Anna Shulgina: the personal life of Valeria's daughter and the story of her losing weight

  • Mar 13, 2018

What does Valeria

Anna Shulgina, the daughter of a popular singer Valeria - a young girl who actively manifests herself in various fields. She starred in television series and movies, recorded music tracks, and conducted various programs.


  • Valeria's daughter Anna Shulgina
  • Anna's slimming history
  • Anna Shulgina's personal life

Anna Valery's daughter Anna Shulgina

Anya was born on June 21, 1993 in the capital. Her childhood was very active. She studied at the Moscow school, the studio at the Gnessin Academy, and then Mom sent her to the Swiss Institute of Noble Maidens.

Anya Shulgina

Photo: Instagram @anna_shulgina

The girl quickly matured, as the situation in the family was very tense until Valeriya broke up with the father of all three children, Alexander Shulgin. Anyuta cared not only for herself, but also for her younger brothers. Read about Valeria's children in our publication.

Three children of Valeria

Photo: Instagram @anna_shulgina

4 years ago Anna graduated from the Shchukinsky Institute. She paid special attention to the study of foreign languages, literature, riding and cooking. Despite Valeria's fame, the girl did not plan to be a singer, only recently she began to show interest in music and acting.

History of Anna's weight loss

Excess weight is Anna's problem since her early childhood. Kilograms, the girl began to recruit after a long intake of hormonal drugs that help her fight with kidney pathology.

Constant work on themselves, long training sessions - all this helped Shulgin to be an ideal for many.

In Instagram, she uploads photos that can not be ignored. Losing Anya not only made her body perfect, she changed her image, always watches her hair and make-up.

Anya watches the figure

Photo: Instagram @anna_shulgina

The girl claims that she has never taken any medication to fight overweight. In addition, she does not sit on hard diets. Just observing moderation in eating.

Beginning singer Shulgin

Photo: Instagram @anna_shulgina

Her technique for getting rid of extra pounds - constant exercises on the simulators, running, visiting the spa and saunas. The latter she recommends for the rapid and effective removal of all unnecessary from the body. To date, its weight does not exceed 60 kg.

Personal life of Anna Shulgina

The girl's personal life does not develop as actively as her career. Shulgin in his interviews constantly says that he does not know how to really fall in love. Anna - educated and beautiful, but the family does not hurry up. She believes that sooner or later in her life will be a real prince, with whom you can undoubtedly marry.

The brightest novel - with a guy Maxim Tarasov, engaged in playing the piano.

The relationship did not last long, but it developed swiftly: Anna introduced the young man to her parents, uploaded joint photos to the network, but soon they parted. Many said that the singer began a relationship with Alexei Vorobyov, but she clarified that with a famous performer she had a purely business contact.

Shulgina is a real workaholic, she is ready to take on any theatrical work. Its goal is to try yourself in many creative fields. Her singing career is just beginning, but Anna is already trying to avoid comparisons with the megapopular mom.