Gyroscope Mini SiGway Smart Balance - Review, characteristics, reviews

  • Apr 09, 2018
Gyroskuter-mini-sigvei-smart-balance-6 Gyroscope Mini SiGway Smart Balance is a new fashionable gadget that conquered Europe a year ago and finally got to us

Gyroscope has recently become a vehicle for transportation, which is not surprising, in particular, if we are talking about such a model, As gyroskuter Mini SiGway Smart Balance. Simplicity of design and ease of operation of the units contribute to the possibility of their use during walks, when traveling in open and closed large areas - sports complexes, industrial plants, warehouses, and so on.

Gyroskutter-mini-sigvei-smart-balance-3 average speed, developed device is 12 km / h

Choosing suitable giroskutera - guarantee its successful use in the future time, so the main user task - to examine basic characteristics, read them and choose according to the conditions in whichYou are going to operate the product.


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Smart Gyro Series: especiallycon- cern

Giroskutery traditionally intended for transportation for one person. It assumes movement on an exceptionally flat surface, the distance to which one charge is enough - 20 km. The speed developed by the device is 12 km / h. At first glance, this parameter is small, but the high power of the device and its other characteristics, as well as the sense of the user flying on it, indicate another. The speed of the average person with which he walks is between 3 and 5 km / h, depending on the physical capabilities. The health-improving run traditionally has a speed of 10 km / h. And if you try to travel at 12 km / h, the difference will be more than noticeable.

Gyroskutter-mini-sigvei-smart-balance-5 widespread giroskuter as a means of transportation during the work at greater distances

Why do we need giroskuter

purpose of use of the device are different:

  • It can be used for leisure and entertainment in the streets. Therefore, many parents want to buy this little "machine" for their children.
  • The gyroscope is widely used as a means of moving when working at large distances. For example, to move between the shops of a large manufacturing enterprise.
  • The scope of marketing also involves the use of gyro pacemakers. For example, animators and people distributing flyers in large cities are increasingly using gyroscope. And enterprising companies depict their logo on their small case, which makes them memorable.
  • When organizing holidays and events gyroskouteri are as important as ever, because they are the main elements of the entertainment sphere for adults and children.
  • For business. These small "machines" have proved to be good as an element of stable income. Entrepreneurs rent them on a long-term lease or in short rental.
  • For the gift. Indeed, gyroscope can be an excellent gift for a child, an adult and even for an elderly person. After all, learning to ride it is much easier than riding a bicycle.
Gyroskutter-mini-sigvei-smart-balance-4 The Geroscuber can be used for outdoor recreation and entertainment. That's why many parents want to buy this small "machine" for their children

In whatever case the gyro-controller is used, its owner or tenant will get an unforgettable impression and will be able to accelerate its walking, covering a long distance.

Learn more about Smart Balance

Gyroskouter is a device of complex technical composition, equipped with a robust plastic casing. Its main feature is the ability to keep balance on the plane, so a person learning to ride can not fall. Modern products are manufactured based on a weight range of 20 to 100 kg. However, the more user weight, the faster the battery consumption will be. The platforms intended for setting the feet are made of strong rubber, which provides a strong grip on the shoes.

The device is driven by a motor and wheels that can have a diameter of 6.5 or 10 inches, it all depends on the personal wishes of the buyer.

The wheels of the device are tubeless. Of course, in this regard, the ride at first may seem tough, but the piercing of the wheels will be completely ruled out. Due to its special design, the device is compact and of low cost.

The model is equipped with a high-quality capacious Samsung battery, which allows you to travel at a charge of 15-20 km. Offered in the market and budget Chinese options, which offered an original battery of Chinese production. Its performance characteristics are significantly worse, and the resource index is significantly less. Having ordered the model in the factory, any consumer has the opportunity to choose cheaper options from China or more expensive batteries of well-known companies - Samsung, LG and so on.

Giroskuter-mini-sigvej-smart-balance_-1 Even novice to fall from such a device would be practically impossible

front area giroskutera mini Segway Smart Balance contains two LED lights, which are designed to illuminate the road in the evening and at night, and you can not be afraid of passing vehicles, as will be better identified in theDarkness.

The Smart model is the smallest among all models of gyroscope, so it is perfect for city conditions, easily placed in the hands of the owner, in public transport, in the luggage compartment of the car. In the case of the model there is a speaker, and Bluetooth is also installed. This indicates that it is possible to connect to the device a smartphone or any mobile phone with the ability to listen to beautiful music for a good mood. Complex models require a special bag for carrying the product.

Technical characteristics of model

  • Dimensions, respectively, in length, width, height: 548 * 186 * 178 mm;
  • Weighing parameter - 10 kg;
  • Power of the power unit - 700 W;
  • Battery type: lithium-ion. Brand - Samsung. The voltage is 36 V, 4.4 A / h. It holds about 2-3 hours, allows you to travel 15-20 km. This indicator depends on the weather and the quality of the road surface.
Gyroskutter-mini-sigvei-smart-balance-2 model meets all the parameters of the city and the periphery and goes for a ride on a high-quality smooth road surfaces
  • angle of elevation to the maximum - 15 degrees. Weight of the load is 20-100 kg
  • .
  • reach speeds( maximum value) - 12 km / h
  • apparatus operation temperature -. -15 to +50 C.

Thus, the model parameters corresponds to all of the city and the periphery and suitable for driving on smooth road qualityCoatings.

Benefits Segway Smart Balance

several features can be distinguished among the advantages of the model, which makes it the best among the competitors and preferred among the average user.

  • A light weight that allows you to easily lift the device and, if necessary, carry it over short distances. Even a child will cope with lifting such a load.
  • Small dimensions, thanks to which the model can be hidden at home during the off-season or cleaned in the garage. It also fits easily in the trunk of your car, on the seat in public transport.
  • Affordable price of the device. This parameter remains beyond doubt, since it assumes an advantageous price proposal in all objects involved in the implementation of such structures.
Gyroskuter-mini-sigvei-smart-balance-7 Mini Smart Sigway model Smart Balance has a number of advantages and offers the solution of a wide range of tasks
  • Optimum technical characteristics. Enough high power, high speed and the ability to travel over long distances with a single charge allow the use of devices everywhere.
  • Original design, suitable for stylish progressive youth and conservative admirers of classics. The attractive appearance of the product will easily emphasize the status and raise the mood.

Thus, the mini MiniSigway Smart Balance model has a number of advantages and offers a solution to a wide range of tasks.

Model range Smart Balance Wheel

Compared with the scooter, this device has a lot of undeniable advantages and more advanced functionality. The diameter of the wheels is 10 inches, which makes the ride fast and comfortable. If you need to get to work or go for a walk, the Smart balance wheel 10 model is ideal. The weight of the device is 13.5 kg, so it is difficult to carry it with you. Delivery is carried out in a large box, there is foam protection and instruction.

Gyroskutter-mini-cigey-smart-balance If you need to get to work or go for a walk, the model Smart balance wheel 10 is the perfect variant
  • Model Smart Balance wheel 6.5

As you can guess, the wheel size of this device is 6.5 inches. Despite the small parameter, it develops a decent speed and demonstrates good functionality. Its weight due to the smaller wheels is slightly smaller than that of the wheel 10, however, its long transfer on hands is not always possible.

Gyroskutter-mini-cigey-smart-balance Model with a wheel diameter of 6.5 inches
  • Device Smart balance offroad

Contains innovative developments that will help you cope with any part of even the most difficult path. Advantages of the model - in the extended functionality and the ability to move off-road. Off-road chamber tires, made of strong, tested materials, will give you confidence in any part of the journey.

Gyroskutter-mini-cigey-smart-balance advantages of model - in the expanded functionality and the ability to move on the road
  • Smart balance 6,5

This model has an attractive price. In all other respects it is simple, has limited possibilities in connection with a simple design, but it differs with simple control.

Gyroskutter-mini-cigey-smart-balance Smart balance 6,5 - most modest of the functional model of line

management system

control process carried out by the system, includes several basic steps.

  • It is necessary to try to do so, to stand on the apparatus with both feet.
  • The device will start moving in accordance with your movements, will keep the same direction.
  • To make a left turn, you must press the pedal with your right foot, and the pedal must be tilted forward.
  • For the scooter to turn to the right, the user should press the left pedal.
  • For unimpeded travel forward, you must press both pedals together.
  • If it is necessary to stop, both pedals are pressed together, deflecting slightly backwards.

The Wheel model can have wheels with a diameter of 8 inches. Also there is a front light, through which it is possible to illuminate small sections of roads.

Gyroskutter-mini-cigey-smart-balance Several colors of gyroscope are available for sale, so the user can choose the most suitable and suitable design option

There is a special keychain and a key for turning the device on and also for blocking it. Several colors of gyroscope are available for sale, in this connection the user will be able to choose the most suitable and suitable for the design option. The set includes the required set of documents for the goods - a certificate, a warranty card, documents related to the battery.

User Reviews

Artem: For a long time approached the choice giroskutera, even since the winter began to save for it. Read reviews, studied in detail the technical characteristics. As a result, I settled on the popular Smart Balance model. What can be said about the dynamics and overall impression: everything is cool! Stuck unusual, to skate in the park on it - a pleasure. Only a small tip: each model has its own purpose, I took only for short walks in the park located next to my house. Therefore, I managed this model. But for more serious tricks you will need a more serious thing.

Igor: My friend bought a gyro controller last year, so I decided to make this interesting purchase. You would also like if you would ride it for at least 5-10 minutes. And if you, like me, have a child, then you can not drag it off your ears. The thing is, of course, posh. I've never ridden a bike or scooter, I did not think that I would like to be able to travel at higher speeds without spending gasoline. One day I even got to work on a gyroscope. Rides up to 12 km / h. Very beautiful. I hope that it will serve me well .

Gyroskutter-mini-cigey-smart-balance Gyroscope is a great toy for the whole family.

Tonya: I recently bought a new gyro-scanner Smart Balance Wheel. In general, the impression is simply incredible, you also advise him to at least ride. Try to choose a store with lower prices.

Ilona: I liked moving around on transport in my city. I'm from the province, so the locals looked at me a bit strange. But then I noticed that many already bought gyroscope.

Anna: If you do not have rights, you will not need them when there is a Smart Balance scooter. It's just an incredible bouquet of sensations and new emotions. In general, if you want a thrill, I recommend a ride with the breeze!

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