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  • Apr 14, 2018
Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 7) Matte lipstick gives color to the lips, but does not flash them. It adds elegance and chic to the

image. Matte lipstick( reviews) gives the lips a color, but does not flash them. This adds elegance and chic to the image. Even the brightest color of a matt lipstick does not look vulgar and provocative. Therefore, they use many make-up artists of high class.

Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 3) Such lipsticks are now at the peak of the popularity of


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How to apply a matte lipstick?


  • Preparation of the skin of the lips - only on a smooth even skin any lipstick or shine will lie perfectly. Unfortunately, peeling and dry scales can not be hidden under them. On the contrary, defects will be seen even more clearly. This especially applies to frosted lipsticks, because they give an even color. Peeling on the skin of the lips is removed with a soft scrub. Special means are sold in cosmetic shops, but one can make it at home. To do this, mix small sugar with olive oil and honey. Then apply on the lips, lightly rub, leave the composition for 5-10 minutes on the lips. They will become soft, smooth. Home peeling on quality is not inferior to the professional, it is cheap and no less effective.
  • Humidification .Matte lipstick has a feature - it naturally looks on the lips, if before applying the skin moisturize. Use lip balm or favorite cosmetic oil - argan, coconut, almond. Each type of skin perceives cosmetics in a special way. You can use moisturizers for a few hours before applying lipstick. Then the lips will be soft, and will not be glossy.
  • Color underline .To the color of the lips looked as you intended, you need to apply a smoothing concealer under the lipstick. It does not matter the tone and color of the coloring cosmetics. On an even background, any one of them will show all its depth.

Warning! Matte lipsticks are as diverse in colors as other types of lip cosmetics. But they have their own characteristics. Saturated shades - scarlet, purple, cherry, clearly delineate the line of the lips, as if depicting them in the picture of the face. They look particularly advantageous and elegant. Peach and pink tones do not have enough expressiveness. They just give an even natural color, and harmoniously complement the bright eye makeup.

  • Pencil stroke required stage. Illiterate treatment with frosted lipsticks gives rise to an opinion about their inexpressiveness. These lipsticks must be inserted into the frame of a clear pencil contour. He emphasizes the lip line, attaches to the accuracy and completeness of makeup. With a pencil in the tone of the paint( or slightly darker), it is necessary to circle the even line of the lip without interrupting the movement. In addition to the aesthetic effect, a purely practical advantage is achieved - the lipstick does not spread and remains in shape for a long time.
Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 1) To make the color look like you intended on the lips, it is necessary to apply the leveling concealer

under the lipstick! You can not wet the sponges by closing them and rubbing the lipstick in this way. The texture of matte lipsticks differs from glosses and fatty compounds. It can be collected with strong rubbing lumps. For an even distribution of the composition over the surface of the lips, you should use a special brush made of artificial material.

  • Two layers of .To matte lipstick for a long time kept on the lips and lay evenly, you must first apply the first layer and blot excess with a napkin. Lipstick penetrates into the cracks and well paints all the irregularities of the lips. The second layer gives a rich bright color.

Matt lipstick is very demanding on the quality of makeup. To use it for your image, a woman needs to perfectly align the color and texture of the facial skin. Defects should be carefully disguised, but if this can not be done, refuse for a while from the bright matte lipstick, use the usual moisturizers. The most popular colors for a matte texture are wine, classic red and cherry colors. With brighter shades, you should be careful, they do not fit everyone. A lady of solid age will look ridiculous with carrot lips!

Against the background of an impeccable bright tone, the snow-white teeth should also look great.

Matte lipstick is part of an exquisite makeup that does not need additional glistening of mother-of-pearl or shiny texture. Such a lipstick is enjoyed by the stars of the screen and the podium.

Liquid copies of

A saturated color is appropriate not only in make-up "on the way out."For a solemn occasion, they are usually accented in the form of an eye. They are highlighted with colored shadows, abundantly cover eyelashes with ink, use bright eyeliner. Lips in this case have a more modest role. In everyday make-up, eyes are not isolated, but you can brighten up your lips. Matte lipstick gives an even, deep color, so it is often used every day.

Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 5) Matte lipstick gives an even, deep color, so it is often used every day

Liquid matt lipstick is popular - it has peculiar features:

  • the effect of velvety lips and a dense tone on them;
  • contains nutritional components;
  • does not stick, it keeps a smooth color;
  • is easy to apply.

Women often choose saturated matte colors - red, plum. This texture should be avoided by the owners of thin lips. Clear outlines of dark shades will make the defect even more noticeable. As already mentioned, this cosmetics is superimposed on perfectly manicured sponges.

Leading cosmetics companies always keep pace with fashion. They release their special lines of matte sweets. Let's get acquainted with some of them.

It should be remembered that matte lipsticks do not suit everyone. In order not to spend extra money, we turn to the experts for advice. They help you navigate the sea of ​​cosmetic products.

What does the Nyx brand offer?

Famous brand Nyx produces liquid matte lipsticks in various colors and shades at an affordable price. Among the samples of the three series, each woman will find a suitable specimen:

  • Soft matte lip cream - matte glosses are popular, as they are beautiful and executed in good quality. Composition lies on the lips a thin layer, does not tighten the skin, comfortable and almost imperceptible. A stylish bottle with a rubberized lid contains 8 ml of paint, it costs about 550 rubles .Its enough for a long time.
Matt-lipstick-feedback_( i) Composition lies on the lips with a thin layer, does not tighten the skin, is comfortable and almost imperceptible
  • Liquid suede cream lipstick - the color range of 24 shades contains juicy bright colors and natural natural colors. The dense texture allows to apply lipstick in one layer, than the effect of full painting is achieved. One application is enough for 3-4 hours. The price of the bottle is 600 rubles .
Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 6) Liquid suede cream lipstick - the color range of 24 shades contains juicy bright tones and natural natural colors.
  • Lip lingerie - the newest development. In one touch you can outline a clear line of lips and paint them in one layer. The cracks are completely hidden. When choosing a color, we must remember that for pale skin it is necessary to select warm tones to revive the image and make it more expressive and vivid. Price: 640 rubles.
Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 4) Lip lingerie - the latest development. In one touch you can outline a clear line of lips and paint them in one layer. Cracks are completely hidden

Nyx also produces conventional pencil lipsticks. Their more than 40 colors. They are conveniently packed with a transparent strip on the pencil case, so that the lipstick stick is clearly visible, you can easily determine the color. A good volume of 4.5 g allows you to paint for a long time with your favorite color. The tone number is indicated on the tube cover.

A snug fit prevents the lipstick from opening in the purse. But most importantly, it is applied more easily than liquid matte compounds, does not spread, keeps flat and tight, even after eating remains on the lips.

For many women is an obstacle to the use of cosmetics, its aroma and smack on the lips. So, Nyx in this sense is completely neutral. The skin does not dry, even if applied without moisturizing balm. You can even not use a stroke.

Matt lipstick nyx leaves only positive reviews about yourself. In bright light, the colors look 1 ton brighter and lighter.

The company Knicks distributes information about its products through beauty bloggers. It is known and popular in America. Prices we have twice as high as there. In addition to matte lipstick, you can try their shines, moisturizing lipsticks. Particularly known are bright shades of lipsticks of this company.

Fashionable colors Kylie

Matte shine Kylie is a variety of tones for every taste - from natural beige to maroon-brown. Fashionable European and American trend is now sold in Russia, and at quite normal prices.

Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 1) Matte shine Kylie - a variety of tones for every taste - from natural beige to maroon-brown

Advantages of this lipstick - mass:

  • Does not cause redness and allergic reaction.
  • Lie down without lumps, evenly.
  • Does not overdry the skin.
  • Holds up to 8 hours! With it you can eat, drink hot coffee, kiss - lipstick does not wear off and leaves no traces.

In place of bright shines came the rich elegant lipsticks of different shades. They are complemented by a smart make-up of a woman of any age.

Matte ruler of Meibelin

Maybella cosmetics are enjoyed by women in 90 countries. This popularity is explained by the fact that the company constantly updates the range in accordance with the requirements of fashion.

Gentle care for the lips has become one of the main directions of production. Lipsticks and shine from Meibelin differ rich colors, quality texture, natural caring components.

The Color Sensational Matte Lipstick line consists of liquid and solid models.

Liquid lipstick Vivid Matte - delicate and imperceptible on the skin. They do not pull together, do not overdo the lips. The eight most fashionable shades - beige, pink, red, even black and lilac, will approach to a make up in any style. Elegant rectangular bottle of transparent material gives an idea of ​​the color. There is a convenient applicator for application, which at one time stains both sponges. Stability is a big plus for lipstick for every day.

Matt lipstick Liquid lipstick Vivid Matte - delicate and imperceptible on the skin. They do not tighten or dry their lips

Color Sensational lipsticks are available in 44 colors and shades. Among the ingredients of the composition are honey, vitamin E, they moisturize the lips and prevent them from drying out during the day. Laconic stylish packaging corresponds to the quality of the tube.

Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 2) Solid Color Sensational lipsticks are available in 44 colors

Some customers note the excessive dryness of lipsticks in this series. But this is an individual skin reaction to cosmetics. In general, reviews about lipsticks Meybelin - the most flattering. This is evidenced by sales volumes.

Beauty of lips with Avon

I would like to present a completely new lipstick in matte finish from Avon - Matte superiority of .Those who tested it in the samplers, enthusiastically responded to all of its delights. It does not form lumps, keeps all day without adjustment, does not dry sponges, looks like a natural coating. A cute box contains an impressive amount of paint, which will last for a long time.
Series Matte superiority contains 15 of the most fashionable shades for lips. These are the colors:

  • Nut - pink, beige - very natural and natural;
  • Ideal Lilac - beautiful lilac, very vibrant color;
  • Adoring Love - warm pink, bright and dense;
  • Delightful rose - a natural shade of a living flower, a little with neon lights;
  • Mouve Matters - dark purple;
  • Fuchsia;
  • Juicy pink is the best shade of the series!
Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 11) Series Matte superiority contains 15 of the most fashionable shades for lips.

Lipsticks are easy to apply, all the cracks are stained, they do not crumple at the corners of the lips, the price is quite affordable - from 150 to 250 rubles .

Matt lipstick: reviews

Olga: Matte superiority - solid dignity compared to other matt lipsticks - looks expensive and stylish, it does not feel on lips, it lasts up to eight hours, and most importantly - colors - bright and natural, for allCases of life and to all tastes. I have long hair, with careless movement of the head they always stick to lipstick on the lips. Now this problem is over, nothing sticks to the matte texture. Especially like the red classic color. Cool novelty Avon!

Lara: The new matte lipstick from Avon won me over. A low price allows you to purchase several shades at once, which I did. I take it with great pleasure, I recommend everyone to the Matt superiority!

Miroslov: Liquid matt lipstick kylie - a godsend for me. I rarely painted before my lips, because I could not find a suitable lipstick. This model suits me all. It is suitable for everyday use and as an addition to my favorite style of smokey ayz. I bought a color close to natural. It was sold complete with a pencil, so it was not necessary to look for a stroke. The bonus to good quality is a pleasant candy flavor.

Matt-lipstick-reviews_( 8) Every woman who follows fashion trends must have in her arsenal a matt lipstick

Carolina: I passionately adore red lips! They attract attention, emphasize beautiful lines, give confidence in the irresistibility of the image. For this reason, I bought a good lipstick from Meibelin in red. It is matte, advantageously plays color, and not shine. A stylish bottle flaunts nicely in the hand. The price is quite satisfied, 400 rubles.

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