Respiratory gymnastics Bodyflex - Effective for losing weight!( Video)

  • Apr 13, 2018
Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_( 1) For weight loss, there are a large number of techniques and one of them is the breathing exercises Bodyflex

What do we know about what is Bodyfly breathing? To reduce weight, there is a large number of techniques and this is one of them. It is based on a certain diaphragmatic breathing and special exercises. Improved ventilation is provided. If you follow all the recommendations, then in a short time it is possible to remove superfluous fat deposits on the hips and waist. Let's see how simple gymnastics allows you to achieve great results without complicated physical activities and exhausting hunger strikes.

Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_( 7) If you follow all of the recommendations, in the short term is quite possible to remove the excess fat on the hips and waist


  • 1 What breathing exercises Bodyflex?
  • 2 nuances art breathing
  • 3 Pluses Bodyflex
  • 4 main set of exercises
  • 5 rules for good results
  • 6 Method Grir Chaylders
  • 7 ComplexExercises with Marina Korpan
  • 8 Are there any contraindications?
  • 9 Useful advices

What is breathing exercises bodyflex?

Bodyflex - is breathing exercises, which is based on aerobic respiration in combination with exercises that allow the burden on certain groups of muscles. In such movements, the main work is provided by the movement of oxygen.

This technique was invented and developed by a large mother from America Greer Childers. Respiratory gymnastics for weight loss bodyflex includes a special breathing belly.

The technique works like this: breathing in and breathing out. At the same time, carbon dioxide accumulates in the cells. This process speeds up metabolism and improves well-being. Interestingly, with normal breathing, the lungs are only half filled with air.

At the beginning of training, it is necessary to stimulate metabolic processes, which will improve the metabolism in the body. After activating the metabolism, you can start working on problem areas.

Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_( 5) The technique works like this: breathing in and breathing is delayed. At the same time, carbon dioxide accumulates in the cells. This process accelerates metabolism and improves

being When doing this type of gymnastics is not recommended to diet, but the power needs to be adjusted. Food should be taken in small portions and often.

To begin the exercises, you need to wait about three hours after eating.

Tip! To get the desired result, it is necessary to give effective exercises per day to no more than 20 minutes. An important condition is regularity, gymnastics are performed every day. The first positive changes you will notice after a few weeks of constant training.

Nuances breathing techniques

Bodyflex How do breathing exercises, you can look at the video. Before you start the complex, it is important to learn the basic rules of breathing.

This technique includes the following stages:

  1. To get rid of the air in the lungs need to breathe through your mouth.
  2. Breathing is done through the nose. It must be sharp and swift. In this case, the lungs must be filled to capacity. The correct movement can be determined by a noisy inspiration.
  3. Lips are compressed, and then open, and a strong exhalation is made. At the same time, the muscles of the abdomen tend to tense. At exhalation, the sound of "poop" should sound. This does not affect the throat and lips.
  4. Then the abdomen is drawn in and the respiration is delayed. The stomach must be drawn very strongly.
  5. Breathing is performed together with the relaxation of the press. The air passes into the lungs with a sound resembling a sob.
Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_( 2) When doing this type of gymnastics is not recommended to go on a diet, but the food needs to be adjusted

Tip! Remember that the exercises are carried out at the stage of breath holding, when the stomach is retracted.

Advantages of bodyfitness

The essence of this technique in the development of proper breathing. Aerobic type of breathing promotes burning of fatty deposits. This effect is enhanced when performing special exercises. Isometric causes the tension of one group of muscles, and the isotonic ones are different. Also there are stretching movements that make the muscles more elastic.

So, let's consider the main advantages of bodyflex:

  • Exchange processes in the body are improving.
  • Stimulates the functioning of the circulatory system.
  • The abdominal muscles become stronger.
  • The body is enriched with additional oxygen.
  • The interlayer of fat between the organs is removed.
  • Over time, you can get rid of cellulite.
  • All internal organs are actively massaged.
  • Increases the tone of the intestines, which allows you to reduce its size.
  • Intestine is actively released from toxins, and constipation disappears.
Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_( 10) Aerobic respiration promotes the burning of fatty deposits. This effect is enhanced when performing special exercises

Advice! With regular training, the swelling of the tissues will first disappear, and then the fat deposits will be replaced by the muscles.

Basic set of exercises

Gymnastics bodyflex contains active exercises. They can be done in the morning or in the evening, but only on a devastated stomach.

So, let's get started. Try these movements:

  • Exercise for the face is called a lion. With his help it is possible to tighten the outline of the face. Legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders, and the body is important to tilt forward, and place your hands slightly above the knees. A breathing exercise is done and the stomach is retracted. Eyes must be rolled up, and the tongue stick out strongly.
  • With the help of the lateral extension you can work on problem zones. In this case, three turns are made in each direction. The starting position is the same as in the first case. The elbow of the left hand descends to the left knee. Weight is also transferred there. The right leg should be diverted to the side, and the right hand should be pulled out above the head.
  • Elbows and knees need to be placed on the floor. At the delay of breathing, the leg needs to be raised as high as possible. It should be fixed at the top point for 8 seconds.
  • Exercise diamond allows you to remove excess fat from your hands. To make it, the legs must be placed on the width of the shoulders, and hands to join in a circle. When pulling in the belly, you need to strongly rest your fingers and count to 10.
  • Effective exercise for the inner thighs. It is necessary to sit on the floor and lean your hands behind. At the same time the legs need to be spread very widely. Socks should be pulled on themselves and from themselves.
The basic complex of exercises
  • Will help to lose weight the exercise for the press. In the supine position, you need to bend your knees, and your arms should be pulled forward. In this case, the head does not come off the floor. Then the main exercise is done, the arms and shoulders go up. It is necessary to fix the body in this position. Such an exercise must be done at least three times.
  • A simple scissors exercise will help to achieve an excellent result. You have to lie on your back, and straighten your legs. When straining your abdomen, you need to raise your legs and make flies on your account.

Tip! You do not need to change the diet to apply bodyflex. But you need to remember that taking contraceptives can reduce the effect of exercise. Also, in the absence of regularity, weight can return.

Rules for a good result

The following recommendations will help you achieve the desired result:

  1. Systematic exercises are necessary.
  2. Loads must be regular.
  3. The right exercise choice.
  4. All muscle groups are involved.

Bodyflex does not get bored, they can be dealt with constantly. This technique will always allow you to remain slim.

Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_( i) To achieve the desired result, the systematic nature of the

Tip! The original technique rationally combines useful breathing exercises and stretching.

Method Greer Childers

Breath gymnastics bodyfax was first developed by Greer Childers. She wrote a book on this topic and released a special video course. According to the reviews, such exercises can reduce body volume and make the abdomen flat.

This complex of exercises is suitable not only for women, but for men. Greer has been teaching his program for more than 15 years. Many argue that, in addition to losing weight, this technique allows you to quit smoking.

Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_-4 Many claim that, in addition to losing weight, this technique allows you to quit smoking

It turns out that lack of oxygen reduces immunity, and also causes digestive disorders and contributes to early aging. During gymnastics, blood enriched with oxygen reaches the working muscles. This is the combustion of fat cells.

During the exercises, breathing should be delayed, since it is in the blood that carbon dioxide accumulates. Arteries acquire the opportunity to fully absorb oxygen.

Tip! In addition to bodyflex, popular gymnastics such as oxysize. Both techniques differ in their effect on different muscle groups. It is believed that oxysize is more suitable for girls with problems of fat deposits at the waist or in the abdomen. And bodyflex is especially effective at lowering the hips.

Complex exercises with Marina Korpan

Bodiflex breathing gymnastics was finalized by coach Marina Corpan to an ideal weight loss system. At a young age she suffered from excess weight and tried to lose it by hard diets and hours of training. Since it was not possible to achieve the desired effect, the girl gradually switched to the method of bodyflex as the most effective.

She developed new principles of breathing based on yoga pranayama. Marina Korpan considers it a big mistake to change her diet, but recommends changing her attitude to food. In this case, you need to eat slowly, in small portions and not eat at night.

Useful gymnastics was supplemented by dynamic exercises, as well as some sports elements. In addition, Marina Corpan's complex of exercises is recommended not only for healthy people. With the help of health-improving gymnastics, you can solve health problems. The most important advantage of gymnastics is the restoration of the skin even with active weight loss.

Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_( 8) With health-improving gymnastics, you can solve health problems

Here are the main stages of such breathing exercises:

  1. The legs are placed on the width of the shoulders. Then the shoulders turn around, and the lips stretch out and make a noisy exhalation. In this case, the stomach is maximally retracted.
  2. Exhaled with a small pause, and then inhale as if in the stomach. This belly inflates and protrudes forward.
  3. Lips need to be compressed, and then open and tilt the head back. At the same time, air is released from the lungs. The belly retracts and presses under the ribs.
  4. It is necessary to do breath retardation when counting at 10. In this case, the stomach is drawn, the muscles of the perineum are compressed or the chin is attracted to the chest.

Tip! Marina Corpan recommends that it is better to do useful exercises in the morning before breakfast. At the same time, the gymnastics begins every day, and when the weight begins to drop, you can exercise 2-3 times a week.

Are there any contraindications?

With proper observance of the technique, it can help you get rid of some diseases. This myoma, frequent colds, prostatitis and endometriosis.
But there are some contraindications. If the condition worsens during exercise, the load should be stopped. Consider possible fluctuations in pressure, as well as the condition after surgery or pregnancy. In case of exacerbation of chronic diseases, exercises should also not start. Also, this complex is not recommended for heart failure and arrhythmia.

Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_( 6) If stress worsens during exercise, the load should be discontinued

Tip! Breathing exercises help to eliminate toxins that are present in fat cells. They are transferred to a gaseous state, and then they are exhaled when using the right breathing.

Helpful Hints

If you have health problems, consult your doctor. It is important to carefully study the technique of exercise. Especially in the first class you need to take such a position that there is no dizziness.
It is recommended to keep a diary where to record the changes that occur in the body.

Breathing is important for 8 seconds. It can be tried with a stopwatch, and then go to the main body.

Breathing-gymnastics-bodyflex_( 3) is recommended to keep a diary in which to record the changes that occur in the body after exercise

Exercises should be performed not only on an empty stomach, but drink a glass of water half an hour before training. During the day, do not forget to drink the necessary amount of water.

Do not be lazy and try simple exercises. A little effort every day is a guarantee of an excellent result.

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