Childbirth with her husband: "For" and "Against"

  • Apr 23, 2018

Each woman during childbirth would like to feel protected, so that not only professionals were close, but also a close person, husband. To date, childbirth with her husband is possible due to the introduction of modern effective obstetric technologies, one of which is: "Partner support in childbirth".At the same time, the attitude to such help is ambiguous. Supporters and opponents of childbirth with her husband vividly discuss this topic on numerous Internet forums.

Why did opinions differ? Is childbirth with her husband a whim or a necessity?

Childbirth with her husband: opinions of the respondents

Childbirth with her husband: "For!"

According to the supporters of childbirth with the husband, the birth is first and foremost a responsible process for the birth of a child, in which the woman needs help not only from specialists but also from a close person, The husband. Similarly, most supporters of childbirth with her husband believe that the husband who helped during childbirth is more sensitive to his wife and child / children. And his help greatly facilitates childbirth and strengthens family relations.

Childbirth with her husband: "Against!"

Most of the opponents of childbirth with her husband have not yet learned the joy of paternity and motherhood. In their opinion, childbirth is not esthetic, and pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing are purely feminine. In addition, many of them believe that giving birth with a husband is a direct way to sexual disharmony in a couple and divorce.

Childbirth with her husband: expert's opinion

Nadezhda Yakovlevna told us about the need for births with her husband. Zhilka, obstetrician-gynecologist, with more than 25 years of experience, MD, who was at the source of the development and development of the support program during childbirth in ourCountry, heading the Department of reproductive health of mothers and children of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

- Every woman needs help and support especially during pregnancy and childbirth, especially psychological. Well, if during the birth of his attention and care the woman is surrounded not only by specialists, but also by her husband. Childbirth with her husband is one of the types of partner births recommended by WHO( World Health Organization) and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

- Is childbirth with her husband popular in Ukraine?

- To date, about 60% of births in Ukraine take place with a partner. And in most cases the future mothers are assisted by their husbands.

- Birth with a husband - a whim or a necessity?

- As a specialist, I can say that childbirth with her husband positively affects the health of mother and child - this is a scientifically proven fact, confirmed by the long-standing international practice of the countries of Europe, America, and Asia.
The whim of childbirth with her husband can be called in the case when the husband is not psychologically ready for them when he does not know what and how to help his wife during childbirth.
Childbirth with her husband is completely justified, if he is positively inclined to help his wife during childbirth and attended together with her "School of Responsible Parenthood".

- How does childbirth and her husband affect a child's health?

- Firstly, thanks to the support of her husband, the birth is psychologically calmer, less painful, which means that the risk of complications that could negatively affect the child less.
Secondly, the contact of the husband with the child in the first minutes of life is valuable for the immune system of the baby. It is scientifically proven that if a child contacts the skin of the parents for the first day, he is inseminated 50% by their microflora of parents, on the second day - by 75%, on the third - by 100%.Thus, childbirth with her husband stimulates the development of the baby's immunity. Thanks to this and the fact that children in maternity homes are not separated from mothers, the hospital-acquired microflora of a newborn is not terrible. And the adaptation period of the house goes without complications, since there is no stressful effect for the child "changing the hospital's microflora to the home"
. During the practice of giving birth with her husband in Ukraine, we had a 2-fold decrease in the incidence and mortality of newborns.

- Is your child's birth easier?

- In Ukraine, deliveries with her husband have been practiced since 2002.During this time, we reduced the need for the use of medication for the anesthetization of labor and 80% for stimulation of labor. Only thanks to childbirth with her husband, women stopped demanding a cesarean section, when this is not necessary. In Saki( Crimea), maternity hospital №3 of Donetsk, Lutsk, Zhytomyr, the number of cesarean sections decreased from 15 -30% to 4-6%.At the same time, the complications in childbirth in a woman in these hospitals declined by 70%.

- How can delivery with the husband affect the relationship?

- The opinions of specialists who have studied this issue are very contradictory.
I assure you that childbirth with your husband is not at all a guarantee of matrimonial fidelity, adjustment of relations or insurance against divorce. And to the problems of childbirth with her husband can lead to problems in family relationships, in those cases when the couple was not ready for them.
Births, in fact, for the unprepared person is not the most pleasant sight. There may be vomiting, and involuntary urination, defecation, a woman can cry, scream. Is the couple ready for this?
Those who knowingly decided to survive the birth with her husband, I advise you to take special courses together in the "School of Responsible Parenthood".

- In what cases is childbirth with her husband undesirable?

- Childbirth with her husband is undesirable if her husband just wants to see. Childbirth with her husband is not a show. A husband can hold his wife's hand, massage his back, calm her, adjusting the correct technique of breathing, and not contemplate the eruption of the head;Repeat the experience of friends who "very advised".Once again I repeat, childbirth with her husband should not turn into a play.

Childbirth with a husband is a prohibited reception if a woman thus wants to

  • for something to take revenge on her husband;
  • cause a feeling of self-pity. By the pity of a relationship you will not strengthen;
  • that the husband loves the child more. Mother's instinct is given to woman by nature itself, which can not be said of father's feelings. They can appear immediately / with time / never. The attitude of the husband to the child does not depend on whether the child was with the husband or not;
  • to build relationships. To establish relationships with her husband, consult a psychologist for advice.

- What is important for delivery with a husband?

- For delivery with the husband it is important that the woman:

  • trust her husband with his doubts and worries. Then he will be able to support her morally in a difficult moment, in time to massage her back;
  • was not afraid that her husband would see her disheveled, without makeup, how she felt sick, etc.

For childbirth with her husband, it is important that the husband of

  • independently and consciously decide to attend the birth. If the husband does not want to, do not "pull" him into childbirth;
  • quickly navigate the situation and helped you in a timely manner. If in emergency situations the husband "is lost", it is better to leave him behind the door of the family;
  • related to pregnancy and childbirth with due understanding;
  • has learned how to massage.

- Birth with a husband may be undesirable?

- Yes. Childbirth with her husband is not possible if two women give birth in the same maternity ward;If the husband is sick with an infectious disease that can affect the health of the mother and child( influenza, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.);If the doctor on duty determines her husband's inadequate behavior, alcohol intoxication. Childbirth with her husband is also undesirable if the child has a serious pathology and if the husband came to birth unprepared simply to watch.

- If childbirth with her husband is impossible, what should a woman do?

- If the birth with the husband is impossible, a woman can be helped by a mother or girlfriend, a person she trusts.

I want to say that partner birth, in addition, reflects the historical process of the birth of children with the support of the family in the past, that is, family births. In developed countries, family or partner births are the RULES of a GOOD TONE in terms of respect for human rights, the desire of the family and the provision of all conditions for their implementation. I think that behind this the future of domestic obstetrics is also because the opponents of partner births have neither practical nor scientific evidence.