How much is the cheapest gyroscope?- Offers overview

  • Apr 09, 2018
How much-is-is-the-cheapest-gyroscope_003 Let's consider how much the cheapest gyroscope costs, and get acquainted with its basic parameters

At the moment, a new tool for moving - gyroskouter begins to gain popularity. Consider how much is the cheapest gyroscope, and get acquainted with its basic parameters. Many consumers until the end did not understand what his device represents, and some did not even hear about this tool. Consider what it is that is inside the mechanism, and how it works.

How much is-is-the-cheapest-gyroskutter_009 feature of the device - in its simplicity and unpretentiousness, and broad functionality allows the owner giroskutera feel like a super-human


  • 1 What is it?
  • 2 What's inside?
  • 3 How does the
  • mechanism work
  • 4 Control features
  • 5 How to choose a model?
  • 6 Where to buy the device
  • 7 cost scooters
  • 8 acquisition in local stores: prices
  • 9 Buying from online stores: prices
  • 10 Specialty shops
  • 11 Purchase from an online store abroad: prices

What is it?

Giroskuter is a progressive model of transport used for the movement designed to bring your user to the destination. The peculiarity of the device is its simplicity and unpretentiousness, and the wide functionality allows the owner of the gyroscope to feel super-human.

Gyroscope is a means for moving, inside which there is a vibrating gyroscope with a processor. The transport is controlled by two motors. With the help of the device you can make turns and turns, on average one charge can travel about 20 km.

What's inside?

The device of the device is quite simple, at the same time uncomplicated.

How much is-is-the-cheapest-gyroskutter_004 Giroskuter - means for moving, inside which there is a vibratory gyroscope with a processor. The transport control is carried out by means of two motors

Let's consider the basic constituent elements of this product.

  • Processor. It is a kind of "brain" of the device, responsible for its full and productive work and actual functioning. Typically used models are 32 bits.
  • Base of metal. Due to the strength of the raw material, a person with a body weight of up to 100 kg can control the device.
  • Wheel motor. For models to behave powerfully, especially when climbing uphill, there are special hall sensors.
  • Electronic peripherals in a number of pieces. Thanks to the joint interaction of the presented elements, the productive work of the whole mechanism is ensured.
  • Battery. One charge allows a person on a gyroscope to overcome significant distances and feel confident.

Thus, the device of traditional models simple enough, yet it allows you to move from one place to another, developing speed, three times greater than the human resource. As

mechanism works

mechanism of the apparatus can be considered as an example of the human body. If you make the patient lean forward, you will not be able to fall, because the brain will give the body an "alarming" signal, and on the subconscious instinctive level you will pull the leg forward so that the body returns to its original, vertical position. The brain understands that the balance has been lost, since the fluid located in the region of the inner ear changes its position.

How much is-is-is-the-cheapest-gyroscope_002 giroskutera movement is performed depending on where the user is directed

The gyro sensor and the sensor responsible for the tilt act as an ear. To keep the person in balance and not fall, the wheels are rotated at the speed that is necessary to move forward, thereby protecting the user from falling.

Control features

The process of controlling this device is simple, even the child will cope with this work. Movement gyroskutera is carried out depending on where the body of the user is directed. Correct movements guarantee productive use of the device. If you transfer weight to the left pedal, a left turn will occur. If on the right - in the right side. To start moving forward, you will need to bend down, as if you are standing on your toes, evenly pressing both pedals.

Tip! For braking or backward movement, the weight is transferred to the heels, the inclination is slightly backward. To operate this device is similarly easy, as well as a bicycle. On an intuitive level, after several attempts, you can easily learn the mechanism and easily apply it in practice.

How to choose a model?

Currently, the market offers a wide variety of devices and mechanisms - for every taste and color. And often the consumer asks a question about what to choose.

How much is-is-is-the-cheapest-gyroskouter_007 The process of controlling this device is simple, even the child will cope with this work

Advice! Special emphasis is placed on characteristics that are prioritized for you.

  • Intended purpose of the machine. It is necessary to understand for whom the model is purchased - for an adult or a child. Children's models are small in weight for the possibility of self-transfer. Usually the mass is up to 5 kg in parameters, the dimensions are minimal. Such models also have low power, so your child can accelerate very smoothly, without reaching dangerous speeds.
  • Dimensions of the wheels. This is another parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing a device. Traditionally, children's models have a diameter of 5 ", the diameter of adult products is 6.5" - 10 ".The more important the parameter is, the easier it is to overcome various obstacles with it. In addition, products can be offered on chamber and tubeless rubber. The second version of the products can maintain pressure even in the event of a puncture, heating occurs if driving at high speeds. Parameter of motor power. The most important indicator, which you need to pay attention to when choosing girosculator. It depends on him, what speed the model can gain, and also for what time it will be implemented. Children's models have an average power of 150 watts, and adults have 500 watts or more. In principle, the presented parameters are optimal for comfortable driving. There are on the market models and with an engine power of 1000 watts, in Russia these are the most powerful units. Example - ELTRECO CONTEMP, equipped with a powerful engine( 500 watts per wheel), can develop 16 km / h, 25 km pass on one charge.
  • Battery capacity. The parameter is important for people traveling long distances, if you choose the wrong model, it may happen that you do not get there. Traditionally, in most models this figure is 4.4 A / h, as well as 5.5.Thanks to such mechanisms, the user can overcome a distance of 15 to 20 kilometers. There are commercially available models equipped with more powerful batteries, which allow you to travel about 30 km.
How much-is-is-the-cheapest-gyroskutter_008 Gadget for the whole family
  • Additional functional features. By options gyroskutery can be equipped with various devices, the most common of them - speakers, Bluetooth. Thanks to such possibilities, it is really possible to make a binding of your mobile device to a vehicle, and also to listen to music through special speakers located in the lower area of ​​the case. This option will allow you to attract attention to promotions in the field of marketing.

Thanks to modern models, you can make walks and provide yourself with comfortable travel within certain areas.

Where to buy the

There are several options where you can buy girosculator. First, in the local shops of your city, for example, sports goods, in the markets and so on. Secondly, there are online stores offering the delivery of devices to your home, office. Thirdly, you can use the services of foreign online stores, which will allow you to buy original models and, possibly, save large sums.

How much is-is-is-the-cheapest-gyroscope_006 The correctness of movements guarantees the productive use of the

The cost of the

scooters The price range of the products, just like their assortment, is large enough. Among the abundance, you can choose the best options for every taste and color. The cost of the products depends on the parameters that you are targeting when choosing, as well as from the place of purchase. Consider the cost of the cheapest device and compare price offers from different manufacturers.

Acquisition at local stores:

prices Gyroscope cartridges are now sold in city stores. If you select specialized retail facilities, this will increase your chances of choosing from a wide range.

The advantages of such a purchase is the instant receipt of goods on hand, no need for waiting. In addition, you have a 100% guarantee that you will not buy a counterfeit, since the seller is within your reach. In order to avoid unforeseen circumstances it is recommended to read reviews about various shops on the Internet and choose the most reliable commercial object.

How-is-is-the-cheapest-gyroskutter_010 In order to avoid unforeseen circumstances, it is recommended to read reviews about various shops on the Internet and choose the most reliable trade object

. The drawback is only in price: when buying goods at a retail outlet, prepare to pay a substantial extra charge, which can sometimes reach 30-35%.The simplest unit in the store of the regional center will cost you 15-20 thousand rubles, which is very expensive.

Tip! If you want to buy a gyro controller in an ordinary store, but do it on the most favorable terms, you need to look for not stores, but warehouses that do not pay a huge lease of the premises. You can also choose a scooter directly from the manufacturer.

Buy online: prices

If you want to save money and are willing to wait a bit for your package, you can choose a popular online store, good, there are plenty of them today. The seller will provide you with a valid guarantee that the device is working, and delivery takes place within a period of one week. The advantages are exhausted.

Now about the weaknesses of the issue. On the shelves of online stores from cheap models you can choose only suspicious devices that are several times overbought. Traditionally cheap scooters are assembled in the factories of China, Russian-speaking packaging is offered.

How much is-is-is-the-cheapest-gyroscope_001 Children's models are lightweight for the possibility of self-transfer

Advice! In order not to get into a mess, when looking for an advantageous option read reviews about it. It is possible that at a low price you will be provided with a quality product, but you must be sure of this.

Another drawback is that e-shops often wind prices, and the amount they do not always differ from those that are offered in the retail network. The cost starts from 15 000 rubles.

Specialty stores

This option is good because the sellers of such a network are engaged directly in the sale of such equipment, so hold a full consultation and help in choosing the most advantageous option. In this case, you can give preference to specialized stores offline or online resources. In the first case, prepare for overpayment, in the second - to the fact that a substandard product may come. However, if you carefully study each assortment position and get acquainted with the reviews, or even better - ask people who have already bought similar products, everything will work out, and you will make a profitable purchase.

How much-is-is-the-cheapest-gyroscope_005 Children's models have an average power of 150 watts, and adults 500 watts and more

Tip! Do not fall into the trap when a manufacturer or an authorized dealer hide some parameters of the device. Sometimes there are cases when a scooter, bought in an online store for an adult, in size only suits his cat.

Buying in an online store abroad: prices

Foreign trade facilities will offer a wide range, and availability of prices, and good quality indicators. For example, the simplest scooter on all the known resource aliexspress will cost from 12,000 rubles. Delivery is about two weeks. Prepare yourself for the fact that this product is 99% invented in China. However, first read reviews about this or that seller, and then order the goods.

Overview of popular sites

How much is-is-the-cheapest-gyroskutter_011 Traditionally, the battery capacity allows you to travel from 15 to 20 kilometers

If you take a few shops and compare the cost of the cheapest gyro-paceters on them, you can note the following:

  • YANDEX-MARKET - 12,000 rublesand higher;
  • OZONE - 15 000 rubles and more;
  • Aliexpress - 13 000 rubles minimum.

Selecting the desired retail object and searching for up-to-date information about the seller will make a profitable purchase.

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