50 Ideas how to make a beautiful tail for long hair - New ideas of a familiar hairstyle( photo)

  • Apr 07, 2018
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_50-3 There are many ways to make a beautiful long tail hair yourself

owners of long hair is always difficult to choose the hairstyle of a large number of sophisticated styling options. Often the choice falls on the standard tail, but it can be done beautifully, stylishly and unusually. There are many ways to make a beautiful tail on long hair yourself. In the trend, natural and simple hairstyles, and lush and varnished stackings no longer enjoy such popularity.

How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_06 often the choice falls on a standard tail, but it can be made beautiful, stylish and unusual
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_09 The trend of natural and simple hairstyles and lush and varnished stacking is no longer so popular
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_14 tail - it is beautiful, comfortable andStylish

This hairstyle has its own characteristics, but its main property is a minimum of time and maximum effect.


  • 1 Properties hair with a long tail
  • 2 Secrets stacking
  • 3 hairstyles Embodiments tail
  • 4 combination with braided
  • 5 DoubleOption
  • 6 How to make a fashionable version of the fleece?
  • 7 How to make a stylish hairstyle using the tail
  • 8 Useful advices

Features of hairstyles with a long tail

As the civilization evolved, hairstyles became more diverse. The tradition of long hair appeared in the Middle Ages, then one of the options to lay strands was a pony tail.

More than 70 variants of such hairstyles were collected at the present time. Many women are interested in: how to make a beautiful tail for long hair? It is not necessary to contact the stylist. You can do it yourself by showing creative skills.

How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_22 In modern times gather up more than 70 variants of hairstyles with tail
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_16 It can be done independently, demonstrating creative skills
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_50-5 are popular smooth volume, tails, with shaggy, with bangs and without, asymmetrical, Malvinka, as well as waterfalls, With bows and inverted

There are three main variants of hairstyle: high, when strands meet at the top, low - at the nape, middle - at the level of the ears.
are popular smooth volume, tails, with shaggy, with bangs and without, asymmetrical, Malvinka and waterfalls, with bows and twisted.

Tip! A smooth option can be made even on the 2-3 day after washing your head.

Secrets laying

Before you begin to hair, it will take a preliminary preparation and laying. Strands will look well-groomed if you perform the following actions:

  • first strands need to be washed with a special shampoo for a certain type of hair;
  • then applies a balm and conditioner that makes the curls more docile and smooth;
  • strands are well dried and combed.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_13 Before starting the hairdo, you will need to pre-prepare and lay
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_24 First you need to wash the strands with a special shampoo for a certain type of hair.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_12 Then apply a balm and conditioner that makes the curls more docile and smooth
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_10 Strands welldried and combed
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_50-4 can make stranded tail hair

If you plan to do packing on the bulk hair, the training is a little Drewth. Balm is applied only to the ends of the hair. This will not overload the roots. Then the strands should be dried by a hair dryer and combed well. The root zone is treated with an iron. With the help of a classic curling hair ends are twisted inside. Then the strands are pulled to the face and processed with glitter.

Tip! To get a tail with curls and curls, you should use special curling tongs. In this case, the curls need to be twisted in different directions to create a natural image.

Variants of hairstyles with a tail

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair from the tail will become an original decoration as a daily option, or as a styling for a party or a solemn event.

Traditional high tail

This option is among the most popular. It is suitable for styling for every day. If the strands are curled, then they need to be straightened by ironing.

How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_50-1 This option belongs to the most popular. It will be suitable for laying every day
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair Step-by-step execution of the high tail. Step 1-4
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_49 Step-by-step execution of the high tail. Step 5-8

Easy laying consists of the following steps:

  1. Prepare the invisible and rubber band in advance.
  2. The hair is combed and the upper part is collected on the top of the head. Also, locks are selected from behind and from the sides.
  3. The tail is held with one hand, and the invisible is secured inside. Eraser turns around several times with locks, which are also attached with invisibility.
  4. The tips need to be combed well.

Advice! To easily gather all the hair, you need to throw your head forward.

Surface stacking

This version is slightly different from the previous one. The volume is attached after picking up the tail:

  • In order to avoid unnecessary tightness, the strings of the face need to be pulled out a little. This will give the volume, and whiskey will remain smooth.
  • Strands can be combed on the inside to give volume.
  • Using a dedicated curl, you can disguise the elastic band. The tip of the curl is wound on the invisible and fastened at the base.
  • For larger volume, the lock should be turned over and pinned with studs at the base.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_44 Volumetric ponytail
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_45 Volumetric ponytail. Step 1-2
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_46 Volumetric ponytail. Step 3-4
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_47 Voluminous ponytail. Step 5-6

Tip! After washing your head, you need to get wet with a towel. Do not rub and ruffle the strands. After the moisture is absorbed into the material, you can distribute the strengthening oil along the length of the hair.

Inverted hairstyle

This beautiful tail for long hair can be seen in the photo. It takes a few minutes to create a hairstyle. With this style, a feminine and romantic image will turn out.

How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_07 Variation of swirling tail - step by step

The simple variant is performed in several stages:

  1. The hair is combed back, collected in the tail and fixed with an elastic band.
  2. Eraser slightly allowed.
  3. The resulting tail is twisted into a bundle.
  4. Above the rubber band, a hole is made and the shovel is punctured, then the elastic moves to the base.
  5. Alternatively you can make a waterfall. In this case, 3 tailings are made, each of which is wrapped. In this case, the first is done without selecting the lower locks, and the rest with selection.

Tip! The ends should ideally look in any hairstyle with a tail. It is recommended to trim the tips every 3 months, and if the hair is cut off in 2 months.

Original tail with accessory

This option is considered a derivative of the high beam, which has become so popular recently. Strands are gathered high, and one curl wraps around the base and is fixed with a special hair clip. All the shock of hair is transferred to one side and fastened near the ear with a stylish barrette.

How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_23 high ponytail with a ribbon
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_17 Such decoration adds a romantic image
How-to-do-nice-tail-on-long-hair_11 Tail secured a special clip
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_15 Instead of decorating the tail base roll up the hair strand

P oshagovaya execution instruction-flashlight tail

This hairstyle is done in steps:

  1. Before laying, the hair is wound on a curler of small diameter.
  2. Locks gather in a high tail and are attached with an elastic band.
  3. The base is covered with a thin strand.
  4. Hair along the entire length is stretched by rubber bands, which are selected in the color of the head of hear.
  5. Curly locks between the elastic bands will create a flashlight effect.

Tip! If the volume is not enough, the strands between the rubber should be well combed.

Asymmetric version: tail on the side

A simple solution is to remove the curls on one side. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion. It can be used for straight and wavy hair.

At the same time, the parting is done obliquely and the strands are combed on one side. Then the curls are gathered, and fastened with an elastic band. You can use accessories for decoration: ribbons, scarves or hair clips.

How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_19 High tail on the side

Advice! Since most of the hair will be on the shoulder, it is important that the tips are in perfect condition.

Combination with weaving

Such a haircut model is called a fishtail. It is very comfortable and looks great. To create it, the hair gathers at medium height and is divided into two parts. A small strand on the right side moves to the inner side of the left side. Then the process is repeated on the other side. And so to the middle of the tail. The resulting weaving is fixed with an elastic band.

How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_50-2 Haircut for fish tail
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_41 Pony tail with braid
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_42 Ponytail with scythe. Step 1-4
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_43 Ponytail with a scythe. Step 5-8

Tip! Invaluable use of hair will bring the use of balms, nourishing masks and medicinal decoctions.

Variants with braids

The tail with braids can be made in various variations. It is worth trying the following option:

  1. Strands on the crown are separated by a smooth parting.
  2. Locks from the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head gather into the tail at the desired height.
  3. You can make one or more braids from the parietal area.
    If one braid is made, it is braided in the form of a crescent from one side of the forehead to the other. Strands for the hair of the French braid can be taken on the vertex.
  4. The free edge must extend from the area of ​​the temple.
  5. You can make a hairstyle of two braids and a tail. In this case, the parting between the braids is done at will. The braids are connected to the rest with rubber bands and invisible hairpins.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_21 Three parallel braids trailing in ponytail
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_20 Tail and French braid woven into it
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_01 The tail and the French braid woven into it. Step 1-2
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_02 The tail and the French braid woven into it. Step 3-4
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_03 The tail and the French braid woven into it. Step 5-6

Tip! The tips of the braids and tail can be pulled using ironing. To give volume to the tail, you can make a small haircut.

Double version

A similar option will make a lush laying that will create the effect of a volumetric, long and high tail.

The hairstyle can be performed with the help of step-by-step instructions:

  1. Strands are given the volume with a curl.
  2. The supine and lateral part of the hair rises and collects in a bundle.
  3. Other locks are collected in the lower part of the head.
  4. The bottom tail is covered by the upper one.
  5. Strands are joined together and fixed with lacquer.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_04 This option will make a lush laying that will create the effect of a volumetric, long and high tail
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_08 Such hairstyles have become very popular this year

Tip! Strands need to be combed from below and gradually go up. If the hair is thick, then they need to be divided into three parts and comb each part separately. It is not recommended to comb wet locks, as they do not differ strength. If there are nodules, then they need to be combed very carefully.

How to make a fashionable version of the fleece?

To create an evening image, the tail with the fleece is perfect. This is an excellent solution for girls with thin strands.

Naches can help you make the following step-by-step recommendations:

  1. Choose a wide strand from the forehead to the middle of the head and gently brush it.
  2. The processed curl is fixed in the occipital part with a hair clip and fixed with lacquer.
  3. The rest of the hair is gathered in the tail and fastened with an elastic band.
  4. The tip can be beaten with foam, tightened with a curling iron or straightened.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_18 Tail with fleece
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_28 Volumetric and slightly careless tail with fleece. Step 1-4
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_29 Volumetric and slightly careless tail with fleece. Step 5-8
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_30 Volumetric and slightly careless tail with fleece. Step 9-10

Tip! You can not do the hair loss if the hair is brittle, crossed and overdried, as this will cause great harm to the hair.

How to make a stylish hairstyle using the tail

The tail often becomes the basis for other hairstyles. You can try to create multifunctional stacking, the creation of which takes a little time.

A step-by-step photo will create a beautiful tail for long hair and the following hairstyles based on it:

  • For a bow of hair, you need to collect a tail. Then a beam is extracted from the main part, which is divided into two parts. The ends are wrapped and passed between the halves of the bow. If the tip turns out to be very long it can be wrapped around the gum.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_05 Bow from hair step by step
  • The original bundle is also made based on the tail. It collects on the vertex and is divided into two parts. One part is tightly twisted around the base and fastened securely with a barrette. The second part fits carelessly.
  • In a few minutes you can create a stylish seashell. Strands gather in the tail, and the elastic band is released 6-8 cm from the head. Locks twist into a tourniquet and then fold inwards towards the roots. In this case, the elastic band should be inside the cocoon. Hairstyle is fixed with hairpins and varnish.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_31 The elastic is hidden behind locks
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair32 The tail is criss-crossed. Step 1-2
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_33 The tail is criss-crossed. Step 3-4
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_34 The tail is criss-crossed. Step 5-6

Tip! In order not to spoil long hair with frequent hairstyles and styling products, high temperatures do not often affect the hair. Do not just use a hairdryer or ironing. Dry your hair better naturally.

Useful advices

  • The ponytail is versatile. He is like hairstyles of any length.
  • If the hair is too small, then you can use a chignon.
  • Classic version of a high ponytail or a smooth hairstyle suitable for office and for lush celebrations.
  • If the hair is very long, then the option with the tail collected below is suitable.
  • For thick strands, a side version of the hairstyle is recommended.
  • You can quickly make a simple version of the evening hairstyle. To do this, just collect the strands in the tail and wind them. How to decorate a pony tail.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_37Step 1
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_38 How to decorate a ponytail. Step 2
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_39 How to decorate the ponytail. Step 3
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_40 The tail base is hidden behind the strings

Completely change the appearance will help the hair. This hairstyle has certain features:

  • The high nails visually draws out the face and makes it already. This hairstyle maximally opens the face, so it will go more to owners of round or square shape.
  • Do not make a similar hairstyle with protruding ears, as this option is only emphasize the defect.
  • sleek haircut option is not suitable for women with an angular face shape.
  • ponytail is not only to owners of straight strands, but also luxurious curls.
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_27 high bouffant visually pulls the person and makes him already. This hairstyle is the most open person, so she will go to owners of round or square
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_26 Do not make a similar hairstyle with protruding ears, as this option will only accentuate the lack
How-to-do-beautiful-tail-on-long-hair_25 sleek haircut option is not suitable for women with an angular face shape

AllThese simple tips will create a fashionable and original tail in a few minutes.

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