of its rays extends to the dark skin, since the main criterion for the beginning of the procedure is rubbing the surface of the body with a special coal mixture. This mass, getting into the follicles, heats up under the influence of a neodymium laser. Coal particles under the influence of heat "explode" at the micro level, destroying the structure of the hair bulb. The procedure is effective, but rather painful.

The ruby ​​system, on the contrary, is considered the most inefficient. Blame for everything - a short wavelength. This kind of laser has little effect on blonde hair, but it has a disastrous effect on the dark color of the vegetation.

The Alexandrite system of effect on bulbs fights well with the black hair cover, and affects light vegetation to an insignificant degree. The system is equipped with cooling( for comfortable hair removal) and scanning( for the accuracy of the procedure).

Laser-epilation-contraindications-and-consequences-responses_03 Differences laser hair removal method consists in a method of obtaining and the length of the beam, the pulse duration, cooling technology skin and transmitted radiation energy that passes on the hair shaft, is converted into thermal

Advantages diode apparatus are in speed, painless and exposure to any type ofSkin. With this type of laser, dark hair is excellently removed. Bright vegetation lends itself to worse.

Tip! There is no need to expect a 2-3-fold visit to laser centers. Perhaps, it will take 8-10 procedures: it all depends on the features of genetics.

«Pitfalls» Laser removal of vegetation

quality laser treatments to get rid of unwanted hair depends on several features:

  • dark hair are an excellent conductor of light. Light vegetation contributes to the absorption of impulses, not only by the hair shaft, but also by the skin. Therefore, soon to achieve the desired result, having a light fluff is not so easy.
  • The contrast of the skin and hair color is the best option for laser hair removal. Dark vegetation and light skin contribute to the best penetration of the rays into the depth of the epidermis. Swarthy skin with light hairs will promote absorption of rays by the skin.
  • Hair staying in the active stage of growth is eliminated in the first place. The nascent vegetation is not affected by the laser beams, therefore one should not count on the single procedure.
  • Such qualities of the master as patience, thoroughness and accuracy, bring tangible results.
Laser-epilation-contra-indications-and-consequences-responses_05 dark vegetation and bright skin promotes the best penetration of the rays deep into the epidermis

Tip! Before visiting the beauty salon for laser hair removal, it is worthwhile to arm with a doctor's advice. Perhaps, for your body there are contraindications.

Pros and cons

procedure The advantages of laser hair removal are deserved:

  • prolonged absence of hair in unwanted places.
  • Guaranteed painlessness with a qualified specialist qualification. Short-term procedures.

also exist reasons for which the laser to get rid of the hair is a panacea:

  • hirsutism( due to the hormonal failure);
  • increased irritation from shaving;
  • enhanced hair growth rate;
  • need to get rid of vegetation on the body( athletes and workers of certain food industries need it).

But laser hair removal along with positive moments have contraindications and unpleasant consequences, photos of which can be easily found in the public domain on the Internet.

Laser-epilation-contraindications-and-consequences-responses_07 The main advantage of this method is the long absence of hair covering in undesirable places

Factors in which laser beam interference is contraindicated:

  • oncological diseases;
  • dermatological problems;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • varicose veins;
  • diabetes;
  • herpetic eruptions;
  • abrasions and skin irritations;
  • moles and papillomas in the area of ​​the beam;
  • recent tanning. In addition, there are a number of features and specific nuances of laser hair removal:
    • The qualitative procedure requires a hair growth of at least 1 mm.
    • If the pain threshold is lower, anesthesia will be required.
    • The darker the skin, the more risk of getting a burn during the session.
    • Redness of the skin after exposure to the beam is a natural reaction. Her disappearance will help a special cream caused by a specialist.
    • To gray and very fair hair the laser beam is not the enemy. Therefore, such vegetation will have to be removed by other methods( electrolysis is a worthy alternative).
    • Sunbathing after the procedure is permissible only after a month.
    • Visiting the sauna and swimming pools is permissible after a week after epilation.
    • Use of alcohol-containing and scrubbing agents is temporary prohibited in the areas affected by the beam.

    The sad consequences and harmfulness of laser procedures can be said: observing the recommendations of dermatologists and laser hair removal specialists, it is quite difficult to discomfort the skin or the body. However, the incompetence of the "master", the patient's non-observance of elementary rules, coupled with medical contra-indications for health, may be lamentable:

    • appearance of pigmented spots and burns due to sunlight;
    • complications of internal diseases;
    • allergic rashes;
    • folliculitis;
    • increase in the density of the hair cover( due to incompetence in the laser settings);
    • herpetic inflammation;
    • damage to the retina of the eye( on the patient, goggles should be worn during the session, especially if the hair is removed on the face);
    • of skin erythema.
    Laser-epilation-contraindications-and-consequences-responses_06 Burns after laser hair removal

    Unpleasant "makeweight" is also a relatively high price for laser hair removal.

    Tip! We need to carefully consider the choice of a specialist in the laser system: take an interest in his qualifications, work experience, certificates and licenses.

    Laser resistance to hair growth: opinion of doctors

    If the candidate for the removal of unwanted vegetation is a medical professional, rather than a simple salon dealer, then he will bear full responsibility for the health of the patient. Therefore, it is worth focusing on medical laser centers, where the aesthetic appearance of the skin is viewed through the prism of medical practice.

    The reception should be performed by a dermatologist or a cosmetologist who has a certificate for performing activities on a specific laser device.

    It should be noted that not every practicing doctor, even having experience in plastic surgery or dermatology, has knowledge and skills in working with a laser. This is a separate specialization. But any doctor will recommend a full medical examination in order to protect the patient from adverse results.

    Laser-epilation-contraindications-and-consequences-responses_11 It is worth doing the procedure exactly in medical laser centers, where the aesthetic appearance of the skin is viewed through the prism of medical practice

    Advice! You should know that a good specialist will perform a hair removal test first on a small part of the body. Noting the absence of acute inflammatory phenomena, the doctor will start working on the vast parts of the epidermis.

    Experiments with a laser beam without leaving the house

    More recently, a portable laser has appeared in the market of hair removal equipment at home. Many women became interested in manual know-how. The desire to have in your arsenal an indispensable helper, able to save not only from annoying vegetation, but also from tiresome hikes in the salons and medical centers, forces the ladies to spread for him 18-20 thousand rubles each.

    Yes, with a portable laser, hair removal will become more convenient and at least affordable. It is only necessary to monitor the cost of services in laser centers. But the home phone also has its drawbacks:

    • truncated functional( effectiveness is manifested on dark hair in contrast to light skin);
    • a small area of ​​influence( 30 mm or less), which causes the time of procedures to take a considerable number of hours;
    • Hand laser treatment requires skill, certain knowledge and accuracy, otherwise the above consequences will manifest themselves without visiting the beauty salon.
    Laser-epilation-contra-indications-and-consequences-responses_04 Portable home laser machine

    Advice! If visiting a beauty salon, on the skin for chemical peels or laser resurfacing, the procedures to get rid of the hair with a laser excluded for at least a month.

    Reviews experienced the

    Laser hair removal is not only serious health contraindications and unpleasant consequences, but positive results, which reviews the effectiveness of the method is confirmed to a large extent.

    Venus, 51: I did not visit the doctor, as usual, before laser procedures. In which I blame only myself. Although, she always knew about her varicose veins. Hair in the armpits for 4 sessions visually decreased, but the veins on the legs became more expressive. Now I do not have the hair on my shins. Now I have another fight - with varicose veins.

    Daria, 27 years old: We broke up with a friend on a portable laser. We sent him by mail. My hair on the legs is noticeably thinned: somehow the bunches are now growing. We carried out 5 procedures with an interval of 2 months. At the girlfriend as though without changes: hair dense and thick. Probably, it is correctly said that the laser is attracted to a dark color and acts more intensively on it( my hair is much darker than that of a girlfriend).

    Leonid, 39 years old: I after the first session on the alexandrite laser in the bikini area poured terrible redness. But anointed "Bepantenom" and by morning everything had disappeared. Until after the third session, she did not notice any hair loss. As if everything is at the same level.

    Laser-epilation-contraindications-and-consequences-responses_10 Reddening of the skin after exposure to the beam is a natural reaction. Her disappearance will help a special cream made by specialist

    Galina, 43 years old: Hair is getting smaller and smaller. Somewhere on 30 percent. And this is only my 2nd procedure!

    Maria, 20 years old: I decided to remove the hair in the area of ​​the temples. They grow from me like whiskers. She turned to the local salon: they have a diode laser. They promised a painless procedure. The pain was unbearable. I barely managed to patience. It turns out that I have a low pain threshold. Other clients, according to the master, did not feel any pain. The next procedure I will do with the application of soothing ointment.

    Julia, 31 years old: been almost a year, during which there were about eight sessions of laser hair removal in the underarm area. Hair became thinner, but less than it did not become. The master says that I may have a hormonal splash that provokes luxuriant vegetation. Has advised to address to the endocrinologist.

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