How to wean a child from a breast for medical reasons, before and after the year

How to wean a child from a breast for medical reasons, before and after the year

  • May 05, 2018

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  • 1 Probable dates
  • 2 Action tactics
    • 2.1 Up to the year
    • 2.2 After the year
  • 3 Natural excommunication from the chest
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The issue of termination of breastfeeding occurs with time for each mother. But its importance is underestimated. According to psychologists, too harsh actions of a woman in this situation can lead to negative changes in the formation of the child's personality. With an emergency excommunication from the chest in a "conscious" age is associated a significant process of stuttering children, mental disorders, nervous states.

The best method of action recommended by the World Breastfeeding Organization "La Leche League" is the "gradual, loving" excommunication. It allows you to maintain a stable psyche of the baby and not harm the female body.

Probable dates

The optimal period when a woman can quit breastfeeding is reaching a child of two years of age. This is stated by the World Health Organization in the recommendations on breastfeeding. Mom's milk will be useful to the crumb and farther, if you support feeding to three or more years. However, it is during this period in the life of the mother and baby that changes occur that require correction of habits: the woman's exit to work, the arrival of crumbs into a kindergarten.

Why is it important to feed a baby to two years?

  • Milk remains an important supplier of valuable substances .It still has a lot of protein, enzymes, microelements and vitamins. In the second year of life, the composition of breast milk is enriched with vitamins A and K. They are necessary for the development of the tissues of the eyes, skin, hair, and prevent bleeding. Increases the level of iron, excluding the development of anemia.
  • Immunity is supported by feeding for 2.5 years .It is proved that the preservation of breastfeeding allows the child to get strong immunity, which is fully formed by six years. Before this time, infants suffer less and suffer diseases more easily than artificial ones.
  • The frequency of allergic reactions is reduced. In children who received breast milk at least 12 months, the food allergy is less likely to develop. This relationship is confirmed by WHO studies.
  • A correct bite is formed, the speech is .Grudnichki begin to talk before the toddlers-artificers. This is due to the training of the muscles of the soft palate, involved in the process of sucking. Long-term feeding helps to eliminate an incorrect bite, ensures the normal development of the facial skeleton and muscles.
  • Child development corresponds to his age .Babies-babies are extremely rare problems of lack or excess weight. A stable psychological state helps to better adapt to life in the team.

Crumb sucks mother

Other terms of weaning can be formed by life circumstances, necessity.

  • Up to six months .Breastfeeding up to six months is vital for the baby. It is the breast milk that provides the body with 100% of the necessary substances. Excommunication is not allowed only at the request of a woman, but can be carried out for medical reasons: in the case of a mother's illness with the use of drugs that are incompatible with the feeding. Or in the case of a child's illness, when a joint stay with the mother is impossible. But in each situation it is recommended to maintain lactation by expressing, which in the future will allow for breastfeeding.
  • Up to the year .According to the American Association of Pediatrics, in this period, breastfeeding for up to a year provides up to 75% of the necessary substances for the health of the baby. Lure is considered not a substitute for the basic nutrition, which continues to be mother's milk, but its complement.
  • Up to one and a half year .Experts of the American Association of Pediatrics recommend that they support breastfeeding for up to a year and longer if there is a mutual consent of the mother and child. If a woman can not or does not want to feed for some reason further, she has the right to think how to wean the baby from the breast, and do it without the risk of substantial damage to the health of the crumbs.
  • Up to two years and older .According to WHO, the period of natural involution( cessation) of lactation is the child's age of 4.2 years. But usually it comes earlier - in the period of 2.5 years. This age is optimal for weaning.
There is an opinion that the older the baby, the harder it is to wean him. Indeed, at an age after a year, he already understands what exactly his mother is depriving him of. However, it is unacceptable to stop breastfeeding in advance in order to "protect his psyche".The sooner you finish breastfeeding, the more harm you will bring to it.

Action tactics

Recommendations on how to excommunicate from breastfeeding take into account the age of the baby and the attendant circumstances. It is most difficult to act if such a need arose suddenly. It can be associated with the hospitalization of a woman or her urgent departure. In this case it is important to ensure the feeding of the child with a quality adapted mixture and pay attention to one's own health.

Unfortunately, with the early completion of lactation associated breast diseases. An emergency discontinuation of breastfeeding causes a high percentage of mastitis and a 4% increase in the risk of breast cancer. A woman should always consult with a doctor and choose a safe tactic of action.

  • Use medical methods as a last resort! Hormonal and sedative drugs worsen the general well-being of a woman and create negative side effects. Prescribe their intake and dosage should only be a doctor! If you were prescribed lactation tablets, clearly discuss with your doctor whether there is a real need for them. Safe completion of lactation in the vast majority of cases occurs without medication.
  • Do not overtight the chest .It is enough to wear a dense bra that will fix painful mammary glands. Imposition of a tight bandage is not permissible, since it helps to block the milk ducts and develop mastitis. Express the chest .Do this if necessary, if the mammary glands are painfully filled. In the early days, it will take several times to decant, then less often. Be prepared for the milk to remain in the breast for up to three months and longer.
  • Use the folk remedies of .Reduce the discomfort is helped by herbal infusions of sage, chamomile and mint, which slightly reduce the production of milk. Apply cold compresses on the chest, help and cabbage leaves, they well relieve swelling.
If a small amount of fluid is released from the mammary glands several months after the feeding is completed, this is not a cause for concern. Normally this can last up to several years. To consult a doctor follows, if the milk arbitrarily leaks three months after the completion of lactation.

Up to the year

The question of how to stop breastfeeding a child for a year requires a very balanced approach. According to the expert "La Leche League" Natalia Herbeda-Wilson, a woman should do everything possible to keep lactation and continue. The reason for refusing to breastfeed is not the exit of the mother for work. Milk can be expressed and stored, providing them with the child in full.

Breastfeeding should not be completed if the child:

  • is sick with .Replacement of natural nutrition with artificial can aggravate his condition;
  • learns a new skill, is nervous. Excommunication is allowed only in the state of emotional calmness of the baby;
  • rejects the chest .The periods of "strikes" are temporary and are caused by the use of pacifiers, women's refusal from night feedings or occasional attachments to the chest. It is necessary to remove provoking factors and continue feeding.

If there is an objective need to adhere to the tactics of smooth excommunication, with the gradual replacement of milk with a mixture.

  • The baby eats from the bottle and looks suspiciously at the daddy with hipster bristles Use the help of the family. If the child refuses to take a bottle from your hands, ask him to feed his father and grandmother.
  • Reduce the frequency of feeding .It takes time for complete excommunication, but the tactics of smooth actions will allow you to avoid the development of lactostasis, mastitis. First remove the daily "snacks" from case to case. Feeding before bed and night will be the last, as the child values ​​them the most.
  • Pay attention to the child .Excommunication becomes a tremendous stress for the baby. To minimize its consequences, do not reduce the time of communication with the child, often take it in your arms, create conditions for physical contact. The kid should feel that with the "breast care" the mother's love for him has not gone away.
  • Refuse to be excommunicated! The reason for this may be an increase in the frequency of night feedings. They are observed if the baby can not "beg" his mother's breast during the day, and tries to "catch up" at night. And it says that your attempt to complete breastfeeding is too early. The baby is not ready to give up breast yet, it is too painful for him.
Think whether there is a real need to finish feeding if the decision is made under pressure from relatives, friends or in connection with going to work, studying. To someone else's opinion, contrast the physiological needs of your baby. In the second case, organize breastfeeding with expressed milk. Similarly, you can act when you need to leave. Reserve the "milk bank" in advance.

Do not use the following methods of excommunication.

  • To leave for a few days, leave .Absence of beloved breast and beloved mother will become double stress for the baby. When you return, the baby will show more affection for you.
  • Coat nipples with mustard, horseradish, green .So you can damage the tender skin of the breast and create an occasion for additional stress of the baby.
  • Give at night instead of breast juice, sweetened water .Night alternatives to breast milk often lead to the development of caries due to the sugar contained in them.
  • Excommunicate instantly .Much more gentle in relation to the child's psyche and the health of his mother, the tactics of gradual excommunication. If you feel that during the day your breasts become painful and overwhelmed, then you are forcing events.

The desire to stop breastfeeding before the year is often associated with the general condition of a woman's fatigue. If the reason is, consider how to eliminate the negative factors, spend more time with the baby, spend the day outdoors during the day. To quit feeding is not always the right decision. The problem may persist, whereas the emotional state of you and the child will worsen.

A boy with a chub is drinking juice from a bottle

After a year

It is proved that the baby is older, the easier it is to part with your breasts. And despite the fact that milk still brings him great benefits, when you reach the age of one and a half you can think about the completion of lactation.

It is important to understand that this will not happen instantly, because the whole life of the baby was connected with the "sisey".Instant break will bring additional difficulties for you and the crumb. Babies often show irritation, are capricious, cry. Developed depression and a woman. In her body, the level of prolactin decreases sharply, which provokes depression.

To conduct excommunication smoothly, use the tactic of "not offering and not refusing".It consists in the familiar feeding you "on demand."If the baby does not show interest in the breast, do not need to call him a snack. But if it asks - give a breast. According to the consultant on breastfeeding Irina Ryuhova, this method - the most sparing, allows you to stop lactation gradually.

Other recommendations are associated with changing habits of crumbs.

  • Change the circumstances of feeding .If the baby climbs in your arms, when you sit down on the couch, do not sit on it. Eliminate "habit signals" that encourage the crumb to ask for breasts.
  • Distract the .Try to replace "yourself" with a drinker with juice, biscuits. This is a good alternative to feeding in the afternoon. At night, this should not be done because of the risk of developing caries.
  • Funny kids play music together Spend time outside the home of .As a rule, grown-up kids do not show interest in mother's milk for a walk, in games with peers. Create such conditions for crumbs as often as possible.
  • Replace the .The most difficult thing is to stop feeding the baby before going to bed. Gradually introduce alternatives. Read a book for a crumb, stroke a breast or make a light massage, hug, stay near the bed. Show the child that your love for him has remained just as strong.

You can use different tactics before bedtime. Put the baby in the crib, read to him, stroke. Say that you need to go away to remove toys or, for example, cook porridge, and leave the room for a little while. In the beginning, your absence should take no more than half a minute. Then leave for longer. If the kid comes running to check what your mom is doing, you should do exactly what he was told. Gradually you will teach him to fall asleep on his own.

The kid collects pazliki, and mom watches

Natural excommunication from the chest

According to the advisers on HW, it is possible to disaccustom the child correctly from breastfeeding only when the lactation involution is reached. This process is natural, occurs in the same way as a child begins to crawl, walk. It occurs at different times, usually up to three years. And to testify that lactation is completed, the following factors can.

  • The crumb does without breast for a long time .In the daytime he is busy playing games and is being applied to you only by going to bed. At night, he can wake up several times to suck the milk. If you keep the number of feedings from one to three during the day, your mother can confidently begin completing the feeding.
  • Mammary glands are filled slowly .Signal to the onset of involution is a prolonged sensation of a light chest. It does not swell with rare crumbs( up to 12 hours).
  • The child is calm .It is not recommended to finish breastfeeding during periods of emotional tension of the baby. They can be associated with the situation in the family, changes in his life( going to work at the mom, attending a kindergarten), and other factors.
If the age of the baby is more than two years, there is no restriction on the term of termination of breastfeeding. In the summer, for him, gastrointestinal infections are no longer as dangerous as for children under one year.

The tactic of action of the mother is similar to that recommended for children after a year. You can add one method to it, which starts working right now. The kid has grown enough to be able to "bargain" with him. For example, you can delay applying to the breast until the moment of "coming from work of the pope" or "after a walk".More productive work alternatives in the form of juices, cookies or yogurt with homemade jam.

Tactics, how to wean the child from breastfeeding, should always take into account not only the physiological, but also the emotional state of the crumbs. After all, in his life begins a completely new stage, he has to radically change the habits, formed and loved.

Pay attention to the signs that say that the baby is not yet ready to say goodbye to them. It's tearful, trying to always hold your mother's hand or be on your hands, whims "from scratch."Give the baby time to get used to the new habits of the adult little man. And the softer the excommunication, the less risk in place of a cute little girl will get a nervous and always whimsical domestic "tyrant".