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  • Mar 13, 2018
Cream_for_ru_regenerating_restoring_07 Hand regenerating regenerating hand cream helps to heal small cracks and make the skin more tender

How does the regenerating regenerating hand cream affect the skin? What is included in this tool? Varieties of regenerating creams in the arsenal of online stores and supermarkets. Basic recommendations for use.

Cream_for_ru_regenerating_restoring_04 Taking care of the skin of the hands is as important as face care, and, to some extent, even more important

Taking care of the skin of the hands is no less important than caring for the face, To some extent, even more important. Skin of the back of the hand, unlike the face, almost does not have sebaceous glands. It is difficult for her to retain moisture due to daily contact with chemicals during washing dishes, cleaning the infield and apartment, washing clothes.


  • 1 Hand care
  • 2 Active help arms
  • 3 Professional perform tasks
  • 4 Nanoliposomy with caring for the skin
  • 5 Trust the skin with plants
  • 6 Rational skin protection
  • 7 Freedom from silicones and parabens
  • 8 Cream to weather ratio

Hand care

Hot, droughty days, as well as winter cold, cause the skin of the hands to contract, crack, flake off. Negative impact on the skin of the hands is received to a greater extent by workers of special specialties:

  • builders;
  • firemen;
  • physicians;
  • specialists in the chemical industry;
  • beauty salon workers, etc.

The skin of their hands experiences a double load: here and frequent washing, and forced stay in gloves. Both factors are not the best way to affect the health of the skin of the hands and can lead to occupational diseases of the skin.

Hand care products abound. Some moisturize and nourish, others serve as a barrier to microbes and protect against inflammation. Regenerating creams stand alone in a group of funds that take care of their hands. They can be attributed to the category of medical.

Cream_for_ru_regenerating_restoring_14 Regenerating creams stand alone in a group of caregivers. They can be classified as a medical

Active assistance to the hands

"Mr. Chister" - hand cream from the Nevskaya Cosmetics concern is a regenerating and regenerating skin care. With its help, inflammation, dryness and flaking will be forgotten. It consists of components:

  • vitamin A - improving the condition of the epidermis due to cell renewal;
  • vitamin E - increasing skin moisture-saving;
  • Vitamin F - nourishing and moisturizing skin;
  • Olive oil - gives the skin smoothness, restores the texture of tissues;
  • lanolin - saves the skin from degreasing and dehydration;
  • menthol - creates a feeling of coolness, comfort.
Cream_for_ru_regenerating_restoring_09 The cream resuscitates the skin that has been adversely affected by temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation.

The cream is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving no film or grease. Ideal for use after finishing work associated with the contact of chemically harmful substances. Reanimiruet skin, exposed to the negative effects of temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation.

The cost of the cream ranges from 35 to 45 rubles.

Tip! The special mask for hands from "Mr. Chister" will help to correct the water-lipid balance of the skin: apply a thick layer of cream, put on gloves and leave for contact for 30 minutes.

Professional implementation of the assigned tasks

Solo Active is the Primaterra hand cream, which is loved by many, the regenerating composition and restoring effect of which help the skin cope with stress. This negative effect of the environment, and frequent handwashing, and systematic contact with chemicals, etc. Methods

positive impact the cream:

  • elimination of symptoms and chapping of skin dryness;.
  • "tightening" of small cracks;
  • removal of inflammatory foci, which appeared in the process of influence of harmful substances;
  • antibacterial stimulation.
Cream_for_re_regenerating_restoring_01 Regenerating composition and reducing the effect of this tool help the skin cope with stress

100 ml tube with cream stands in sales of 37-40 rubles, and is a significant competitor counterparts.

«RizaVit® Optima» - Another effective means for the overall strengthening of the epidermis, emaciated occupational stresses, to which the operation at low and high temperatures, as well as regular skin contact with chemical reagents origin. Features of RisaVit®:

  • intensive hydration;
  • possibility of use on face and body;
  • is suitable for sensitive skin and prone to allergens( hypoallergenic);
  • rapid absorption;
  • absence of silicones;
  • activation of the protective properties of the skin.
Cream_for_ru_regenerating_restoring_05 Suitable for sensitive skin and prone to allergens

The cost of the product is small - 115 rubles per 100 ml.

Cream "Neoresource" - a series of domestic means for professional skin care for hands. It is quickly absorbed, leaving no traces of fatty presence. Does not contain silicones. Removes dryness and irritation of the skin, fights inflammatory phenomena.

The structure of "Neoresource" includes useful substances:

  • stearic and palmitic acids;
  • vitamins A, E, F;
  • extract brown seaweed.
Cream_for_flow_regenerating_restoring_10 This cream relieves dryness and irritation of the skin, combats inflammation

The drug is considered a newcomer in the market of regenerating creams, but has been able to establish itself as the hottest consumer product, involving the declared quality and price - 68 rubles.

Tip! Applying cream to the skin, do not forget about the area between the fingers and around the nails.

Creme Mains Reparatrice is a regenerating hand cream, the nutrient medium of which is saturated with a unique set of plant constituents:

  • jojoba oil is a natural component that helps to retain moisture, to prevent peeling, to remove inflammatoryProcesses in the epidermis;
  • Macadamia oil is an antibacterial agent that effectively moisturizes and restores lipid-fat metabolism of cells;
  • shea butter is able to regenerate the skin turgor and restore its natural look and grooming;
  • sea buckthorn oil saturates the epidermis layers with vitamins A, E, C, prolonging youth and skin elasticity;
  • extract of ginseng is an ingredient that provides healing of small wounds and cracks, activating the process of renewal in tissues.

presence in Creme Mains Reparatrice bioflavonoids Taxifolin gives skin anti-oxidant stimulus helps it to "breathe", prevents aging, increases cell resistance to damage and start the update process.

Cream_for_flow_regenerating_restoring_15 presence in Creme Mains Reparatrice bioflavonoids Taxifolin gives skin anti-oxidant stimulus helps it to "breathe", prevents aging

Depending on the cream producer country( Greece, Switzerland), the price of the Internet it varies from 2 to 8 thousand. Rubles.

Tip! For significant skin damage, it is better not to rely on the healing properties of the cream, but immediately consult a dermatologist.

Trust the skin with plants

Cream of the French company "Lambre" Hypo Active Hand Cream is a faithful companion on the way to the renewal of skin cells of the hands. Herbal extracts of soy and aloe Vera will remove the inflammatory processes in the tissues, and D-panthenol will start work on restoring the lesions. The skin will become soft, velvety, resilient.

Cream_for_flow_regenerating_restoring_11 Herbal extracts of soy and aloe vera will remove the inflammatory processes in the tissues, and D-panthenol will start work on restoring damaged

this cream is relatively low cost - 400 rubles.

Medicinal properties noticeable when using the cream « Limus-Beauty » from the Russian manufacturer "Kavminkurortresursy" is used as a raw mineral mud lake Tambukan located in the Caucasus. The basis of the cream also includes plant extracts: lime, ivy, Shea butter, elderberry, cocoa, arnica, cucumber. They have the following actions:

  • bleach and remove the dryness of the upper layers;
  • feeds and prevents dehydration;
  • are struggling with seasonal dryness and softening;
  • heals minor abrasions and serves as a barrier to age-related changes.
Cream_for_ru_regenerating_restoring_03 based cream also includes plant extracts: lime, ivy, shea butter, elderberry, cocoa, arnica, cucumber

cream has hypoallergenic properties. The price for a tube of 75 ml is 240 rubles.

Organic Shop - another brand, the primary basis of which serve as natural components. Cream oil for gaining strength and elasticity of the skin contains essential oils of orange, ylang-ylang, and buriti flowers. The skin of hands after use will light up health and will keep a fresh, well-groomed view for the whole day. Do not regret 280 rubles for the care of hands.

Cream_for_flow_regenerating_restoring_17 Cream of natural ingredients

Advice! Regular use of regenerating creams will achieve the best result.

Rational skin protection

Company "MirChist" launches creams for the skin, revitalizing, regenerating and revitalizing effect of which is reflected in the product under the name «Ellen» .The basis of the facility is a beeswax containing many useful substances, olive oil and panthenol. The curative cream is directed:

  • for moisturizing and fighting irritation;
  • on resistance to occupational loads and temperature extremes;
  • acceleration of microtrauma healing;
  • 100 ml tuba can cost 145-160 rubles in various online stores.
Cream_for_ru_regenerating_restoring_06 based laid beeswax means comprising a plurality of useful substances, olive oil and panthenol

Dulgon urea 5% handcreme from the German company concluded incorporates urea, glycerol and panthenol. These ingredients perfectly handle:

  • with skin flaking problems;
  • with the tasks of regenerating cellular structures in the epidermis;
  • with moisture retention.

Pleasantly surprising is the democratic price - 100 rubles.

Cream_for_flow_regenerating_restoring_19 Dulgon urea 5% handcreme from the German company concluded in its composition urea, glycerin and panthenol

Get rid of in a matter of days from annoying dry skin allows restoring the texture of cream Garnier hands. The agent is effective:

  • in correcting the hydrolysed balance;
  • in eliminating cause-effect relationships of coarsening and skin cracks;
  • as intensive care.

Supermarkets offer to buy it for 180 rubles.

Cream_for_re_regenerating_restoring_20 A range of hand tools Garnier

Belweder is a brand that has proved to be a gentlemanly attitude to ladies hands. The presence in its composition of lactic acid stimulates cells for reconstruction, and gluconolactone is a barrier for the spread of inflammatory processes in tissues. Oil penny meadow serves as a recharge for the skin, removes dryness.

The cost of the Latvian Belweder-cream is 180 rubles.

Cream_for_re_regenerating_restoring_02 Phennik meadow oil serves as a recharge for the skin, removes dryness

Tip! Hand creams are a skin care product for brushes. Do not apply these creams on the face and body, because the structure of the epidermis of the hands is largely different from the skin of the rest of the body .

Freedom from silicones and parabens

When buying a regenerating hand cream, you need to pay close attention to the composition of the product. The absence or reduction to the minimum content in the tube of substances harmful to the body such as silicone and paraben protects the skin from toxic effects. Hand skin regeneration with paraben-free and silicon-free creams can be achieved using the following tools:

Compliment is a Russian-made product based on glycerol. Also contains vitamin E, arginine, protein complex, panthenol and wheat oil. The cream acts in the following directions:

  • removes coarseness and redness;
  • restores skin turgor;
  • returns the epidermis a healthy appearance;
  • heals microcracks;
  • prevents nail bundle.

Online stores offer to buy this product for 160 rubles.

Cream_for_ru_regenerating_restoring_18 Compliment is a Russian-made product based on glycerol

Nivea with bio-argan oil is a cream from a French manufacturer, supplied with argan oil, glycerin, some types of fatty acids. Convincing in work:

  • with flaky skin;
  • age-related changes;
  • with fine wounds;
  • by the renewal of the epidermis.

The price proposal can not but rejoice - 150 rubles per 100 ml of volume.

Cream_for_flow_regenerating_restoring_16 Nivea with bio-argan oil - cream from the French manufacturer, supplied with argan oil, glycerin, some types of fatty acids

Natura Siberica on the basis of Shea oil, glycerin, elk milk and Arctic rose oil from Russian creators has a beneficial effect:

  • on the thermoregulatory function of the skin;
  • on the water-lipid layer of the epidermis;
  • for cell renewal.

The cost of the product for 75 ml of the content - 180 rubles.

Cream_for_flow_regenerating_restoring_13 One of the hand tools of the brand Natura Siberica

Advice! Make it a habit to apply hand cream after every interaction with detergents.

Cream-to-weather ratio

A hot summer day, as well as a frosty winter evening, are not always pleasant and expected. Especially when the skin of the hands was completely unprepared for the exit to the street. But, having in its arsenal one of several hand creams, you can fearlessly go out to meet any bad weather.

Faberlic Zima - a budgetary cream, oriented to the winter season. It not only has a protective effect, but also to a large extent:

  • eliminates the peeling of the skin;
  • saves even from redness in a slight frost.

The average cost of the cream is about 80 rubles.

Cream_for_re_regenerating_restoring_08 Faberlic Zima - the budgetary cream, oriented to the winter season

Natura Siberica is one of a wide range of skin care products called "Winter" .Soft, pleasant and without rest absorbed cream, helping the skin of hands to protect from the cold and nourish the skin with organics consisting of Siberian herbs:

  • extract of rhodiola rosea;
  • Dahurian rosehip oil;
  • extract of white moss, etc.

Beeswax and D-panthenol complex allow charging the skin with nutrient and protective potential.

The purchase of this product will cost Russians 180 rubles.

Cream_for_ru_regenerating_restoring_12 Soft, pleasant and without residue absorbing cream, helping the skin of hands to protect from the cold and nourish the skin with organic

Advice! The absence of aromatic fragrances, the predominance of organic components and compliance with international standards are signs of kosher products.

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