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  • Apr 13, 2018
Exercise-for-neck-at-osteochondrosis_( 3) Doctors recommend regular neck exercises for osteochondrosis, because no drugs will work better than gymnastics

Doctors recommend regular exercises for the neck with osteochondrosis, because no drugs will work better than gymnastics. Today, it is a common illness, since we spend most of our time at work tables or in front of a computer. The load on the vertebrae of the cervical region is also increased during work with the load and even when lifting heavy packages with products. By the way, the disease is medically impossible to cure. Therefore, at the slightest pain in the cervical region, perform simple exercises.
You ask, what is osteochondrosis? This is the defeat of articular cartilage, because of which the joints work. Every day the disease affects more and more young people, because they lead a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, the recommendations that we will consider today will be useful for adults of different ages.

Exercises-for-neck-at-osteochondrosis_( 10) Every day low back pain affects more and more young people, because they lead a sedentary lifestyle


  • 1 Symptoms of osteoarthritis
  • 2 for the prevention of exercise
  • 3 Strengthening and muscle relaxationNeck
    • 4 Neck gymnastics for Shishonin
    • 5 Exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky

Symptoms of osteochondrosis

To beConfident in the need for exercise, it is important to accurately determine the presence of osteochondrosis. You definitely need to perform therapeutic and prophylactic gymnastics if you have such symptoms inherent in the types of the disease:

  • a cutting pain that passes from the neck to the area of ​​the scapula and through the forearm to the fingers describes the cervical radiculitis;
  • Drilling pain sensations in the occipital and cervical region, which manifest themselves in the shoulder joint, chest, forearm, are acceptable for the irritative reflex syndrome;
  • permanent headache, tinnitus, dizziness, visual impairment - symptoms of vertebral artery syndrome, for which only one gymnastics is not enough;
  • localized pain in the cervical region, the area of ​​the scapula and heart, which is amplified during head turns or sneezing distinguishes cardiac syndrome.

It is important to determine the presence of the symptoms of the disease in time and start the exercises in time to eliminate them.

Exercise-for-neck-for-osteochondrosis( 2) Cutting pain, passing from the neck to the shoulder area and through the forearm to the fingers, characterizes the cervical radiculitis

Advice! Remember that exercises will not cure the disease, but only eliminate pain. As soon as you stop dealing, unpleasant feelings will return.

Exercises for the prevention of

As we found out, all people with a sedentary lifestyle are prone to cervical osteochondrosis. If you do not want to experience unbearable pains of the head, neck, arms, scapula and even the heart, perform preventative exercises. They will protect you, and also improve the blood supply to the brain, which leads to better memory and concentration. So, gymnastics for the neck will not be superfluous.

Note that all exercises must be done smoothly and without sudden movements, otherwise there is a risk of harming yourself. So, make yourself comfortable.

  • Exactly sit on a chair and relax your lowered arms. Then make the maximum head turns 10 times to the right and left. If, because of the pain, you can not do it slowly, you will be helped by a few sharp jerks of the head in different directions.
  • Remain sitting on a chair with a straight back. Lower your head slowly down and reach your chest as far as possible. Once it turned out, lock for 10 seconds. Repeat manipulations at least five times.
  • Sitting on a chair, relax your hands. You need to maximally draw your chin and smoothly throw your head back. Repeat the exercise 10 times. If you do not have osteochondrosis, but you work constantly in a strained posture, these movements are also helpful to you.
Exercise-for-neck-at-osteochondrosis( 1) If you do not want to experience unbearable pains of the head, neck, arms, scapula and even the heart, perform preventative exercises
  • Do not get up from the chair, put the palm of any hand on your forehead and throw your head forward so that the palm rest on it very hard. Overcome resistance for 10 seconds. After regular exercise, you strengthen the front of the neck.
  • Stand up smoothly and relax your hands. It is necessary to lift the shoulders as high as possible and stay in the resulting pose for 10 seconds. After you relax them, take a breath and feel that the hands are tangibly pulling their shoulders to the floor. Repeat 5-10 times.
  • Lie back on a hard surface( better if it's floor).You need to raise your head 8 times and stay in this position for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise every 5 seconds.

Tip! Before starting the exercises, create a suitable atmosphere for yourself, for example, turn on soothing music or wait for the children to fall asleep. The noise prevents you from concentrating.

Strengthening and relaxing the muscles of the neck

The complex of exercises you need to start with a simple warm-up, so as not to pull the muscles and do not hurt yourself more. To do this, walk around for a few minutes on a full foot, toes and heels until you feel a rush of heat. So, let's start directly to perform special exercises.

  • Put the palm to your forehead three times and press it for 10 seconds, straining your neck. Then perform the same manipulation with the back of the head.
  • Alternately, press left or right with your right hand on the temple. Also for 10 seconds each time.
Exercises-for-neck-at-osteochondrosis_( 5) The complex of exercises should be started with a simple warm-up, so as not to pull the muscles and do not hurt yourself more
  • Tilt your head and try to touch the ear to your shoulder. Do an exercise, alternately changing your ear, five times.
  • Make in different directions five times the rotational movements of the head. First in one direction, then in another.
  • With your right palm, take the left cheek and help yourself in the rotation of the head.
  • Ask someone at home to massage the muscles that are located between the bone and the occipital region( where the soft part is).Intensive pain will be replaced by a relaxing relief.
  • Ask that you are massaged in the supine position of the upper part of the scapula. In this zone, the main muscle of the neck is attached. After a sharp pain, pleasant warmth will come.
  • In the position, straighten your arms down along the body. Now tighten them and hold them in this position for at least 30 seconds. While you do this, straighten your back and slowly lower your shoulder blades and shoulders. When you're done, relax.
  • In the standing position, gently lower the occiput so that the cervical vertebrae are twisted at the same time. Imagine how the base of the spine moves along a given trajectory. Avoid sudden movements. You should feel how the vertebrae go down one after another. Perfect execution - the shoulders are lowered, and the chin lies on the chest. During straightening, move in the reverse order. Repeat the exercise until the heat in the neck zone appears.
  • Stand straight and bend parallel to the floor. Straighten your arms around. Try to pull the crown forward at the same time, and lower the shoulder blades to the spine. Make work only the dorsal muscles.
Exercise-for-neck-at-osteochondrosis_( 11) Exercises can be done in any position convenient for you. But it is better to alternate the sequence and perform the gym while lying, standing, sitting

Exercises can be done in any position convenient for you. But it is better to alternate the sequence and perform the gymnastics while lying, standing, sitting.

Tip! Regular gymnastics helps to reduce pain, restore blood flow in affected areas and improve overall health.

Neck gymnastics for Shishonin

Supervisor of LBTS Bubnovsky and the head of the clinic of kinesitherapy and rehabilitation "Health of the XXI Century" in the city of Rostov-on-Don, as well as the consultant of the Personal Body Training Studio London Body School in Moscow AlexanderShishonin offers patients their own methods of restoring the muscles of the cervical department. Its feature is in fixing positions. Gymnastics is accessible to everyone and is easily performed.

Exercise-for-neck-at-osteochondrosis( 8) Ask them to you in a prone position to massage the upper part of the shoulder blade. In this zone, the main muscle of the neck is attached. After a sharp pain occurs pleasant warmth

Let's get acquainted with the effective exercise of Shishonina procedure that must be repeated five times in different directions.

  • Metronome. Sit on a hard surface, the best on a chair, and slowly, without sudden movements, tilt the head. During movements, gradually try to stretch the crown to the right shoulder. As soon as there is a noticeable strain in your aching muscles, you need to stay in this position for 30 seconds. Then take the primary position and do the same manipulation in the other direction.
  • Spring. Lower your head as much as possible. Quit without moving in this position for 30-40 seconds. After that, you need to slowly extend the neck forward and up. Stop again for the same time.
  • A look into the sky. Turn the head to the left until it stops. There should be a sharp pain. Quit for 30-40 seconds. When the pain begins to change for warming, repeat the turns in the opposite direction.
  • Frame .Slowly put your left hand on your right shoulder, although this may at first seem uncomfortable. Keep the elbow so that it is parallel to the floor. At this time, the right hand quietly lies in a relaxed kind on the knee. Hold the position for 30-40 seconds, then do the same manipulation in the opposite direction.
    Fakir .Join the palms above the crown so that the elbows are in a parallel position to the floor. Now slowly turn your head to the right side. Fix for 30-40 seconds and repeat the exercise to the left.
  • Heron. In sitting position, leave your palms in a relaxed state on your knees. Now slowly and gently pull your chin up so that you feel the tension of the muscles. At the same time, take your hands behind your back. Remain in this position for half a minute. Repeat the other way and gently pull the muscles with the help of neat tilting of the head in different directions.
  • Goose. Stand up straight. Place the toe socks parallel to the chin. Slowly stretch the neck forward. Turn your head to the right and reach for your shoulder until you feel discomfort. In this position, hold for 30-40 seconds. Repeat in the opposite direction.
Exercises-for-neck-at-osteochondrosis_( 6) Besides prevention of osteoarthritis, exercise will strengthen the muscle corset in the chest and neck

Besides prevention of degenerative disc disease, these exercises strengthen the muscle corset in the chest and neck, improve blood flow, ability to work and return a positive impact on the nervous system.

Tip! Perform a set of exercises at every opportunity. Even at work in the office, you can give 10 minutes to your health during the break.

Dr. Bubnovskaya Exercises

Dr. Bubnovsky known for being able to combine the most effective exercises for the cervical spine in a single complex, which helps get rid of the pain as soon as possible. His gymnastics can be performed at different ages, without worrying about complications. You will get the effect after two weeks of regular classes.

Exercise-for-neck-at-osteochondrosis_( i) better to combine exercise with a manual massage

Let's test methodology and we are doing all the exercises in sequence.

Sit on the chair straight. Now smoothly and slowly tilt your head to the right shoulder. At this time, try to pull the crown up. When you feel the tension in the muscles, stop for 30-40 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.
  • Lower the head as far as possible and fix in position for 30-40 seconds. Then pull up and forward.
  • Smoothly turn your head in one direction until tension appears in the muscles of the cervical region. Repeat the turn also in the opposite direction. It is enough for five exercises in a different direction.
  • Place your left hand on your right shoulder, and gently, slowly turn your head to the opposite side. Fix the resulting pose for 30 seconds. Do the repetitions in the other direction.
  • Connect between her hands above the head with the elbows parallel to the floor, and make a turn in different directions, each time fixing the posture for a few seconds.
  • Stand up straight and stretch your neck forward, while turning your head to your shoulder. When there are pain, fix for 30 minutes. Make sure that your back is flat.
  • Dr. Bubnovsky recommends exercises every day until the pain subsides. Then you can reduce the frequency to two times a week.

    Exercise-for-neck-for-osteochondrosis( 12) exercises are performed daily until the pain subsides

    To enhance the effectiveness of the exercises, each charge is combined with self-massage of the neck:

    • gently stroking the occipital area and get down to the spine, thus increasing the pressure and speed;
    • massage the vertebrae with your fingertips in a circle;
    • grasp the neck from behind and massage from the bottom up;
    • repeat the manipulations for the front side of the neck.

    Be Healthy!

    Exercise-for-neck-for-osteochondrosis( 4) If there is no 10 minutes to spare, replace the exercise in the light grinding of the problem area and the slopes of the head

    If you are a long time working at the computer, you do exercises for the neck, doctors recommend to perform every hour. If there are not 10 free minutes, replace the exercises with the easy rubbing of the problem area and the head inclinations.

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