Yoga for beginners at home - 50 inspirational photos

  • Apr 15, 2018
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_28 Today, yoga for many has become a lifestyle. Practically every fitness club has classes in this direction. However, yoga is also available for beginners at home.

A great way to maintain health and a beautiful figure is yoga for beginners at home. The video allows you to see simple exercises. A variety of sports clubs and fitness centers offer yoga classes. However, with a great desire, you can study at home and achieve great results.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_34 Yoga exercises promote rejuvenation and healing of the body, and also bring harmony to the fast pace of life
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_23 Yoga is a technique of spiritual development and development
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_22 Hatha Yoga is aimed at developing the physical body
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_17 Asanas included in this system, There are millennia

Yoga classes contribute to the rejuvenation and healing of the body, and also bring harmony to a fast pace of life. To do your favorite thing at home, it is worth to learn more about the right breathing during exercises, about warm-up and simple asanas for beginners.


  • 1 beneficial effects of yoga
  • 2 What you need to know, doing the exercises at home
  • 3 Warm primarily
  • 4 Features breathing
  • 5 Exercises for beginners
  • 6 Contraindications
  • 7 Yoga schools
  • 8 Special cases of yoga application

Useful effects of yoga

Yoga is a technique of spiritual perfection and development. Hatha Yoga is aimed at the development of the physical body. Asanas included in this system, there are millennia. They are effective for achieving a better level of health and for solving problems with appearance.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_50 No kind of physical training will help you to work out the whole body as a yoga.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_49 Asanas in yoga are aimed at complex elaboration of even the deepest muscles.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_48. Also practice helps to establish metabolic processes in the body.

Other types of physical education do not allowCarefully work out the body like yoga, helping to establish metabolic processes in the body, and also to get rid of muscle clamps and restore the full functioning of the spine, respiratory and digestive systems.

Asanas in combination with breathing exercises are a massage of internal organs and training of all muscle groups.

Muscle clamps occur after stressful situations. At the same time, old grievances, experiences and upheavals form in the muscular shell. Yoga gradually allows you to destroy this shell and restores full-fledged work of muscles.

In addition, systematic exercises contribute to concentration of attention, and also help develop willpower and perseverance. After two weeks of regular exercise, you can get rid of back pain.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_47 Yoga with the whole family is not only useful but also fun
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_46 Practice will help you to get rid of muscle clamps and restore full functioning of the spine, respiratory and digestive systems
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_45 Asanas in combination with breathing exercises are a massage of internal organsAnd training all muscle groups

Advice! Yoga implies a peculiar way of life, proper nutrition. For example, the habit of drinking water in the morning is useful. For a better work of the intestine, you can add a little lemon juice. If you add ginger, you can get a better charge of vivacity than after coffee.

What you need to know when doing exercises at home

When you start yoga, you need to plan a certain schedule for classes. The ideal option is to set aside exercises for an hour a day.

At the very beginning of yoga, 15 minutes per day should be set aside. And then gradually increase the time of training, after getting used to it. For practice, you will need a polyurethane rug and loose clothing.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_44 Systematic exercises help focus attention and also help develop willpower and perseverance
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_43 Two weeks of regular exercise can get rid of back pain
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_42 Hourly practice will allow you to include all the muscles in your work and after completely relaxing them

There areThe following rules for the practice of yoga at home:

  • Indoors should be comfortable, without drafts. In a cold room, it is more difficult for muscles to warm up.
  • There should be no annoying noise and light. You can include relaxing music.
  • To relax at the beginning of the session, you can use the pose of a corpse of shavasana.
  • Each exercise should be performed at a slow pace: the entrance, fixing the pose and reaching the original position.
  • Each asana is performed 4-6 times.
  • Classes should be conducted on an empty stomach. Before training, you need to drink some water.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_41 When you start yoga, you need to plan a specific schedule for classes. The ideal option is to set aside exercises for an hour per day
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_40 At the very beginning, 15 minutes per day should be given to yoga. And then gradually increase the training time, after getting used to
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_39 Probably, in the beginning you will not be able to perform most asanas. Dont be upset. Gradually the body will get used and become more pliable

Advice! Do not bring asanas to perfection through pain. At the beginning of the exercise, you can do with a small amplitude. This will prevent injuries and sprains.

Warm up first

It is recommended to warm up or light cardio work before training. With proper warm-up, body temperature should increase by several degrees. If you do not prepare the muscles, then tearing or stretching may occur.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_38 Do not attempt to fasten directly into the assembly. Learn to start more simple asanas
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_37 One of the main principles of yoga is nonviolence. Every movement should bring you pleasure. Do not let the pain

It is especially important to warm up before mastering the bridge, lotus pose or different twine.

Warm-up helps relieve tension in the neck and lower back, which improves blood flow, removes stress and normalizes breathing. And also allows you to warm up your muscles and psychologically tune in to perform more complex exercises.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_35 Each exercise should be performed at a slow pace: entry, fixing the posture and reaching the original position
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_33 You need to eat a few hours before the workout so that the food can digest and damage the internal organs
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_32 During practice, you can drink water, If there is a need for this

The heating system consists of the following exercises:

  • In standing position, the head tilts to the right shoulder. At the same time, the right arm rises and the palm is placed on the left side of the head. The head should be slightly pulled to the shoulder. The position is fixed for 20 seconds. Then similar movements are carried out in the other direction. A total of five times in each side for 10-15 seconds.
  • Standing straight, raise your arms straight up and clasp your hands over your head. Bend to the right for 20 seconds, and then to the other side.
  • Feet should be shoulder width apart. The left leg is bent at the knee. The foot rest is transferred to the toe. Brush your left hand on your knee and fix the pose for a few seconds.
  • From standing position, hands are raised upwards. Then you need to lean forward and touch with the hands of the floor. Focus is on the lower back. In this position, you need to stay for 30 seconds.
  • Feet should be placed as wide as possible, and then put the hands on the floor. In this position, you should stay for 30 seconds.
  • While doing the exercises, you need to monitor your breathing. Slopes are performed on exhalation, and uplifts on inspiration.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_31 If for lessons you have chosen your own apartment, make sure that there is no draft in the room.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_30 Let nothing distract you from practice. Turn off the phone, extra light. You can turn on soothing music and light a fragrance
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_29 Do not practice in a cold room. So there is a risk of injuring something. Muscles love the heat

Tip! An important component of yoga practice is the continuity and regularity of training. It is better to give lessons for 20 minutes every day, than to practice once a week for several hours.

Respiratory features

Proper breathing should accompany each workout. It is necessary to perform the following basic breathing exercises:

  • Cleansing breathing allows cleaning of the respiratory tract. At the same time, a deep breath is taken, and then without exhaling breath is exhaled in small portions through the lips stretched and compressed in a smile. The body on exhalation should be strained. Then a new breath is taken.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_21 Cleaning breath allows for purification airway
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_26 During the postures hold your breath. Inhaling and exhaling should be free
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_27 Before training is recommended to perform a warm-up or light cardio load
  • Exercise for vitality can be performed after awakening. You should stand up straight and take your shoulders back. Hands with fists stretch along the body. Then you need to get up on your fingers and take a full breath. Breathing is delayed for a few seconds. Slow exhalation through the nostrils is performed after returning to its original position.
  • Exercise with a delayed breathing allows to improve the state of the respiratory system. To perform the exercise, you need to stand up straight and take a full breath, and then hold your breath to the maximum. Then a strong exhalation is carried out through the open mouth.

Tip! Yogic breathing can not be performed with blood diseases, pneumonia, high fever and craniocerebral trauma.

Exercise for Beginners

complex yoga not only helps to cope with physical challenges, but also allows you to restore mental health.

Classes should begin with a greeting exercise.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_25 If the warm-up is done correctly, the body temperature should increase by several degrees
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_24 If the muscles are not prepared, then an
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_20 can occur.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_20 It is especially important to warm up before mastering the bridge, lotus posture or different twine

Samsthiti Greeting

In the standing position, you have to put your feet together and your feet parallel to each other. The back should be straightened and stretch the neck. The palms should be joined in front of the chest. In this case, you should choose a stomach. The view is fixed in front of you. Breathing should be deep and calm.

Asana Tadasana

Pose as follows:

  1. We need to stand up straight with your feet together.
  2. The feet must be tightly pushed. At the same time, the knees and muscles of the thighs strain. During the asana, the back should be straight, and the head raised.
  3. Hands fall along the body and turn to it with the palms of their hands. It is necessary to relax the muscles of the face.
  4. It's important to focus on the center of your body. In this pose, you need to stay for a few minutes.

Tip! It is important to be able to relax. For this, already at the first lessons you can learn the technique of deep relaxation.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_19 tilted back should be performed firmly squeezing the buttocks and pushing the pelvis forward
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_18 During practice, try to get rid of unnecessary thoughts. Be in the present moment
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_16 complex yoga not only helps to cope with physical challenges, but also allows you to restore sanity

Asana Vrikshasana( wood)

This asana is done to strengthen the joints and muscles of the legs and for the normalization of the nervous system. It promotes the development of the vestibular apparatus.

Asana consists of the following movements:

  1. In the pose of the mountain, bend the right leg and pull the knee to the side.
  2. The stop is placed on the left thigh.
  3. The right knee should be aligned with the body.
  4. With an inspiration you need to raise your arms above your head.
  5. The palms are connected to each other.

The posture is executed within two minutes. Then the exercise is done for the other leg.

Tip! To avoid injury, you need to teach your body to obey, and not just make certain movements. All exercises should be done only to the best of the body.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_14 Even if at first glance the asana seems to be impossible for you, do not give up, try to do it at your level
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_13 After all, if you do not try it, you will never get it

Asana Trikonasana( Triangle)

Exercise triangleContributes to the reduction of fatty deposits, and also gives vivacity to the body. It is especially recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Asana is executed as follows:

  1. It is necessary to stand up straight. The distance between the stops should be about a meter. The hands are spread out with the palms down. On exhalation, tilt to the left before touching the floor.
  2. The view is directed to the raised right hand. On inhalation, you must return to the starting position.
  3. Then the slope to the right is performed.

The exercise is done five times in each direction.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_15 Trikonasana contributes to the reduction of body fat, and also gives vitality to the body
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_01 Especially recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle

Advice! Lesson is best done barefoot, so it will be better to grip the floor.

Bhujangasana( Snake)

Asana aims to rejuvenate and improve the spinal cord. It helps to get rid of excess fat. It is recommended for people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Running in several stages:

  1. Lying on the stomach, you need to bend your arms in the elbows.
  2. On exhalation the head rises smoothly. At the same time, hands are straightened, and the body bends back.
  3. The chin rises, and the shoulders are retracted.

In the pose you need to be a few seconds. Then you can go back to the starting position. Exercise should be done several times.

Tip! Do not delay the beginning of the development of technology until Monday. It is better to proceed at the present moment. Simple exercises will help prepare the body for stress.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_12 If you can not reach your feet with your hands, use thongs, towels, any handy tools

Halasana( plow pose)

Asana has a positive effect on the spine. With the help of this exercise, you can strengthen the nervous system and improve the thyroid gland.

Running in several stages:

  1. In the supine position, the arms should be stretched along the body.
  2. Feet is raised by inhalation and is laid behind the head. In this case, the knees should be straight.
  3. After the legs are in the upper position, exhalation is performed.

In this position, you can stay a minute. You can start with less time. Asana repeats several times.

Tip! This asana is called inverted. Such exercises are not recommended for women during critical days.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_05 Various twists massage the internal organs and promote digestion

Sarvangasana( Candle position) or birch

This is an unusual asana that improves blood circulation.

The position is executed as follows:

  1. You have to lie on your back.
  2. On the delay of breathing, legs rise up.
  3. In the upright position, the legs should be supported with the hands.

In this position, beginners need to be up to a minute. Over time, time gradually increases to 10 minutes.

The exit from the asana should be smooth. The legs slowly go down. At the same time, all vertebrae relax.

Tip! You can use quiet and relaxing music as a background. It is also recommended to use recordings of natural sounds, singing birds or various sounds of the forest.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_11 Various inverted asanas and handholds contribute to the flow of blood to the brain

Adho Mukha Shvanasana( Pose of the dog face-down)

Asana is performed to strengthen the spine.

  1. You need to stand on all fours and palm your fingers in front.
  2. The feet, knees and hands are shoulder-width apart.
  3. In this position, the pelvis is pushed back and top. This should be a slide.
  4. The back should be a continuation of the hand line. Heels tend to the floor.

In this position, you need to relax your stomach as much as possible. The breast should be stretched to the knees, and the coccyx to the ceiling.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_36 The pose of the dog's muzzle down is quite affordable for beginners. At first, the heels may not reach the floor. Keep them in the air, but the push into the floor

Balasan( Child Pose)

for leisure or exercise in the completion of a cycle performing this asana.

  1. It is necessary to kneel and lower the hip to the heel.
  2. On a deep breath, the body should be tilted forward. At the same time, the body should be pressed against the front of the thighs. You need to touch the forehead with the forehead.
  3. .The back should remain flat.
  4. Hands are pulled back with the palms upward.
  5. In this position, you should stay a few minutes. It is important to breathe freely and feel how the thorax works.

To exit the asana first slowly rises head, and then the rest of the trunk.

Tip! For problems with joints, veins, or the spine, consult a doctor before starting the practice.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_10 is not necessary to perform the asanas after considerable physical exertion, after a visit to the bath, and after drinking, and in the first days after the onset of menstruation

Savasana( corpse pose)

best posture to reduce stress and fatigue is considered to Savasana. Exercise should be done for 12-15 minutes a day to relieve tension. It can replace several hours of sleep. In addition, regular training will improve blood circulation and increase energy in the body.

It consists of several simple steps:

  1. It is convenient to lie on your back. Hands are located along the trunk.
  2. Close your eyes and eliminate extraneous noise.
  3. It is important to achieve a calm breathing.
  4. This gradually relaxes all parts of the body. First the feet, legs, arms, stomach, chest, neck and head.
  5. It is necessary to relax muscles in the face area as much as possible.

From a state of complete relaxation it is worth to go out gradually. This exercise can be done at the very beginning of the lesson or at the end of the lesson.

Tip! Smoking is not an excuse to give up classes. It is possible that after a time after systematic training, the decision to quit smoking will come by itself.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_09 If you feel unwell, temporarily give up employment


engaged in the home, is particularly closely monitor their feelings and the state. Do not exercise in the following cases:

  • At high temperature.
  • ARVI, ARD and various manifestations of the common cold.
  • During periods of exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • When the cardiovascular system is broken.
  • is not necessary to perform the asanas after considerable physical exertion, after a visit to the bath, and after drinking, and in the first days after the onset of menstruation.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_08 There are special exercises that are selected for expectant mothers. They contribute to the strengthening of the lumbar region, learning deep breathing, relaxation and relief delivery
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_07 Specific asanas help to recover from childbirth. Classes are designed to improve the psycho-emotional state of a woman, and aimed at restoring muscle tone

Yoga School

most popular destination of hatha yoga is a static style. It was designed by modern teachers of yoga BKS.Iyengar - for people of all ages and physical condition. Special devices can be used: benches, pillows or bricks.

The focus is on fixing asanas and holding a certain state for a few minutes.

Also worth highlighting are other areas and schools:

  • Ashtanga-Vinyasa-yoga is distinguished by its dynamic style. All asanas are connected by active transitions. In this case, a special breathing technique is used, concentration of attention and fixation of sight. It is important to stick to a healthy lifestyle.
  • The static style is characterized by the Boyko school. The technique is aimed at improving all body systems and deep relaxation.
  • Kundalini Yoga was formed on the basis of yoga, martial arts and Western psychology. Training can include both static and dynamic exercises.
  • Yoga 23 was created by Andrei Sidersky. It includes 23 effective complexes. At the beginning of the training, special attention is paid to the development of the muscular corset. In this case, blocks and clamps in the body are detected.
  • The baby yoga was developed by Françoise Friedman in the 80s. It includes paired workouts for children and parents. It consists of certain asanas, respiratory practice, relaxation and massage.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_06 The most popular direction of hatha yoga is the static style. It was designed by modern teachers of yoga BKS.Iyengar
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_04 The focus is on fixing asanas and holding a certain state for a few minutes
  • 's direction is to study the technique in steps. Asanas are supplemented with elements of qigong. Dynamic ligaments are also studied. The style contains rhythmic breathing, as well as the study of energy nodes.
  • The Bihar School consists of simple asanas, respiratory techniques and cleaning procedures.
  • Shivanada direction refers to static movements. As a warm-up, the complex "greeting the sun" is used. All movements are gradually mastered.
  • The Ar Santema school was created in the 60s by the guru Statsenko GG.The system consists of eight steps. At first, students master simple complexes of asanas, respiratory equipment, and also used herbal medicine, methods of cleansing the body and therapeutic starvation.

Advice! Different schools of yoga can differently present the detuning of the same asanas. The dynamics of the practice can differ, attention is paid to different aspects. It is important to choose one of the schools and develop, according to its rules. Then there will be an effective development.

Special cases of yoga application

Yoga is popular with various population groups. Interesting complexes were invented for the following groups:

  • Exercises from yoga are suitable for the full physical and mental development of the child. Training can include elements of the game, art therapy or yoga therapy.
  • There are special exercises that are selected for expectant mothers. They contribute to strengthening the lumbar region, teaching deep breathing, relaxing and facilitating childbirth. In different trimesters there is a certain program.
Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_03 Yoga is known for its therapeutic effect
  • Specific asanas help to recover from childbirth. Classes are designed to improve the psycho-emotional state of women, and also aimed at restoring muscle tone.
  • Yoga therapy is considered a preparatory stage. Exercises are selected depending on the degree of illness and individual health.

Advice! , you need to perform all the actions consciously and with a maximum relaxation of the muscles, which would not be used in asana to after training was the result.

Yoga-for-beginners-in-home-conditions-video_02 Regular practice of yoga will allow you to experience life to the full

Systematic yoga gradually develop psychic and mental abilities. Choosing the right set of exercises, you can keep youth and beauty for a long time. In this case, the spiritual forces are trained through hardening of the whole organism.

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