Mesotherapy for hair - Reviews, photos before and after

  • Apr 08, 2018
Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 3) For hair to accelerate growth, become strong and voluminous in a short period of time, women decide on the painful procedure of mesotherapy

In beauty salons, popular is mesotherapy for hair, the reviews of which are so contradictory that they cause confusion on the part of users. It's no secret that lush and healthy head of hear attracts the attention of others, gives self-confidence and awakens positive emotions. To hair accelerated growth, have become strong and voluminous in a short period of time, women are resolved on a painful procedure.

Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 2) When cosmetic products do not affect the health of the hair and all methods are tested, trichologist doctors recommend visiting the mesotherapy procedure


  • 1 What is mesotherapy?
  • 2 Preparations for mesotherapy
  • 3 Advantages procedure
  • 4 Disadvantages and risks
  • 5 procedure at home
  • 6 exchange personal experience

What is mesotherapy?

When cosmetic products do not affect the health of the hair and all methods are tested, trichologist doctors recommend visiting the mesotherapy procedure. This complex treatment of the scalp, aimed at normalization and acceleration of hair growth. During the procedure, a specialist with a thin needle makes micro-injections, which deliver vitamins and useful ingredients to the hair follicles.

Injections are divided into two types:

  • Allopathic ensures a quick effect, but a short action from the procedure. Cocktails are created in the laboratory with the addition of natural vitamins.
  • Homeopathic provides a complex effect on the scalp and has a long-term effect. The effect is not noticeable at once, it manifests itself gradually. Cocktails for injections are made on the basis of cellular enzymes.

Mesotherapy for hair and scalp is a simple procedure that is carried out manually and in hardware. The finest needles inject the drug to restore the growth of the ringlets to a depth of 1-2 mm.

You can not use styling products before the mesotherapy of the head. From the foam, hairspray, the gel will have to be discarded. After a mesotherapy session for 48 hours you can not:

  • wash your hair;
  • visit the swimming pool;
  • bathe in the bathroom;
  • is located in the sauna or in the bath;
  • visit the solarium.
Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 7) During the procedure, a specialist with a thin needle makes micro-injections that deliver vitamins and beneficial components to the hair follicles

On the day of injections, doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol.

The optimal course duration is 10 procedures, each of which takes 30 minutes. The achieved health effect lasts up to 10 months, then the course is repeated.

Tip! Apply to mesotherapy in cases where you have already experienced all the traditional ways to strengthen the strands to clearly see the result.

Preparations for mesotherapy

The composition of a hair cocktail that is punctured under the skin includes amino acids, B vitamins and zinc. To prevent the appearance of gray hair, the composition includes melanin. Ready-made drugs are more expensive, but they are clearly proportioned. Mixing of vitamins by hand can lead to unequal proportions and another result.

A professional cosmetologist checks the client's previously submitted tests to individually select the composition of the cocktail for injections. In one syringe is 2-5 components.

  • Group B vitamins ensure the normalization of metabolic processes and promote the formation of a color pigment.
  • Copper peptide and zinc are excellent for androgenic alopecia. The action of the enzyme, which leads to the dystrophy of the hair follicle, ceases.
  • Amino acids give hair energy and strength, responsible for the formation of keratin fibers.
Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 5) Professional cosmetician checks the customer's previous tests to individually select the composition of the cocktail for injections
  • Hyaluronic acid positively affects the growth of healthy curls and moisturizes the scalp.
  • Growth factors VEGF, bFGF, IGF-1 provide hairs nutrition and growth, strengthen the blood circulation of the scalp, start the work of the follicle.
  • Coenzyme Q10 strengthens strands, providing hair thickness, enhances the oxygenation of the scalp.

Among the professional preparations for injection, doctors mention Mesoline from MD Skin Solutions, F-Hair from Fusion Mesotherapy and XL Hair from Aesthetic Dermal. Cocktails are developed in the best laboratories of the world, have no contraindications and are suitable for treating any problems of the scalp. Drugs of famous brands are expensive and quality.

Tip! Do not allow the trichologist to add a cocktail of monoxidil. It is an aggressive drug with side effects. It is used in desperate cases. Until the end, the component has not been studied.

Advantages of the procedure

Trichologists recommend mesotherapy because of the positive effect that occurs after passing a 10-time standard course. Among the advantages they distinguish:

  • pronounced improvement in the quality and structure of the hair;
  • acceleration of growth of strands;
Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 10) Trichologists recommend mesotherapy because of the positive effect that occurs after passing the 10-time standard course
  • stopping the fall and preventing brittle hair;
  • healing of the scalp and, as a consequence, the lack of dandruff or excessive fat content;
  • compliance to laying;
  • increase in volume and density of hair.

Among the indications for the procedure, there is also an increased formation of dandruff, a section and thinning of the hairs, increased secretion of sebum.

These problems can be eliminated without injections and active intervention. Masks for hair, balms and regular care will return the gloss and volume of hair. But in the case of androgenic alopecia and alopecia, in which the pathological hair loss occurs, mesotherapy is the best solution.

Tip! Before the procedure it is important to pass a test for sensitivity and the presence of allergic reactions. If the master has not made sure of the client's health, one can doubt his professionalism.

Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 4) Mesotherapy for hair: photos before and after

Disadvantages and risks

Even with mesotherapy performed by an experienced trichologist, there are contraindications for the procedure:

  • allergy to one of the components of the vitamin complex;
  • can not be treated if the patient simultaneously takes drugs incompatible with the cocktail for strengthening the hair;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • is a kidney disease;
  • PMS( in women);
  • unjustified fear of injections;
  • hypertension or cardiovascular abnormalities;
  • blood diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • Mental disorders, observation in a mental clinic;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • individual intolerance of components.

A positive result after the procedure is possible only if the hair bulb is weakened. It will be strengthened and restored. Formed bald head can not be revived.

Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 11) The only side effect is bruising on the spot from the injection. They self-disengage for a week

The only side effect is bruising on the spot from the injection. They quit for a week.

Tip! The doctor is obliged to inform about the composition of the cocktail and the essence of the mesotherapy technique. If this stage is missed, then the master can not be trusted with his hair.

Procedure at home

Mesotherapy of scalp and hair is an expensive procedure, not available to everyone. The price is determined by the image of the cosmetology clinic, the professionalism of the trichologist, the quality of the materials used. But the desire to stimulate the blood supply to the head and thereby accelerate the natural growth of hair has led to the invention of a special device - mesoroller.

Mesorroller is a device for injecting scalp at home. The device can be used for 3-5 months by one person. It is important that it is not used by several people, since needles can transmit pathogens.

Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 8) Mesorroller - a device for injecting scalp at home

For first use of the device, you need to choose needles 0.3 mm long. The second time you can go 0.5 mm. Efficacy is higher if the needles reach 1 mm, but their non-professional use is hazardous to health.

Stages of home mesotherapy:

  • hair washing with shampoo and thorough drying;
  • sterilization of the mesoroner;
  • treatment of the skin with alcohol, chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide;
  • application of the preparation prepared for the procedure to the device roller;
  • holding mesotherapy( gradual movement mesorollera, lasting for a minute in one part of the head, to the back of the head);
  • application of minoxidil.

After each procedure, the mesoroller must be thoroughly rinsed with hot water, dried and hidden from children.

Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 1) Among the indications to the procedure, there are also increased dandruff formation, cross-section and thinning of hairs, increased sebum secretion

The effectiveness of the home method is lower than the clinical one. However, the positive effect will not be long in coming if you use the device regularly( once a week).After the procedure, bruises may appear, but they quickly disappear. On the Internet, you can find many photos before and after using the device. They can see that mesotherapy is working.

Tip! If you decide to undergo a mesotherapy course, contact a qualified trichologist. Self-running procedures can damage your health.

Exchange of personal experience

After studying the literature, consulting with cosmetologists and dermatologists, it is important to hear the opinion of women who experienced the mesotherapy procedure on themselves.

Angelica, 23 years old: Mezoterapiya helped me. True, not for long. If you want constant acceleration of hair growth and their frequent renewal, save money. As indicated in the brochure, vitamins strengthen the bulb, because it is quickly reached by injections. In this I believe. But six months later the previous condition of the hair returned. The efficiency of the home method is lower than the clinical one. However, the positive effect will not be long in coming after the procedure( once a week)

Valentina Ivanovna, 44: I am skeptical about such procedures. By education, a biologist, I understand that the hair grows constantly. Even after falling out, they are replaced with new ones. That's the question: what is punctured under the human skin, if the hair is cycled? Unless androgenetic abaissement. .. But in that case the cause is in the illness of the organism. If it is cured, then with the scalp will be all right. Well it is, thoughts aloud. I use the onion mask to strengthen the curls and in my 44 I have an excellent head of hair. Economical and harmless.

Olga, 27 years old: I decided on mesotherapy, because during pregnancy, the hair was significantly thinner. Long persuaded her husband, and when my little girl turned a year, I, having read a miracle-reviews, went to the beauty salon. I could not rest for myself there, because the injections into my head - the procedure is unpleasant. She passed the entire course( which is 10 sessions), left the master about 40,000 rubles. And what do I tell you? During the first five procedures I did not see the effect at all, but then I started to notice new overgrown hairs. But, unfortunately, I do not think that mesotherapy helped them grow. They are just updated regularly.

Lyudmila, 34 years old: I am pleased with the mesotherapy procedure. Yes, it hurts, but beauty requires sacrifice. In just one and a half month my hair grew five centimeters. In general, I went through three courses( with intervals of 10 sessions each) and completely resumed my hair, which is infinitely glad.

Svetlana, 25 years old: For a long time I suffered from the fact that my hair is not bulky and weak. I used folk remedies, bought quality cosmetics, but nothing helped. Hair as dropped out before, so fell out and after. Then to me the girlfriend( she the cosmetician) has recommended procedure mezoterapii. I re-read a ton of literature, accumulated money, crossed myself and went to improve the condition of my curls. Yes, the procedure is painful, long and expensive. But it's worth it! After five sessions of injections, I felt a surge of vivacity and an improvement in the condition of the strands. Today, after the passed course, I advise everyone. When I walk my hand through my hair, I feel strength and a large volume.

Mesotherapy-for-hair-reviews_( 6) Mesotherapy for hair: photos before and after

Veronica, 32 years old: As my mother says, I am guided by many dubious adventures. And this time was no exception. I have accumulated 30 000 rubles and have visited the doctor-trichologist for the course of mesotherapy. My hair really fell out, so I was concerned about their condition. In general, after the course( it lasted 10 sessions), terrible pain and money spent, the effect was positive. But. The same effect can be obtained after treatment with professional cosmetics. They are much cheaper and do not cause such pain. Procedure I do not advise anyone.

When deciding on mesotherapy, choose a trusted doctor. From his skills depends the level of soreness of the injections and the final effect after the course of mesotherapy.

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