How to cook the mors from cranberries frozen?- Vitamin prescriptions

  • Apr 10, 2018
Morse-from-cranberry-frozen_( 7) Morse from cranberries frozen is a very useful product for the human body

Morse from cranberries frozen is a very useful product for the human body. Its vitamin complex favorably affects the immune system, heals from many viral diseases. The cooking itself does not take much time, and the effectiveness is much better than many medications. In addition, adults and children will be happy to drink this drink.

Mors-of-cranberry-frozen-frozen( 10) The vitamin complex of the drink has a beneficial effect on the immune system, heals against many viral diseases


  • 1 Classic recipe: frozen cranberries frozen
  • 2 Original mors
  • 3 Chilled cranberries
  • 4 Cranberry drink for pregnant women
  • 5 Vitamin mix

Classic recipe: Morse from cranberries frozen

Drink is an actual tool not only in combating existing diseases, but also prevents the emergence of new ones. It is simply indispensable in winter, spring and autumn, when the risk of getting sick increases several times because of extreme weather conditions.

Tip! It is better to choose berries that have an average size. They should not be too dark in color. The presence of people should be minimal. Well, if the cranberries are not frozen, but cooled.

Let's start in order. The preparation of fruit juice from frozen cranberries according to the classic recipe provides for the following processes:

  1. When buying a frozen product, you should pay attention to the condition of the berries. They should not be suppressed. Among them, rotten or spoiled specimens should not appear.
  2. Defrost the cranberries in cold water, but not until the end. When most of the ice and snow will disappear, pour the berries with warm water and rinse thoroughly.
  3. The berries must be ground to the required consistency. To simplify the task, you can add one fourth of the water to a glass of the product. Everything is loaded into the blender and shredded.
  4. The resulting gruel must be squeezed so that the resulting juice does not show skins, seeds and other small particles of berries. Spin is produced through gauze or sieve.
Mors-from-cranberry-frozen_( 8) When buying a frozen product, you should pay attention to the condition of the berries. They should not be suppressed

To implement the Morse recipe from frozen cranberries, the following ingredients are needed:

  • A pound of frozen cranberries;
  • 2 liters of purified water;
  • 150 grams of sugar.

After dividing the berries into husk and juice, you can start preparing the Morse itself. The method of preparation itself consists in the following steps:

  1. Press the sandpaper and bones into the saucepan and add 1.5 liters of water.
  2. When the contents are slightly warmed up, you can pour sugar. If this is done immediately, the sugar will dissolve in cold water for a long time.
  3. Bring the broth to a boil and hold it in this state for 5-10 minutes.
  4. When the boil is boiled, it should be cooled. After that, the broth is pressed again through a sieve to get a decoction clear of the waste.
  5. After that, the juice is poured into the broth, which resulted from the first pressing. If necessary, you can add a spoonful of honey.

You can consume the drink immediately, but can be preserved. Then the broth is boiled again and poured over sterilized containers. Preservation is better not to store for a long time, because over time it loses its taste and vitamins.

Mors-from-cranberry-frozen_( 12) Depending on the recipe, the drink can be consumed immediately, but you can conserve

original juice

consider in detail how to make juice from frozen cranberries so that it differs from the classic recipe, but retains the beneficial properties? To create a new original taste, you can use additional ingredients. Often it is: cinnamon, lemon, honey, mint.

Important! When making Morse, it should be noted that the juice in it should be at least 30% of the total mass of the drink.

How to boil the frozen fruit from frozen cranberries in general terms became clear. Now you should consider several versions of the original recipes for the preparation of this drink. If the fruit of frozen cranberries with cinnamon is not liked by everyone, then drink with a lemon and mint on the narwhal all without exception.

Products that are required for the preparation of the fruit juice:

  • 2 liters of water;
  • Half a kilogram of frozen cranberries;
  • 40 grams of fresh lemon zest;
  • Half a cup of sugar;
  • 5 grams of mint leaves.
Mors-from-cranberry-frozen_( 2) You need to defrost the cranberries in cold water, but not until the end. When most of the ice and snow disappears, pour the berries with warm water and rinse thoroughly.

The preparation consists of the following steps:

  1. Boil the water and let it cool down a little.
  2. Pre-thawed and washed cranberry berries pour boiling water and set aside for a few minutes.
  3. Grind the berries in hot water with a blender until a homogeneous fruit mass is obtained.
  4. After pouring in the contents of fresh lemon zest. It can be obtained by rubbing the lemon peel on a fine grater.
  5. The resulting mixture should be insisted for 1-2 hours. For better concentration, it is best to wrap it in a warm towel or blanket.
  6. When the broth settles, it must be thoroughly mixed and immediately filtered through a sieve. Pour out the sugar and mix again.
  7. Add the mint leaves in the last place. After a few hours they must be pulled out of the mixture.

In this interpretation, seeds and small fragments of berries can be found in the mors. There are pros and cons of such a recipe. Positive features:

  • Inimitable taste;
  • Rich vitamin complex;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Can be used in cold and warm form.

But it is present here and the negative side:

  • It is better to consume immediately, can not be preserved;
  • There may be bitter notes due to the peel;
  • Mint can create a moldy taste effect.
Mors-from-cranberry-frozen-frozen( 3) Adding to the classic Morse recipe can spices and citrus

Summarizing this point, I want to draw attention to the fact that the frozen fruit berries can acquire a new original taste. The main thing is to use it immediately after preparation. Thanks to additional components, the vitamin complex will become much brighter.

Children's Morse from chilled cranberries

Currently, cranberry fruit juice can be purchased at any grocery store. But to guarantee the quality of the goods is very difficult. In most cases, there is a threat of poisoning with preservatives that are contained in the product. This is especially true if the product is intended for the child.

Tip! Cranberries for young children can cause diathesis, so before using, it is worth consulting with a pediatrician.

Prepare the mors at home from frozen cranberries is quite simple. This process is described in the previous paragraphs. It is important to take into account that children are rather capricious about food. If the mors is too acidic or poorly purified from the seeds and peel of berries, then most likely, the baby will give up eating.

Prepare Morse for a child from frozen cranberries by using the following recipe:

  1. Process 300 grams of frozen cranberries: unfrozen, defecate, rinse.
  2. Crush the cranberries and squeeze out the gruel, removing the juice from the remnants of the berries shells.
  3. Put the squeezed juice in the refrigerator for about an hour.
  4. Then squeeze the squeezed liquid together with 100 grams of sugar for 5 minutes.
  5. You can consume Morse immediately after it has cooled, for several days with proper storage.
Mors-from-cranberry-frozen_( 11) If the mors is too acidic or poorly cleared of seeds and peel of berries, then most likely, the baby will refuse to use

. In summary, it should be noted that the cranberry has a bright taste and aroma. That the child does not show negative reactions to the product, it should be given to several thermal treatments: cooling and boiling.

If the berry has too bright a taste, then you can increase the amount of water or sugar. This will reduce the concentration of juice, which will make the drink more sparing for the stomach of the baby. For the same purpose, they defend the resulting juice and squeeze out of the berry.

Cranberry Drink for Pregnant Women

Preparing Morse from frozen cranberries for pregnant women has its aspects. It is important that after use, there are no adverse reactions or allergies. The drink should not contain chemical impurities, preservatives.

Tip! Often for pregnant morses, prepare according to the same prescription as for children. Although the taste can be more vivid and saturated.

It is important to pay attention to the taste preferences of the future mother. Unlike a child, an adult can react more calmly to supplements to the main ingredient. You can decorate the mors with the help of chocolate sweets, marshmallows, sprigs of spices used in confectionery.

Let's start in order. In order not to exceed the level of sugar in the blood, it is better to completely replace sugar with honey. In this case, the bee product is added to the already cooled liquid, and not to boiling water. Too concentrated mors can be diluted with boiled water during use at any stage.

Cinnamon can cause dislike, since it has a specific flavor and taste. It can be completely eliminated or left in a minimal proportion. Thanks to this spice, the taste of each component will become brighter and more saturated.

Mors-from-cranberry-frozen_( i) In order not to exceed the blood sugar level, it is better to completely replace sugar for honey

Zedra should also be limited in quantity. It is enough to add quite a bit to diversify the bouquet of the drink, to give it piquancy. As for mint, it is not always appropriate in standard recipes. It is successfully used only in the summer season, as it is remarkably refreshing and tones in the heat.

Very active cranberries can be combined with other berries. You can mix several species and get a whole vitamin mix of flavors. It is better if they are related berries that grow in the same region. Frequently cranberries are analogous to cranberries.

Berry fruit juice is perfectly combined with many dishes, especially with meat and fish. It improves metabolic processes and promotes better absorption of fats and amino acids. The sweet-sour taste will satisfy the taste requirements of even a pregnant woman.

Vitamin mix

A huge popularity among connoisseurs of this drink is a mors from frozen berries of cranberries and cowberries. These berries remarkably harmonize with their tastes, as they have the same level of acid and sugar.

Mors-from-cranberry-frozen_( 5) A huge popularity among connoisseurs of the drink is the frozen fruit juice of cranberries and cranberries

During the preparation of the fruit, an almost equal proportion of the berries is used to make the taste a bright shade. Since frozen berries are used, it is first of all necessary to check their quality: remove all spoiled specimens, rinse the product well, remove foreign elements.

Components for cranberry-cranberry mors:

  • Quarter of a kilo of frozen cranberries;
  • 250 grams of chilled cowberry;
  • 3 liters of purified water;
  • Add honey or sugar to taste.

The preparation method does not have a complicated concept. It is enough to adhere to simple cooking technology:

  1. To carefully separate the juice from the rest of the berry, you need to wipe them through a sieve. It is possible to perform the procedure several times in a row. It is exclusively the desire of the one who prepares.
  2. The resulting juice should be cooled for at least one hour - set the capacity in the refrigerator to the uppermost shelf. So the juice will lose its sarcasm, excessive acid.
  3. Squeeze pour into a saucepan, cover with sugar and pour water. Preheat on low heat until the composition begins to boil. When this happens immediately remove from heat. In the process, it is necessary to stir the broth constantly.
  4. Cooled refuse should be filtered once more. It is better to do this through gauze, although a sieve will do. Pour in the previously squeezed juice.
  5. Ingredients mix well and stand for at least half an hour to brew.

This method of preparation is suitable for immediate use, it is pointless to preserve the morph of this modification - it can become sour or moldy. If you boil the liquid, then again, the storage will last for several days.

Mors-from-cranberry-frozen_( 6) Morse can be prepared from the mix of berries

Advice! You can buy assorted frozen berries for such a mors. Often this includes several types of berries: currants, cranberries, cranberries, cherries.

If you take cranberries, as a separate component for the production of mors, then it is prepared according to the same recipe as cranberry. Vitamins and minerals of cranberries contains no less than cranberries. Sometimes in such fruit drinks add juices and from other fruits - it can be not only berries.

Some gourmets add original spices in order to make the taste interesting. This carnation, ginger, vanilla, all sorts of fruit essences. Often cranberries and cranberries are not rubbed until the complete separation of bones and skins.

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