A fragrant and useful face mask for coffee - How to make at home?

  • Apr 12, 2018
Mask-of-coffee-for-face_( 7) Cosmetologists have long had one effective tool for nourishing and moisturizing your skin - a facial skin mask

You may not have known, but cosmetologists have long had one effective tool for nourishing and moisturizing your skin - a mask of coffee forFace. Some of you probably saw cosmetics or individual hygiene products using coffee as the main ingredient. Coffee has a lot of positive substances in its composition, that's why it is so popular with cosmetologists and make-up artists of the whole world in the form of grains, dens or freshly brewed beverages. Today we will teach you how to use the natural ground grain of this plant for the benefit of the skin of your face.

Mask-of-coffee-for-face_( 5) The grains from which this invigorating beverage is produced, in addition to good taste, have certain trace elements and antioxidants, as well as essential oils useful for the skin.


  • 1 Why is coffee so useful?
  • 2 What else can coffee do?
  • 3 More useful features!
  • 4 Choosing suitable material
  • 5 Prepare the skin to deliver a mask
  • 6 Cooking coffee mask: rejuvenating
  • 7 Cooking coffee facials: Nourishing
  • 8 FirmingCoffee formulations

Why is coffee so useful?

Grains from which this invigorating drink is obtained, in addition to good taste qualities, have certain trace elements and antioxidants, as well as essential oils. It is they who apply the mask and enter the upper layers of our facial skin. In fact, the mask works and as a facial scrub with coffee. Ground beans consist of small particles that perfectly dispose of dead skin cells, along with all the dirt and pus, cleaning the pores. In addition to exfoliation, the skin is saturated with new blood streams, which, in turn, restores a fresh tone of the face.

It is impossible not to recall the tonic properties of caffeine, which is invariably present in the composition of coffee. This substance is one of the main ingredients of all kinds of anti-cellulite creams or for rejuvenating facial skin. The thing is that it is caffeine that helps to strengthen the upper epidermis and make the skin more elastic and rested.

Mask-of-coffee-for-face_( 10) Caffeine is one of the main ingredients of all kinds of anti-cellulite creams or for skin rejuvenation

Advice! In order not to lose these most useful antioxidants, ground unroasted coffee beans are strictly forbidden to be poured with boiling water. The transition of any mixture with these grains to the liquid state can be carried out using a water bath.

What else can coffee do?

As already mentioned, coffee beans have essential oils. They also saturate the skin with the necessary nutrients for it, carefully protecting the moisture yield. It's just a wand-wand in the winter and summer seasons with a minimum of humidity, when the skin is quickly dried and then peeled off. In addition, antioxidants, contained directly in the coffee grounds, protect the skin from the main causes of its aging. You yourself will notice how imperceptible become mimic wrinkles, and the skin will be tightened and rejuvenated. By the way, even the face oval will change, removing all unnecessary convolutions and making the oval more clear.

What is very interesting, coffee is well suited as a so-called self-tanning. That is, you just need to spend a course of masks for one to two weeks, and you'll notice how much the color of your skin changes. The environment will seem that you just returned from the trip, because your skin has become a couple of shades darker, and this will definitely become the object of good envy.

Mask-of-coffee-for-face_( 1) Antioxidants contained directly in the coffee grounds protect the skin from the main causes of its aging

Advice! Do not overdo with the application of masks. Excessive use of this cosmetic product can lead to bad consequences for the skin. Everything is good in moderation.

More useful features!

We can not forget about the unique aroma of coffee beans. It is so pleasant to every person that it was chosen as neutral, helping to get rid of all other smells. You can notice how much your internal state changes from the smell of coffee alone. It's all about the therapeutic properties of this fragrance. He is called to excite the hormones of pleasure, which successfully makes him one of the main drivers of happiness, along with chocolate.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the medicinal properties of coffee for general health. It has in its composition vitamin C, famous for its immune-enhancing properties. Among other things, by applying a coffee mask to the skin, you protect it from various kinds of infections, and also remove harmful toxins.

Mask-of-coffee-for-face-4 By applying a coffee mask to the skin, you protect it from various kinds of infections, and also remove harmful toxins

Advice! If you know that you are allergic to coffee, do not use any recipes that will be described below. Useful coffee functions are not worth the side-related allergic reactions. Be careful.

We choose the suitable material

Despite the fact that we did not talk about all but the main useful properties of coffee, we are forced to move on. Moreover, now one of the most important topics follows. We have already said that coffee is used in different states of it, and each one now has to be dismantled separately.

  • Coffee grounds

Few of the beauties know that the thick can be used not only as an object for fortune telling, but also as an excellent cosmetic. Usually the thicket is used as an additional ingredient in the mask.

  • Ground black grains

The coffee that we are accustomed to is made from them in Turks, coffee machines or in some other way. Ground beans are taken as the base of the mixture, supplemented by different liquid components. They made a masochka and drank coffee.

  • Ground green grains

They are often overlooked, however, it is pre-cooked grains like to add to all sorts of recipes and cosmetics. They contain absolutely all substances that make the coffee mask so effective. The point is in the heat treatment, which in ready grains significantly kill this their useful component. These grains by no means do not give in to boiling water, so as not to lose their effectiveness.

Mask-of-coffee-for-face_( 3) It's green unroasted grains that contain absolutely all substances that make the coffee mask so effective

Tip! Green coffee grains are bought in specialized tea and coffee shops. Black grains are also better to buy there just to be sure of their naturalness and usefulness. In addition, they are more delicious.

We prepare the skin for applying the mask

Just a coffee mask made from coffee in normal home conditions is only half the battle. To begin with, the face skin needs to be prepared, how to prepare the soil for the future construction of the house. Here is a step-by-step instruction for this preparation:

  • First of all, it's important to completely get rid of makeup. You can do this with cosmetic milk, foam or gel, but with the obligatory subsequent wiping of the face with micellar water.
  • Next, you need to steam up your face straight on hot water or boiling water. You can sit in the bathroom.

Tip! This item is not recommended for people suffering from couperose.

  • After the work, you can apply the mask. It, incidentally, is important to keep no more time. Rinse off the mask with boiled or well-filtered water, because tap water is likely to damage the pores of the skin. It is not necessary to thoroughly rub your face while washing off the mask, as this will damage the delicate and fragile texture of clean skin. Therefore, it is very gentle and carefully to remove from the face of small grains of grains.
  • After that, repeat the first paragraph and apply a protective cream with a thick texture. You did it right!
Mask-of-coffee-for-person_( 11) It is necessary to wash off the mask with boiled or well filtered water, because tap water is likely to damage the skin pores of

Cooking coffee masks: rejuvenating

So it's time to finally introduce you to the recipes themselves. To begin with, we have prepared masks for you that help rejuvenate and feel much younger.

Basic anti-aging mask

Indications: For all skin types.

Recipe: First, you need a tablespoon of the thick and egg yolk. They are mixed until homogeneous and supplemented with three drops of rose oil. The whipped mixture should be applied to the face and left for ten minutes, after which it should be washed off.

Rejuvenating mixture with olive oil

Indications: For dry and dehydrated skin of the face and body.

Recipe: On a tablespoon of green beans, add a glass of warm olive oil. Shake up is important until thick as sour cream consistency. Then you need to add three drops of rose oil and leave for half an hour. The mixture is applied to the face and holds for twenty minutes.

Coffee plus cocoa

Indications: For all skin types.

Recipe: Mix one and a half teaspoons of ground coffee and the same amount of cocoa, then pour it with warm water. The mixture is applied to the face with a thick layer and is washed off after an hour.

Mask-of-coffee-for-face_( 6) Coffee masks help you rejuvenate the skin

Tip! To achieve the best effect, the mixture can be dissolved in fatty milk, which will improve the blood circulation of the facial skin.

We prepare coffee masks for the face: nutritious

Another type of mask is nutritious. It is necessary in periods of temperature changes, as well as with frequent changes from premises to the street and back.

Coffee and sour cream

Indications: For all skin types.

Recipe: A tablespoon of fatty sour cream is mixed with the same amount of thick. We recommend after putting the mixture on a water bath, but make sure that the mixture does not become too liquid. After it cools down and is applied by a thick mask on the face. Keep it need not more than twenty minutes.

Tip! Buy sour cream and other products better in specialized farm stores or well-known and proven supermarkets, but only natural.

Coffee and egg mask

Indications: suitable not only for the person suffering from dry skin, but also for those who would like to pull up and delineate the oval.

Recipe: Mix two teaspoons of coffee grounds and egg white, then shake it until a homogeneous mixture. It must be completely applied to the face, leaving nothing in the bowl. You can apply the mask even in several layers, before waiting for the previous one to dry. After very carefully and gently the mask needs to be washed off.

Nourishing mask based on coffee with honey

Indications: For all skin types.

Recipe: tablespoon of ground unroasted coffee beans, pour a teaspoon of honey and essential oil of peach dining. The mixture is heated in a water bath until the honey dissolves, and then applied to the face. Keep this mask for ten minutes and then wash it off. With this mixture, you can do body and foot massage.

Mask-of-coffee-for-face_( i) Use honey as part of masks can be used only if you are not allergic to it

Firming coffee compositions

This type of mask is needed for tightening skin and smoothing the oval circuit.

Tea? Coffee?

Indications: For all skin types. Helps also give tone and freshness to the face.

Recipe: First you need to prepare the tea. Take a teaspoon of green tea and insist for half an hour in a glass, half filled with hot water. After adding a tablespoon of coffee grounds and all together should resemble the consistency of sour cream. The mask is applied to the face and washed off after half an hour.

Kefir and coffee mask

Indications: For aging skin, to mimic wrinkles.

Recipe: Take a tablespoon of ground coffee and pour the same amount of yogurt or fatty yogurt. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed, and it must be infused for half an hour. After it can be heated in a water bath to a temperature pleasant to the skin of the face. Keep it need not more than fifteen minutes, and then, wash it off.

Mask-of-coffee-for-face_( 8) Coffee and yogurt will help tighten the face oval

Advice! For girls who are always busy and have almost no time to prepare masks, there is also a very fast option.

Half a cup of ground coffee should be poured with boiling water and insist until it cools down, having previously covered with a lid. After this, the infusion should be filtered through cheesecloth and poured into ice molds. In the freezer you will get small, but useful coffee cubes.

Face wipe with ice should be done regularly in the morning, so that the effect has an effect and is fixed. You can not even wash yourself, which will significantly shorten your time.

Mask-of-coffee-for-face_( 2) Even if you are not a coffeemaker, you can use these fragrant grains for cosmetic purposes

Summing up our article, we can say with confidence that coffee is a very important product that helps in caring for your health. Caring for yourself cosmetics based on coffee and its components, you at any age can achieve a pleasant and beautiful appearance, youth in the eyes and a pure smile.

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