Causes of arthrosis

  • May 05, 2018

Osteoarthritis , or Osteoarthrosis is a common locomotive system disease that occurs with joint damage that "claims" the top 10 most common diseases in the world. Therefore, the search for the causes of arthrosis in order to prevent it is a task that is relevant not only for doctors, but for all those who try to keep their joints healthy and functional.

Causes of osteoarthritis: protect joints from the youth!

A fairly common misconception, they say, the disease of the joints - the destiny of only the elderly. However, the world medical statistics show that not only elderly people suffer from osteoarthritis, but also those who are still very far from retirement age. Even juvenile osteoarthritis - a chronic inflammatory disease of the joints in children, which, fortunately, is still rare enough, is singled out.

But the 30-year-old line is still far from old age, but it's an occasion to think about joint health and the risk of osteoarthritis, because many people are predisposed to it genetically. Sex is another risk factor: it is proven that women suffer from osteoporosis twice as often as men. With excessive body weight, this risk increases almost in geometric progression."Oil adds to the fire" is also work related to the load on one group of joints - without waiting for a person to retire, he leads to problems with joints, suffering from constant "processing"( for example, as happens in hairdressers, sellers-consultants or drivers).

The main physiological cause of osteoarthritis is a disturbance of the balance between the natural destruction of cells of the cartilaginous tissue covering the joint surface and their restoration. This imbalance arises not only because of the age-related deficiency of substances needed for cartilage, joints for recovery, injuries or excessive strain on joints, for example, in sports - these are also common causes of arthrosis of joints that lead the rating of risk factors.

Miscellaneous Diseases

Another misconception: the causes of arthritis and arthrosis are often identified. In fact, the causes and mechanism of development of these diseases vary, although both are accompanied by a violation of the joint function. However, with osteoarthritis, the joints are destroyed for the most part as a result of mechanical action on their surface, which is aggravated as the degeneration of the cartilaginous tissue progresses. Arthritis is a common name for a large number of diseases in which joints are affected, but their origin, and accordingly the causes, vary.

So age is far from the only and not even the main cause of arthrosis, where the lifestyle and attitudes to one's own health are more important. Eliminate all the risk factors that will only succeed - or protect your joints with an effective chondroprotector!