Sugar paste for shugaring at home - Recipe, secrets of application

  • Apr 10, 2018
Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_04 Pasta shugaring at home will help get rid of unwanted hair

hard to find a woman who does not dream to get rid of body hair: pasta shugaring at home, the recipe of which you will find in this article is useful to everyone. One can argue for a long time about whether it makes sense to get rid of "extra" vegetation, however, one thing is obvious: modern society makes quite high demands on appearance, which is not easy to match.

Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_07 Shugaring - fast and budgetary method of depilation

Which only tricks are not resorted girl to achieve a perfectly smooth skin! All kinds of creams, shaving machines, laser hair removal. .. All these methods allow you to get rid of hair, while causing skin irritation. In addition, it takes quite a lot of money to buy everything necessary for epilation. However, there is a simple, budgetary way to quickly get rid of hair on the body. It's about slugaring.


  • 1 little history
  • 2 basic principles of procedure
  • 3 main advantages shugaring
  • 4 Disadvantages sugar depilation
  • 5 What determines the pain?
  • 6 What ingredients will be required for pasta preparation?
  • 9 How to remove hair with a sludge paste?
  • 10 Hair removal using applicators
  • 11 Pasta shugaring with additives
  • 12 When you can not do shugaring?
  • little history

    Shugaring, or hair removal using sugar paste, was invented in the east. Thus, hair removal was done by women who lived in harems of sultans and high-ranking officials. By the way, it is interesting that thanks to shugaring, people have learned to make such a delicacy as caramel.

    Tip! Special attention should be paid to girls with sensitive skin. The fact is that this procedure is quite delicate, which means it avoids irritation.

    basic principles of procedure

    shugaring procedure is that the areas of the skin, from which you want to remove hair, apply sticky sugar paste. This paste is quite sticky, so it effectively captures hairs, even the smallest ones. After the paste is removed with a sharp movement from the skin, the hair is pulled out with it.

    Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_11 The procedure is simple, it does not need to have any special skills

    Tip! In order to provide the skin with additional nutrition during the procedure, you can add lemon, honey or milk to the mixture. As a result, after removing the hair, the skin will become smooth, soft and velvety.

    main advantages shugaring

    The main advantages of the sugar hair removal include the lack of intense pain. Of course, a certain discomfort is felt, but it can not be compared with pain, which often accompanies, for example, hair removal with the help of an electric epilator.

    The second advantage is a lasting effect. If you shave your legs with a machine, you need almost every day, then after removing the hair with sugar paste, the need for a repeat procedure arises in two to three weeks.

    Skin with sugar depilation is not injured, it does not cause redness and irritation. In addition, the paste does not leave burns( unless, of course, you observe all the safety rules during the procedure).

    It is also worth noting that the procedure of sugar depilation is quite budget. If you spend it at home, you only need sugar, lemon and water!

    Tip! If you have long hair, while the sugar hair removal is desirable to put on a head band or braid plait. Hair sticks to the sugar mass very easily, and there is a risk of removing hair not only from the feet or from underarms, but also from the head! In addition, it will be difficult to wash the hair off the paste.

    Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_02 skin depilation with sugar is not injured, it does not appear on the redness and irritation

    Disadvantages sugar depilation

    It should be noted that shugaring has some flaws( though very few).

    • First of all it is worth noting that you have to spend some time trying to learn how to cook the sugar paste. It must have a certain viscosity, otherwise it will not be possible to capture all the hair that needs to be removed. If you overdo the paste in a water bath, or forget to add any ingredients, you get a tasty delicacy, which, unfortunately, can not be used for its intended purpose.
    • The second drawback is that the process of hair removal takes a lot of time. It may take up to an hour to remove all unnecessary hair. However, this deficiency is more than compensated by the fact that the procedure will be required once every two to three weeks.
    • Many women do not like the feeling of stickiness during depilation. Nevertheless, it seems quite possible to get used to the seemingly unpleasant sensations at first.
    • Finally, sugar paste does not capture hairs that are shorter than three millimeters. We'll have to wait until the hair grows to the desired length. And not all women can "grow" hair on their legs.

    Advice! If you do not want to waste time trying to cook pasta shugaring yourself, you can buy ready-made option in store for professional beauticians.

    This paste has all the necessary characteristics and makes it possible to perform the salon procedure at home. True, the cost of a quality paste may seem quite impressive.

    In addition, it is important to carefully read the composition of the purchased paste: it should not contain preservatives and fragrances. The latter is especially important for women prone to allergic reactions.

    Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_01 sugar paste does not capture the hairs that are shorter than three millimeters

    What determines the pain?

    Some women complain that they experience severe pain during the slipping process. However, the method is considered one of the most painless. What is the cause of the pain during shugaring?

    The procedure is most easily carried out in the evening. In the morning, pain can be felt much more intensively. Do not do the procedure during menstruation. The product must be cooled to a comfortable temperature. Finally, do not adjust yourself to the fact that during epilation you will experience unbearable pain.

    Tip! Before starting shugaring, take a hot bath. The skin will decay, so it will be much easier to remove the hair. In addition, this technique will help reduce pain to a minimum.

    What ingredients will be required for pasta preparation?

    Preparing a mixture for sugar depilation at home requires certain skills. You may need to practice to "fill your hand", but the result is worth it.

    Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_03 The main ingredient of the sludge pasta is sugar

    So, you need sugar to make the mixture. Sugar sand should be chosen white, free of foreign impurities. The grains should be approximately the same in size. In addition, you need one lemon juice. The juice should be carefully filtered, so that it does not have bones and flesh. The last ingredient is water.

    Tip! If you do not have lemon, you can use citric acid. However, in this case it will be necessary to add more water.

    The most popular pasta recipe

    This recipe for making pasta for shugaring is used most often. If you want to do a "classic shugaring", you will need:

    • eight tablespoons of granulated sugar;
    • two tablespoons of water and the same amount of lemon juice.

    Stir thoroughly all ingredients and start cooking the mixture over low heat. When you notice that the mixture boils, reduce the heat to a minimum. After boiling, the paste should stand on the stove for three minutes. If the paste is not thickened enough, this time can be increased. During cooking, caramel should be constantly mixed.

    Tip! For cooking pasta, choose a dish with a thick bottom. Thanks to this, the mixture will be warmed more evenly, the sugar will be evenly distributed, and will not burn.

    How can I tell if the shugaring mixture is ready?

    The main features that make it possible to determine that the mixture is ready are:

    • transparency, a golden pleasant shade of the mixture;
    • the mixture is plastic, it "stretches" behind the spoon and is not too liquid;
    • caramel flavor.
    Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_08 Ready mix for shugaring is similar to thick honey

    To check the readiness, put a little paste in the spoon, cool it and roll a small ball between the fingers. If you can do this, then the paste is ready and you can start depilation!

    Tip! In order to learn how to accurately determine if a shugaring paste is ready, it is worth the first procedure for a professional in a beauty salon. This will not only remember how the paste looks, but also adopt the movements that the beautician does in the hair removal process.

    Recipe with citric acid

    If you cook pasta with citric acid, then you will need six tablespoons of sugar, four tablespoons of water and two teaspoons of acid. The process of making the mixture is the same as using lemon juice.

    It should be remembered that when cooling, the paste becomes more dense. Therefore, the mixture must not be brought to the required density at boiling.

    Tip! To wash the dishes in which you were preparing the shugaring paste, soak it for several hours in water with a little addition of detergent. Try to remove the remnants of the paste with metal scouring should not: so you run the risk of spoiling the dishes.

    How to remove hair with a sludge paste?

    After you can weld the paste of the desired consistency, you can start the hair removal procedure. First, cool the paste to a comfortable temperature. To do this is very important: if you hurry, hot paste can cause serious burns, the scars from which remain for life!

    Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_09 Remove the paste from the skin with a sharp movement against the growth of the hair

    Apply the paste to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Leave it for a couple of minutes to allow the mixture to dry slightly. After this, use a sharp movement to remove the paste against the growth of hair.

    Tip! Gradually the paste begins to harden. Therefore, before each new application, lightly knead it between your fingers.

    Hair removal with applicators

    Special fabric applicators for shugaring are on sale. They greatly facilitate the depilation process. Simply apply the paste on the skin, glue the applicator on top, which you need to smooth out with your hands. After that, the applicator is removed with a sharp movement against the growth of the hair.

    This technique is used most often: with the help of a tissue applicator, it is easiest to remove the Schugarin paste from the body.

    Tip! Store the ready-made mixture for shugaring best in the fridge, wrapping food film. Well, to make the mixture more plastic, it is enough to warm it slightly in a water bath.

    Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_06 On sale you can find special fabric applicators for shugaring. They greatly facilitate the depilation process

    Shugar paste with additives

    During the hair removal procedure, you can simultaneously nourish and moisturize the skin. To do this, add additional components to the mixture for depilation. For example, you can add a tablespoon of honey to the mixture. Honey perfectly nourishes the skin, protects it from irritation and inflammation.

    If you want your hair to grow more slowly, then add a nutty tincture instead of water. It is known that the nut destroys the hair follicles, which means that the effect of the procedure will last much longer.

    Tip! To make sure that the slugging mixture is ready, stretch the ball made from the paste. The resulting "thread" should be long enough and have a light pearlescent hue.

    Sugar-paste-for-shugaringa-in-home-conditions-prescription_05 If you want your hair to grow more slowly, add a nutty tincture instead of water

    When can not do shugaring?

    Shugaring is a fairly safe procedure, but even it has contraindications. You can not depilate the bikini zone during pregnancy: this can provoke a miscarriage! The procedure should be abandoned if you suffer from chronic skin diseases.

    In addition, it is better not to perform shugaring, if you have a high temperature or you are too sensitive to pain. In the latter case it is desirable to choose a shaving machine, which, as is known, does not cause the slightest discomfort.

    Tip! With sugar paste, you can remove hair from the face. At the same time, the hairs on the face are thin and short, so their removal is almost painless.

    Hair removal from the face is carried out in the same way as from other parts of the body: you need to apply the paste on the hair growth, wait a bit and tear it off against growth.

    Sugar-paste-for-sludge-in-home-conditions-prescription_10 It's better not to do shugaring if you have a fever or you are too sensitive to pain

    Immediately after the person's shugaring, refuse to visit the solarium or the beach for a week: the skin will become quite sensitive, and you risk earning a burn or pigment spots.

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