The best hygienic lipstick - Which one to choose? Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2018
Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_08 In winter, from the cracked lips saves hygienic lipstick. In the summer it also serves as a sun protection

In winter, from the cracked lips saves hygienic lipstick, reviews of real users will help to make the right choice. It is also important to pay attention to the composition of the product. The more labeled natural ingredients, the safer the balm. Quality lipstick is distinguished by the presence of wax, oil, useful extracts and vitamins.

Hygienic-lipstick-отзывы_12 In winter, it is best to choose nutritious hygienic lipsticks. They vitaminate the lips and protect them from the effects of cold and gusty wind

Hygienic lipstick should not contain silicone oil, cooling ingredients and salicylic acid, as well as vaseline and paraffin. These substances include oil refining products, which hinders the free breathing of the skin. To maintain the water-fat balance, wax is great.
In winter, it is best to choose nutritious hygienic lipsticks. They vitaminate the lips and protect them from the effects of cold and gusty wind.

What do famous manufacturers offer? What brand of lipstick to choose? You need to analyze the products.


  • 1 What does the Libriderm
  • 2 "Avanta": what are the advantages of lipsticks?
  • 3 Features hygienic lipstick "Nivea»
  • 4 care products "Spivak»
  • 5 What is the difference chapstick Belvedere
  • 6 What offers Meybelin
  • 7 What lipstick is better? User Reviews

What does the Libriderm

Company offers a line of medical cosmetics that cares for the skin of the lips. The catalog contains such variants:

  • sunscreen lip balm Bronzeada;
  • lip oil Sweet kiss;
  • lip balm 3D hyaluronic filler;
  • restorative hygienic lipstick "Vitamin F";
  • nutritious hygienic lipstick "Aevit";
  • hyaluronic hygiene lipstick;
  • active-balm "Ideal lips" with vitamin E;
  • anti-aging hygienic lipstick "Collagen";
  • lip oil "Aevit";
  • shine-lip care hyaluronic( 5 in 1).

Hygiene Lipstick "Aevit" has become a real hit of the season. It can be used as a basis for lip make-up. It not only moisturizes and nourishes, but also restores damaged skin, protects from peeling. Lipstick "Aevit exudes a pleasant strawberry flavor and is enriched with vitamins A and E for the regeneration of the skin.

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_02 Hygienic lipstick "Aevit" has become a real hit of the season. It can be used as a basis for lip make-up

The price for lipstick ranges from 250 rubles to 300 for 4 grams.

Tip! Avoid cooling components in lipstick. Menthol, phenol and camphor add extra volume to the lips, but overdry the skin and lead to cracks.

"Avanta": what are the advantages of lipsticks?

The famous Russian manufacturer of quality cosmetics "Avanta" offers customers a variety of flavors:

  • orange smoothies;
  • berry mix;
  • bun with cinnamon;
  • raspberry;
  • of sea buckthorn;
  • strawberry.

A line of cosmetic products containing provitamin B5 "Panthenol EVO" quickly restores damaged areas of the skin of the lips and stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis. A quality series of hygiene lipsticks eliminates dryness and irritation. Lipstick is hypoallergenic and guarantees balanced care. The effectiveness of the products is confirmed by dermatologists. Attracts users low price and high quality.

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_07 A line of cosmetic products containing provitamin B5 "Panthenol EVO" quickly restores damaged areas of the skin of the lips and stimulates regeneration of the epidermis

Lovers of "delicious" cosmetics will love the hygienic lipstick "Bun with cinnamon" .It perfectly conveys the aroma of fresh baked goods. Thanks to the natural ingredients that make up the composition, it has a beneficial effect on the skin of the lips. Contains cocoa butter and extract of calendula flowers. Finishes the composition of vitamin E.

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_10 Fans of "delicious" cosmetics will love the hygiene lipstick "Bun with cinnamon"

The price for the products of "Avanta" ranges from 60-150 rubles. Ideal protection and care for low cost.

Tip! Salicylic acid in the lipstick fights inflammation, but leads to flaking of the lips. Do not buy makeup that contains it.

Features of Nivea hygiene lipstick

company Niveja offers lip care products in sticks and in the form of oils. For daily care, dermatologists recommend six varieties of balsams:

  • fruit shine cherry gives a beautiful shade of healthy lips and the aroma of ripe berries;
  • fruity strawberry radiance gives lips a seductive and healthy shine;
  • calendula camomile soothes and softens the skin( does not contain preservatives);
  • basic care for moisturizing and softening the lips, prevents loss of moisture;
  • aqua care moisturizes the skin and makes the lips very gentle;
  • pearly glow gives lips the softness of silk and the pearly sheen of healthy skin.

Special offer "Lip Balm Intensive Protection" .The remedy prevents from cracking.

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_03 The product prevents crackling

Also, Nivea has developed three types of oil for daily care:

  • "Gentle care" is suitable for dry lips, giving them tenderness, softness and juiciness.
  • "Juicy raspberry" moisturizes the skin for a long time. The aroma of ripe berries is also kept throughout the day.
  • "Macadam nut and vanilla" with its original aroma enchants and captivates, therefore, besides the medicinal properties it has a cosmetic effect.
Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_04 Also, Nivea has developed three types of

for daily care. The cost of Nivea lipsticks ranges from 120-150 rubles.

Tip! To protect the skin of the lips in summer from sun and heat, choose moisturizing hygiene lipsticks. They will prevent peeling.

Care products "Spivak"

company "Spivak" produces products exclusively from natural ingredients. The absence of synthetic dyes and flavors guarantees a curative effect. The product line contains 17 lip care products.
Lip balms are presented in such aromas: mint chocolate, orange, vanilla. They moisturize and soften the skin. Attract men saturated with seductive aromas.

Note the lip balm "Mono de Tahiti" .It is saturated with a soft aroma of a mona flower. Softens the skin, protects from airing and gives grooming.

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_01 Lip Balm "Mona de Tahiti" is saturated with a soft fragrance of a mono flower

Lip scrub does not injure the skin and has a nutritional effect. Exfoliate unnecessary particles thanks to natural berries. The aromas of berries, chocolate and bergamot are presented.

Among the hygienic lipsticks, there are tastes of vanilla, lemongrass, chocolate, mojito, coffee and vanilla, tamana and coconut. Products nourish the skin, give them softness, elasticity and return elasticity.

Lip Balm Cafe Noir suits those who like fragrant coffee. Nourishes the skin and helps to avoid the adverse effects of sun, wind and frost.

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_11 Cafe Noir lip balm suits those who like fragrant coffee

Spivak products are not expensive. You can find a shine worth up to 100 rubles. Users note that it is possible to use the shine for a long time, it is not consumed quickly.

Tip! Lipstick with ultraviolet filters can be used not only in the summer. In winter, it is useful during active rest, when the sun's rays are reflected from snow-white snow.

What is the difference between hygienic lipstick Belvedere

Thanks to 20 years of experience in the development of cosmetics, "Belvedere" offers its own high-quality skin care products. In the collection there are balms-balls, correctors against age-related changes, preparations for sun protection, means for basic care and against dry skin of the lips.

Balms do not contain oxidants and accelerate regenerative actions. An excellent anti-aging product has the effect of "lifting".Protection from sun and frost guarantees an attractive appearance. Seducing men is now easy thanks to healing.

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_13 Balms do not contain oxidants and accelerate regenerative actions.

The regenerating liquid balm moisturizes the skin and gives pearlescent shine.
The price of the Belvedere product ranges from 140 to 180 rubles.

Advice! Excellent lip balm for lips. They can be applied at any time of the year. The main thing to carefully study the composition for the presence of harmful components.

What Meibelin offers

The well-known cosmetics company "Meibelin" offers an exclusive formula for the restoration of the lips. Balm Baby Lips only after a week of use makes the skin soft, gentle and attractive.

The composition of colorless balms includes aloe extract, vitamin E, C, B5, shea butter and Centella Asiatic. Users celebrate high quality products.
The product line presents the effect of neon gloss and ultraviolet protection.

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_05 Baby Lips balm after just a week of use makes the skin soft, soft and attractive

The manufacturer cares not only about adults, but also about children. Therefore, she offers lipstick "Baby Lips".It protects the delicate skin from adverse weather influences. The sun and frost are not terrible to the lips.

For women of age, a restoring balm for coats Lips electro is made. Has a visible smoothing effect.

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_06 For women of age, a restoring balm for fur coats is made Lips electro

Mabelin lipsticks are expensive due to the unique ingredients included in the composition. The price starts from 300 rubles per bottle.

Advice! Autumn and spring can be protected from viruses with the help of lipstick against infections. It heals the skin of the lips and softens it, protecting against fungal inflammation.

Which lipstick is better? Feedback from users

Given all the professional recommendations for choosing a hygienic lipstick, it is important to pay attention to the real user feedback. Even a good composition does not guarantee the treatment of the skin of the lips.

Svetlana, 25 years old: "I believed in advertising and tried on myself a miracle-action lipstick" Aevit "from Librederm. Frankly, I liked everything very much. Sponges moisturized, shiny. She forgot about herpes altogether, although I usually have it in the fall. I recommend to use. "

Valery, 35 years old: "With age, lips began to dry strongly. There was a habit to gnaw the skin. But it does not look aesthetically and ugly. The wife brought me to try lipstick "Panthenol EVO".I initially hesitated to apply, and used only before bed. Just a few days the lips came to order. Now I always use hygienic lipstick. It's not embarrassing, but useful. "

Karina Anatolyevna, 43 years: "I liked the lipstick" Cinnamon roll "more from the Avanta brand product. A pleasant scent evokes childhood memories. Plus, of course, has a beneficial effect on the skin of the lips.

Oksana, 15 years old: "I use hygienic lipstick" Fruit glow "with cherry flavor. I really like both the smell and the shade. Decorative cosmetics mother does not yet allow to use. And this is a great alternative. And it's good for health. "

Hygienic-lipstick-reviews_09 Avoid cooling components in the lipstick. Menthol, phenol and camphor add extra volume to the lips, but overdry the skin and cause cracks.

Irina, 45: « I trusted with positive feedback and got a Spivak hygiene lipstick with the aroma of coffee and vanilla. The smell is pleasant, but I did not feel the promised effect. Lips continue to peel off in the frost. "

Nelya Matveyevna, 54 years: "I have been using Belvedere cosmetic products for a long time. With age, his lips became dry and some lifeless. Thanks to the correctors of age-related changes, they again shine. Wrinkles are not so noticeable, because the skin is pulled up thanks to the lifting effect. In summer, I can always find a manufacturer for the manufacturer of sun protection products. I love this brand and I advise children. "

Ekaterina, 30 years old: "I recommend to everyone the means for lip care" Meybelin ".On the official website, the manufacturer guarantees an eight-hour protection against dryness and does not lie. Indeed, I applied lipstick to the sutra and only when I leave work I repeat the use. Everything fits me. "Angelina, 28 years: "I trust only that cosmetics, which is made from natural ingredients, so I choose the funds from the company" Spivak ".Everything suits me. And in winter and summer you can find a suitable option for yourself. I recommend to my friends and practice for daily use. By the way, one tube is enough for about three months, which is quite economical. Especially for such a low price. "

Advice! Hygienic lipstick is applied before each exit to the street. To the lips by morning were fresh and attractive, you can apply a shine on the night before going to bed. The maximum period of use is three months.