How to get wheat hair color?- All shades, paint( 50 pics)

  • Apr 08, 2018
Pshenichnyj-cvet-volofs-ottenki-kraska-foto_( 28) Trendy wheat hair color gives the image of nobility and sensuality

If you want to conquer surrounding attractiveness of natural, you will approach wheat hair color. Its multifaceted shades are most suitable for girls of spring color. But if you consider other individual characteristics of appearance, then you can choose the color and other stylish beauties.
Fashionable wheat hair color gives an image of nobility and sensuality. Dyes transform the hair, giving it shine and silky. Let's find out who shades of "cold gold" are suitable for, and how to achieve them at home.

Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 1) If you want to conquer others with an attractive naturalness, you can use wheat hair color
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 24) Its multifaceted shades are most suitable for girls of the spring color type
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 34) Dyes transform shag, giving it shine and silky


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  • 2 Shades wheat
  • 3 How to dye black hair
  • 4 Palette toasiteley
  • 5 How to obtain the desired color without using paint?
  • 6 How to choose makeup for wheat hair color?

Suitable for wheat-colored hair

Girls spring tsvetotipa by nature possess light strands. But in order to improve the image and give the colors of the game, you can choose a toning means of a more pronounced shade.

Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 45) Wheat shades are suitable for the owners of light hair
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 46) Light brown or blue eyes also will face this shade
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 44) Girls with peach skin color and light curls fit golden and caramel colors

To whom stylists recommendWheatish shades?

  • to the owners of light hair;
  • to the hairy women of fashion with light green or blue eyes;
  • to girls, whose peach skin color and light curls fit golden and caramel colors.

Please note that soft colors are suitable for warm skin tones. Cold color is recommended the same color tone. Bledkonozhim girls should choose a wheat blond with light brown hair.

If you have dark skin, do not rush into frustration. Light head of hear helps to hide defects on the face in the form of irritations, acne, acne, redness. But all the same, look after the derma. Only in this way will you get an impeccable image.
The wheaten color of hair on the curls of the fair-skinned green-eyed girls looks enchanting and mysterious.

Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 43) For soft skin colors, soft colors are suitable
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 38) Blonde girls should choose wheat blond with overflows of light-brown
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 37) Wheat hair color is enchanting and mysterious in the curls of light-skinned green-eyed and blue-eyed girls

The wheat paint looks best on light and lightNatural strands. It opens up the naturalness in a new way and emphasizes the impeccable taste of the possessor.

Tip! If your natural hair color is wheaten, do not torture the hair with aggressive ammonia dyes. Use shade shampoo or balm to give depth and luxury to natural strands.

Shades wheat

Variability of wheat hues attracts girls who want to be transformed. You can choose any tone you like and emphasize the features of character and temperament.

  • Light wheat is the ideal solution for light-skinned girls.
  • Wheat blossom is excellent in the sun and has an original matte shine. The tone supplants the obsolete yellow, which gives the image a cheapness and vulgarity.
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 36) Dark wheat - the ideal solution for light-skinned girls
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 35) Wheat golden presents the image of elegance, femininity and sophistication
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 33) Wheat blossom perfectly shimmers in the sun and has an original matt shine
  • Medium wheat is the middle between a warm and cold shade. If you do not want your hair to shine brightly with golden reflections, choose the suggested shade. It looks great on the photo and in life.
  • Dark wheat flourishes with brown, red, golden and other warm notes. Suitable for girls with light natural color strands. Helps to emphasize the natural beauty and gives the image youth and freshness.
  • Wheat-golden gives an image of elegance, femininity and refinement. Attracts looks through a pleasant shine.
  • Wheat-honey poured with soft red patches of light. Includes golden and caramel colors.
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 25) The variability of the wheat colors attracts girls who want to transform
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 15) Choose any tone you like and emphasize the characteristics of your character
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 13) The shade attracts looks thanks to the pleasant shine
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 11) Blond hair always remains in trend
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 10) This year is in fashionNatural
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 5) Wheat hair color reminds of the endless fields of wheat
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 1) The shade is perfectly combined with the tanned skin
  • Wheat-epelny - the trend in 2017.Cold tone emphasizes the nobility and elegance of the possessor. It gives the head of blue and gray a reflection. Note that against the backdrop of problem skin ashy overflows look dull. Defects of the face become more noticeable.
  • Caramel-wheat is considered the middle between dark blond and blond. On the painted hair, notes of caramel, bright sun and honey are read. The color looks lively and rich.

Golden and caramel shades look great in the sun. They shimmer, which makes them look multifaceted and natural.

Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 32) Wheat and Ash - the trend of 2017.Cold tone emphasizes the nobility and elegance of the owner
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 31) Medium-wheat - the middle between warm and cold shade
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 29) Wheat-honey overflows with soft red patches of light. Includes golden and caramel paints

Variety of wheaten shades evokes imagination. Emphasize the strengths of your character with warm and cold colors. Only a complete combination of color, individual characteristics of appearance and dominant character traits will help create an ideal harmonious image.

Tip! If you have a cold color, discard the golden hue in favor of creamy, beige and golden-wheat.

How to dye dark hair

Thanks to modern dyes, you can get a wheaten shade on ringlets of any color. Be careful, to get light on dark strands you will have to undergo aggressive clarification procedures that can harm your hair.

Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 22) For getting light on dark strands you will have to undergo aggressive clarification procedures that can damage
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 20) hair. Dark strands should be discolored before painting. If the hair is too dark, the procedure can stretch several times.
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 16) The most gentle way to go from dark to light is considered to be classical striking

Why are dark-haired girls difficult to get wheat curls?

  • There can be up to 10 different shades between dark and light. The paint manufacturer does not guarantee obtaining the desired result from the first time.
  • Dark strands should be discolored before staining. If the hair is too dark, the procedure can stretch several times. Frequent exposure to oxidants adversely affects the structure of the hair.
  • Discolored strands after a natural dark shade may appear during the coloring in wheat color yellow scale.

If you decide to radically change the image, go to the salon. Masters use professional oxidizers, so the risk of damage to strands is minimized. Due to lack of experience you can choose low-quality cheap drugs that will weaken curls.

Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 19) Regular tinting of small stitches will gradually lead you to the desired wheaten shade
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 14) If you decide to dramatically change the image, go to the
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 17) salon. Wizards use professional oxidants, so the risk of damage to strands is minimized

The most gentle way to go from darkTo the light is considered the classical marking. The technique suits the owners of any original color. Regular tinting of small stitches will gradually lead you to the desired wheaten shade. The process will take a long time, but the head of hear will remain healthy and well-groomed.

Tip! Do not dye your hair after using natural dyes. Henna and basma can react with chemical components and transform into unexpected shades.

Palette of dyes

If you decide to paint yourself in a wheaten color, you need to choose the right shade from a wide range of different manufacturers. Let's consider the most popular variants.

Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 12) Brelil Professional presents a shade of 9.32 called super light beige blond beige
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 26) In the Inoa palette, consider shade 9
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 30) Londa Professional suggests paying attention to the shade 8/7 called brown light blonde
  • Brelil Professional represents a shade of 9.32Called super light beige. The tone fits perfectly on the blond hair, giving the overflows of wheat, gold and beige. If you dye natural strands of products of Italian manufacturers, they will become more saturated and brighter.
  • In the palette of Inoa there are two colors that interest us.9 - basic and 9.31 - beige. You say that it is not wheaten colors? On blond and dark hair, the paint is manifested by the game of ripened spikelets. Since the composition does not contain ammonia and hydrogen, the drug is harmless to the head of hear.
  • Coloring Kemon - a gentle paint based on yogurt for hair gives the locks strength and healthy shine. Tint 8 - a light blonde is often used for highlighting individual strands, and also falls well on natural light strands.
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 49) Shade High Blond De Luxe paint Estelle helps to get rich light color
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 18) Concept Profi Touch reveals a wheaten shade on light hair thanks to a 9.37 paint called light-colored blonde
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 47) Wella Color in the Touch collection offers fashionable women a tone of 9 /03 "morning dew"
  • Londa Professional suggests paying attention to a shade of 8/7 called brown light blond. High quality of the dye promotes careful transformation of colors and the maximum conformity to shades, which are specified in the instruction.
  • Estelle is a well-known paint in Russia. The shade of High Blond De Luxe helps to get a rich light color.
  • Concept Profi Touch is revealed by a wheaten shade on light hair thanks to a 9.37 paint called light sand blonde. Your hair will look refined and noble after using the dye. Excellent for lightening dark hair. Easily washed away in case of an unsuccessful result.
  • Garnier Color Naturals offers several shades of wheat. The choice should be made based on the natural color of the hair. Paint comfortable for home use. On blond strands of wheat overflows, the dye No. 9, the blond, is excellent. He does not give yellowness and gives the hair the depth of shades. In the collection of Belle Color there is a natural light-light blond beige, which looks charming and exquisite.
  • Cutrin Reflection Demi is revealed to us in shade 9.7 - a very light havanna. After using the drug, your image will be attractive and unruly.
  • Wella Color in the Touch collection offers trendy women the tone of 9/03 "morning dew".Semi-professional dye gives a persistent color pigment that attracts freshness and rejuvenates the face. In the collection of Wellaton Naturals you will find a shade of ripe wheat under the number 11/0.
  • L`Oreal Professionnel Majirel is a professional persistent cream paint. For the wheat color, choose the tone 9.0.Although it is called very light deep blondes, brown and dark hair is superimposed with a rich wheaten.
  • Revlon Colorsilk offers to choose a shade of 74 "natural blond".It gives strands naturalness, shine and silky.
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 42) All leading manufacturers offer a wide range of shades to choose wheat
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 39) You can choose the desired color on your own, based on natural tone
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 40) It's better to contact a professional colorist. It can mix several colors to obtain the ideal pigment

As we can see, all the leading manufacturers offer a wide range of colors to choose wheat. You can choose the desired color yourself, based on natural tone. But it's better to turn to a professional colorist. It can mix a few colors to get the perfect pigment.

Tip! When choosing a paint, pay attention to its cost. Too cheap options may not show up with the color indicated on the package or washed too quickly. Give preference to professional dyes. They cost more, but carefully affect the structure of the curls, without harming them.

How to get the right color without the use of paint?

Women have always sought to transform the appearance, to give it an appeal and brightness. Therefore, we have received recipes for self-changing shade with the help of improvised means.

  • Prepare a chamomile broth and rinse it with hair. The first recipe is to insist two packets of chamomile in one glass of hot water. The second method is suitable for lightening by several tones. To prepare the product, mix the chamomile with glycerin in a 1: 1 ratio.
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 2) Chamomile broth is suitable for lightening on several tones
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 3) To lighten strands in one tone, apply honey on them and leave for the night under a towel
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 4) Glycerin and lemon essential oil will also be assistants in clarifying
  • To lighten the strands in one tone, apply honey on them and leave them under the towel for the night.
  • Preheat 5 tbsp. L.Glycerin in a water bath and add in a warm composition 5 drops of lemon essential oil. When the mixture is slightly cool, distribute it along the entire length of the hair and leave it for 25 minutes. Rinse with clean running water.
  • Mix dry nettle with chamomile in equal proportions and pour boiling water. After half an hour, filter the infusion through a sieve and rinse in cleaned liquid hair. Rinse your hair after 15 minutes in a steep infusion of chamomile.
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 6) infusion of nettle and chamomile not only healthier your hair, but also make a little lighter
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 8) Get wheat hair with the help of the following methods can be used only if you own a shade quite bright
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 48) To lighten dark locks you need aggressivemethods

Note that to get wheat hair with the help of the following methods can be used only if you own a pretty shade of light.

Tip! To save the perfect color of ripe wheat, do not forget to take care of the hair after dyeing. Use special means to protect against washing out. Reduce the use of hair dryers, frying and stowage.

How to choose makeup for wheat hair color?

To complete the ideal image, you must follow the rules of make-up. Too many dark shades in the face make the face heavy and gloomy. Choose the right color cosmetics:

  • powdered cream, sand, beige;
  • bluish or pink-lilac shadows;
  • grayish brown eye and eyebrow pencil;
  • black charcoal pencil for making evening make-up;
  • transparent lip gloss or pastel lipstick.
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 27) To complete the perfect image, you need to follow the makeup rules
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 23) Too many dark shades on the eyes will make the face heavy and gloomy
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 21) Powder should be creamy, sandy, beige
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( i) Blue or mauve shades
Wheat-color-hair-shades-paint-photo_( 7) Choose grayish-brown eyeliner and eyebrows

Keep in mind that the natural way to get will not work with artificial pronounced makeup. If you overdo it with cosmetics, you can become like an artificial doll, we do not want it.

Tip! Chevelura of wheaten color looks feminine and soft. Consider this when choosing a wardrobe. You can emphasize the tenderness with the help of dresses and flying spacious sarafans.

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