All the secrets of how to properly lipstick your lips - Step by step instructions

  • Apr 16, 2018
How-right-dye-lipstick -09 To understand how to properly lipstick lipstick, you need to determine their shape, shape and choose quality cosmetics

To understand how to properly lipstick lipstick, you need to determine their shape, shape and choose high-quality cosmetics. A few attempts in front of the mirror will show an unsurpassed result.

How-right-dye-lipstick_17 A variety of shades allows you to experiment and add the image of solemnity even after a working day


  • 1 What color lipstick to choose
  • 2 How to use the lip liner
  • 3 Pencil
  • 4 Red lipstick is suitable for everyone, the main thing is to be able to apply it
  • 5 Features of applying dark lipstick
  • 6 LikeTo put lipstick on lips with lipstick?
  • 7 Change lip form with lipstick? Just!

What color of lipstick to choose

To observe the correct technique of applying lipstick is only part of the success. After all, if the color is picked up incorrectly, the person can visually grow old. Insufficient whiteness of teeth can also appear due to lipstick, not suitable for the girl.

A variety of shades allows you to experiment and add the image of solemnity even after a day's work. The main thing is that the tone of the lipstick should go well with the color of the skin. For example, fair-skinned girls are recommended to choose cold tones. Excellent range of light pink to plum.

Swarthy ladies should pay attention to bright specimens. Suitable shades of peach and brown. Girls of the middle type will be well with red and golden tones of lipstick.

To girls in accordance with the color of hair, such lipsticks are suitable:

  • coral, berry, gently peach and mauve are intended for blonde girls;
  • brown and terracotta shades make-up artists recommend red-headed beasts;
  • bright shades delightfully fit girls with dark hair.

Also choose a lipstick according to the color of the eyes. For example, brown-eyed beauties fit a brown and scarlet shade. Cherry and beige scales perfectly in harmony with blue-colored pupils. Terracotta and orange lipsticks are recommended for green-eyed women. Light beige and cherry hue underlines the depth of gray eyes.

Make-up artists recommend taking age into account when choosing a lipstick. Girls of a young age are best to give preference to light pearlescent shines. Dense and matte add an image of solidity, which looks out of place in this case.

How-to-dye-lipstick-lip Women who are about thirty years old, it is appropriate to apply a bright make-up. Satin and satin texture will emphasize the youth and freshness of the skin

Women who are about thirty years old, it is appropriate to apply bright makeup. Satin and satin texture will emphasize the youth and freshness of the skin. Women after forty years do not need to choose pearly shine. Bright shades are also out of place, because they clearly distinguish wrinkles around the mouth. Perfect for mature women cherry and plum shades.

Tip! If you did not choose the right tone of lipstick, do not rush to throw it away. Perhaps, if you mix it with another shade, you can get the perfect tone for you.

How to use a lip liner

Lipstick gives makeup shine and beauty, but here, from a functional point of view, you can not do without a pencil. It can be found in any cosmetics store. When choosing, you must pay attention to the fact that the pencil was water resistant.
To correct the shape of the lips, apply a pencil. They outline the contour, add a visual volume, then apply lipstick.

How-to-dye-lipstick-lip To correct the shape of the lips, apply a pencil. They outline the contour, add a visual volume, then apply lipstick

Lip pencil is also used as a substrate for lipstick to prolong its durability. In this case, you need to designate the outline and shade the line inward, gradually shading the surface. The pencil is not applied to the shine because there is a risk of detachment of the color pigment, which is collected in folds and looks ridiculous.

You can use a pencil instead of lipstick to get a matte effect. The main thing to apply cosmetics is a thin layer. The hue does not matter.

Most often, a pencil is used to increase and reduce the lips. It is especially appropriate to use it if the surface is flat.

How-right-dye-lipstick-lip Lip pencil is also used as a lipstick substrate to extend its durability
How-right-dye-lipstick_15 In this case, it is necessary to mark the contour and shade the line inwards, gradually shading the surface

Advice! Lip pencil can be used as a substrate under the shade and as a blush. The main rule is to choose a quality product. The color is selected individually according to the application area and color.

Lip design without pencil

You can diversify your usual make-up with the help of different lipstick techniques:

  • Ombre offers a matte, better red lipstick treatment, visible part of the mucosa. The color is smeared to the center of the lips. A torn border is harmonious. You can experiment and start a gradient not only from the corners to the middle, but also from the upper lip to the lower one.
  • In 2017 again fashionable piercing, imitation of which on the lips can be done with gold lipstick. To do this, it is necessary to apply a vertical golden or metallic strip along the center of the previously painted lips.
How-right-dye-lipstick-lip A combination of two similar colors is original and original. The gradient adds to the relief and seductiveness of the lips
  • Matte lipstick does not always give the desired effect, so to create a texture, it is better to choose a glossy one that is nailed from above with friable shadows matched in tone. To avoid monotony, you can experiment with different shades of decorative cosmetics. When doing this make-up, choose a flat brush made from natural nap. Before applying the shadows, lightly shake.
  • Colored shadows are worse on lipstick than fine glitter. If the whole surface is lined with shines, watch the dishes you are drinking. There is a risk of it getting dirty. This option is possible, but more appropriate when used in combination with shine, and not lipstick.
  • The combination of two similar shades is original and original. The gradient adds to the lips relief and seductiveness.
How-right-dye-lipstick_04 Colored shadows stick to lipstick worse than fine glitter
  • Actually apply the effect of cracked lips. To create it, you need to apply lipstick with patting movements, without isolating the outline. Negligence is again in vogue.

Advice! Do not be afraid to make bold decisions and use original lipstick techniques. On your lips the effect will look different than on the photo on the Internet. You just need to try to find the ideal image for yourself.

Red lipstick is suitable for everyone, the main thing is to be able to apply it

Red lipstick is considered universal, although due to its brightness, not every girl will risk acquiring it. It is suitable for any color type, the main thing is to choose the right shade.

Scarlet lipstick ideally hides fine cracks, wounds and even a cold on the lips. Also used to change the outline.

If a girl does not risk using a red lipstick, she simply does not know how to use it. It is believed that a bright make-up speaks of the vulgarity of the possessor. But in fact, the new image will save you from indecision, give you confidence and sexuality. Step-by-step instruction for applying red lipstick.

.Step 1-4
How-right-dye-lipstick_05 Step-by-step instruction for applying red lipstick. Step 5-6

How to apply a red lipstick? Make-up artists distinguish three main methods:

  • During the application of make-up on the face, lips need to be slightly powdered. Then a large amount of lipstick is collected from the stick with a thin pointed brush. Bold movements draw a contour starting from the upper lip. Then again apply a thin layer of powder and draw a contour. After this step, the inner part of the lips is painted over. Use a brush is recommended to apply color perfectly. When the lip design is complete, powder the skin around to emphasize the color boundaries.
  • After the completion of the main make-up, apply a thick layer of the base on the lips. It is desirable that it contains cosmetic silicone for smoothing the surface. In addition to smoothness, the base increases the durability of lipstick. Pencil draws a contour, and the brush and lipstick fill the entire surface. Lipstick should be layered with driving motions, until you get the right shade.
  • Without a contour pencil, you can do without, if before applying the lipstick, treat the border with a colorless wax pencil. Then the color is applied to the entire surface. With a paper napkin, lips are dried to prolong color fastness. After that, the cosmetic layer is again applied with a thick layer.
    Do not be afraid to use red lipstick. She reveals femininity, sexuality and speaks of the courage of personality.

Tip! When choosing a scarlet lipstick with a bluish tinge, be careful, as the lamps in the store radiate cold light and the makeup looks paler than it actually is.

Features of application of dark lipstick

Dark lipstick becomes a bright accent in make-up. When choosing a shade, you need to take into account the color of the skin. Bright-faced blondes are recommended to choose violet tones, and dark-skinned brown-haired women are plum.

Before the treatment of the lips, the face must be perfectly leveled. For an accent on the bottom, use the sculpting method. That is, on the cheekbones and lateral zones of the forehead, powder is applied to the correction. Bright tone is the center of the face.

How to properly-paint-lipstick_07 Dark lipstick quickly turns everyday make-up into a festive make-up

Basic requirements and approaches to make-up for dark lipstick:

  • one color range of eyes and lips;
  • The hairpin liner should be black, for blondes - brown;
    it is necessary to exclude the blue eyeliner, because in combination with the saturated
  • shade of lipstick, the naturalness disappears;
  • "Smokey Ice" is combined with dark lipstick, if the shadows are chosen not too bright( the brown-haired women can use the classic technique with coal-black make-up, and the blonde is suitable for the brown color scheme).
  • Dark lipstick quickly turns everyday make-up into a festive make-up.
  • Also hides all the imperfections of the lips, including a dry crust.

Advice! Remember that brightly colored lips harmonize only with restrained eye makeup.

How to add lipstick lips with lipstick?

Recently matte lips - a real trend of the season. However, choosing the right lipstick in the structure is not so simple. Therefore, makeup artists offer original ways to create perfect lip makeup.

The main advice is a combination of haze with saturated dark shades. Pale color schemes are lost and do not look tempting.

If you have purchased a quality matte lipstick, first apply the lips before applying. They should be soft and smooth, because the cosmetics shows flaws.

For pre-treatment of the lips, you can use a scrub that eliminates the keratinized skin particles. It contains a mixture of honey, sugar and olive oil.

How-right-dye-lipstick_01 If you have purchased a high quality matte lipstick before applying first treat lips. They should be soft and smooth, because the cosmetics exhibits flaws
How-right-dye-lipstick_02 on lip surface is covered with a pencil, to get a decent result, and then matte lipstick

to matte lipstick stayed on the lips for a long time, it should be before its application to moisturize lips any vegetable oil. On

lip pencil applied to the surface as to obtain a tidy result, and then matte lipstick.

Unlike glossy, matte lipstick is not necessary to rub the lips. Use a special synthetic brush to paint over.

At home, you can do without a special matte lipstick. Make-up artists recommend using a usual gubernia without glitters to make up lips. Then the usual dry napkin is applied from above and sprinkled with powder or rouge. The napkin cleans the shine, but retains the color saturation.

Advice! For the saturation of the color of matte lipstick, you need to apply the corrector on the lips as a base.

Change lip form with lipstick? Just!

You can independently change the shape of your lips using cosmetics if you know the secrets of applying makeup.

  • You can increase the volume with a pencil. The corners are carefully stained, and coral or pink lipstick is applied from above. Plump lips make a shimmering luster, which is processed already painted surface.
How-right-dye-lipstick_06 How to visually enlarge the lips using lipstick
  • help reduce the amount of tonal basis. With its help hide their own lip contour, and draw a new pencil below the new border.
  • A thin line with pointed corners visually reduces the lips.
  • Lip can be given a new shape by surgical intervention, tattooing or injection. However, girls are often changeable. Do not lie under the knife to create beauty. The main thing is to learn how to properly emphasize virtues and hide drawbacks.

Tip! To keep lipstick on lips for long, it needs to be applied in several layers. And after each new application of the drug, it is recommended to treat the lips with powder.

How-right-dye-lipstick-lip Perfect bright sponges
How-right-dye-lipstick-lip Perfect bright sponges - stepwise

main thing to remember that even thin lips look tempting, if you make the right makeup. So do not try to increase the volume, so as not to look ridiculous.

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