Is it worth to tattoo the eyes of the "arrow"?- Photos before and after the procedure

  • Apr 12, 2018
Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 6) Tattoo arrow eyes will save you time during your daily makeup

Millions of women daily cosmetic bag in his hand trying to make your eyes brighter and more expressive. To replace most of this tedious procedure, you can use the eye tattoo "arrows"( see the photo before and after).Let's consider it in more detail.

Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 8) Permanent makeup is the same tattoo as a conventional art tattoo on the body


  • 1 What is a permanent eye makeup?
  • 2 Features of the tattoo "arrows"
  • 3 How to choose a wizard?
  • 4 Procedure procedure
  • 5 eye care after permanent makeup
  • 6 Do I need additional correction?
  • 7 Pros and cons of permanent arrows
  • 8 hurts whether to do a tattoo on the eyes?

What is permanent eye makeup?

As a matter of fact, permanent make-up is the same tattoo as the usual artistic tattoo on the body. However, there are differences. If in the second case the depth of punctures is about 2 mm, with permanent tattoo, the skin is damaged less and pierced only by 1 mm.

This procedure differs in the form of dyes. In order for the figure on the face to look as natural as possible, the pigments are selected only natural, with shades as close as possible to the natural ones.

Since our bodies tend to "get rid" of the foreign substances, over time it begins to "recycle" the pigments, so the paint on the face fades over time, and within 2-5 years or a little more completely disappeared. Therefore, such tattooing requires periodic renewal. The most stable and long lasting are pigments with the addition of minerals, but their cost is more expensive. Dyes with the addition of plant components are cheaper, but they last for a maximum of 2 years.

Bright and juicy synthetic pigments applied to the body with the help of the usual drawings on the body, the body is much harder to remove. This tattoo lasts until the end of a person's life. Slightly fade, they begin only after a very long period of time.

Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 7) The most stable and long lasting are pigments with the addition of minerals, but their cost is more expensive

Advice! The duration of the permanent make-up depends not only on the composition of pigments, but also the speed of skin renewal. Each person has different.

Features tattoo «arrow»

With this permanent makeup on the eyelids are drawn thin or thicker clean lines, looks very similar to a conventional liner, traced by applying cosmetics. Arrows can be located as soon as in the upper eyelid, and be applied simultaneously to the upper and lower eyelids.

They can be both bright and decorative, and light, almost invisible. In the latter case, intermittent tattoo is often used, in which the space between the eyelashes is not completely filled, and only small dark dots or strokes are applied to it, visually making the cilia darker and thicker. More complicated procedure is feathering - arrows, which do not have clearly defined lines. Visually they look like eyeliner with a soft pencil or shadows.

Depending on the shape of the "shooter", permanent tattooing can be carried out:

  • from the beginning of the growth of the eyelashes: with the standard distance between the eyes;
  • over the entire length of the century from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, the shade of the inner corner becomes darker;Used in the case of widely set eyes, this technique helps to visually smooth out this defect;
  • from the middle of the century to the outer corner: the technique is used with close-fitting eyes;The pigment on the inner corners in this case is slightly lighter;
  • line runs from the middle of the century to the outer corner and just goes up, if you have a line on the lower eyelid, it also goes up, not bound up with the second;
  • going beyond the borders of the eyes( "oriental") and rising slightly up: thus you can make out large and round eyes.
Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 1) With such a permanent make-up on eyelids drawn thin or thicker clear line looks very similar to the conventional liner, the traced when applying cosmetics

Thickness "arrow" can be performed:

  • as thin and not too strike theEyes: used in the Asian section of the eyes or small eyes, a similar technique allows them to visually increase;
  • with shading( they are more like shadows): the method is used for heavy eyelids, the dark line makes them less noticeable;
  • wide "arrows": bright tattoo for almond-shaped large eyes.

Advice! Blondes with fair skin should choose a less bright dark gray or grayish-blue pigment for "arrows".Brunettes can afford dark brown, saturated green, almost black shades.

Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 2) Tattoo Eye Arrow: photo before and after

How to choose a master?

Face work is the most complex and responsible. The cosmetologist in this case should also be an experienced make-up artist, in order to see in minutes how the "arrows" should be located and how to make them more natural.

When creating a tattoo on another part of the body, the deviations of a couple of millimeters, of course, are also undesirable, but the overall appearance of the pattern will be preserved. In the case of a tattoo on the face, even such a mistake can turn into a serious trouble. The shape and expression of the eyes will immediately change and become gross and unnatural.

In the absence of significant experience, the cosmetologist can stretch the procedure for a long time, and this should not be done in any case. After all, as time passes, the puncture sites become slightly swollen, and it will be difficult to make punctures in neighboring areas - the line of application will simply not be visible.

Of great importance is the selection of colors and shades. Too sharp lines of black in the face tattoo are almost not used. To create the most natural tattoo, the colors are selected and strictly according to the type of skin and its tone.

Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( i) Of great importance is the selection of colors and shades. Too sharp lines in black tattooing faces hardly used

Moreover, the use of poor-quality dyes can lead to the fact that over time will change the color of the tattoo, and it will have an unpleasant green, red or blue undertone. I'll have to make a correction that closes the unsuccessful line or even remove the tattoo. And the last procedure may be even more prolonged and painful than the tattoo itself. Even after a quality work of the master on the skin will necessarily remain small scars.
That's why never save on eye tatoo. If you do not have the opportunity to visit an expensive salon, it is better to refuse this procedure altogether. After all, with a tattoo from an accidental master, you can be infected with dirty needles, which can lead to serious inflammation.

Tip! If you are addicted to allergies, be sure to inform the beautician about it. He will pick up for you the most gentle hypoallergenic composition. Although experienced masters necessarily conduct skin testing and use paint from European proven manufacturers, rarely giving any reaction.

Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 3) Photos before and after

procedure Procedure

procedures describe the main stages of this process:

  • initially the master examines the customer and agrees with him the type and color of the pigment, as well as the shape and thickness of the tattoo;That the client saw firsthand the future result, for the demonstration for the eyelids the usual cosmetic pencil can be applied to lines accurately transferring the future form;
  • if special eyelid correction is required, special templates in the form of arrows are made;With ordinary tattoos, they are not required - because the very shape of the eyes is already a contour;
  • eyelids are fixed with a special cream or gel and anesthetic preparations are applied on them;
  • with devices with the thinnest needles punctures the pigment is injected under the skin;
  • after completion of work, the cosmetologist processes the application sites with wound healing means and conducts instructions with the client on further care of the tattoo.

The choice of color shades for the tattoo of the eyelids is large enough, so it will be better if you look at the color palette and make sure that this color suits you. In addition, in most shops there is a portfolio, in which all the variants of the "shooter" are provided. Thus, you can see how they look in the final version.

Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 4) The choice of color shades for the tattoo of the eyelids is large enough, so it will be better if you consider the color palette and make sure that this color suits you

Advice! Do not panic if immediately after the tattoo shooter( photo of swollen eyes look below) the result will be invisible. After 1-3 days, this small swelling will pass. Do not be frightened by the fact that within one to two weeks or a little longer the arrows will be brighter. After this time they will get the right shade.

Eye care after permanent make-up

After applying the tattoo, it is important to observe all the requirements of the beautician:

  • is strictly forbidden to wash your eyes during the day;
  • tattoo sites are necessarily treated with antiseptic compounds;
  • so that there are no scars left on the skin, it is not necessary to remove or wet the crusts drying out in place;In time they will go down by themselves;
  • for several weeks is not worth visiting the sauna or solarium;Wash only in the shower - hot baths are prohibited;Since the protruding sweat can get into the wound, it is not recommended to visit gyms and intensive fitness classes;
  • as much time should be taken care of the skin in the place of applying the tattoo from exposure to sunlight;In hot summer days it is better to use sunscreen or dark glasses;Carefully protect your eyes from dust and dirt.
Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 10) For several weeks after tattooing, do not go to the sauna or solarium

Advice! Be sure to listen to the advice of a cosmetologist. Of course, his business is to fulfill any whims of the client. However, do not complain later that the "arrows" have turned out to be too bright or their form does not suit you. Do I need an additional correction?

Immediately after the procedure, eye tattoo "arrows" will be brighter, therefore it will be difficult to determine which correction is required. That's why the salon will need to be visited only a month after the tattoo was applied.

As a rule, a small correction is carried out in 80-90% of cases. After all, the skin can react differently to dyes in different ways, and its shade in different places may differ slightly. The second procedure will last much less than the first, and for correction it can take no more than 5-10 minutes.

Tip! To ensure that the skin at the puncture sites heal faster, never visit the salon after stress, during days of feeling unwell and menstruating. It is forbidden to carry out this procedure during the period of breastfeeding, problems with blood coagulability.

Advantages and disadvantages of fixed arrows

What are the advantages of this technique?

  • time to apply cosmetics will go much less;
  • arrows on the eyes will never wash off with water, so you will always be bright and attractive even after a shower, swimming pool or in the rain;
  • using tattoos "arrow" you have the option to change the shape of the eyes, visually increase them, place in an oriental style and make a cut eye is more inviting;
  • this technique is suitable for women of any age.
Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 5) arrows on the eyes will never wash off with water, so you will always be bright and attractive even after a shower, swimming pool or in the rain

have tattoo eye "arrow", unfortunately, there are also minuses:

  • forFor some time the eyes will be slightly swollen, so it is better to perform the procedure on vacation or at least before long weekend or holiday days;
  • for 2-5 years until the permanent make-up will not fade and will not disappear completely, you will not be able to change the image.

Advice! to healing took place as quickly as possible, a day before the visit to the salon, try not to take alcohol dilates the blood vessels. Reduce or completely eliminate tea and coffee, which dilute blood. To avoid edema, decrease the amount of liquid consumed in these days.

Is it painful to make a tattoo in front of your eyes?

Of course, even small punctures, especially in the eye area, the procedure is not pleasant. But, since the punctures are not done too deeply, the pain is not too strong, and it is quite realistic to endure it. Moreover, before the procedure begins, a special anesthesia of the eyelids is done, and special eye drops are added for anaesthetization of eyeballs.

Much depends on the professionalism of the cosmetologist. The skilled master makes punctures with scrupulous accuracy, not allowing the needle to penetrate deeper into the dermis layer with a lot of nerve endings. In addition, serious salons are equipped with the latest devices for applying permanent tattoo with a special cooling system, stopping pain. And the more professional and more expensive the technique, the sooner the procedure will end, and the result will be more ideal. Since this procedure lasts not too little - about 1.0-1.5 hours - at the request of the client, local anesthesia can be used.

Tattoo-eye-arrows-photo_( 11) Serious salons equipped with the latest devices for applying permanent tattoo with a special cooling system, relieves pain

Tip! If you have sensitive skin, you can take an anesthetic before going to the salon. You need to prepare yourself psychologically, which is also important.

So, is it worth to make a tattoo "arrow" in front of you, it's up to you. This procedure has, of course, significant advantages, and some disadvantages.

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