Fashionable female slipknots( 50 pics) - What to wear, how to combine?

  • Apr 13, 2018
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_49 Slipony women - very comfortable shoes that can be worn on different occasions

Slipony women are relatively new on the scene, so the ladies have not yet decided what better to combine them, and shod under any circumstances. With the help of the recommendations of professional stylists, we will understand what is stylish in the outgoing year 2016.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_01 Slipony women are relatively new on the scene, so the ladies have not yet decided what it is better to combine and under what circumstances shoe
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_47 These shoes are not only fashionable, but also suited to each girl, including pregnant women, sports and informal
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_45 They can be combined with sportswear, classic or classic


  • 1 History
  • 2 With what to wear female slip-ons in autumn-winter
  • 3 OsSlenderness in the trend
  • 4 Jeans slips: stylish, comfortable, versatile
  • 5 With what to wear white slips
  • 6 Secrets of style: how to wear female slips


main advantage of female sliponov at their convenience. They are not just fashionable, but also suitable for every girl, including pregnant, sports and informal. They are considered a youth option, but in 2016 they were discovered by adult women as an excellent element of the wardrobe.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_35 The first time the slippers opened to the world in 1977, when lightweight sports shoes were offered to men by the founder of the Vans
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_32 Today, the design is modified, but still captivates with its simplicity
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_30 Women are carried away by various models because of the original design, neat appearancelegs and wide pads

Slipony the first time open to the world in 1977, when a light sports shoes offer men the founder of the brand Vans. Today, the design is mutated, but still conquers its simplicity. Women were carried away by a variety of models because of the original design, neat appearance of the foot and wide pads.

Slipons are suitable for hooligans and elegant ladies, if you know how to choose the right clothes for them.

With what to wear female slip-ons in autumn-winter

Slipons can be easily attributed to shoes, which is combined with almost any style and is not afraid of experiments. Jeans, long midi skirts, playful mini-dresses, sports suits - the list can go on for a long time. Therefore it is easier to say with which clothes to wear slip stylists do not recommend. Classical business style excludes them, because it is originally a sports model. Although, if the office does not have a strict dress code, with an overstated pencil skirt and loose blouse, they also look good.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_27 Slippers suitable for hoodlums and elegant ladies if you can properly choose the clothes for them
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_28 Slipons can be easily attributed to shoes that blends with almost any style and is not afraid of experiments
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_29 Jeans, long midi skirts,dresses, tracksuits - the list of possible combinations is long

in 2016 designers to show imagination in full and offer girls shoes of different colors, textures and prints. Bright summer models are ideal for a summer positive image. The shades of gray, black and white complement any everyday image. In the autumn weather, they are not as relevant.

Slipknots with bright floral patterns and prints are more suitable for teenagers. A romantic image to create will help decoration on shoes in the form of lace.

For the fall 2016 bow relevant variations of such images:

  • models with patterns combined with jeans tucked in and free one-color shirt. Carelessly tossing a bag over your shoulder and sunglasses adds to the style of naturalness, simplicity and ease.
  • Wearing a jacket, do not rush to hide the slips in the closet. They look great with both an elongated and a shortened version. Especially if under it are narrowed jeans and a T-shirt.
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_26 Models with patterns in combination with bent jeans and a monophonic free T-shirt. Casually tossed a bag over his shoulder and sunglasses add to the style naturalness, simplicity and ease
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_25 Putting on a jacket, do not rush to hide the slips in the closet. They look great with both an extended and a shortened version of the
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_24. If you still need to fit sports shoes into a business style, you should choose a classic dark model without additional decor elements.
  • Slim girls can combine fashionable shoes not only with jeans or boyfriends, But also legends, which for several seasons in a row do not lose popularity.
  • To visually extend the legs, the slips should be the same color as the trousers. If the suit is light, then they are also white. If the dark, respectively, black. With this technique, you can not only stretch your legs visually, but also give them slenderness.
  • If you still need to fit sports shoes into business style, you should choose a classic dark model without additional decor elements. If you buy a leather pair, it will look strictly and perfectly fit for a suit.
  • The main rule of clothing selection is experiment. Even unexpected combinations can turn a girl into a real fashionista.

Tip! In 2016 the most popular style is "sport-chic", so choose the printed models of female slips in calm, consistent tones.

Slim girls can combine fashionable shoes not only with jeans or boyfriends, but also leggings that for several seasons do not lose popularity
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_22 To visually extend the legs, the slips should be the same color with pants.
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_19 The slipknocks are combined even withClassic overalls

Autumn city fashion: slip-ons in the trend

Neatly sports shoes that do not have shoelaces, but have elastic inserts near the tongue, conquered city women of fashion. The street style dictates the presence of a flat sole. She does not tire her legs after a long walk, trips in public transport and even easy jogging. An excellent option for young moms, because to catch up with the baby, heels are not needed.

The urban chic of female slipknots is highlighted by the variety of materials from which they are made. Leather and suede look elegant and even glamorous. Although usually they are made of canvas. The main rule of the choice of shoes is to choose a pair in the tone of the costume.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_20 Accurate sports shoes that do not have shoelaces, but there are elastic inserts near the tongue, conquered city women of fashion
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_18 The street style dictates the presence of a flat sole. She does not tire her legs after a long walk, public transportation and even a jogging.
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_17 Excellent option for young mothers, because to catch up with the baby, heels do not really need.

. For autumn sharp weather changes, siphons on a thick sole of the platform type are perfect. Firstly, such a pair looks beautiful and feminine. Secondly, if it starts to rain, your feet will not get wet. Thirdly, an excellent replacement for the heel, which visually lengthens the leg and makes it sexy.

Among the original bright prints stylists and designers distinguish leopard. In addition, it does not have to be in the classic black-brown color. Variations on the theme of black-white-red, pink-green-yellow and more strange combinations underscore the extraordinary character of the person. This color scheme is well combined with any jeans, short skirts, denim dresses and flying chiffon blouses.

The color version of slipes pleases the eye if the dress has an identical tone:

  • golden shades look good with glamorous same jackets or accessories in the form of a crown, bags with elements of gold ornaments;
  • silver motifs can be combined with a belt( it's better to choose a large plate so that you can see more of the silver shade);
  • for blue slips harmoniously fit denim models of trousers, shorts, skirts, overalls and other outfits;
  • red, coral elements of shoes look with the same blouse or t-shirt. A cardigan of this color looks spectacular, but it is necessary to put on it discreet clothes.

To create an image in the spirit of the actual eclectic will help the combination of slip-ons with a skirt-tutu and a leather jacket.

Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-what-wear_16 The urban chic of female slipknots is emphasized by the variety of materials from which they are made
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_14 For autumn sharp weather changes, slip-on thick platform-like soles of
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_13 are perfect. You can combine silver motifs with the belt( it is better to choose a large plate so that you can see moresilver hue)
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_12 Black and white slipony in combination with a long dress and cardigan

to rid the autumn colors from gray, rainy morning, opt for trekking to the store or simply nWalking shoes bright colors: orange, blue, red fit perfectly. It is desirable to pick up the top in one tone with slips.

Tip! During the selection of slips, you need to remember the color combinations in the clothing sets. When choosing the texture of the material, you should also not forget about the image you are going to support.

Denim slipony: stylish, comfortable, versatile

Denim top sliponov - date version for active girls. This model is perfectly combined with any sportswear. For the street style it is common to combine jeans shoes and casual outfits in pastel colors. This pair must certainly be in the wardrobe of every teenager.

Adult women choose jeans slip for sports. They are great for pants, shorts and tightly hold a leg without a lace, which is always untied. Shoes are convenient in that it is easy to put on and without effort is removed.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_36 Denim fabric on top of slips is an actual option for active girls. This model is perfectly combined with any sportswear
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_31 for street style characterized by connecting denim shoes and casual clothes in pastel colors
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_02 Fully jeans image

Denim motives in the shoes look perfectly with black or white top.

Among the varieties of denim sliponov release:

  • with thick soles( ideal for wet weather, as the platform protects the foot from getting wet);
  • on a thin sole( looks tiny and does not interfere with the bend of the foot);
  • on lacing( laces play a decorative role and visually look like sneakers);
  • with rhinestones( shoes, which even at a party can feel comfortable).

It's best to combine denim slips with straight cut jeans or a skinny model. If the wardrobe has trousers 7/8 - this is an excellent option for walking with children or a country picnic. Also do not forget about jeggings and leggings. This form of clothing is very comfortable and suitable for everyday use.

One of the main trends in autumn 2016 - sports shoes under a knitted dress-T-shirt. The length does not matter. The main thing is that the image looks fresh and stylish.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_50 Best matching jeans slips with straight cut jeans or skinny model
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_39 Slip soles are suitable for raw weather because the platform protects your leg from getting wet

Denim jumpsuits with shorts and trousers create a casual image in kazhual style, If you add jeans slip to it. Long pants can be slightly tucked.

Tip! To visually extend the legs, you need to select the slip-offs for the color of the trousers. The exact coincidence of colors is not necessary, the main thing is that the ensemble should look harmonious.

From what to wear white slipony

slipony choosing plain, you get a universal model of shoes. Especially if you prefer white. The main thing to remember is that it's a color and in rainy weather can play a cruel joke. But it perfectly combines with all styles and colors of clothes.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_34 When choosing solid-colored slips, you get a universal shoe model. Especially if you prefer white
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_33 Beautiful autumn image for sunny weather
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_21 slipony White with black skins Make

The plain white or black footwear looks attractive with a black dress of different lengths. It is also convenient with them to combine graphic prints of sundresses.
If you are in doubt about the choice of the white model because of the marchiness, pay attention to the beige model. It is considered universal for different styles of clothing. Girls of short stature visually extend their legs.

best combination of clothes for white sliponov considered to be a boyfriend jeans with a white T-shirt or svitshotom. This bow is appropriate almost everywhere.

With white sports shoes, fashionable denim shorts look great. Especially if a bright top and a backpack are added to the image. Great for an image for a walk in the park or a detached weekend with friends.

Original solution for white slipknot - clothes in the linen style. This bow for bold girls. To avoid comparison with slippers, it is better to choose a leather version or holography.

Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_15 White slipony - stop solution
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_08 These shoes look good with dresses of different styles
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_51 Bright shoes for dark clothes - yes, so, too, can

Tip! White shoe color is most combined with blue shades of clothing and pastel, discreet tones.

Style Secrets: How to wear women's slipony

There are several questions asked by women when buying sliponov regarding the manner in which they wear. Only responding to them, you can safely purchase fashionable shoes 2016.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_10 Colorful slips - a bright solution for the summer
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_09 Excellent combination of slips and classic trousers to the ankle
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-what-wear_07 Denim suit looks perfect with shoes with snake print
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_06 Autumn underSlips can be worn on cotton heels

Are siphons with socks worn? Of course. Without socks, they are only worn in the summer. And this is considered not entirely hygienic. But in the autumn you need to find the right socks. They should be short. And the color can vary. The tone for shoes is an ideal option. But the contrasting socks look interesting and not ordinary. Shade can also be selected in accordance with the general ensemble of clothing.

Can I wear slip-on pantyhose? Despite the latest trends, and to wear slips on bare feet, in the cold season it is necessary to warm up with tights. They can be nylon-dimensional or dense color. Original looks tights in the tone of shoes.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_05 Despite recent trends, and wear sliponov on bare foot, in the cold season, be sure to insulate tights
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_03 outfit in pastel colors complemented with print sliponami
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_48 sportive couple washing will not cause much trouble. Enough Shoes load in the machine, to select the optimal mode and wait
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-what-wear_46 Bright socks and slipony with colorful print

How to wash shoes? Washing the sports couple will not cause much trouble. Enough shoes to load into the machine, choose the best mode and wait. However, if they are sewn from suede, it is better to clean them with special care means, without resorting to water. To get rid of the fear of spoiling fashion shoes, you can give them to dry cleaning.

Slipes though are considered universal footwear, but there are a number of elements of the wardrobe, to which it is better to choose other shoes. For example, with an evening dress-case they do not harmonize at all. A ridiculous combination that can be seen with no armed gaze.

Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_44 It's easy to take care of leather shoes
Slip-on-female-photo-with-what-wear_41 This shoe is suitable for experimenting with the

style. When choosing a skirt, you should also be careful. The length of the floor will spoil the image of an elegant girl. Great for mini or midi. This bow can be worn for walking and even going to the office( if there is no strict dress code).

Also for working moments it is unacceptable to combine athletic shoes with business clothes. It sets up a rest, which is absolutely not permissible at work. However, you should not immediately abandon the experiments on the topic. If you do not plan to go in this form to a business meeting, you can try to connect a pencil skirt and a stylish loose jacket. A model without sleeves is perfect.

Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_40 For working moments, it is unacceptable to combine athletic shoes with business clothes
Slip-on-female-photo-with-than-wear_38 Although if you do not go to a business meeting, this image is quite acceptable
Slip-on-the-female-photo-with-than-wear_37 Funny slips with fur pom-poms

Advice! To make your legs look sexy, you need to choose shortened jeans or pants. Lapel and bare ankles attract male attention.

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