Honest horoscope for 2017 for each sign of the zodiac - What did fate prepare for you?

  • Apr 14, 2018
Horoscope-for-2017-year_( 2) Accurate horoscope for 2017 will help you sort out the balance of priorities

Want to know what fate has prepared for you this year, pay attention to the horoscope for 2017 by the signs of the zodiac! The Fire Rooster is a bird with a difficult character. What to expect in your personal life, what changes are coming at work, what will be with your health - all this in our horoscope.


  • 1 Ram( 21.03-20.04)
  • 2 Taurus( 21.04-20.05)
  • 3 Gemini( 21.05-21.06)
  • 4 Cancer( 22.06-22.07)
  • 5 Leo( 23.07-23.08)
  • 6 Deva( 24.08-23.09)
  • 7 balance( 24.09-23.10)
  • 8 Scorpio( 24.10-22.11)
  • 9 Sagittarius( 23.11-21.12)
  • 10 Capricorn( 22.12-20.01)
  • 11 Aquarius( 22.12-20.01)
  • 12 Pisces( 20.02-20.03)

Aries( 21.03-20.04)

For Aries 2017 - yearSurprises. They will be surprised by others, by the way, more often on the good side. Take a closer look at your close people, maybe someone wants to reveal a secret to you. Be a little softer and become a defenseless prop, the Fire Rooster will thank you for it.

Horoscope-for-year-2017-year_( 8) For Aries 2017 is the year of surprises

Health: In the spring, take care of your health. Especially pay attention to the condition of hair and nails. The end of the year is marked by a favorable state of health and a good mood.

Career: To get the long-awaited promotion you will have to sweat seriously. Only if you establish a common language with your superiors and colleagues, your efforts will be crowned with success by the end of the year. Hand over the reports on time and in time to fulfill the instructions of the management.

Life Style: Married women are advised to give more time to the family hearth in order to avoid possible groundless conflicts. Free girls will have to choose between men. Follow the call of the heart.

Taurus( 21.04-20.05)

The Fire Rooster will help the Taurus to change externally and internally. Do not be afraid of change, improve, open new facets of yourself, and the year will pass interesting and carefree.

Horoscope-for-2017-year_-1 Taurus should not fear change

Health: Start the year with a preventive check-up. Hand over the tests, and drink the course of fortifying vitamins. Otherwise in the spring weakened immunity can surprise with unexpected viral diseases. Take care in advance.

Career: Your financial situation will improve only if you devote yourself to another type of activity. Pay attention to the creative profession, perhaps you have a hobby in which you have not realized yourself. If you do not change anything, the year will pass smoothly, without grandiose changes.

Life Style: Finally, Taurus has a warming in his personal life. Husbands will understand you with a half-word, and new lovers will persistently seek your favor. Therefore, the possibility of creating a family is increased.

Gemini( 21.05-21.06)

This year you will have many new friends and good friends. Do not rush to close from them. They will help you in an unexpected moment. So be open to communication, do not scream and smile more often!

Horoscope-for-year-2017-year_( 3) Gemini should be ready for a lot of new acquaintances

Health: In 2017, be careful about alcoholic beverages. Monitor the amount drunk, otherwise there is a chance of being disadvantaged.

Career: Try to avoid gossip at work and within the collective intrigues. Only responsible performance of tasks will lead to career growth and improvement of financial situation.

Life Style: Release memories of previous partners and be able to truly fall in love. While you look back, it's almost impossible to build successful relationships. Married women are advised to relax and enjoy.

Cancer( 22.06-22.07)

Cancers of the stars recommend paying attention to family relationships. Bring warmth and comfort to the house, support close people and get support, understanding, love.

Horoscope-for-2017-year_( i) Cancer of the star is recommended to pay attention to family relations

Health: Be attentive to the physical state of health. Increased possibility of bruises, sprains and other similar injuries.

Career: Do your favorite thing, only then your profession will bring the desired results. If you do not like the place of work, it's time to think about changing it.

Life Style: The Cancers in 2017 will have a good personal life. The main thing is not to be afraid to take the initiative into your own hands. If you are a single woman, you can easily charm any man you like. Married ladies need to spend more time with their second half.

Leo( 23.07-23.08)

Women Lions in 2017 can dramatically change their lives. Each your endeavor will end with success, so do not be afraid to experiment and take the initiative.

Horoscope-for-2017-year_( 7) Lviv is waiting for success in all undertakings

Health: Think about your emotional state. Do not worry about trifles and relax more often. Traveling to a warm country will help to relax and bring your thoughts in order.

Career: This year you are waiting for the long-awaited promotion on the career ladder. If you do not have a job, you can safely agree to any proposal. But if you have long stayed in one place, the authorities will soon notice this, so gain strength and prove yourself on the positive side.

Life Style: You will experience discomfort if you do not find inner harmony. Therefore, first decide for what you relationship. Maybe it's better to wait with a new serious relationship? To warm up the family relationship will help caress and care.

Virgo( 24.08-23.09)

The stars recommend you not to focus on small everyday problems. Look back, things are going well, the relationship with your beloved is developing dynamically. You have nothing to worry about, because in fact you are a happy person.

Horoscope-for-year-2017-year_( 5) Virgo stars recommend not to focus on small everyday problems

Health: At the beginning of the year, try not to contact sick colds. But by the end of the year you will have strong immunity. Also in 2017 is characterized by traumatic danger. Be careful in everyday life, doing sports and in winter avoiding slippery roads.

Career: Virgos should be careful about their colleagues at work. Try not to be secret with them, as your words can play a cruel joke with you. It is better to spend your free time solving work problems, this will not go unnoticed.

Personal life: The relationship with the opposite sex of Dev is formed in the year of the Firecracker successfully. To as long as possible to extend the candy-bouquet period, try to take your man as he is.

Scales( 24.09-23.10)

You can easily cope with the accumulated cases. Just need to start. Do not put off your worries at the end of the year, tackle important issues in January. Then by July you can be proud of yourself and calmly go on vacation.

Horoscope-for-2017-year_( 1) Libra should not delay solving important issues at the end of the year

Health: Sharp emotional changes, which will be full for a year, can lead to nervous breakdowns and other psychological problems. Let you in your purse will always be soothing.

Career: For the scales of 2017 successful in the career plan. Excellent time for running your own business. Take a closer look at colleagues at work. Do not trust your secrets with them and do not share personal experiences. There is a risk that detractors will use information against you.

Life Style: Lonely girls are recommended to take everything in their own hands. If you liked the man, do not be afraid to come and get acquainted yourself. Reckless actions can be crowned with success. Married ladies should remember why you fell in love with your soul mate and thank her for that. Often praise your spouse and he will thank you.

Scorpio( 24.10-22.11)

The determination of the Scorpions in 2017 will play into their hands. In any field of activity, you can realize yourself if you will purposefully go to the goal. Do not be lazy and do not postpone business for tomorrow, and then the stars will be favorable to you.

Horoscope-for-2017-year_( 11) In any field of activity, Scorpios will be able to realize themselves if they specifically target the goal of

. Health: Note the state of the intestine. Increased probability of infectious diseases. So watch what you eat. Be sure to wash your hands before eating.

Career: All troubles at work are caused by your fatigue. In autumn, go on vacation, and as a rest. Take time only for yourself. In the winter career growth is possible.

Personal life: Free girls of the star prophesy an interesting acquaintance at the beginning of the year. But it is unlikely that it will end with a wedding. Probably a pleasant pastime and no more. Pay attention to old buddies. Among them there is a man who will turn mountains for you. Married ladies need to be a little more gentle to return to the relationship of the former romance.

Sagittarius( 23.11-21-21.12)

To the Archers The Fire Rooster promises many pleasant surprises. You are waiting for unexpected good news. Especially you shine changes in your personal life. Even if it is a divorce, do not worry, you will soon find a decent man. The same applies to young girls: your chosen one will find you, when you realize that there is much more interesting occupation than the search for a spouse. Think first of all about yourself.

Horoscope-for-year-2017-year_( 12) Sagittarius Fire Rooster promises many pleasant surprises

Health: In 2017, Streltsov is guarded by stars from injuries and other diseases. But this does not mean that you need to stop caring about yourself. Pay attention to appearance. The best time to change the image is June and July.

Career: At the beginning of the year, a misunderstanding may arise in the team. Do not argue and quarrel, they can play with you a cruel joke. Remember that you need to think about yourself first. By the end of the year, career growth is possible.

Personal life: Evaluate the relationship with the partner judiciously and deliberately. Do not rush into the whirlpool with your head, otherwise there is a risk of deception and disappointment. Carefully look at the man, in small things the real character is shown. Therefore, if something disturbs you in elementary actions or words, it is better to stop such relations. A decent replacement will be found quickly.

Capricorn( 22.12-20.01)

For Capricorns, the year 2017 is good for creativity and love. Realize in these areas to become happy. Perhaps an addition in the family.

Horoscope-for-year-2017-year_( 6) For Capricorns, 2017 is good for creativity and love.

Health: Pay attention to your emotional state. Stars will provoke to hide real feelings and emotions. Therefore, a disorder of the nervous system is possible. Do not take all information at face value to protect your health.

Career: In the second half of the year, Capricorns will be full of energy and energy. Take advantage of this and prove yourself at work. Your ambitions will not go unnoticed.

Life Style: Trust your soul mate, and the relationship will please you and your partner. If you only met with your chosen one, do not be afraid to reveal yourself before him. Your efforts will bear fruit by the middle of the year.

Aquarius( 22.12-20.01)

Be prepared for the fact that all the plans of 2017 can change in one day. Therefore, live for today and count only on your strength. Show strength of character and worldly troubles will bypass you.

Horoscope-for-year-2017-year_( 4) Aquarians, be prepared for the fact that all plans for 2017 can change in one day

Health: The year promises to be for Aquarius in terms of health smooth and simple. Avoid worry and ignore trifling problems, otherwise panic attacks can lead to migraines.

Career: Rely, first of all, on yourself - the main motto of 2017 for Aquarius. You will achieve your goals if you work hard and fulfill the tasks of the leadership. This year, teamwork will not do you good, reveal yourself as an individual.

Personal life: If you are looking for your soul mate, do not give up, Fire Cock will help you with this. The chance to meet an ideal man for you is incredibly high. Do not be afraid of unexpected acquaintances, go to the contact. This year you are irresistible, overwhelmed with vital energy, and this can not but please. Married women are recommended to pay attention to spiritual intimacy. Try not to get frustrated over trifles and your man will appreciate it.

Pisces( 20.02-20.03)

The year is full of interesting fateful events. You will overcome all difficulties with dignity, if you are attentive to the little things. The Fiery Rooster will bring you luck, grab her by the tail.

Horoscope for 2017 year For Pisces the year will be full of interesting fateful events

Health: Pisces is contraindicated in self-medication. If you feel unwell, hurry to visit a doctor. Otherwise, you can not notice a real threat to health. It is better to conduct a comprehensive survey at the beginning of the year.

Career: Passivity can play with you a cruel joke. You need to step up, improve your professional skills, and your management will appreciate it. A year for fish can become money if you take care of money. In mid-October you can afford to waste. But do not overdo it so you do not have to borrow.

Life Style: In 2017, there is a high probability of competition. Believe in yourself, behave womanly and confidently that your family was strong. Do not give in to provocations and trust your partner. If you are a free girl, remember that men most appreciate the nature of a woman. Do not descend to quarrels and scandals.

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