Masks for hair restoration at home - The best recipes

  • Apr 16, 2018
Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions_1 Masks for hair restoration in the home are very popular

Masks for hair restoration in the home are very popular. It is very easy to explain this. Today, there are many opportunities to change your image, in particular, your hair. Styling products, hair dyes, tools, with which you can create any image. .. Unfortunately, as a result of numerous stains and daily heat styling the hair becomes dull and brittle. Sometimes it seems that the only way is to cut the damaged strands and begin to grow the length again. However, you can try to save your hair by using the recipes of home hair masks.

Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions_ Today, there are many opportunities to change your image, in particular, the hairdo


  • 1 Advantages of home masks
  • 2 Disadvantages of home masks
  • 3 Burdock oil:Belt! Who will not use burdock oil?
  • 4 Castor oil: the result is worth the effort!
  • 6 Linseed oil
  • 7 Bread - a head
  • 8 Cognac: alcohol in small doses is useful in any amount
  • 9 onion and cognac mask: what you need toDull hair
  • 10 Home hair laminating: gelatin for your beauty

Advantages of home masks

Homemade masks are made up of natural ingredients, so they do not do any harm to the hair. In addition, all components for masks are relatively inexpensive: the course of "home therapy" will cost much less than salon procedures. It is important to note that the use of the products described in this article gives a long-lasting effect, which distinguishes them from cosmetic products, which allow briefly to return the hairdress to shine and beauty.

Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions-3 Homemade masks are made from natural ingredients, so they do not bring any harm to hair

Tip! Do not make masks too often. Of course, you probably want to get your hair done as quickly as possible, but you can "overfeed" your hair, as a result of which they will look fat and dull. It is enough to do a mask a couple of times a week.

Cons household masks

have household masks and cons:

  • complexity of application: with some recipes have "tinker", while the masks purchased cause enough for 15-20 minutes in the shower;
  • Some natural ingredients can cause allergies. For example, many are allergic to essential oils or onion juice. Therefore, always carry out the test before applying the compound on the head;
  • result you will notice at once: you will have to spend a whole course lasting two to three months before the hair will say to you: "Thank you."

Tip! A big mistake are attempts to restore the "killed" by numerous discoloration of hair. If, due to incorrectly selected paint or hobbies brightening powder your hair resembles a washcloth, it is better to abandon the masks and to cut off a length, and then begin to rebuild relatively undamaged hair.

Burdock oil: grow a braid to the waist!

Perhaps the most sought after remedy for hair restoration at home is the mask of burdock oil. Oils can be bought with various additives. For example, if you want to get rid of dandruff, choose oil with a string. If your goal is to accelerate the growth of hair, you will need oil, which includes red pepper. Extract of pepper warms the scalp, so that the circulation increases and more nutrients enter the follicles.

Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions_4 Perhaps the most popular means to restore hair at home is a mask of burdock oil

Making masks is very simple. Preheat the selected oil to a comfortable temperature and apply it to dry hair. Wrap your head with a film, warm up your hair with a hair dryer and additionally warm your hair with a towel. With a mask you can walk from thirty minutes to several hours: it will not bring any harm.

After applying oil, the hair becomes soft and silky. Oil creates an invisible film on the surface of the hair, so that the hair looks visually more lush.

Tip! Want to give your hair extra shine? Then add a drop of essential oil of ylang-ylang, rosemary or lavender to the burdock oil. Do you want the procedure to cheer you up and give you energy? Then choose citrus oils, for example, sweet orange. True, it is very important to conduct a test on the elbow skin. Apply there is not pure essential oil, but diluted basic, that is, burdock. Otherwise, you can "earn" a chemical burn! Who will not use burdock oil?

It would be a mistake to consider burdock oil as a real panacea: in some cases, it should be abandoned. For example, burdock oil will not work:

  • to owners of oily scalp. Oil can aggravate this problem: you should choose a mask based on cognac, which will be described below;
  • to girls whose hair is discolored. Oil can give strands a light greenish shade.
Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions_5 It would be a mistake to consider burdock oil as a real panacea: in some cases, it is worth to abandon it

Advice! Do not dye your hair immediately after you have made an oil mask. The oil creates a film on the hair, through which the dye particles do not penetrate into the hair shaft. Well, if you really want to grow long, thick hair, it's better not to color your hair! Castor oil: the result is worth the effort! Castor oil has long been considered the best way to restore and grow hair. Oil is sold in pharmacies and is quite inexpensive. By the way, it can be applied not only to the hair, but also to the eyebrows and eyelashes.

There is one thing: to wash off castor oil is a very difficult task. If you need a pair of handfuls of shampoo to remove from the hair of burdock oil, then you will have to tinker with Castor. If you do not wash oil completely, your hair will look fat and "heavy."Even if you prefer to use organic cosmetics and non-sulfate shampoos, when rinsing off the castor oil, choose a shampoo that includes SLS!

Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions_5 Castor oil has long been considered the best tool for hair restoration and growth

Castor oil is very easy to use. Apply it to the roots of the hair, using a comb with a few teeth spread throughout the length, put on a warming cap and walk this way for several hours. Many girls go to bed with such a mask, arguing that the next morning the result of the action of the oil is simply amazing. You can use this recipe( of course, if you are not afraid that you will ruin your bed linen hopelessly).

Tip! Do you want to grow and restore not only the hair on your head, but also the eyebrows and eyelashes? Then apply a little bit of castor oil on them before going to bed. Most conveniently for this purpose to use an empty tube from under the carcass: so you do not risk overdoing with drawing. You will notice the effect in a month!

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is an excellent hair conditioner that can be used not only from the outside, as a mask, but also inside. In the first case, you just apply a small amount of heated oil on your hair, in the second - drink a tablespoon in the morning half an hour before meals. The result will not take long: the hair will become silky and radiant, the skin will clear, and fine wrinkles will be smoothed out!

Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions_7.jpeg Flaxseed oil is an excellent hair conditioner that can be used not only from the outside, as a mask, but also inside

Advice! Choose unrefined linseed oil: only it is considered a true elixir of beauty and youth.

Bread - the whole head

It's hard to believe, but once bread was not only used for food, but. .. washed their heads! Now, when on the shelves of supermarkets you can see a lot of means for washing your hair, it is unlikely that someone will decide to apply a softened crumb on his head, but why not try to risk it? After all, the mask of black bread allows you to quickly return hair shine and beauty.

Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions It's hard to believe, but once bread was not only used for food, but. .. washed their heads!

The mask is made very simply. You will need black bread and warm water. Take a few pieces of bread( the amount depends on the length of your hair: someone will have a couple of pieces, some may need a whole loaf).Remove the crusts, pour the bread with warm water and thoroughly mix the mask until it becomes almost uniform. Now it remains only to apply the composition to the hair, warm them with plastic wrap and a towel and pass this way for a couple of hours.

Tip! If you have oily hair, add whipped protein to the mask of bread. If the hair is dry, then take the yolk.

Cognac: alcohol in small doses is useful in any quantity

If you want to give the locks a healthy appearance, use a cognac mask. Cognac contains many useful substances that normalize sebum secretion and return shine and elasticity to hair. In addition, cognac helps to get rid of the dullness of the hair, which is very important for girls who regularly dye their hair.

Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions_10 If you want to give the curls a healthy appearance, use the cognac mask

Hair is dry and brittle, and the tips are severely cut off? Then mix two tablespoons of cognac, one yolk and a tablespoon of jojoba oil. Preheat the mask to a comfortable temperature in the microwave and apply to the roots of the hair, while massaging the scalp. After that, distribute the mask along the strands. Heat the head with a film and a towel and wait half an hour. By the way, while the mask is on your head, you can pamper yourself with a cup of coffee with cognac: why not combine business with pleasure?

Tip! N Never apply brandy to overdried hair in its pure form: alcohol can make strands even more dry and brittle. The composition of masks based on alcohol must include base oils.

Onion and cognac mask: what you need for lackluster hair

The combination of onion and cognac can scare any lover of a noble drink. However, do not use them inside: you really do not really have to taste it. But your onion-cognac mask definitely will like your hair.

Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions_11 The combination of cognac onions can scare any lover of a noble drink

Make this mask very simple. You will need three tablespoons of onion juice, as much burdock( or any other basic) oil, as well as a tablespoon of cognac. Apply the composition on the head with massage movements, distribute the remainders to the length. After that, you will only have to warm your head and go with a mask for 30 minutes.

Tip! This mask( like any other mask, which includes onion juice), should be washed off especially carefully. Otherwise, you risk not only to please others with their magnificent shining head of hair, but also to make them wince at the onion "aroma" coming from your hair.

Homemade hair lamination: gelatin for your beauty

With gelatine, you can not only cook a delicious dessert: it will help you make your hair smooth and shiny, as in shampoo advertising. By the way, gelatin is used by athletes engaged in synchronized swimming: it is he who gives the opportunity to fix the hair "tightly".

Mask-for-recovery-hair-in-home-conditions-2 With gelatine, you can not only cook a delicious dessert: it will help you make your hair smooth and shiny, as in the shampoo advertisement

The effect of the mask is compared with the lamination of the hair: the dissected tips are literally sealed and the hair becomes smooth and shiny. Make a mask is very simple:

  • one tablespoon of gelatin, pour three tablespoons of warm water. The proportion should be 1 to 3, and the amount of ingredients you can increase depending on the length of the hair;
  • , mix the mixture and leave it for a quarter of an hour to gelatin completely melted. The water bath will help to speed up the process. It is important that no lumps remain, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of effort on combing them out of your hair;
  • cool gelatin, add a little mask or hair balm to it. The composition should resemble sour cream. If necessary, a bit of burdock or castor oil can be added to the mixture.

Now the mask can be applied to the hair. Help in this can a comb with sparse teeth, which should be carefully combed strands. When the mask is applied, wrap the hair with food film and heat with a hair dryer. Then you just have to wrap your head with a towel to keep the heat, and wait for an hour.

Advice! Do this mask once a week, and you will forever forget about brittle, dull hair! By the way, if you have an important event, you can use this recipe: gelatin is able to reanimate even severely damaged hair!

Now you know how to quickly restore hair at home, using simple folk methods. This article contains the simplest tools: you do not need to search for ingredients for a long time and spend a lot of time mixing "miraculous" compositions! Try these masks, and the result will not take long! And this video will help you understand how to make hair lamination at home and save on expensive beauty salon services:

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