When does the pregnancy test show a reliable result?

  • Apr 15, 2018
With-what-term-shows-test-on-pregnancy-08 Sometimes women do not think, from what time the pregnancy test shows the exact result, and they undertake to carry out the procedure long before the delay of the month. This error

Often women who dream to become mothers, so do not wait to find out if it will have to create its long-awaited miracle that they do not think, from what period shows a pregnancy test accurate result, and are taken to perform the procedure well before the delay menstruation. But the question arises whether they have a chance to get a correct answer from the first time, without waiting for the expected date of the next menstruation. After all, traditionally the first swallow, announcing a possible "interesting situation", was always its absence.

With-what-term-shows-test-for-pregnancy-04 reasonable to carry out the test on the third day of a delay monthly


  • 1 What reacts test?
  • 2 Which test should I use?
  • 3 So when is the procedure to be carried out?
  • 4 Can tests be cheated?
  • 5 How to get the right answer?

What does the test respond to?

To understand where it is appropriate to carry out a pregnancy test and how long it shows accurate positive result, it is necessary to know how it works, thanks to which "formulates its response."

The sole purpose with which a woman conducts such a test is to obtain an accurate answer to the question of whether or not she is pregnant. To reveal any pathologies or other changes in the body with the help of such tests will not succeed.

Any test version of which is full of every pharmacy, works thanks to its "pre-programmed" to reveal the fact of the increased hormone content in the blood, known to all as hCG( his full name sounds "human chorionic gonadotropin").This substance is accepted in the people, and in medical practice called "hormone pregnancy."

With-what-term-shows-test-for-pregnancy_06 any test runs due to its "pre-programmed" to reveal the fact of the increased content of the hormone blood, known to all as hCG( his full name sounds "chronic gonadotropin»)

In the female body in a state where the pregnancy is not observed, the proportion of hCGIs estimated by the index in the range from 0 to 10 MED / ml. This concentration of it in the blood is maintained and during the first week after the nimble sperm managed to fertilize the egg, reaching the upper mark of the specified range. At the upper threshold( 10 mU / ml) of this substance that saturates the blood, only an ultrasensitive test is able to react.

From the period of ovulation and presumptive fertilization to the final attachment of the embryo to the endometrial intrauterine device, often at least seven to ten days pass. And now from this most cherished moment the content of hCG in the blood begins to increase. Most modern tests are capable of detecting a rate of 20 mJ / ml or even more. And it, in turn, is reached in the blood not earlier than two weeks after the fertilization of the female egg. If you calculate by the cycle calendar, this time is related to the period when the next menstruation should start. If she does not come, it's customary to talk about delay as the first bell, announcing that it's time to do a pregnancy test.

"Hormone of pregnant women" is peculiar to be excreted from the female body as part of urine. Therefore, all pregnancy tests conducted at home are based on contact with the female urine to determine the result. Each test strip is treated with a special reagent that makes it sensitive to the hormone.

With-what-term-shows-test-for-pregnancy_05 "The hormone of pregnant women" is peculiar to be excreted from the female body as part of urine. Therefore, all pregnancy tests conducted at home are based on contact with the female urine to determine the result

Advice! Women who conduct a pregnancy test should be careful and carefully consider the result obtained on the test strip. Sometimes the second line is barely visible. This often happens when the test is performed before the delay of the monthly, and hCG is present in the body in a small dose.

Which test should I use?

Today, when it comes to a pregnancy test, refers to special pharmacies adaptation of one of these common varieties:

  • strip strip;
  • Tablet;
  • inkjet;
  • digital.

Strip strips are now considered the most "running" and cheapest option for rapid pregnancy determination. Show results they are ready in five minutes after testing. And it is carried out in this way: a dose of morning urine is collected in a tank, in which the test strip is immersed only for a couple of seconds before the marked limit. These tests respond to the concentration of the "pregnancy hormone" no lower than 20 mJ / ml. And that often and a little higher.

The tablet test is similar to a box on which a pair of "windows" is placed. In one of them it is necessary to drip urine, and in the other as a result of the chemical reaction there will be an answer to the cherished question: one or two strips. On convenience they occupy the highest step, in comparison with the previous version, and in sensitivity are approximately equal.

With-what-term-shows-test-for-pregnancy-10 The tablet test is similar to a box on which a pair of "windows" is placed. In one of them it is necessary to drip urine, and the other as a result of the chemical reaction will be the answer to the question coveted, one or two strips

Ink pochuvstvitelnee tests. The instruction to them says that they will "work" even in the presence of hCG in the body of the lucky one - the future mother at the level of 10 MED / ml. It is not necessary to wait for an early morning to conduct the procedure. At any time of the day or night, placing the device under a stream of urine, you can see( or vice versa) in their assumptions about the pregnancy that has occurred.

With the advancement of science and technology today there are high-precision digital tests that are capable of not only the most accurate to say the existence of pregnancy, but also with a special indicator clearly specify the period for which the expectant mother resides. The accuracy of this test is equated with an ultrasound examination. But the cost of such "pleasure" is high.

Tip! choosing a test, you need to focus not so much on the cost and ease of the procedure, but on the period for which you have conceived it to carry out, based on the capabilities and accuracy of each type of test.

So when is the procedure to be carried out?

In this issue should focus on the following criteria:

  • «abilities" acquired test device;
  • day of the menstrual cycle;
  • is a well-known dynamics of increasing the concentration of the "pregnancy hormone" in the blood.
With-what-term-shows-test-for-pregnancy_01 The fact on which specific period delay monthly test shows a pregnancy, tell User thereto

So if stocked strip strips tablet tests which are sensitive to the content of hCG from 20 mIU / mL, then beforeOn the second day of the delayed menstrual period, this should not be done. The thing is that, as mentioned above, only two weeks after the fertilization of the ovum, the level of the hCG hormone will reach such a threshold that the test can detect it. More precisely, on what specific period of delay the monthly test shows the pregnancy that has occurred, the instructions to it will tell.

The moment of fertilization can be conditionally defined as the day of ovulation. Conditionally, because in the body there can be different changes, and the ovulation itself, and fertilization does not occur "according to the calendar."Therefore, it is also impossible to clearly determine the time from which the monthly delay counts. It is in this regard that it is recommended that you have enough patience, wait a couple, and preferably three days from the start of the alleged delay, and then start the test. The earlier a curious woman conducts it, the greater the probability of getting an erroneous result.

Injection tests with a sensitivity of 10 mU / ml hCG can be tried in the first week of pregnancy, even before the onset of a delay. But the most effective for obtaining the exact result for even five to six days before the expected next monthly are considered innovative digital tests. It has been experimentally established that about 65% of the correct results can be obtained with these tests four to five days before the expected menstruation.

With-what-term-shows-test-for-pregnancy-03 most effective for obtaining accurate results even for as many as five or six days before the next period are considered to be innovative digital tests

Tip! If a woman's menstrual cycle irregular, then in any case, to carry out the test before the delay does not make sense, since the problem with the definition of even an approximate date of ovulation, fertilization and following the expected monthly complicated. Each woman knows the range of the number of days within which her cycle often fluctuates. At the end of the maximum period, you can begin to act.

Can tests cheat?

In the instructions for the tests, it is indicated, and physicians also confirm that the result they give, with the correct procedure is accurate to 99 percent. But still there is 1 percent, the category of which, one way or another, is still destined to get to someone. Why the test can be wrong?

There are two types of false answers for a pregnancy test: false positive and false negative. Let's consider the reasons of each of them.

With-what-term-shows-test-on-pregnancy_09 The instructions to the tests indicated that the result which they give, when done properly, the procedure has an accuracy of up to 99 percent

false negative result is due mostly to a number of circumstances:

  • test spoiled, left its validity or whether itMade initially poor quality;
  • test procedure was not performed in accordance with the rules and instructions for the test;
  • a woman had an ectopic pregnancy or the fetus died;
  • , the woman who conducted the test took diuretics, which led to the release of unconsolidated urine;
  • there is a threat of a potential miscarriage at an early stage;
  • test was made before the delay, and the level of the "pregnancy hormone" in the blood corresponded to the norm for non-pregnant women;
  • HGH hormone is excreted in the wrong amounts in the female body due to problems with the kidneys or the cardiovascular system.

False positive results can occur, and they are associated with such cases:

  • use spoiled, expired test without reading and following the instructions;
  • test was performed in the process of taking certain hormonal drugs that are capable of showing pregnancy;
  • test was made before the delay, and hCG sought in the body of a woman to the upper threshold of the norm for non-pregnant;The
  • test was performed within the first month after an interrupted( naturally or artificially) pregnancy, when the hCG hormone is still present in residual doses.
With-what-term-shows-test-for-pregnancy-02 for test strips and tablet tests required to use a portion of the morning urine, in which hCG is present in the greatest concentration

Tip! If there are any doubts as to the correctness of the result, doctors recommend a second test and, depending on his response, contact the gynecologist for advice. Since in the presence of pathologies that caused an erroneous result, women's health and life can be threatened.

How to get the right answer?

To test gave the most "honest" answer to the question of the unseen, and the woman did not feed extra baseless illusions or prematurely do not despair, you should do everything possible to ensure that the most accurate results. Obviously, the testimony of the test is influenced by both objective and subjective circumstances. If a woman can not influence on objective situations( for example, not diagnosed diseases, frozen fruit, etc.), then it is entirely up to her to exclude the subjective factor.

What are the recommendations given by doctors regarding the home pregnancy test?

  • Do it at the time that is recommended in the instructions. After all, it comes from the sensitivity of the device.
  • For test strips and plate tests, it is mandatory to use a dose of morning urine in which hCG is present at the highest concentration.
  • Keep from going to the toilet three hours before the study.
  • Do not take diuretics and do not drink a lot of fluids within a day before the procedure so that the urine is concentrated.
  • Wait at least five minutes to draw conclusions about the final result. But not more than this length of time.
  • Use only fresh urine, not pre-collected( eg, overnight).
With-what-term-shows-test-for-pregnancy_07 The test shows a reliable result five minutes after the procedure with it

Advice! If you find that you violated some of the rules or requirements of the instructions during the procedure, do not try to fix it all, immediately repeating your actions on the test used. It is already unusable and is only subject to disposal.

So, at what time of pregnancy the pharmacy test clearly shows the correct result depends on many factors. Among them - as the peculiarities of the work of each separately taken female body, and the type and sensitivity of the test itself. Digital and inkjet devices can "tell the truth" before the delay. But most women prefer traditional simple test strips, which are able to "make their verdict" only from the beginning of the delay. Therefore, you need to have patience, wait for the onset of a month two or three days from the expected date, and then act.

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