How to apply a foundation on the face?- Step by step instructions

  • Apr 13, 2018
As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-face-step-by-step_04 To learn how to step-by-step apply a foundation to face, it is not necessary to attend expensive make-up courses. In this article, everything is laid out on the shelves of

. To learn how to step-by-step apply a foundation to face, it is not necessary to attend expensive make-up courses. It is enough to study your type of face, analyze the skin condition, purchase quality cosmetics and get acquainted with the recommendations of experienced make-up artists. Make-up today takes first place in the creation of the female image. Only courageous self-confident girls can afford to leave the house unadorned. But this risk is not justified. It is necessary to remain beautiful in any situation, and a sudden appearance of a pimple, which friends will kindly point out, can be unsettled for the whole day.

As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-face-step-by-step_03 You need to study your type of face, analyze the skin condition, buy quality cosmetics and get acquainted with the recommendations of experienced make-up artists

. To give your face a healthy shine, hide wrinkles and refresh it, get acquainted with the valuable advice of specialists in applying and choosing a foundation. Even one foundation already gives the image youth and freshness.


  • 1 How to choose a foundation cream on the skin type
  • 2 How to pick foundation color face
  • 3 methods applying tone
  • 4 As hide flawsFace?
  • 5 Step-by-step instruction for applying a foundation lotion
  • 6 Allies of a voice-frequency cream

How to choose a foundation for a skin type

To ensure that the foundation is evenly applied to the skin and does not harm it, And dermatologists.

Oily and combination skin requires absorbents and seboreguliruyuschih components. Therefore, when choosing a tool, pay attention to the composition. Vitamins of group A and B, sulfur, zinc perfectly control the amount of sebum secretion. As a consequence, the greasy shine disappears. Overdrying is also excluded. To avoid the effect of a mask, do not buy a cream of a dense texture. Light emulsion with matting effect is an excellent choice, as well as cream powder. Also suitable is a tonal product, produced in the form of a pencil to mask the flaws.

To additionally hydrate dry skin , you need to choose a foundation with moisturizing ingredients. This is hyaluronic acid, aloe extract. The moisture evaporates from the skin especially actively in the summer. Oils that are contained in the product, give the skin firmness and softness. Therefore, boldly buy a product with coconut oil, avocado and grape seeds. The only drawback of the line of such products is a scant choice of shades. It ranges from very light to natural beige. It can be mixed with the cream of the desired shade, then the skin will feel the proper care and the complexion will not differ from the neck tone.

Mature skin needs special care, which can provide tonal creams with lifting effect. The first signs of aging perfectly mask the moisturizers and antioxidants that make up this product. Studying the composition of the product, pay attention to the presence of coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A, B, C. They protect the skin from the adverse effects of the environment and free radicals. The surface of the face is leveled, and even small facial wrinkles become imperceptible.

How-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-face-step-by-step_02 To additionally moisturize dry skin, you need to choose a foundation with the content of moisturizing components

Therefore, for proper skin care, you need to carefully study the makeup of cosmetics. Thus, you will extend your youth. Perfect makeup is guaranteed.

Tip! To avoid streaks and lumps on the skin, a foundation should be applied on a dry and clean face. It is desirable to pre-treat it with a tonic or lotion suitable for a certain type of skin.

How to choose a foundation for a complexion

Strangely enough, but it is not necessary that the color of the foundation is exactly the tone of the skin. Of course, ugly dark girls put light shades. Therefore, there must still be a match. But it's okay if the shade of a few tones is darker and lighter. The main thing to understand is what effect you want to achieve with a foundation. After all, fresh and healthy skin are the basic conditions of beauty.

For pink skin the beige tone is most suitable, and the beige-pink shade will help to remove the yellowness. For girls with dark skin, makeup artists recommend buying a dark beige or beige apricot foundation.

When choosing a tone tool, you need to test it. To do this, apply a little cream on the lower cheekbone. Ideal choice if there are no borders, and the color completely merges with the native shade of the skin.

Too light cream will add fatigue and pallor to the face. And the dark will turn the skin into an artificial one.

Facial powder with shimmering effect is applicable for creating an evening event. It looks great with artificial lighting. In the afternoon choose matting means of natural shades.

As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-the-face-step by step_13 When selecting a tonal tool, you need to test it. To do this, apply a little cream on the lower cheekbone. Ideal choice if there are no borders, and the color completely merges with the native skin tone

Advice! Before applying a foundation, even if it is high-quality and expensive, a base is always applied, which can be a normal moisturizer.

Ways of applying a tone

The way of applying a foundation with a finger is preferable to the others because of its economy and convenience. The main rule is not to stretch the skin.

In order to distribute the tonal evenly throughout the face, the hands must first be warmed up. To do this, it is enough to rub them together. The next step is a small drop of tonalki applied to the fingers, a little rubbed and applied to the face. For better masking of skin defects, it is necessary to apply the base with tapping movements. Then the cream gets into the expanded pores and wrinkles, leveling them and hiding.

The complexity of the method is to shade the boundaries. In places of color transition, strips can form if they are not given special attention. Also, the zones under the eyes and near the mouth are considered problematic, because of the active facial expressions, small folds are formed. In order that they do not arise, you need to get these places wet with a napkin to eliminate excess funds.

Make-up artists also actively use the brush to apply a foundation. You need to choose a tool with synthetic villi, so that there is less expense to the tool. The ease of use is simple feathering. However, not all areas of the face will be ideally processed. It will be necessary to help the hand.

As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-the-face-step-by-step_11 Scheme of applying the basis on the face

When applying a foundation with a brush, the product can be initially applied to the face or to villi. Distribute tonalku need from the center to the periphery.

Evening cream is quickly and evenly applied with the help of sponge. Rub the product into the skin with neat circular movements, without touching the hair. The downside of the technique is that the sponge absorbs the cream, so the amount of tonalka consumption increases.

To strengthen the foundation, makeup artists recommend refreshing the face with thermal water.

Tip! For a long walk it is recommended to choose a firm foundation. He will let me go to work beautiful in the morning, and dance in corporate at night. In this case, it does not break.

How to hide the faults of a person?

The tonal means are intended for elimination of defects of a skin and underlining of features of the face. Among the main secrets of correction can be identified:

  • to visually narrow the wide nose, a dark tone of the tonal means is applied to the wings;
  • long nose to shorten help the darkened tip;
  • to give an oval face of the ideal shape can be tonal means of two shades, distributing them according to the principle of diminishing and voluminousness( dark areas are moving away, light areas are approaching);
  • to eliminate redness will help a foundation of a greenish hue;
  • to avoid yellow spots, use a violet color corrector;
  • make the face tender and fresh with the help of mineral or thermal water;
  • to hide wrinkles and pores will result if the tonal tool is "hammered" into the skin;
  • to eliminate wrinkles and wrinkles in the nasolabial area, a light masking pencil is applied in front of the foundation.

Hide the prints of lack of sleep can be a cream of peach color, if it is applied under the eyes. In this case, a corrector is applied from above, which reflects light.

As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-face-step-by-step_01 To eliminate wrinkles and wrinkles in the nasolabial area, a light disguising pencil is applied to the tonal cream

Do not apply a sparkling cream on the entire face. It is enough to allocate certain areas.

The main thing to remember is that foundation cream is just a masking agent. He clogs the pores, so to save the skin and prevent premature aging, you need to wash before going to bed necessarily. During the night the skin will rest. Soap has a disastrous effect on the condition of the face, so it is better to use special liquid to remove cosmetics or hydrophilic oil.

Tip! Application of a foundation with a finger or thorough feathering with a sponge is necessary for multi-layer application of the product. Streaks and divorces are excluded.

Step-by-step instructions for applying a foundation lotion

To create an ideal make-up, you must adhere to the basic correction rules, and perform all the actions in turn.

Stages of application of a voice-frequency cream:

  • Prepare the skin. Before doing make-up, you should clean your face from dirt and cosmetics. Suitable tonic and moisturizer. When the funds are completely absorbed and dried, you can start creating an amazing image.
As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-face-step-by-step_05 Clean the skin
  • Choose lighting. It is best to apply makeup in daylight. Then you can see the natural color of the skin, the boundaries of the transitions and small defects. However, if the face is treated in the evening, you should choose a bright light. He will help to notice the need to use other proofreaders.
As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-face-step-by-step_06 Apply a base or moisturizer
  • For the suppleness of the cream, it is applied first to the back of the palm. Then with warmed fingers, a brush or a sponge, they begin to apply the product on the face. It is important to leave marks in a zone of a chin, a forehead, cheekbones and a back of a nose.
As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-the-face-step-by-step_07 Apply a foundation with the help of a special brush or fingers.
  • When distributing the product, start moving from the central part to the periphery. Finish with your chin, start your forehead. If you try to impose tonalku movements from the cheekbones to the nose, the substances are concentrated in wrinkles and pores, which is ugly and too noticeable.
As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-the-face-step-by-step_08 Feather with the help of sponge
  • The last step to completing the application of foundation is shading. To avoid the effect of the mask, you need to pay special attention to the transition from the face to the neck, as well as the hair growth line and the ears. To make the tone look perfect, treat a little neckline, neck and lobes.
As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-face-step-by-step_09 Disguise stains and redness
  • After you learn how to apply the foundation properly, your face will become more attractive, younger and healthier. The main thing is not to forget to remove cosmetics. After all, nothing affects the skin better than fresh air.
As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-face-step-by-step_10 Apply powder
As-right-apply-tonal-cream-on-face-step-by-step_12 Face before and after applying the foundation cream

Advice! Apply a foundation to the lips only if they are too expressive.

Allies of foundation cream

The tonal cream itself is a good foundation for make-up. But for an ideal correction of the skin can not do without other cosmetics.

  • Colorless and colored primer - a kind of base for make-up. It can be applied in an ensemble with a voice-frequency cream, and it is possible separately. A colorless agent forms an ideal relief due to the helium structure. It fills irregularities and creases. The tool does not mask defects, but gives smoothness.
  • Color primers eliminate visible skin problems. A white and blue tint brightens the skin, green hides redness, and pink enlivens the face. The effect of tanning is obtained due to the bronze shade.
  • Heiliter helps to give the face a sculptural form, by lightening the individual parts of the face. Manufacturers offer a choice of shades and consistency.
  • Corrector or concealer eliminates small defects: bags under the eyes, crow's feet, scars, rashes and redness. Choose a product that is one-half light lighter than your skin.
How correctly to step by step apply a face cream on the face Facial cream itself is a good foundation for make-up. But for the perfect correction of the skin, you can not do without other cosmetic products

In combination with the listed decorative cosmetics, the foundation can create an ideal basis for decorative cosmetics. The face becomes brighter, more expressive and fresh. Therefore, you do not need to give up the basics.

Tip! The pores, facial wrinkles and other obvious defects can be masked by the method of rubbing the foundation into the problem areas. It will fill the zones, and the skin will become even and beautiful. The main thing to rub in circular motions sponzhem.

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