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  • Apr 12, 2018
Perfume-boss-female-photo_14 To emphasize the elegance and eccentricity of your own style and image, you can help with perfume BOSS female

The elegance and eccentricity of your own style and image can be helped with the help of Boss female perfume. Due to a sufficient variety of odors from the range offered by the manufacturer, you can choose the most suitable. The company Boss offers three lines of women's fragrances: Boss, Boss Orange and the new Hugo.

Perfume-boss-female-photo_10 Boss offers three lines of feminine fragrances: Boss, Boss Orange and new Hugo


  • 1 Classic Boss
  • 2 Perfume Boss female: Orange
  • 3 Hugo

Classic Boss

The Boss collection includes 6 flavors, the most popular of which are considered to be flower-Fruit Boss Nuit, novelty The Scent For Her and fresh light Ma Vie. The price of women's perfume "Boss", depending on the packaging, can vary from 3 thousand to 6500 r.

Boss Nuit

A small black cocktail dress inspired the creation of a bottle for this perfumed designer water. It is packaged in simple in form, but unusually elegant dark bottles with a spray gun for gold capacity of 30, 50 and 75 ml.

The basis for this laconic and sensual smell is the seductive sweetness of a peach. Additional feminine sounding of this floral-fruit water gives the aromas of violet and jasmine with the inclusion of a light ambergris of white flowers. The smell of natural wood with a touch of sandalwood and moss completes the quivering chord.

Perfume-boss-female-photo_07 basis for this laconic and sensual smell is a seductive sweetness of peach

Another top seller in this series is water Boss Nuit Intense, which is provided in a similar bottle. The only external difference is the color of the spray-pulverizer: it has a reddish-brown light shade. This perfume water compared to the original Boss Nuit "sounds" more vividly and intensively and is intended for evening use.

Price: from 3300 to 6500 rubles.

Tip! When choosing a perfume, be sure to pay attention to their tones. Natural flavors most often include their three: the main direction is determined by the note of the middle( heart), but the longest stored on the skin is a final note, sometimes called a trail. The initial light note is clearly manifested only during the first 5-10 minutes.

The Scent For Her

This unusual novelty from Boss, which appeared in August 2016, the creators describe quite poetically:

  • its top note is a combination of honey peach and aristocratic and gentle freesia;This combination, of course, is able to turn a head and captivate anyone, even a man who is especially resistant to female spells;
  • medium heart note includes the fragrance of a languorous tropical osmanthus - sultry peach olive;
  • basic sound is based on the aroma of roasted cocoa, enveloping a sensual woman with fragrant sweet bliss.

This fragrance is framed in bottles of 30, 50 or 100 ml, created from a fairly thick glass of warm peach with a slight admixture of pink hue.


Tip! With domination of high notes, the smell is light floral. The predominance of basic notes gives spirits, toilet or perfume water a spicy oriental aroma.

Price: from 3300 to 4900 rubles.

Boss Jour

The prototype for creating this elegant fresh morning fragrance, packed in a capacity of 30, 50 or 75 mg, is a successful business woman waking up with the first rays of the sun.

Elegant Boss Jour was created using three main components:

  • of the top note, which includes the mint-camphor fragrance of the agathosphere, slightly similar to the smell of ripe currants, grapefruit colors with a light admixture of lime;
  • heart, consisting of the lightest fresh notes of honeysuckle, lily of the valley and the unique ambree of the freesia flower;Its smell is compared with the floral-woody freshness, diluted with a light admixture of citrus;
  • the base note is a combination of a dense tart ambre, iris and spicy white birch.

Below is a photo of women's perfume "Boss Zhur", prepacked in elegant white bottles with a transparent lid and a spray for gold.

Perfume-boss-female-photo_06 The prototype for creating this elegant fresh morning scent is a successful business woman waking up with the first rays of the sun.

Price: from 3300 to 4900 rub.

Tip! The opening of the fragrance depends largely on the particular skin. That is why when choosing spirits or water you need to be guided not only by fashion trends, but also by your own sensations.

Ma Vie

Independent and confident women should pay attention to Ma Vie water, whose aroma is a mixture of fresh cactus and cedar flowers. The main heart component in it is an incredibly attractive bouquet of a mixture of pink flowers and tender rosebuds.

Perfume-boss-female-photo_02 Independent and confident women should always pay attention to water Ma Vie

Price: from 3100 to 5550 rubles.


Femme Femme By Boss - eau de toilette with a gentle and warm fragrance. It is enclosed in a gently pink-violet bottle with an asymmetric lid and consists of three notes:

  • dominant in it is a very unusual combination of mandarin flavor with black currant and light floral freesia;
  • in a thick base note included musk, apricot with admixture of wood abre of satin( satin) wood;
  • all this is combined with three warm floral compositions: roses, sweet aroma of stephanotis and light - Asian lilies.
Perfume-boss-female-photo_03 Femme Femme By Boss - scented water with a tender and warm aroma

Price: 3300-5600 р.

Boss Intense

Boss Intense in a strict black and red gradient bottle is a modern toilet water, created on the basis of sandalwood and vanilla with a touch of musky notes. It is packaged only in a capacity of 50 ml.

The hearty aroma in it is freesia, supplemented with a light, slightly woody smell of iris and Peruvian passionflower. Mandarin, mango and other southern exotic fruits are included in the uppermost initial note.

Perfume-boss-female-photo_05 A hearty aroma in it is freesia, supplemented with a light, slightly woody odor of iris and Peruvian passionflower

. Price: 2500 rub.

Tip! When choosing a fragrance, the seasons are necessarily taken into account. In winter it is better to use more saturated and tart perfumes or concentrated perfume water. In summer, it is preferable to choose toilet water with floral, light fruit or herbal odors.

Perfume Boss female: Orange

The smell of "Orange" producer was briefly described in a nutshell, calling it "the fragrance of happiness."The range of oriental floral fragrances, packaged in 30, 50 and 75 ml, includes both toilet and more intense perfume water, which will appeal to passionate women:

  • its top note is a juicy crispy freshly baked apple in combination with a sweet and fragrant bergamotAnd white peach;
  • in a heart note includes orange blossoms, an intriguing smell of ripe plum and a delicate, slightly curving head of cinnamon ambree;
  • is crowned with a trio of basic note with the smell of vanilla, olive wood, amber and stone rose( labdanum).
Perfume-boss-female-photo_08 The smell of "Orange" manufacturer described briefly in a nutshell, calling it "fragrance of happiness"

Designers packed this fragrance in a container of orange-beige faceted glass with a lid of white metal. The bottle is faceted and consists of seven "stones" by analogy with seven chakras.

Price: 2000-2100 р.

To not buy a fake, to buy women's perfume "Boss" is better in Letual, online stores Pudra, You Need It, Bling Blings and other well-known distributors and, of course, on the official website of the company. Naturally, such perfumes can not cost less than the original.

Tip! It is believed that day or evening time is more suitable for selecting spirits or water. In the morning, our not yet fully awake receptors can not clearly perceive the subtle smells. At one time it is better to "view" no more than 3 bottles - the next smells you will already be able to distinguish with great difficulty.


The line of women's perfume "Hugo Boss" consists of four types: which has already become a cult flavor Woman, created on the basis of the Woman, but more fresh and light Extreme, Night Deep Red and harmonious Hugo XX.

Hugo Extreme

Ease of fruit flavor is enclosed in three dominant notes:

  • composition opens the initial notes of boysenberry - a hybrid of raspberries, blackberries and Logan berries, similar to blackberries;It also includes the freshest fruity aroma of red Himalayan grass;
  • as the heart notes developers selected jasmine and black tart tea;
  • the basic basis is the Chinese osmanthus - its bright sweetish ambree is the best able to emphasize your femininity.
Perfume-boss-female-photo_13 Light fruity flavor and for those who like extreme drive

vial Hugo Extreme women's perfume is designed as a semicircular transparent pink glass flask with metal lid. The design is complemented by a bright red-bard inscription.

Price: from 2 thousand to 2500 rubles.

Tip! The fragrance should never be judged immediately after applying it to the skin. It can fully manifest itself only after 15 minutes. In order to shampoo, lotions and other cosmetics for the body did not interrupt the smells of perfume, you should choose them with one composition fragrance.

Hugo Woman

This fragrance, packaged in 30, 50 and 75 ml in bright round white-red bottles, can hardly be confused with some other smell. Hugo Woman has a very unusual combination of fruit and flower notes with an unexpected inclusion of leaves of tea leaves. This contrast creates tones thrill:

  • the upper sheet, as well as in Hugo Extreme, boysenberry included tones and shades of red fruit Himalayan grass;
  • further in the composition sound heart notes of jasmine and a pungent smell of leaves of black tea;
  • its basic basis is tart and more saturated than in the previous case, the ambre.
Perfume-boss-female-photo_11 Hugo Woman has a very unusual combination of fruit and floral notes with the unexpected inclusion of leaves of tea leaves

Price: 4 thousand rubles.

Tip! Before each new inhalation of the fragrance, to clean the olfactory receptors, you need to drink a couple of sips of water. During swallowing movements, they will just lower and clear. To begin better with light weightless smells, leaving more tart for later.

Hugo Deep Red

for night use is better to choose a passionate and sensual perfume Hugo Deep Red, packed in expanding downwardly vials 30, 50 and 90 ml of saturated of red color with white metal lid:

  • top note begins with fragrances honey flower clementine, sweetRed orange and fragrant black currant;
  • heart tones are represented by aristocratic freesia, fragrant and sweetish pittosporum, whose aroma resembles the fragrance of citrus and the colors of ginger;
  • base base of the fragrance is wood of sandalwood, cedar and sweet intoxicating vanilla.
Perfume-boss-female-photo_12 For evening use it is better to choose passionate and sensual perfume Hugo Deep Red

Price: 2000-5000 р.

Tip! Another secret that helps to navigate in smells is the application of two compounds to different wrists. The contrast of these flavors will allow choosing the right one more precisely.

Hugo XX

This extraordinarily harmonious toilet water is created, no doubt, for successful business ladies, wishing to attract the same successful and sensual men. The manufacturer in this case took advantage of the advice of scientists who found out that most representatives of the stronger sex adore "edible" smells.

In addition to eating, they are strongly attracted by the fragrance of jasmine. It turns out that this smell reminds them of the natural flavor of the female body. And experts say that even outwardly not very attractive woman who enjoys this floral scent will seem to men very sexual and attractive.

The fragrance of Hugo XX is striking from the very first notes:

  • top in it is a combination of Chinese litchi fruit, the refined smell of black currant and sweet mandarin;
  • in the base note are Basmati rice, which smells more like walnut or popcorn, and the legendary Arabic jasmine.
Perfume-boss-female-photo_01 This extraordinarily harmonious toilet water is created, no doubt, for successful business ladies wishing to attract the same successful and sensual men.

The bottle of Hugo XX is very unusual. Sufficiently solid, made of thick-walled glass, it is decorated with a red inscription Hugo and two large letters "XX" on the sides.

Price: 2500 rub.

Tip! Correctly selected fragrance will make you not only a bit happier, but also more self-confident. However, note that the sense of smell in critical women's days is changing quite strongly, so the choice of flavor is better left for later.

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