Sunflower Seeds - Benefits and Harms for Women

  • Apr 06, 2018
Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 1) Sunflower seeds can be both useful and harmful. How to eat them correctly?

This very strange and attractive thing is sunflower seeds, the benefits and harm for women and men from whom we will understand in today's article. Sunflower seeds we know and love for a long time, for sure, each of you at least once in one fell swoop consumed the entire pack, because it's simply impossible to stop. But few of you ever wondered what benefit and what harm this very inanimate and very unremarkable product can bear. Today we will talk just about this, and at the same time we will understand the composition and how to eat our favorite sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 8) Sunflower itself does not represent any value for cooking, but its seeds are just the desired independent product


  • 1 What is sunflower and its seeds?
  • 2 What is the composition of the sunflower seeds?
  • 3 Why are seeds useful?
  • 4 What kind of seeds are harmful?
  • 5 Seeds of sunflower: caloric content
  • 6 Several rules on which to consume seeds
  • 7 How to dry seeds?

What is sunflower and its seeds?

Sunflower can be called a very unpretentious and really common plant. Arriving from North and South America, he very much fell in love with us in Russia and in neighboring Ukraine so that both countries are leading in cultivating this culture and exporting to foreign countries. Sunflower itself is of no value for cooking, but its seeds are just the desired independent product. Usually sunflower seeds are used as a very light snack or after a meal, as they practically do not carry saturating fats. Sunflower oil is also made from seeds, it is used in the preparation of such sweetness as kozinak.

Tip! When buying seeds, be sure to pay attention to the country of the manufacturer. Most often you will see a domestic manufacturer or a Ukrainian one. You can also trust Bulgaria, Argentina and Mexico, but the rest should not be taken better.

Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 10) Usually sunflower seeds are used as a very light snack or after a meal, as they practically do not carry the saturating fats

What is the composition of the sunflower seeds?

In general, sunflower seeds carry a lot of useful substances. In general they consist of water, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but there are other useful ingredients in them, such as:

  • Vitamin E - the daily norm of this vitamin contained in sunflower seeds helps to maintain a healthy skin condition, improves the working capacity of vessels andHeart.
  • Vitamins In - follow the normal work of the nervous system, help with insomnia, excessive dandruff, cope with rashes on the face and unhealthy skin condition.
  • Elements phosphorus and selenium are the ones and the main field of calcium assistants in providing bones, hair and nails with strength also monitor the youthfulness of the skin at the cellular level.
  • Elements magnesium, potassium, zinc - play an important role in the normalization of blood circulation, improving the condition of the heart and improving the overall immunity of the whole organism.

Sunflower seeds can really be called a real pantry of useful minerals and substances. And how much they help or harm, we will tell right now.

Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( i) Sunflower seeds can be called a real pantry of useful minerals and substances

Advice! You can not eat only seeds in the hope that the above ingredients will help you to improve your health. Your diet should be balanced and thoughtful, and the seeds will only be part of this diet.

Why are seeds useful?

We will not talk about how much sunflower seeds are palatable, because it's a matter of taste. About what we can say for sure, it's about the attraction of eating this strange dish. When people talk about a process that you really do not want to stop, they often say "this is for me like seeds".

The Moral Benefit of

Indeed established by scientists that the so-called husking of seeds perfectly calms the nerves by the monotony and dimensionality of this process. If you want to relax your head in a good way after a hard day's work - click the seeds! Sometimes a long snapping of seeds can overcome even a short depression, but you do not need to count on it.

Benefits for the body

Seeds are high in calories, but do not contain a large amount of fat, which makes them an excellent component of the diet for weight loss. In addition, cleansing the seeds from their peel makes us constantly knead the pads of the fingers, which makes an excellent massage for the nerve endings. In addition, seeds help to speed up the healing of bones in fractures and skin in the treatment of skin diseases, they strengthen the skin of the skin.

Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 3) Sunflower seeds are high in calories, but do not contain a large amount of fat, which makes them an excellent component of the diet for weight loss.

Benefits inside

Of course, it is worthwhile to touch on the useful qualities of the composition of this product. Sunflower seeds contain fatty acids, which, in turn, help to restrain the aging of the skin and hair and increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. The latter affects the fact that these little assistants are the prevention of heart attacks, atherosclerosis, problems with obstruction of blood vessels. We have already talked about the fact that seeds contain magnesium, but they are almost the leaders in the amount of this substance. In addition, there are substances that normalize the acid-base balance, which makes the seeds an excellent remedy for heartburn and good against diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

Well, we can not say about the positive effect on the potency and the reproductive system due to vitamin E, which also neutralizes free radicals in the body, usually damaging brain cells. It can be called an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, ending asthma attacks. Well, zinc gives you the amount of metal that is missing for your body, which improves the beauty and shine of your hair.

Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 7) They contain substances that normalize the acid-base balance, which makes the seeds an excellent remedy for heartburn and good against diseases of the digestive tract and liver

Advice! If you want to get rid of insomnia - try at night to eat a glass of slightly fried or raw sunflower seeds. Of course, the latter option is not liked by everyone, so often the seeds are not fried, so as not to lose some useful substances, and dried. How to do this, we will describe later in our article.

What seeds are harmful?

As with everything in this world, abuse leads to unpleasant consequences. Overeating of sunflower seeds is fraught with supersaturation of fats for the body. This leads to the appearance of fat deposits on the body. So, one glass of fried sunflower seeds can equal the whole portion of a shish kebab from pork. The analogy is more than obvious. Of course, it is obvious that they will bring harm to allergic people. But what other troubles are these "kids"?

Mechanical Damage

If you start eating this delicacy with a sore throat, then just irritate your mucous and sharpen the disease. No useful vitamins will help. By the way, if you are going to sing in the near future, then you should also give up seeds. Do this, and in case you are too careful of your tooth enamel. Seeds can destroy it, and people with weak enamel should be afraid of tooth decay in the first place. Reduce the negative effect and prevent the appearance of black spots will help to open each peel with your fingers.

Internal Harm

The large amount of cadmium contained in sunflower seeds is very harmful. Cadmium is toxic and contributes to the appearance of pathologies at the cellular level, as well as various nervous diseases and kidney problems. One packet of sunflower seeds can cause as much harm as a pack of strong cigarettes, so never mix both products together. Also, people suffering from gout and gastrointestinal diseases, for example, colic or ulcer, should wait a little while eating sunflower seeds. But even if you have not complained about something like that, a large amount of sunflower seeds eaten will surely cause you these very colic, also heaviness in the stomach and even diarrhea.

Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 6) One packet of sunflower seeds can cause as much harm as a pack of strong cigarettes, so you should never mix both products together

Advice! Trace the composition on the packages of seeds that you buy. Try to find a manufacturer that completely excludes this substance from its seeds or buy only from very well-known and awarded companies.

Sunflower seeds: caloric content

Separate item I would like to make out the usefulness of sunflower seeds for weight loss. We have already said that this dish is quite high in calories and has a lot of fat. Oxidizing the seeds does not allow their skin, so completely cleaned up is not recommended, since oxidized fats are extremely harmful to the body. It is fried sunflower seeds that can contain up to 560 kcal in their hundred grams. Seeds can be used correctly and appropriately, so that there are no problems, and we will tell about this right now.

Tip! For people who are prone to obesity or completely overweight, the seeds are completely contraindicated. They are not recommended at all, but if you really want, then only in the smallest quantities.

Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 5) It's fried sunflower seeds that can contain up to 560 kcal in their hundred grams.

Several rules on which to consume seeds

These rules are basically simple and hardly affect those who have everything in order with the body. For the most part, it is the destruction of various myths about eating sunflower seeds. Let's consider different positions and the right answers:

  • If you have cholesterol, then the seeds are contraindicated to you!
    Not true. We have already said before that sunflower seeds do not change the level of cholesterol in the blood, neither in the larger, nor in the smaller side.
  • Do you have diabetes? No seeds!
    Again, this is really nonsense. In no way are sunflower seeds related to blood sugar levels. Of course, they have a very high calorie content, so in a large number of them do not need to use, but they will not become any problem in small doses.
  • For pregnant women sunflower seeds are just dangerous!
    Brad is stronger than all the previous ones taken together. Their composition is as dangerous for pregnant girls as it is dangerous for everyone else. There is no seed in the composition of a certain substance, harmful specifically for pregnant women. It all depends only on your personal illnesses, well, about this we described in the paragraph about harm.
  • Breastfeeding? Stop eating sunflower seeds! This is fraught with the child's digestion!
    As in all cases of breastfeeding, the baby's organism will be familiar with the composition of any product if you have used it earlier in pregnancy, so this product will be almost safe. However, everything is individually for everyone, so it's worth keeping an eye on the reaction of your child's body. If you do not observe problems with the stomach, there are no symptoms of allergy, then calmly consume sunflower seeds for health. Simply, as in all other points, do this in moderate doses, because now you are responsible not only for your health, but also for the health of your child.
Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 11) Sunflower seeds are not contraindicated in pregnancy, and in some cases they help to cope with heartburn.
  • Children can not get sunflower seeds! They will also have appendicitis!
    No one has ever proven any connection between the consumption of sunflower seeds by children or adult men and women and the appearance of inflammation of the caecum. Appendicitis has nothing to do with this.
  • If you lose weight, then you should give up this delicacy.
    It's not true, and we even already talked about it. Sometimes seeds even register in the diet of the diet, though not fried, but dried or even raw. Although fried, being very high in calories, they also help to compensate for the missing amount of fat that arises from a large number of protein and vegetables.
  • Seeds can eat both old and young. Look how many grandmothers click on seeds on the benches!
    The last myth for today is a rule that is violated everywhere. In fact, for the elderly, seeds are not very recommended. In them, as we already know, there are fatty unsaturated acids, and they are quite dangerous for the joints. It is the joints most often prone to diseases in the elderly person, and the excess of those same acids will lead to inflammation of the nerve tissues of the joints. So it's better to tell your grandmother that she should not eat so many sunflower seeds.
Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 2) Sometimes seeds even register in the diet of diet for weight loss, though not fried, and dried or even raw

Tip! Everyone has everything in the body too individual, so, in order not to earn unnecessary problems with health, consult with a specialist for eating seeds. He must know whether it is dangerous for you or, conversely, useful.

How to dry the seeds?

We promised to tell you how sunflower seeds are dried. This is extremely simple:

  1. Seeds are washed with water.
  2. Put on a baking sheet in a uniform layer.
  3. The oven heats up to 180 degrees and this baking tray goes into it for 25 minutes.
Sunflower seeds-benefit-and-harm-for-women_( 4) You can dry the seeds in the oven

Your dried sunflower seeds are ready! Keep them now in a dry and dark box.

Tip! Dry, by the way, they can even be in the sun. Lay them on the balcony on the newspaper and wait about three hours.

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